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Joker Quest: Player List 2.1

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Jun 1st, 2013
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  1. PLAYERS (In order of appearance.)
  3. 1.) Red Joker:
  5. First Appearance: Episode 1.
  7. Appearance: A sleek robotic gunslinger armored in articulated crimson endosteel, with a green monoeye sensor. Has a pair of Vulcans (More recently, Plasma Vulcans) concealed in his forearm sheaths, and wears both the Assault Shroud (a nanomaterial colony, in the form of a long coat) and the Tempest Scrander. (An electric-based jump pack.)
  9. Notable Abilities: The ability to create multiple firearms, ranging from the Plasma Charger to the Longinus Railgun...All the way up to the Quantum Singularity Cannon. Now possesses the Cobalt Booster and the Interceptor System.
  11. 2.) Baphomet:
  13. Appearance: A winged, horned humanoid, complete with leathery wings and claws. Resembled a classical demon, with burning red eyes and a pitch-black hide. Was substantially larger than a usual Player, but preferred to stay at range.
  15. Destroyed by the Red Joker's Fusion Annhilator.
  17. Notable Abilities: Had the ability to fly, conjure tremendous blasts of cohered force, and summon abyssal imps to bedevil the opponent.
  19. 3.) Kerebos
  21. Identity: Okami Kurosu, the lead singer (and frontman) of 'Kerebos Guard'.
  23. Appearance: A Player armored in black and gold - Perhaps as a nod to his name, he had a helmet shaped like a wolf's-head, with one on each pauldron. His main offensive weapon was his Relic guitar, which existed in both the real and the crimson world; With a flair for the dramatic, he attempted to stack the odds in his favor by rigging the stage as the battlefield.
  25. Notable Abilities: With his Relic guitar amplified by speakers, he could create powerful effects - Ranging from sonic blasts, energy bolts, and distortion fields. The guitar was also balanced for use as a melee weapon, complete with wicked spikes and scything blades.
  27. Without it, he was unable to match the Red Joker's firepower, and was ultimately destroyed by a one-two punch of the Plasma Caster and Triskelion missiles.
  29. 4.) Hecate.
  31. Appearance: A pale, lissome brunette, with deep green eyes and long, flowing hair. There's a distinctly inhuman touch to her features, especially her pointed ears and small, curved horns. She's usually attired in a rather eclectic (and frilly) ensemble, including stiletto heels and banded stockings.
  33. In contrast to other players, Hecate was rather flirtarious towards the Red Joker, and eventually began a relationship with him - However, she was struck down by Bardiel, and her status is currently unknown.
  35. Prior to the incident at Nara Dreamland, she held the Nihl Sphere Relic - Which is currently in the Red Joker's possession.
  37. Notable Abilities: Multiple utility powers, possibly stemming from the Nihl Sphere...Including the ability to open portals, conceal her presence and manifest outside of the red world. She never displayed any offensive powers to speak of - And, uniquely, shared the same form in both worlds.
  39. Recently, Hecate displayed the ability to summon - and remotely control - the mechanical constructs discovered in the Armory, albeit with tremendous effort on her part. The Thief apparently believes her to be the successor to the Chalice Queen.
  41. 5.) Chrome Cypher:
  43. Identity: Natsumi
  45. Appearance: A tall, graceful Player, plated in polished chrome. While slightly spindly in appearance, his limbs are *extremely* agile, and capable of striking at immense speeds. Cypher is a melee-focused Player, armed with a winged spear and an electromagnetic longsword: While seemingly capable of wielding both at once, he usually favors the spear in combat.
  47. Chrome Cypher has been seen leading similar Players on 'missions' to eradicate Correctors, and has been associated with Argent Prominence.
  49. Notable Abilities: Cypher is a lightning-quick combatant, and exceptionally skilled at employing both of his weapons. He's also displayed the ability to fly, via a jump pack, and uses some form of voice distortion to further mask his identity...Or it may simply be a side-effect of his communications capability.
  51. 6.) Cobalt Blue:
  53. Appearance: A broad-shouldered, powerful figure, greatly resembling an azure knight. He was heavily armored, and bore an axe forged from the same blue steel as his powered plate - However, he was executed by a well-timed headshot from Death Calibre.
  55. Notable Abilities: From his appearance, it could be inferred that Cobalt Blue was a deadly melee combatant. It was, alas, not enough to save him from Death Calibre.
  57. 7.) Death Calibre:
  59. Appearance: A sinister, hooded figure shrouded in a tattered cloak. He affected the presence of a gunslinger, and carried a highly accurate linear rifle as his main weapon. In close combat, Death Calibre was armed with a stabbing estoc, capable of piercing through endosteel.
  61. He was defeated by the Red Joker, and his cloak - The Assault Shroud - was later claimed by the Red Joker as a trophy.
  63. Notable Abilities: Death Calibre was fundamentally a sniper - However, his most insidious weapon was his Relic handgun, the [Black Joker]. When fired, it prevented the target from gaining levels or recovering health between transitions. His modus operandi was to stalk his opponent for weeks, if necessary - Wearing down their resistance, before dealing the finishing blow.
  65. 8.) Neon Striker:
  67. Appearance: A Player in deep green armor, with flickering neon highlights. He was a highly agile infighter, who could deal rapid - and punishing - blows with his fists.
  69. Notable Abilities: Neon Striker was incredibly fast, and could create semi-solid 'ghost images' of himself - Reactive holograms that would mimic his motions. He also favored cage matches, where the cramped confines allowed him to quickly overwhelm his opponent.
  71. 9.) Totenaz/The Thief.
  73. Identity: Akira
  75. Appearance: A skull-headed Player, with a floor-length black coat. Lightly armored, with no apparent natural weaponry - However, he's aware of the Red Joker's true identity, and searching for the [Fatal Abyss]...Rumored to be the sword of the legendary Player, [Phantom Edge.]
  77. Currently at large, and apparently in possession of the Joker's Memory.
  79. Notable Abilities: The Thief has exceptional ability with Relics - And an entire arsenal of weaponry and devices to use. When fighting the Red Joker, he mostly favored his Furstenburg carbine - which was capable of delivering multiple different payloads - and Relic explosives. His coat could also unravel into monofilament wire.
  81. 10.) ALECTO/Rambling Feather.
  83. Appearance: A titanic, lightning-spewing Corrector, bearing a vague resemblance to a flayed bird. Alecto was apparently controlled by Rambling Feather, a Player fused to the Corrector's form through use of a Relic coffin. Rambling Feather herself was greatly weakened upon separation from the main body, and was killed by the Thief.
  85. Her Tempest Scrander was retrieved by the Red Joker.
  87. Notable Abilities: Alecto was capable of creating entire swarms of Glyphs - Brass spikes that could produce electromagnetic fields, and made potent projectiles. The Corrector was also incredibly resilient to damage, and seemingly under Rambling Feather's complete control.
  89. 11.) Abyss Carcharis.
  91. Appearance: A Player sheathed in grey enamel, which greatly resembled a shark's cartilaginous hide. In combat, he wielded a razor-sharp fanged blade, and was an exceptional swordsman. He was apparently attempting to assassinate Argent Prominence, when he was impaled by the Red Joker's Tempest Scrander.
  93. Notable Abilities: Already an incredible swordsman - capable of deflecting plasma fire, at range - Abyss's abilities were further augmented by the pommelstone of the Fatal Abyss, which allowed him to summon *things* vaguely reminiscient of deep-ocean leviathans.
  95. The aetherial predators, however, bore little actual loyalty (and no real affection) to him. It's possible they were simply lured by the promise of fresh prey.
  97. 12.) Argent Prominence:
  99. A sculpted figure in gleaming silver, with a physique as perfect as a classical statue. While humanoid in aspect, Argent Prominence's form is clearly *inhuman* - Bearing multiple emblems marked in gold, and other unnameable trophies.
  101. Argent Prominence briefly encountered the Red Joker, in his flesh identity as Mr. Fumito Ebara - Chairman of the Sterling Institute.
  103. Abilities: Beyond the (apparent) ability to create Relics, Argent Prominence is one of - If not the *only* - former finalist still active and present. His continued survival speaks volumes about both his experience and his personal power.
  105. He may, quite possibly, be the most powerful Player alive.
  107. 13.) Push Dagger:
  109. Appearance: A lightly-armored Player, armed with a pair of his namesakes. He attempted to murder Hecate and the Red Joker at Nara Dreamland, and was killed after being grappled by the Red Joker...And plunging over forty storeys to the ground.
  111. Notable Abilities: Push Dagger's blades could vibrate at a frequency that would shear matter apart, and he was capable of independent flight. However, he couldn't support more than his own weight...As the Red Joker found out, to Dagger's chagrin.
  113. 14.) Pyrite Arrow:
  115. Appearance: A Player in gold-trimmed armor, he bore an elaborate crossbow on his arm - One capable of firing highly explosive arrows. He was literally shot to pieces by the Red Joker, after participating in the massacre at Nara Dreamland.
  117. Notable Abilities: Pyrite Arrow had a powerful arbalest fused with his arm, which could deal death at long range and (apparently) reload itself. However, he was no match for the significantly more experienced Red Joker.
  119. 15.) Pazuzu:
  121. Appearance: A tall, terrifyingly skeletal Player, his form concealed in a stormshroud cassock and jester's hood. The apparent successor to the Black Cardinal (If not the Cardinal himself), Pazuzu and the Red Joker clashed at Nara Dreamland.
  123. Notable Abilities: Pazuzu possesses a Nihl Sphere set in his eye socket, and has created effects that defy the physics of the red world. He appears to have mastery over wind or gravity - Allowing him to create distortions in space-time capable of deflecting a fully charged blast from the Red Joker's Fusion Annhilator.
  125. Pazuzu is also capable of indepedently summoning Players to his aid, by releasing them from cards in his possession (?). He's likely to be in possession of multiple Relics - But has displayed an apparent vulnerability to the Red Joker's Tyrant Burst system.
  127. 16.) Rust Kaiser
  129. Appearance: A Player formed entirely of pitted black iron, with mismatched helmet lens. Exceptionally brutal in aspect and form, Rust Kaiser briefly engaged the Red Joker in close combat - Before being backhanded out of the way by one of Hecate's Myrmidions.
  131. Notable Abilities: Rust Kaiser can create a corrosive hurricane, with severely damaging and debiliating effects to a Player. (Especially technological Players.) He's also highly resilient - If not completely impervious to pain - and carries a sword that resembles a vicious, hacking cleaver.
  133. 17.) Bardiel
  135. Appearance: A Player etched in shining steel, bearing an exceptional (if coincidental) resemblance to Argent Prominence and Chrome Cypher. He's strikingly similar to a bird-of-prey, with autoreactive talons and great silver wings. Notably, his beaked helm splits into a more conventional faceplate, and his armor appears to have multiple configurations.
  137. After battling the Red Joker at the Armory, his flesh-form's arm was badly burned when the Nihl Sphere activated.
  139. Notable Abilities: Bardiel is a master of aerial combat - His wings seem almost immune to damage, and he boasts substantial firepower. His favored form of attack appears to be launching razor-sharp, single-edged 'feathers' that travel at high speeds, though his pinions are quite capable of shearing through enemies.
  141. He's also displayed the ability to create a powerful linear shockwave, and can launch grappling talons from his gauntlets.
  143. 18.) BLACK JOKER.
  145. Appearance: ???
  147. 19.) DIV-E SEPID:
  149. Appearance: A hulking Player - With grossly oversized arms bulked up with artifical muscle - Div-E Sepid took his name from a demon lord of myth. His form was pitch-black, with writhing cables forming dreadlocks that pumped...fluids...through his engorged form.
  151. Notable Abilities: Sepid's great fists had built-in molecular disruptors, which allowed him to fire explosive bursts from his palms; Mostly, he relied on his immense strength to simply crush his opponents into the ground.
  153. He was blinded by the Red Joker's Tyrant Burst system, sheared in half by the Fusion Annhilator, and finally impaled by the Adjudicator's pile bunker spike while attempting to escape.
  155. 20.) SAND BOMBER:
  157. Appearance: Squat, badged with yellow and black hazard markings, Sand Bomber resembled a piece of humanoid construction equipment. He had a heavily armored torso - Weakened by a visible glass faceplate - and powerful limbs with industrial talons.
  159. Abilities: Sand Bomber had the ability to create hurricanes of corrosive sand, and was capable in melee combat. Unfortunately, he had the opportunity to display neither of his powers, before he was set alight by the Red Joker's Tyrant Burst system - Inadvertently crushing GRAN BELLION in his frenzy.
  161. 21.) ALEPHIST:
  163. Appearance: Stealthy, in lightweight carapace armor, Alephist was a highly mobile Player. Unlike most Players, he was only half-armored, and armed with a pair of solid-slug Casters - Very similar, but significantly less advanced - to the Red Joker's Vulcans.
  165. Abilities: A low-level Player, Alephist could still muster a high rate of fire. However, his munitions were unable to pierce the Red Joker's endosteel armor, and he was downed by the Tyrant Burst system.
  167. 22.) VOLT MARAUDER:
  169. Appearance: In his violet-and-neon armor, Volt Marauder resembled a humanoid beetle - His form studded with capacitators and flickering with charge. He was armed with a bulky but sophisticated electromagnetic rifle, and the repulsors in his backward-jointed legs were eerily reminiscient of an insect's.
  171. Abilities: Volt Marauder could leap great distances, and his rifle could discharge bolts of lightning - Albeit with a substantial delay between shots.
  173. 23.) PANDORA:
  175. Appearance: A robotic crimson wasp, hovering on vibrating insect wings, Pandora was a lightly armed and armored player, with a distinctive 'stinger' weapon. She had a sharply angular form, quite at odds with her apparent inspiration, and the surface of her armor was polished to a glossy sheen.
  177. Abilities: In addition to a back-mounted stinger, Pandora had a pair of sickle-bladed pistols which - presumably - fired poisonous projectiles. Unfortunately, her mobility came at the cost of protection; She was destroyed when Argent Prominence impaled on a Player's thrown blade.
  179. 24.) QOPHLITE:
  181. Appearance: A highly aerodynamic Player in gunmetal-grey plate, Qophlite was one of the rare Players who possessed an alternate form - In his case, a delta-winged flyer with an underslung pulse cannon. While faintly ridiculous in his humanoid form - due to the fins and stubby wings - he was an agile aerial attacker.
  183. Abilities: Qophlite's potential was largely contained in his jet form - Allowing him to fly at high speeds, and utilize his main gun for a rapid attacks. As a low-level Player, his form was also very, *very* fragile; He was downed by the Red Joker's Interceptor system, and presumably died in the crash.
  185. 25.) OROBAS:
  187. Appearance: Another unusually-shaped Player, Orobas had a centaur's form, the powerful mechanical limbs of a horse's torso mated to an ivory knight's plate. He carried a serrated sword and a round shield into combat, and - oddly enough - was unable to speak properly, possibly due to the configuration of his form.
  189. Abilities: Armed with his sword and spiked shield, Orobas used his agility to harass his opponents in melee combat. He seemed to be slightly more tactically aware than other Players - Though this didn't compensate for the inferior quality of his equipment, which was matched by the Red Joker's Adjudicator.
  191. 26.) BUSTER PILE:
  193. Appearance: A tall, solid-looking Player with a helm that resembled a kendo mask, Buster Pile's namesake entirely replaced his right arm. The teal shade of his armor seemed strangely out of place, though.
  195. Abilities: Pile's...pile bunker...wasn't just an exercise in redundacy, but a deadly weapon - It could launch a great steel spike with significant armor-piercing properties, but took a long time to reload.
  197. 27.) ALEPHISTO:
  199. Appearance: Of no relation to the similarly-named ALEPHIST, this Player couldn't be more different - His oversized olive-green armor sporting great, curved horns. He resembled a mechanical minotaur, and carried a battleaxe in spine-knuckled fists.
  201. Abilities: A melee fighter, Alephisto relied on his axe and inherent resilience in combat. His bulk, unfortunately, worked against him - When the Red Joker used him as a human shield against gunfire. While his metal-shod form was effective at soaking up punishment, he was sliced in half by Argent Prominence.
  203. 28.) APOLLYON:
  205. Appearance: With a form reminiscient of a granite chess rook, Apollyon towered head-and-shoulders over most Players. Crowned with ramparts and studded with gunports, he bore a strong likeness to a walking fortress.
  207. Abilities: Apollyon's armored exterior could 'open up' to reveal dozens of concealed gunports, which fired powerful lasers at his opponents. A rare example of a defensive Player, Apollyon was hampered by the long charge-up time of his weapons array. Also, he wasn't *quite* as well-protected as he'd assumed: He was impaled, and subsequently cut in half, by Argent Prominence.
  209. 29.) INOX FANG
  211. Appearance: Sleek, silver and tigerish, Inox Fang was a lightning-fast Player - Armed with a pair of curved sabers, which could be hurled with devastating effect. Almost constantly in motion, Inox Fang was highly acrobatic and extremely mobile; He was also comparatively well-protected against energy weapons, though not against sustained fire.
  213. Abilities: Inox Fang's incredible speed - And seeming teleportation - was a guise for a rather more insidious trick. Not one, but *two* identical Players, Inox's true ability was visual invisibility (and some form of instantaneous communication), allowing them to coordinate their attacks with incredible precision.
  215. However, this ruse was disrupted by the Red Joker's Tempest Crash attack, and one-half of Inox Fang was killed. The survivor is still at large, and has vowed revenge.
  217. 30.) BISHAMON:
  219. Identity: Kouichi
  221. Appearance: A regal-looking figure in red and black, Bishamon's silhouette is immediately reminiscient of a mechanized suit of samurai armor, down to his high-crested kabuto helm. Twin cables extend from external ports on his back, repositioning themselves to stay out of his way.
  223. Despite his warlike appearance, Bishamon is actually rather approachable in person. As a member of the Black Tri-Stars, he has their distinctive symbol - Three white stars against a black field - hammered into his glossy plate.
  225. Abilities: An incredibly skillful swordsman, Bishamon fights with a razor-sharp katana. However, the long blade can extend - Allowing him to strike from a great distance, or slice through multiple targets in a single sweep. Notably, his unnaturally jointed arms have been configured for a faster swing...With discreet holographic emitters concealed in his gauntlets.
  227. Unusually, his helmet mounts a Head Vulcan system, allowing him to unleash rapid-but-small-gauge gunfire at his enemies. According to Volt Regios, they're an idiot's weapon.
  229. 31.) GALLOWGLASS:
  231. Appearance: His beige-and-brown form badged with rust, Gallowglass resembled a WWI trench-trooper, with a distinctive 'gas-mask' design to his helm. His limbs were especially heavily armored, complete with an integrated shield on his left shoulder.
  233. Abilities: Armed with a energized machete, Gallowglass was a fierce and opportunistic attacker, relying heavily on his charged blade. Unfortunately for him, the momentum of his surprise attack wasn't enough to overwhelm the Red Joker - He was stunned by a point-black Plasma Caster blast to the chest, before the Red Joker crushed his skull.
  235. 32.) TYRIAN EDGE:
  237. Appearance: A tall, almost lanky Player in violet, Tyrian's armor is braced by a steel cuirass - An array of beam sabers holstered at his shoulders and forearms. Unusually, he also has a pair of large, disc-shaped photonic explosives maglocked to his sides. Tyrian Edge's helm is also particularly sophisticated, with a drop-down visor for precision work - Further augmented by the coiling wires of his CORTEX REGULATOR.
  239. Like all the Black Tri-Stars, he has the rivets of their symbol hammered into his left shoulder plating.
  241. Abilities: Tyrian Edge, despite his timidity, is a skilled - And ambidextrous - swordsman. He also seems capable of manipulating the Red World's machinery.
  243. 33.) VOLT REGIOS:
  245. Appearance: In his powder-blue plate, Volt Regios's form seethes with lightning - Cising sparks leaping from joint to joint, with a great cape streaming in his wake. Armed with a toothed thorn-blade that's equal parts conductor and sword, Volt Regios constantly smells of ozone, his gilded armor lending him a distinctly noble appearance. His helm is a simple horizontal slit that sometimes flares with azure light.
  247. As a member of the Black Tri-Stars, Volt Regios bears their emblem on his cloak.
  249. Abilities: In addition to his electromagnetic longsword, Volt Regios can channel immense amounts of electricity - Enough to create a fluctuating shield, supercharge his allies, or simply scourge his targets with lightning bolts. He generally prefers to blast his opponents, using his unusual sword as a conductor. His control - And capacity - has been greatly improved by the IONIC AMPLIFIER.
  251. 34.) BELL ZEPHYR:
  253. Appearance: A dervish in crimson and black, Bell Zephyr's faceless, horned mask is a sinister contrast to her feminine form - While lightly armored, she bears a pair of charged whips, which unleash crackling jolts of electricity on impact...Or shear through solid brass without slowing.
  255. Abilities: Bell Zephyr is extremely agile, and is highly skilled with her trademark - And exceedingly lethal - weapons. A single strike to the weaker 'joints' of a Player's armor could potentially result in amputation or instant decapitation.
  257. 35.) KRAKEN:
  259. Appearance: In his living, writhing plate of bone and cartilage, Kraken's armor resembles the exoskeleton of an ocean-dwelling behemoth - Towering head-and-shoulders over most players, his imposing stature is only increased by the four chitinous, thick tendrils bulging from his spine, each one ending in a crushing talon.
  261. His helmet swarms with neon lines, and is crowned with spiraling horns.
  263. Abilities: Kraken carries a massive obsidian battleaxe, and has complete control over his extra limbs. Some unique property of his armor makes it difficult to target him directly - Disturbingly, he also seems to be able to exert mental control over Correctors, and rides a destrier as his personal steed.
  265. 36.) ENFER:
  267. Appearance: A solid-looking Player armored in brass plate and clanking chains, Enfer's bulky ensemble brings to mind an Advanced Bomb Suit - Heavy-duty and highly protective. His left arm is notably oversized, with a glowing green core set in the palm, to match the one in his torso. Notably, he sports a distinctive sloping scar over his left eye.
  269. Abilities: In addition to the plasma sphere generator set in his left arm, Enfer has access to a wide array of explosives, with the knowledge to utilize them to devastating effect. He's used smoke grenades, shaped charges, mines, rotor drones carrying explosive payloads, 'cracker' impact bombs, incendiary devices, vector-thrust grenades, and multi-part cluster munitions...Among others.
  271. He also seems to be almost completely immune to fire, and highly resilient to most forms of conventional attack.
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