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  1. /dangeru/ pastebin
  2. Go to preset 2
  3. Edit it to look like this: (It's a heart! It represents the Model Warrior's Love and Justice!)
  4. Play those exact players
  5. GK on Every Setpiece
  6. Add Sei, Stella, and Alma to the attack
  7. Change All Out Defense to Frontline PRessure and Defensive Line to 10
  10. Start on +2
  11. Start on +2
  12. Start on +2
  15. At subs time:
  16. Sub Sei/Stella for Dragon Fucker/Kazushiba Miller
  17. Sub Jillgasm for your favorite Va-11 (If you don't have one, shame on you. Also, use Flaming Moai as I don't believe they've been on, or Streaming-Chan for max shenannigans)
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