Nazzor Vs The Pherret Twins

Jun 18th, 2019
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  1. *Pherret Twins they go to the arena!
  3. *Smolred is enjoying watching Nazzor train it up. She stays silent for now and just lets her mind fill in the blanks
  5. *Dominika Spies on Smol's spying! Or well sorta doing so. Was too busy polishing some gear and her secret weapon to fighting that Jackal that comes around!
  7. *Sir Knerac Softpaw slipped out of his room and down through the tavern with a light couple taps on the counter. His hands were carrying his lucerne hammer and other weapons with him out of the tavern. His tail sways along the dirt, making a light trail as he moved to the arena. Though, seeing someone else training he paused to watch for the time being as he leaned against the entrance of the arena.
  9. *Pherret Twins they stop to watch Nazzor, they look at Knerac and smile. "Hello." Samantha says cheerfully.
  11. *Nazzor feeling content with the workout steps away from the training dummy to wash his hands. He takes a look about spotting the various others who seemingly came about to watch him. The hyena grins, offering a nod toward Smoldred, Dominika, the Pherret Twins and the others. When done he grabs from his gear a short-sword to continue his practice.
  13. *Smolred swoons lightly after the Gnoll, clearly delighted with his display. She may or may not be a bit under the influence of things but whatever the case she is having well enough of a good time
  15. *Sir Knerac Softpaw looked down at Samantha with a small smile. "Hello, you doing alright?" He looked at the others watching, making a small roll of his eyes before watching the Gnoll with a light curiosity. He even spoke to the twins a bit more. "Have you ever seen gnolls in battle?"
  17. *Pherret Twins they both shake their heads and "We've never really seen many gnolls back home, or around, are they very good fighters?" Sarah leaned on her spear and Samantha shows her plank shield. "Think we can hold up to him? Or do you wanna go, no holding back?"
  19. *Adrestia Corin forgot she had a cupcake. And also finds that the tavern is quiet....too quiet. She looks up from her paper and looks around, not seeing anyone. Blinking, she tucks her paper away and gets up, heading out of the tavern and towards the arena, still holding her glass of wine. Seeing that everyone was there, she silently moves up into the stands, finding a nice high perch in which she could keep an eye on everyone.
  21. *Sir Knerac Softpaw couldn't help a small grin, leaning back against the wall and observing him. "When I fought in the east, I watched a single Gnoll cleave through a small squadron of infantry. Spears and swords smashed aside and all but one left dead. That one wasn't so lucky. We snagged that poor bastard after the fight. Still, the company of Gnolls we hired did more than their share of work for the money we provided. Do I think you can hold up to him? No I don't, that doesn't mean you can't try and surprise me my little terrors." He couldn't help a grin, "I might have to take him on myself if he's gonna be sticking around though."
  23. *Nazzor movements with the short-blade take in his earlier training, but this time incorporated some grappling as well. After all, he was a mercenary so capturing and ransoming a prized captive like a noblemen or knight at times made his regular pay seem like sparse. The techniques became quicker and efficient with each repetition before he finally ceased. The gnoll then turned to face the others, specifically the twins, as he overheard them gossiping between themselves. "Come to train and learn?... Or to ogle and snicker like young-maids at a summer festival." He took a wide stance, arms splayed out weapon in one-hand and unarmed in the other, his body going taunt as muscles flexed. His display was one of pride as he taunted the two playfully, knowing the others were watching, admiring his physique.
  25. *Smolred calls out "Oogling obviously!" the dragon calls out even though she wasnt being spoken to. Yup... she has been sneaking the booze
  27. *Pherret Twins they look at Knerac and then look at Nazzor. "Don't make us come in there and mess you up!" They say in unison as Sarah slams her spear and Samantha hits her jagged blade against her shield. "We're not afraid of anyone or anything!" Samantha says and Sarah chitters angrily, though it's kinda just cute. They look at Knerac, "you want us to get him before you do?" They wanted to go!
  29. *Adrestia Corin lifts a brow at all the posturing, before her ears perk and she leans over some so she could look down at the twins better. 'Not afraid of anyone? Or you sure?'
  31. Smolred: pft...
  33. *Maktumekal Ilzrei hrmms
  35. *Smolred finds it amusing they took offence to what the Gnoll said.
  37. *Adrestia Corin Are you sure... not Or... and after using such a lovely word like posturing. Maybe she should lay off the wine.
  39. *Sir Knerac Softpaw looked at the two twins and nodded lightly. "Remember what I taught you, use your strengths and find his weaknesses. Now get in there and kick his ass or go down trying." He couldn't help a grin as he encouraged him. The knight motioned them to go, and get their scrap in but he moved off to the side.
  41. *Nazzor gives Smoldred a brief glance, returns a wink as a reply, eyes giving her a nice over over before returning to face the twins and Knerac. His body shines with the healthy layer of sweat he built up from earlier, muscles a sight to behold, all the while his pants now hang dangerously low on his hips due to his now slick fur. "I think this night could become more interesting if anyone among you is seeking a friendly spar. Wanna test your meddle against me, I'll gladly oblige." He finished, giving a nod of recognition to Adrestia as one of the figureheads of the Ludus out of respect.
  43. *Pherret Twins they look at Adreastia and, flash her! They giggle and skitter into the arena, to get clear of her. They look at Nazzor and spread out wide, keeping distance between each other and him, going to give him two targets. "Come one, show us how you fight!" Sarah says, holding her obsidian spear ready, crouching a bit low and Samantha would be ten feet away, giving him a place to get right in between them. She has her shield and obsidian blade ready to go as well.
  45. *Adrestia Corin ponders, for the briefest of moments of setting the end of the twins' tails on fire. Perhaps she'll use that later. She turns her blue eyes back towards the gnoll and gives him a small nod in return. Slowly she crosses one leg over the other, making herself comfortable as she watches those below with an impassive expression.
  47. *Mallory Reynolds met the two giggling twins just outside the tavern, arms crossed over her chest with a slightly perturbed look on her face. "Now, dont you think that was a wee naughty?"
  49. *Nazzor looks between the two with a wide-smile as his night was finally filled with some entertainment. The gnoll takes a defensive posture with a short-sword in his right and unarmed left, the free arm extends out in front of him bent at the elbow while the blade remains pointed downward in the right. He decides for a moment before charging at Sarah wanting to see what this spear-wielding ferret could do!
  51. *Pherret Twins Samantha would rush in when he does. Sarah holding her spear right out, waiting for him to get almost within range of grabbing her spear, when she leaps back, dropping to a knee and jabbing her spear right for his right thigh, looking to slow him down for her sister. Samantha would also slice, but coming on his left and slashing for the back of his knee. They seemed to be working to hobble him, their blades both strong and sharp.
  53. *Sir Knerac Softpaw slipped out of the arena's watching area with a small hum to himself, wandering towards the armory to see it it had a workbench. The knight would hear of their victory or loss later, for now he was going to work on cleaning up his weapons.
  55. *Nazzor watched with an calculating eye at the movements of Sarah as he brought the short-sword in wide upward swipe to deflect the spear-tip, taking in how firm Sarah's thrust was as she aimed for his right leg, side-stepping to his right as he forced the spear toward her sister, Samantha, whose blade had just barely nicked his pants from behind. He could feel the lose fur fall down his pant's leg and breeze of air due to the new tear in them. "Gonna you mend that later on little ferret."
  57. *Pherret Twins the spear would by pass Samantha who would slide to a stop and Sarah would spin around and move behind her sister. Sarah standing in front, shield up and sword a bit behind her shield, ready to be jammed forward. Sarah would hold her spear over her sisters shoulder, giving him a bit of defense he needed to get past to get to either of the girls. "We'll only mend when we mess you up!"
  59. *Nazzor taps his weapon against his thigh, admiring their teamwork as they made full use of weaponry to create such a solid defense. They complimented the other with a solid forward barrier withe shield and sword combo, but now with the spear it gave them reach. However, this required that they now remained always shifting to face him as he waltzed around them, his pace changing between small steps to wide-strides as he forced the two's footwork to keep readjusting. After all their defense was based on a working against an opponent with limited area to work with, like a narrow gap, but here on the open arena it just left him to keep walking. Each time his direction changed he walked closer toward them.
  61. *Pherret Twins they would do their best to stay up with him. Well mostly Samantha, she was taking lead on this one, watching his steps and moving with him almost fluidly. Sarah, would take a half second to readjust, they were using their training, going to see if it comes to help them. Both girls waiting, slowly backing up form him, he'd have to approach and shift, but there was a good distance between them and the wall, so it wasn't going to be backed into it anytime quickly. "You can surrender now and take the loss and we'll save you the embarrassment of losing to us."
  63. *Nazzor grinned at their mockery of him as he dashed to the side taking a wide path as he then stopped and sprung forward using the full force of his mass to slam his left-shoulder against the shield as it was brought to bare. The full force of the gnoll's mass, with all two-hundred twenty pounds of muscle behind it slammed the shield, forcing the ferret to take the brunt of his size upon her making her Sarah decide to either side-step for the opening or help her sister by bracing with her less she be overtaken and possibly crushed by the gnoll's weight.
  65. *Pherret Twins Sarah would stay behind her sister, to help brace, never leave one to take the fall. She does try to stab over the shield at, whatever she could the spear at. Samantha would get the back of her shield slammed into her cheek. she'd try to roll it upwards, despite his weight, and height. She'd go for this inner thigh, slicing under her shield right at where his legs should be, just trying to do something to him, they weren't going to be taken down so easily today, though he was massively over to of them and they were just going to be trying to win this one!
  67. *Nazzor for his size had made himself sparse as he sunk his body down so that little of him poked above the shield, nonetheless, the sting of Sarah's spear was felt for even as hunched over as he was still parts of him were vulnerable to such strikes. The draw of blood and the smell of it filled the air but he was not perturbed by this, simple wounds offered up to gain greater advantages, his sword arm dived low to deflect the incoming sword strike to avoid the meat of his thigh but just the same as spear blade met flesh. He hissed at this cut, following up with a low cackle that rose intensity as the crazed gnoll let himself feel the heat of his blood rush through him as adrelaline hit its stride. His actions had made Samantha brace against the shield and hold the item close to her as she held firm, and so he grabbed at its edge with his free hand. The next moment was a great show of strength as he threw the shield, Samantha still tucked to it, away from him wide and to the side watching her tumble through the air as then closed in on Sarah as she had now suddenly lost her balance.
  69. *Pherret Twins Samantha was flung across the arena, rolling on the ground and she held her arm, her shoulder must be dislocated and she looked to her sister. Who had fallen down because her sister was flung. Sarah, from her seated position jammed her spear hard forward for the gnolls gut. She was scooting back at the same time. She was unshielded and alone so she wasn't really in a position to fight back other than try to get away.
  71. *Skriek FangCleaver Plops her butt down in a empty seat in the stands to props up her feets on the back of another seat as she watches what is going on in the arena.
  73. *Adrestia Corin slowly stands and starts heading down from the stands, lifting a hand to her muzzle as she yawns. As quietly as she had entered the stands and arena, she leaves it, heading to the teacher's quarters.
  75. *Nazzor took hold of the spear just before it could puncture him moving it to the side as he brought down the pummel of the sword to strike Sarah across her forehead. She was laid low by the blow as he then released the spear to grab Sarah by the collar in order to lift her high and as her sister, Samantha had just experienced, throw her to the side. He cared little to watch her tumble out of view. He walked menacingly toward Samantha seeking to end this fight now.
  77. *Pherret Twins Samantha was knocked out but the sudden blow to the head with the sword. It opened a split right where it landed and she bled freely. As she was tossed aside, she landed on the sands, a small puddle of blood forming at her head. Samantha would slowly stand up and, with her shield arm, hanging loose, she did her best to snarl at him, she'd rush forward, as he got close, lashing out, slashing and stabbing rapidly at him, she was the fighter.
  79. *Nazzor liked this one, she had fight in her, with wild swings and rapid stabs her onslaught was an ongoing affair. He moved to the sides, in and out of her range seeing how she carried the burden of her injured arm as it hung loose, flopping around as she continued. He locked his blade with hers and asked, "Yield? Your sister is down and that arm is looks like its gonna slap you if you keep flailing like that."
  81. *Pherret Twins as their blades crossed she'd shake her head. "Never." She was easily being pushed back there was no way she'd be able to push forward, even with both arms and strength. She would drop her obsidian blade and duck, grabbing the kukri blade in a reverse grip and slash upwards, aiming to slash from his stomach up, knowing her obsidian blade was likely to break if she kept going at him, so she got her iron blade to go at him, though she was running on fumes.
  83. *Nazzor attempted to avoid the slash but in his attempt to force a surrender the gnoll had left himself open. The cut was deep, leaving him hurting, taking a step back as he held the wound. With a cold-fury he came upon her, in their clash they met again when their blades locked up, he kicked the broken arm and when she yelled his head came down on her own to finish this fight. He stumbled as he shook his head watching her next few moments.
  85. *Pherret Twins the kick to her arm made her dizzy with pain, but as he head butted her, sending her flat to her back, sprawling out there for the world to see. She slowly started to sit up, whining as she bled from the nose and she was looking at him, still holding her knife, she had to roll to her knees and one hand, to push up from the ground, panting as she looked at him, glaring in his direction as she sat up to her knees, panting, barely able to hold her blade up.
  87. *Nazzor nodded, admiring that Samantha was still up to continuing until the end. He walked over to her, blade out pointing it to her chest. "Good fight..." His fist was the next thing she saw as it filled her vision and thus ending it all.
  89. *Pherret Twins the arena would be silent as the two pherrets lay in the dirt, Sarah in her own blood and Samantha crumpled onto her side. They weren't the best fighters at all, only losing it seems, but they had heart at least. For now they would be in the dirt until moved out, or they get up.
  91. *Nazzor went over to help sling Samantha over his shoulder and then headed over to Sarah to drag her by the collar, carrying the two toward a designated area whose signs indicated was for faster healing of combatants. He laid them in there as he himself sat to the side letting the cuts seal up and the belly wound close as no more dark-colored blood poured from the near evisceration he suffered at the paws of Samantha's weapon.
  93. *Pherret Twins both girls would just lay in position as he laid them down. The wound on Sarah's head closing up, but leaving her coated in blood still, and Samantha would gasp as her shoulder was popped back into socket and it makes her scream out as she shoots up.
  95. *Nazzor lets out a grunt as the sudden movement of one of the ferrets jars him a bit forcing out a hiss between his teeth. "Humph, mind not moving too much..." He shifted a bit as he made to stand-up wanting to stretch.
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