Star Trek: TMP - Director's Edition HD Recreation README

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  1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director's Edition HD Recreation v3 (by iguanaclerk)
  3. I rendered V3 out back in May to correct some small errors, particularly a jump cut that I accidentally introduced. I was waiting and see if there were any bigger changes I wanted to make to justify a new release, but since there aren't, I might as well release this now.
  5. This is an HD recreation of the director's cut of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It's primarily sourced from the HDTV, which uses the same transfer as the director's cut DVD. While the HDTV is low detail and has lots of compression, it does have more grain and much better contrast than the Blu-ray. The unique footage from the director’s cut DVD is upscaled and color-corrected Blu-ray footage is used for some shots with alien subtitles. I have included most of the new CGI shots that had no existing equivalent (and needed changes like the new Vulcan shots). However, I mostly used the original versions of the shots that were altered for the director's cut to preserve HD quality (for this reason I’m calling it a fan edit). I also recreated a couple of the director’s cut changes in HD.
  7. This image gallery shows which unique DC effects were included as well as a general overview of the picture quality and the changes made for v2:
  9. V2 changes:
  10.     -newly created opening titles which have a logo animation similar to the DC DVD.
  11.     -cleaned up some of the redone effects
  12.     -made the DVD footage's aspect ratio consistent throughout the the film
  13.     -used color-corrected Blu-ray footage to add the theatrical alien subtitle font.
  14.     -motion tracked the the DC "Starfleet Headquarters" shot to replace the title with an HD title in the main title font.
  15.     -fixed one brief editing error in V1 that repeated a reaction shot incorrectly.
  16. V3 changes:
  17.     -added Grace Lee Whitney (as Janice Rand) to the list of co-stars in the opening credits. She was treated terribly on the show, and I think her name deserves to be next to the rest of the original cast (some promotional materials featured her similarly).
  18.     -fixed issue with the BD footage, where aggressive DNR caused the bottom left part of the frame to smear and warp. 12:12
  19.     -fixed issue in the original DC effects where the shuttle disappeared for a frame. 13:00
  20.     -fixed one frame editing error I introduced 15:21
  21.     -Here the original effects have an issue where the shuttle moves, but the background is frozen. They trimmed the beginning in the DC, but when matching the edit, I trimmed the end of the shot rather then the beginning, as I didn't know why it was shorter. Now matches the DC. 20:38
  22.     -fixed two frames of encoding garbage from the HDTV 26:37
  23.     -The audio is now the untouched dolby digital track from the DVD (not rencoded) until the end credits, when it seamlessly cuts to the new end credits music. This saves some space and preserves Blu-ray compatibility if you want to remux.
  25. Video: 1080p MKV - 12 GB
  26.     Both the video and audio are BD-compliant if you want to remux this for a Blu-ray.
  27. Audio:
  28.     Track 1: AC3 Dolby Digital - This is the same 5.1 as the DVD, but I replaced the end credits music that was looped for the director’s cut and replaced it with the original cue from the remastered CD. The file is not re-encoded, and cuts to the different end credits at the end seamlessly.
  29.     Track 2: AC3 2.0 Dolby Surround from the DVD.
  30.     Track 3: AC3 The commentary from the DVD.
  31.     Track 4: AC3 This is a commentary originally released as a podcast for with visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman, restoration supervisor Michael Matessino, and producer David C. Fein. Many of the effects changes they discuss are not in this recreation, but it’s still interesting and should sync to the original director’s cut DVD if you want to mux it in.
  33. Subtitles (SRT):
  34.     1: English Subtitles
  35.     2: Text commentary by Michael Okuda.
  36. (These are subrips and I only proofread them cursorily, so there may be errors. The film is entirely in sync with the DC DVD, so any foreign subtitles for that version should sync to it without any adjustment.)
  38. Other Notes:
  39. I used the original effects for the final sequence, and this means that the lighting strikes don't always match up with the sound mix. It's not too bad and it's not always in sync in the original, but it should be noted.
  41. HD shots modified to match the director's cut:
  42. 12:54 - Motion tracked this shot to replace the title with an HD title in the main title font.
  43. 44:06 - View screen after the asteroid explosion has the new DC effects.
  44. 1:13:57  - The start of V'ger's light probe now fades in from white instead of just having some flash frames.
  45. 1:30:21-1:30:58 - Changed the windows when the Ilia probe is talking to Decker (they were black and the director's cut cut added shots of V'ger.)
  46. 2:09:09 - The final explosion shot starts with DVD footage and crossfades to HD footage. I also covered the beginning of it with some fading out flash frames because the added moire patterns were confusing for continuity and they were running at 30fps.
  47. 2:12:24 - The "Human Adventure" tagline now fades in and the stars fade out. The timing is a little quicker than the DC because I couldn't slow down and interpolate the stars satisfactorily, but it still matches the music alright.
  48. -There's also two shots with the deflector dish that they recolored to orange in the HDTV master in anticipation of using it for the director's cut, so I've kept them.
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