TWW Barrier Skip Route [NEW]

Jul 26th, 2019
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  1. If you need video reference you can follow this video: (does not use instant barrier unload)
  3. [Make sure you have 50 rupees before leaving to FH]
  5. - Manual Superswim to DRI
  6. - Superswim to Northern Fairy Submarine
  7. - Get caught and brought to FF1 jail
  8. - Complete FF1, grab rupees along the way [60R]
  9. - Get Tingle Tuner, grab rupees [70R]
  10. - Superswim to DRI, take damage down to 1/4 and call tingle
  11. - Zombie Hover up the platform from Zephos Statue and heal with Tingle [40R]
  12. - Make your way to DRC (Use bottled water from earlier on flowers)
  13. - Take damage from bokoblins down to 1/4 and get secret purple rupee, go to main room [80R]
  14. - Zombie hover up to second floor, heal with tingle [50R]
  15. - Head to the top of DRC, get grappling hook
  16. - Savewarp
  18. ---------------------------------------
  19. Memory Fragmentation setup starts here
  20. ---------------------------------------
  22. - Superswim to Forest Haven
  23. - Buy bait bag + bait from beedle [20R]
  24. - Wind Waker dive to enter Forest Haven
  25. - Clip out of bounds, backwalk to ledge and jumpslash to be at very corner, throw bait OoB (Lowers memory a lot)
  26. - Pull invisible grapple x70 (if you can still use the grappling hook go to the ground close to where you clip out and still stand in the water, press R to lower memory with water particles and pull invisible grappling hook like normal)
  27. - Do deku tree cutscene skip or not (same result with or without, if you can't pull out grappling hook after deku tree cutscene you need to enter + exit potion shop)
  28. - There is a possibility that the memory in the game is too low after the cutscene if you duped the grappling hook more than 70 times, making it so the game is stuck on a black screen
  29. - Get leaf and leave through bottom exit
  30. - Leaf over to deku baba and deathwarp (Make sure that you don't touch the ledge and slide on it, this can lower memory)
  31. - Superswim to Thorned Fairy while fragmenting memory
  32. - Superswim between Pawprint and DRI until rocks at DRI disappears
  33. - After rocks disappear, superswim to Thorned Fairy through Fire Mountain -> Star Belt Archipelago -> Thorned Fairy
  34. - If the vines are still at Thorned Fairy superswim back and forth between Star Belt Archipelago and Thorned Fairy once (make sure to keep camera lock until you see that vines are gone)
  35. - Enter Thorned Fairy, get Quiver, leave and deathwarp
  36. - Superswim to FF2
  37. - Superswim through Spectacle, Mother & Child Isle, Four-Eye Reef, FF2, Four-Eye Reef and FF2 again
  38. - Don't go close to the gate of FF2 as it has cannons there, if they shoot you will crash
  39. - Wind Waker dive to enter FF2 and enter door leading to compass chest and bokoblin
  40. - Call Tingle and take damage down to 1/4
  41. - Leave and head to searchlight, zombie hover up and leaf to helmaroc's loading zone
  42. - Heal with Tingle [0R]
  43. - Break pot in Helmaroc's room to free up enough memory so you can use loading zones
  44. - Go through cutscenes and head to the outside area with the barrier
  46. -----------------------------------------------------
  47. Instant barrier unload - NEEDS TESTING BY MORE PEOPLE
  48. -----------------------------------------------------
  49. It was recently found that at this point the barrier should unload now and then as you go back and forth through the barrier. Basically just check if the barrier is there, if not enter + exit the castle again to check the barrier again. This is something I never got to work on emulator which makes it very strange, so I want more people to try this as it saves a ton of time. Currently inconsistent and hard to know when the barrier will disappear, but definitely worth.
  51. If you don't want to try the method above, do the old method we had below.
  53. -----------------------------------
  54. Strat if no instant barrier unload
  55. -----------------------------------
  56. - Reload until flags are back
  57. - Dupe x100 and enter + exit castle (Repeat this x3, total of 300 dupes)
  58. - Reload area until Tetra disappears
  59. - Reload the area two more times and check if the barrier is gone, otherwise reload once more and check again
  60. - If the flags + tetra come back you might have missed your chance to skip the barrier, but I have had it still disappear after this happened, so you can continue to check if it disappears with reloads but don't count on it
  61. - Enter Ganon's Tower
  63. - Trial Skip (or just walk into loading zone if door gone)
  64. - Light Arrows
  65. - Savewarp to clear memory
  66. - Puppet Ganon
  67. - Morth Hover with or without bombs
  68. - Ganondorf
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