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  1. <color="red"><u></color><color="orange"><size=45><b><align="center"> - Server Information</b></size></color></u>
  3. <size=15><color="red">Welcome to the </color><color="orange"><b><link=""></link></b></color><color="red"> SCP: Secret Laboratory Server</color></align></size>
  5. <color="white"><size=15><b><u>Links</u></b></size></color>
  7. <color="blue"><link="">Website</link>
  8. <link="">Discord</link>
  9. <link="">Donate</link></color>
  11. <size=15><b><u><color=#4d0099>★</color> Donators</u></b></size>
  13. <color="red">All donations go towards hosting the servers, those who donate will have names mentioned above and a role on Discord.
  14. Donators over $5 will spawn with a torch as Class D or Scientist and have a colored name / tag.</color>
  16. <size=15><b><u>Rules</u></b></size>
  18. <color="red">[1]</color> <color="orange">Do not cheat or use any exploits, doing so will result in a ban on all servers.</color>
  19. <color="red">[2]</color> <color="orange">Do not 'ghost' other players, this means giving our details or players that are alive or on another team.</color>
  20. <color="red">[3]</color> <color="orange">Do not spam the mic or be overly toxic in general, we can have a joke but do not tolerate abuse.</color>
  21. <color="red">[4]</color> <color="orange">Do not prolong the round, if you intentionally keep the round going you will be kicked followed by a ban.</color>
  22. <color="red">[5]</color> <color="orange">Do not exploit the nuke, we have a timer in place so it can only be activated every 50 seconds.</color>
  23. <color="red">[6]</color> <color="orange">Play your role, by this I mean NTF should not be assisting the SCP's.</color>
  24. <color="red">[7]</color> <color="orange">Restraining Class-D as NTF or Scientists as CI is not required, they may kill on sight.</color>
  25. <color="red">[8]</color> <color="orange">Screaming in the warm up or end of the round will result in a ban, it's annoying.</color>
  27. <size=15><b><u>Recent Updates</u></b></size>
  29. <b><color="red">Moved to Discord - <link=""></link></color><color="orange"></b>
  30. The changelog has moved to the Discord, we are frequently adding, updating and changing things and don't update the info page very often.
  31. </color>
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