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Oct 5th, 2013
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  1. It's weekend and I got up late, just saw your mail.
  3. OK, let's take a short review on my "history" with this team:
  4. (1) Firstly, I got contacted with Alessia on oDesk. Do you know It's a parttime job post & seek website. They posted a parttime job there and I saw it, it's something on ASIC design so I contacted them, I've no idea what is the real goal before I contacted Alessia. Then, I started to get in touch with bitcoin, and joined them about the same time as theSeven did. At most 1 week ahead of theSeven I think. We started to talk maybe in late June, I don't quite remember the accurate date any more.
  5. She promised with "a bright future" or something to theSeven I think, as she promised to me.
  7. (2) Alessia told to me that some "rich" inverstors are interested in this project, and ask if I could finished the ASIC part. She said it's urgent, the potential inverstors were pushing continuiously. So, after disscussion, Alessia made the decision to finished a chip with a lower performance first(on 180nm), so that she can raise some money from the "rich" inverstors, and proceed with higher-performance chips later. But, when I finished the 180nm chip, (I had no deep conprehension on bitcoin miner machines then, and I had to finished the ASIC design within very limited time, so the design is totally based on the open-source project, with poor performance I guess), Alessia said that, it's not worthy to spend money on that 180nm chip, the performance is too poor. So, we dropped the 180nm chip.
  8. TheSeven didn't agree with the proceeding of 180nm chip quite much I think(I didn't discuss this with theSeven, I guessed this from what Alessia said). He is a good guy with enthusiasm on technical aspect, he wanted to finish a chip with great performance.
  10. (3) After dropping the 180nm, Alessia decided that we need something more powerful, as least comparable to the USB device of ASIC miner. And, it happened that we have access on some 130nm library, so she decided to continue with this library. The 200MHz-220MHz dual-core chip is designed for the 130nm process. It's supposed to be 300MHz* dual core(as posted on bitcointalk), but I found it hard to finish the Place&Route process under such condition, so I turned back to 200M-220MHz, Alessia said it's acceptable. During this time, she began to contact ( or maybe before that, I don't know).
  12. (4) I meet Fabrizo once during this time, because he is the "founder" of the company, and the tapeout forms needed to be signed by him. I helped him on finishing the forms, which Alessia posted later on her website. But, the chip has never been actually taped out.
  14. (5) Before the application was approved by, I asked her to pay me some money or bitcoins. So far, I had been paid none, not even a penny. I told her several times from the beginning that I have a partner working for me, I need to pay this guy. Alessia was always saying " I'll pay you in a week", "I'll do the transaction tomorrow", and something like this. But she never did it. And, around the time theSeven metioned, I had difficulty contacting Alessia, I had something on tapeout fab to disscuss with her, but I could not get her. And this made us missed the first tapeout schedule( supposed to be on the end of July? I don't quite remember the date) Several days later, she showed up & told me that she had a car accident. I trusted her, and continued to work on the job. But this probably was the last time I trusted her and her project. I designed the un-tapeout-ed 180nm chip, I designed the 130nm chip(not totally finished although) and we missed the tapeout shuttle, I began to lose faith on her and her project, I began to doubt that she's only concerned with making money and didn't care about the project at all, and, changing your ideas continuiously is not a good habit. After this, I got my Visa to US, just in case she's not worthy my trust, I need to continue my normal life.
  16. (6)After labcoin was approved by ( Alessia did not even mention that to me, I happened to find the "labcoin" on, you can imagine this kind of situation, and this kind of "trust"), I asked Alessia about something with the next tapeout schedule(on late Aug) . She said that it's hard for find a fab tend to agree on the tapeout of our chip, because her company is too small, and big fabs need to do some investigation on the company first, but she didn't even have an R&D office, and it seems there's no hope to solve this before the Auguest tapeout deadline. I don't want to get trapped in an endless waiting, and my school opens on Sep/01, so I decided to leave. She wanted me to stay, and paid me 10btc to show that she is serious, but i was decided. I sold the 10 btcs as soon as I got them, and shared with my partner. 10 btcs for more than 2 months' work, I don't think I have to feel guilty on this part.
  17. (7)Before I leave, she mentioned that she's hiring someone else to continue with my job. I don't know whether she got someone or not. And we lost connection after that, except the msg she left on my skype, which you've seen already.
  19. That's almost everything I think I can remember so far.
  21. Thanks & Regards.
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