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  1. Lied about the stock they had, promised that EVERYONE would get their item. They promised multiple times that they were not like the other eBay sellers, and would complete every order. The process took forever, which is fine, but the continual lying up until the EXTREMELY confusing email where it looked like you'd be getting a refund if you hadn't already had your item came. This email made no sense and didn't even clarify whether or not I would be getting my item. On top of that, they assuaged me with a 20% coupon for their store which was worthless: their prices are already so high it was still cheaper WITH the 20% included to go somewhere else for any item I looked at. This company continually lied and did nothing proper to fix the problem. Their answers were not straight forward, and they bent the truth to paint them in a better light. I will NEVER purchase from them again, and also inform clients and friends to stay away as well. It is in your interest to not deal with this company, as I could only imagine the horrid customer service that would come from having to deal with a return.
  3. I should also add they said in different emails they would provide something the next day, and three to four days later more information would come promising the same thing again in different words. Even the refund was held for days.
  5. A horrible experience, very disappointing, and would not recommend this company, Datavision Sales, to anyone.
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