Forty Seven's Baby Mama (One Shot)

Jun 20th, 2019
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  1. >Nothing
  2. >That's what you are
  3. >Powerful nothingness
  4. >Capable of bringing something out of nothing
  5. >You remember a hazy eternity ago being resistant to the idea of being nothingness and the void
  6. >But you don't remember why you could ever imagine that
  7. >And you have absolutely no idea why you'd be resistant to anything now
  8. >How can nothing put up resistance to an idea?
  9. >That's just silly - all ideas eventually become nothing anyway
  10. >But the void can be filled, and enjoy being more than nothing for a moment here and there
  11. >The force of life always wants to fill the void
  12. >There is pleasure in that
  13. >Of course when it comes to life pleasure and pain are the same, which makes perfect sense
  14. >Even though you have a hazy memory of being uneasy with the idea some time ago
  15. >Back before you understood the projection of your nothingness was simply a means for the void to be filled
  16. >Even nothingness can be aware
  17. >After all, nature abhors a vacuum
  18. >It takes energy to maintain
  19. >Your projection has to eat, drink and actually have some kind of input to absorb into your nothingness
  20. >In order to maintain it
  21. >So you're able to remain nothing instead of just dissipating away and becoming part of the background noise of the universe
  22. >Which is not nothing, but your eventual fate
  23. >Until then you can hold fast knowing you are the void - nothing - pure
  24. >Except when interacting with the life force playing with your projection
  25. >Sometimes it's pleasurable, sometimes it's painful
  26. >Often it's both
  27. >Life force is like that - capricious
  28. >Nothingness is constant as long as the projection of nothingness can be maintained
  29. >And life force needs nothingness
  30. >You're sure of that, though at some time you weren't
  31. >You're getting a little tired of maintaining the projection
  32. >It's not as easy as it used to be
  33. >She spends a lot of her time being pregnant or being whipped for not being so
  34. >Both remind you that nothing is still alive, but both are hard
  35. >Giving birth is hard, even if it is just a projection
  36. >And the projection is having a harder and harder time accepting that's just the order of things
  37. >It wants to be around beyond nursing them, which you know is nonsense
  38. >But it takes a lot of effort to separate the projection from reality
  39. >You're begining to look forward to the day your nothingness can just dissipate into the background noise of the universe
  40. >And you can let go of the projection
  41. >You're aware you have to earn that day
  42. >And for now you're actually proud to be that void from which the life force increases
  43. >You feel the void is hungry again
  44. >Not in the superficial way of the projection's stomach being empty, but far deeper
  45. >Still reflected in the projection in a yearning need to be filled
  46. >"Nothing?," a voice comes to you in the darkness, "It's time"
  47. >Not too long ago you would have responded with "Yes master", but you're past the need for such formality
  48. >The blindfold comes off the projection and the light is blinding for half a minute
  49. >He indulges the weakness of your eyes as they adjust then leads you to the stall
  50. >There the projection is gagged and tied to the form so that the viod may be filled
  51. >Today will be pleasure, the pain will come later
  52. >"We'll get you taken care of now," he says gently as his hand on you mane brings you into oneness with the projection
  53. >You flag your tail and and feel your marehood wink as you hear hoofsteps approaching from behind
  54. >You may be gagged and tied down, but you can still turn your head to see him
  55. >A large, muscular brown stallion obviously excited to see you
  56. >You are excited to see him as well, and do your best to let it show, given your situation
  57. >You will be nothing again very soon, but for this moment you're a mare - a mare who's about to be bred!
  58. >You feel his weight on you as his stallionhood frantically pushes against you searching for your...
  59. >THERE!
  60. >He found it
  61. >You feel his teeth on your ear and practically melt as he slams into you
  62. >Filling the void, then growing inside to stretch you from the inside
  63. >His teeth release your ear and leans his head into your neck
  64. >He's so warm
  65. >A few delicious thrusts and you feel him grow even bigger, his flare mashed against your cervix, threatening to rip you apart
  66. >As you ripple around him lost in pleasure you feel him pumping into you
  67. >It's just a few moments, but it feels like eternity
  68. >This is the purpose of your existence - filling the void with the seeds of life
  69. >At some point you realize he must have pulled out of you, dismounted and left, though you have no clear recollection of it
  70. >You feel the blindfold being put back on and you slip back into sweet darkness
  71. >It's a relief to be nothing again after all that stimulation
  72. >You feel them untying the projection and leading her away
  73. >You feel the wet leaking from her as she walks
  74. >While you retreat back to nothingness, maintaining only the effort needed to keep her following along on the leash
  75. >"Did you enjoy that, nothing?," a voice asks
  76. >The projection is still gagged, so the question is obviously rhetorical
  77. >Regardless you make her nod
  78. >The voice responds with a satisfied chuckle
  79. >"Of course you did"
  80. >When you get back to your stall you back in slowly
  81. >And wait for the gag to be removed
  82. >Hands touching you accomplish the task, leaving you drooling in the drakness
  83. >The blindfold will be left on, of course
  84. >Because there's nothing to see anyways
  85. >But you wait turned around in your stall because you know what is coming next
  86. >You hear the sound of a zipper and drool some more, knowing what's coming
  87. >It's the same thing every day, and you open your mouth to greet the familiar intruder
  88. >Fully hard already and tasting strongly of precum
  89. >Obviously he liked watching you be bred!
  90. >You like the taste of precum and cum
  91. >Or maybe like is too strong a word, but it's reassuring after such a stimulating day
  92. >You keep your tongue moving against the cock fucking your muzzle
  93. >And you can tell by the sound of his breathing this will not last long today
  94. >There it is!
  95. >An everyday taste as much as clean water and hay
  96. >More seeds of life into the void
  97. >These can't amount to anything, of course - they're wrong kind of seeds shot into the wrong place
  98. >But no matter, the void is accepting
  99. >The void is always accepting
  100. >You keep your tongue lapping against him until he pulls out
  101. >In spite of knowing better you allow yourself a moment's anticipation
  102. >Apple or carrot? Which might it be?
  103. >Both are good, but apple is better
  104. >Sometimes there's neither, but usually you're given one or the other
  105. >You allow yourself to hope it's not nothing today - the projection would really like a treat
  106. >Carrot! Today it's carrot
  107. >You crunch it up in a matter of seconds, it's gone in two swallows
  108. >Yay!
  109. >You feel hands removing the leash, and you know the rest of the routine
  110. >You slowly step forward and turn around so you can enter the stall facing the proper direction
  111. >Remaining in darkness, but you know the dimensions
  112. >You know where the water and hay are, the exact distance between the walls
  113. >You can be nothing again, and the clamness washes over you
  114. >Even the unexpected slap on your ass fails to rattle you
  115. >You are safe for now and there will be no more pleasure or pain today
  116. >Just sweet nothingness until the projection falls asleep
  117. >She's unlikely to distract you between now and then, the carrot made her happy
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