More or Less - 23

Jul 2nd, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

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{Inner talk / Thought}


Scene Change / Flashback


English Hangul Pronunciation
Miss / Mr. / Mrs. ssi
Madam / Lady / Sir nim
Boy's Elder Brother hyeong
Boy's Elder Sister 누나 nuna
Girl's Elder Brother 오빠 oppa
Girl's Elder Sister 언니 eonni
Younger Brother / Sister 동생 dongsaeng

General Company:

English Hangul Pronunciation
chairman 회장 hoejang
president 사장 sajang
executive director 전무 jeonmu
director 이사 isa
managing [an executive] director 상무 sangmu
general manager 부장 bujang
chief [head] of a section 과장 gwajang
deputy (general) manager 차장 chajang
chief 계장 gyejang
team leader 팀장 timjang
assistant manager 대리 daeri
employee 사원 sawon

(Source ----- Life in Korea)

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Job Relationship
Yu Hanjoon (MC) PR Director Single
Yeon Ahjin (FMC) PR Assistant Manager Single
Han Jae-Won (FB) Sales Representative Single
Jung Min-Chul (Glasses) PR Deputy Married
Choi Ha-Eun (SH) [N/A] [N/A]
Kang Dae Young (Orange) PR employee Single

Chapter - 23

(TN: Little correction, in the previous chapter I thought that Choi Ha-Eun was CEO of Prama company but she can be just a Representative, Chief Delegate, Leader or CEO.. "대표" they use this hangul when they are talking about her.. Well whatever tbs..)

Odiya Coffee - Orange x Glasses

Kang Dae Young and Jung Min-Chul have a cup of coffee together.

Orange: What's the matter, daeri-nim?

Glasses: I just wanted to buy you a cup of coffee. Dae Young-ssi, you always work so hard ~

She looks at him and thinking about his motive.

Orange: {Pft, just a cup of coffee..? This Jjan-dol-iis thinks he can buy me with just that.}
(TN: Jjan-dol-iis is a way to call people who are greedy, stingy and selfish)

He moves his head closer and lower his voice.

Glasses: ..Dae Young-ssi, these days. Hmm, the atmosphere at the office is a little.. Isn't a bit weird?

She looks at him and stays silent for a moment, then smirks understanding why Glasses's offering her a cup of coffee.

Orange: { it's about that.}

She purposely raises up her voice and continues to chat with Glasses.

Orange: Oh my God Daeri-nim, do you feel that way too?

Everyone in the restaurant looks at them because of Orange's commotion.

Glasses: Right? I'm not the only one who's feeling like this, am I?

He makes a serious face looking at Orange.

Glasses: {..there is definitively something.}


PR Department

FMC holds her head with her hands wondering about what to do.

FMC: {'s frustrating, really.}

FB - Last night - Motel

MC hugs her, trying to comfort her.

FMC: Bujang-nim, I've something.. to say.

He looks at her depressed face

MC: Are you okay?

He caresses her face and wipes her tears with his finger.

MC: What's going on?

She tries to speak but she's only able to mutter a few words.

FMC: Well, actually.. um..

She musters all her courage and prepares herself to confess what she did with FB and if MC really saw them that night.

FMC: How should.. Let's have a talk..

She keeps her head down doesn't looking at MC face, he looks at her silently.

MC:'re nervous, aren't you?

She looks at him with tearful eyes.

FMC: ..pardon?

MC: Right now, it's really.. You look lost.

He can't take it anymore and puts FMC in his embrace again and comfort her.

MC: fact, I'm nervous, too.
From now on, our relationship.. It might be difficult.

He looks at her with caring eyes.

MC: Well, let's just think about each other for now.

He hugs her tightly.

MC: Ahjin-ssi what I want to say, first of all, we only need to focus on us.

PR Department

FMC: {The hell.. I should've said it..}

She grabs her head thinking how worthless she is.

FMC: {Did you know or didn't you know?!}

Her mobile rings, it's a message from MC.

Yu Bujang Ahjin-ssi. How about a Han-jeongsik tonight?

(TN: "Han-jeongsik" => "한정식" it's a Korean table d'hôte, it's a Korean-style full-course meal characterized by the array of small banchan plates in varied colors; "Banchan" or "Bansang" is a collective name for small side dishes served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine)

He sends her a cute emoji, she looks at it and giggles.

FM: Teehee..!

FMC: {Where did this come from..}

She keeps laughing because of MC's text.

FMC: {It's so cute!!!}

A coworker who passes by notices FMC's strange behavior.

FMC: {..yeah; if you had a bit more of common sens.. You.. You would know that I can't handle this much, you're too cute.}

FMC is infatuated with MC right now and doesn't pay attention to her surroundings, Glasses and Orange looks at FMC.
They stay silent for a moment looking at her, after awhile Glasses turns his head and gives a grave look to Orange.

Men's Toilet

FB is washing his hands when one of his buddy from the sales department complains about something.

Dude: .. is it really worth to go that far, aren't you tired of thinking about Hanjoon?

The guy heads toward the washbasin.

Dude: Always trying to make a dirty play.

FB looks at him from the corner of his eye.

FB: ..I can't help it, how are the sales going?
(TN: I'm lost with this sentence "…쪌수없지, 개네가 팔아준 게 얼마나?" literally "...I can't help it, how much did they sell it?" I guess there is a special meaning behind it but.. I don't understand the meaning of this one when I translate the answer of the dude, well whatever..)

Dude looks pissed hearing FB question.

Dude: Especially Lim-Bujang, this son of.. Ah.. (TN: Don't know who he is)
We're manager in the first place, it's funny to think that we've to entertain them.

FB: So today, Hwang-Bujang will also be present.

Hwang: Oh, you're right! Of course I will.

They're drying their hands.


FB: ..uh?

Hwang: Today, I heard from the Planning Department that you're going to have a promotion, are you happy?

FB looks at him without caring about what Hwang just said.

FB: the manager's level?

Hwang looks at his phone smiling.

Hwang: Yes, Nam-isa just sent me the announcement.
(TN: "Director" = "이사" = "isa")

Hwang: ..well, in your case I think there is something who will raise your interest.

Director Room

MC is leaving Nam's office with his eyes closed sighing.

MC: Sigh..

PR Floor

MC is walking toward his office when he suddenly hears someone humming a song, he heads toward the singer.


FMC is inside the room humming a song, the shutters are almost closed, making the room a bit dark.
She is washing her thermos meanwhile, MC enters in the room and moves closer to her without a noise. He puts his hand on her shoulder and kisses her head surprising her.

She turns her head in hurry and notices it's MC, he looks at her laughing.

MC: I'm sorry, did I surprise you?

FMC: Bujang-nim, they can see us from the outside..

MC: Don't worry, the curtains are down so they can't see us.

She puts her hand on her hot cheek thinking about something dirty.

He takes the thermos that was in her hand and wipes it.

MC: Let me wipe it for you.

He wipes it and says silent for a moment.

MC: ....I'm sorry.

She looks at him doesn't understanding what he means by that.

MC: Tonight, I don't think I can make it.

Japanese Restaurant

(TN: He's still talking to her, it's just author who doesn't want to drag the scene with FMC inside the restroom and he / she already wants to show MC with the sales department inside a Japanese Restaurant.)

There is a lot of shoes in front of the room booked by Director Nam and the management of the sales department.

MC: ..I've been transferred to the sales department. [or] ..I need to attend to the sales department reception.
(TN: Well I'll edit it later..)

He is siting next to FB in front of Director Nam, there is a lot of foods and bottles of Soju disposed on the table.

MC: I'll call you as soon as I get in..

FB looks at MC from the corner of his eye.

MC: Don't worry, Ahjin-ssi.

To be continued.. <3.

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