A Scarlet Tale (Dragonbutt)

Mar 31st, 2014
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  1. A Scarlet Tale (AKA Dragonbutt, like Dragonheart but sexier, get it?)
  3. Synposis: heroic knight finally finds the stolen princess at the end of a long quest, and finds himself bedding something quite different from what he was expecting.
  5. “Oh no, no no no, not this again,” the noble knight-errant, Von Bracht, growled when he saw his goal. Yes, he was talking to himself, a habit he had long grown used to during his long journeys. “I’ve come too far, killed too many things, put up with too many trials of bravery and strength and wisdom and piety, and sacrificed too many potential nights with barmaids for this!”
  7. The knight was, of course, speaking of the harpy chained to the rock face of the mountain in the distance. Technically she was a human, a princess named Ferrinnas to be specific, possessed of beautiful, long, golden hair that gently flowed in the breeze. She held a handsome face, dazzling azure eyes, and a wondrous bosom, the last of which was tightly bound by her dress, though even the iron vice of her corset could not manage to fully repress their size. If an observer was cheeky, they might ask how or why her immaculate visage was not marred by the many days she had spent with no protection from the elements; the answer, of course, would be that she wore a magical ring that granted such protection, and for that smarty-pants observer to sod off because it’s magic and there is therefore no obligation by the narrator to explain it.
  9. Why was she a harpy, one might ask? Simply, she talked too much. In fact, she was talking right at that very moment, to the beast before her. She expressed her disdain and discomfort with her current situation in far too many words than was necessary; this was, perhaps, in part, due to her aristocratic upbringing, though it is the opinion of this storyteller that it was rather due to the fact that none dared silence the comely daughter of the King, lest they incur her shrieking banshee wrath.
  11. Indeed, such was her fearsome legend around the noblemen of the realm that none had summoned the courage to court her, in spite of her shimmering beauty and royal position! Unlike her, her brothers and sisters had all found their one true loves, and were currently in the process of living happily ever after. The beautiful princess Ferrinnas could not understand why she was so avidly avoided by all the men she came near, even the peasants, and in her desperation to seek out true love, she lost her temper even more often!
  13. The tragic figure, physically bound by the rusted chains, tired of her imprisonment, and faced with her captor, could only resort to her most trusted recourse: her sharp tongue. The crimson beast with sparkling scales that crouched before her seemed confused and upset by the stern words that were hurled at her by the princess. Any man who saw the creature would near instantly deem it a monster: long, curved horns stretched from the back of its skull; its glowing, yellow eyes which bore catlike slits rather than rounded pupils; its hide bedecked with coarse, hard, red scales; the underside a soft, smooth, pale yellow skin like that of a lizard; the wide tail that jutted out from just above its rear, long as the creature was tall; the small, jagged, red spikes that ran from the back of its head down its spine to a fair distance along its tail; the animalistic, long feet tipped with deadly claws; the fearful row of carnivorous teeth behind its maw; all of these aspects were inhuman and understandably frightening.
  15. Yet, the monster known as dragon, scarcely larger than the average woman, did not behave as a slayer of men and destroyer of nations. It simply remained crouched in front of the haughty and obnoxious princess, head cocked, bathing in the sun’s rays for warmth. The dragon was blissfully unaware of the glorious hero that had only just conquered the cliff of the mountain not a stone’s throw behind it.
  17. “Curse this quest!” Von Bracht snarled under his breath. “Damn the King! He told me that a valued noblewoman had been taken, not Princess Ferrinnas! This dishonesty is an insult to my honor!” The knight, veteran of over a hundred quests, at least a dozen wars, and of countless scores of maidens’ beds, was surely a match for any creature of evil that dared to face him. Indeed, he remained unconcerned with the dragon before him, though he was admittedly a little disappointed by its size, as it would not pose even the slightest challenge to his prowess.
  19. Von Bracht examined the creature more closely while he had the initiative. He noticed that the fearsome dragon which had kidnapped the princess had a distractingly round and plush rump, no armored scales upon it, only tender flesh, and wide, child-bearing hips on top of it. He wondered if it was actually a female, though with its tail in the way, he could not tell. Unbeknownst to the man, the dragon’s nostils flared as it smelled the scent of a man nearby. As if responding to his gaze, the dragon’s tail slowly lifted up in the air, curling over into a semi circle above the beast. What lay underneath was even more tantalizing: a small, pink hole that was its anus, and below that, upon its crotch, a fat, round mons crested with a small slit, which could only be a vulva.
  21. The knight, hormones raging due to his vow of celibacy which he took for every quest as a means of motivation, felt a strange sense of arousal at the sight. He shook his head to clear it, though it was only partly successful. Woman or not, he could not engage in sexual relations with a monster that he was destined to slay. With a soft ringing of metal against metal, he withdrew his enchanted blade from its steel scabbard, his magical and gilded armor clinking very softly with the motion.
  23. The noise was just enough to attract the creature’s notice, and it idly turned its lizard-like head to see the source of it slowly approaching it. Seeing the drawn blade, it emitted a queer noise, similar to a hiccup, and stood up and backed away from the knight. “What, is the fearsome dragon afraid of my steel?” Von Bracht laughed incredulously. He was woefully unimpressed now.
  25. “Sir Von Bracht! My hero! Oh, thank goodness, you’ve come to save me!” Princess Ferrinnas babbled, excited at the prospect of freedom at last. The knight twitched at the high-pitched squeaking assaulting his ears, and his shoulders slumped, the will to fight draining rapidly from his person.
  27. “Yes, yes, I’ve come to deliver you from the clutches of evil, madam Princess. Now please, if you don’t mind, I must slay this monster before I can break those shackles that bind you to this evil mountain,” Von Bracht said, summoning his conviction and brandishing his sword.
  29. “Oh, yes please, do,” the princess said. “The vile thing has been feeding me overcooked birds for days now! And hasn’t spoken a word! Or done a single thing to entertain me!”
  31. “How terrible, Princess,” Von Bracht muttered, resolve quickly shattering under the relentless hammer of words.
  33. “Yes, terrible! And after you rescue me, I rather hope that you will take your time bringing me home,” the princess said, wriggling her eyebrows suggestively and swinging her chest side to side seductively. “And we will undoubtedly need to share a bed on the cold nights in the wilderness…”
  35. The knight considered pointing out that the princess was quite literally immune to the cold thanks to her magic ring, but dispelled such thoughts. Indeed, had he brought the subject to the fore, it would have only provoked the endless fury of the princess. Rather, he silently approached the monster, seeking to end the battle as soon as he could for his own sake. He could apply a sleeping draught to the princess disguised as wine and carry her home with minimal risk to his own person.
  37. However, rather than the dragon charging him in a desperate effort to escape, as he expected, the dragon merely let out another hiccup noise and sat down submissively, expressionless face impossible to read. The knight reached up to adjust his helmet, unsure he was seeing things correctly. No amount of shifting the visor changed the picture he was getting, though. In fact, giving the dragon a closer look had some consequences that he never expected.
  39. He could not help but notice the soft curves of its yellow underbelly. While it possessed no breasts, its entire underside looked delectably soft and smooth. Glancing downwards reflexively, he saw that the dragon’s love mound was actually engorging before his very eyes, the lips spreading open to reveal the soft pink flesh beneath them, with a tiny drop of lubricant sliding down the yellow hide from the bottom of the slit. There was a noticeable clank of his armor as his other sword was drawn.
  41. “Sir knight? Why have you not slain the monster yet? I am weary of these bonds and wish to thank you for my rescue properly!” Princess Ferrinnas groaned.
  43. “Princess, I would respectfully ask you to remain silent,” Von Bracht grunted, struggling with his vow and personal pride against his overwhelmingly repressed sexual desires. Normally, he would just celebrate the end of the quest with whatever damsel he rescued, but like hell if he was going to do such a thing with this princess. However, he could most definitely do it with this dragon. It certainly did not seem opposed to the notion.
  45. “Excuse me? I’ll have you know that I am Princess Ferrinnas, daughter of the King of Rhaynelund! How dare you tell me to silence myself?! You should be ashamed of yourself! And you call yourself a knight! A man of honor?! Hah! You’re just like every other man in this miserable kingdom!” the blonde beauty roared. Von Bracht sighed. He was not in the mood for this. An idea came to mind.
  47. “Princess, I have some business to settle with this monster. I trust you’ll be fine if you remain bound for a bit longer?”
  49. “What?! No! Free me this instant or I will have your head for this insolence!” the harpy screeched.
  51. “Don’t worry, I’ll come back when you’ve settled down,” Von Bracht chuckled, reaching down to wrap his arm around the docile dragon’s thighs and then swing it up onto his shoulder, a demonstration of his incredible strength. He whistled a merry tune as he walked away across the plateau, headed for the nearby cave he had already spotted on his ascent up the mountain, which he knew would do just fine for his purposes. All the while, the dragon watched the man silently, not resisting in the least.
  53. “Wait! Come back! You dog! Fiend! Coward! My father will have you hunted down for this! My father is the King! Come back! Come baaack!” the princess shrieked, desperation only increasing as the knight grew further and further distant.
  55. Alas, the story takes a turn for the erotic at this point. The listener who is interested in such frivolities would do well to perk up their ear from here on out.
  57. The knight roughly deposited the dragon on the rocky ground of the cave, sheathing his sword and pulling off his helmet in preparation for what was about to come. The dragon, meanwhile, wasting no time, climbed onto its hands and knees, presenting its massive ass to the hero, glancing back to continue watching him expectantly. Von Bracht couldn’t help but run a hand through his long brown locks of hair and laugh at the situation he found himself in. He proceeded to remove the rest of his armor and his pants, keeping his tunic and boots on to help with the cold of the high altitude. It would be apt to simply say that there was a reason that Von Bracht was so popular amongst the maidens of the land, and it was not merely that he was handsome, or rich, or powerful. That reason sprang proudly to full size, and the crimson dragon let out what sounded like a nervous whimper at the sight of it.
  59. Finally prepared, the knight reached out and seized hold of the monumental rump before him. It was unbelievably soft, the smooth flesh burgeoning around his fingers as he squeezed. It felt like warm clouds in his hands, a heavenly feature he had never seen before in all of the women he had bedded – and he had bedded more than his fair share of them. He began to gently knead her huge buttocks, fascinated with them, prompting a low purring noise from the creature. Its deep red tail sensuously swayed side to side, and the man’s urges quickly overwhelmed his desire to take his time and enjoy the curves of the creature.
  61. Taking a deep breath, Von Bracht positioned himself for entry, rubbing his manhood against the soft outer lips of the crimson creature’s honey pot. The stimulation caused the creature to push back against him, as if trying to force him inside of her. Not one to keep a lady waiting, the hero pushed himself in slowly until his full girth was buried inside the dragon’s warm, moist, silky walls. They squeezed and rippled around him in ways human vaginas never could, and he let out a breathless grunt as he felt his dick massaged in dozens of different places, especially the sensitive tip. “Gods, so tight!” he muttered under his breath.
  63. The dragon’s tail wagged excitedly, and she squirmed around him, clearly trying to acclimate to his size. The knight took a deep breath, letting the reptilian creature calm down before slowly pulling his hips back and swinging them back against the dragon’s ass. The dragon let out a weak animalistic groan, clearly that of pleasure. Von Bracht was yet again amazed by his partner – her ass was so big and soft that when he thrust into her, it jiggled against his lower abdomen, the sensation of the warm flesh indescribably incredible against his skin.
  65. It felt so great that our hero lost what little restraint he had left, and, grunting with arousal, he began powerfully humping the dragon, proudly taking her from behind. The wet smacking of his sweaty body against her lovely thighs and ass echoed through the cave, and the dragon shook with the force of every thrust, mouth hanging open in joy. The knight could feel his body heating up from both the exertion and the sensations all over his rod, and his balls felt funny. He had gone a whole month without sex, and now he could feel them tingling as they prepared their dense load.
  67. The dragon eagerly bucked against him to meet his movements and rhythm, her forked tongue hanging out between her sharp teeth and dripping saliva on the smooth stone of the ground. Her magical insides were caressing his length like they were trying to milk every last drop of semen out of him. The knight’s prowess was great, but his inexperience with such an inhuman, incredible sex, combined with his long celibacy, was bringing him to the brink far sooner than he had hoped. Afraid of disappointing his new partner, he had to do something – and the tail swinging around in front of him gave him an idea.
  69. Grunting, Von Bracht grabbed the tail with both hands, using the long appendage as leverage for his continuing assault on the creature’s rear. The difference in angle allowed for just a few more centimeters of depth to be filled with his rock hard meat, and his efforts were successful. The dragon let out a yelp and shivered against him, pleasure starting to overwhelm it as well. He had found its G-spot, deep inside its chamber, where only men amongst men could claim it. And he did.
  71. His burning, swollen, electrified cock throbbed inside the beast with his heartbeats, only the last vestiges of his willpower keeping him from exploding inside her already. The beast’s eyes were closed, giving everything it could to swing its hips back into those of her lover’s, thin tendrils of flame erupting from its mouth as it exhaled haggardly. The rhythm accelerated; the pace picked up, and soon the knight was thrusting as quickly as he could, gritting his teeth and squeezing everything he had left to not bust his nut early.
  73. The walls of the flower that he plundered suddenly clamped down upon his sword, and the dragon released a great howl that was unmistakably that of ecstasy, a jet of flame blasting the wall before the duo and blackening it. Moments later, panting and groaning, Von Bracht slammed himself in to the hilt of the creature’s spasming insides, balls tightening. He unleashed his seed within the beast, countless spurts of white painting its pink walls over.
  75. And then, both he and the beast were spent, and Von Bracht fell back, strength leaving his frame from the intensity of the intercourse. The dragon slowly opened her eyes, looking at the man who had ravaged her, and she prowled around and curled up beside him, wrapping her tail around his waist to help keep him warm. It took several seconds for him to gather his senses and catch his breath, and then he turned his head to see the dragon. He reached out and caressed its face passionately. A question came to mind, a question that had nagged the knight ever since he saw the monster for the first time.
  77. “Dear dragon, how on Earth did you kidnap the princess?” he asked between pants.
  79. “Simple, dear human. I am a powerful magician, just as all of my kind are,” she replied. The hero’s eyes widened.
  81. “You can speak?!”
  83. “Of course I can, human.”
  85. “Why did you not tell me?!”
  87. “You never asked,” the reptilian woman answered, resting a warm hand on his hairy, broad chest.
  89. “But we made love!”
  91. “I did not find words necessary for that, did you?” the dragon asked, purring against him, the warm vibrations soothing his soul.
  93. “No, but… most women prefer to speak with men before they are bedded by them!”
  95. “I am not most women, in case you failed to notice that. Why do you think I kidnapped such an obnoxiously loud girl in the first place?”
  97. “You were hunting for a man by kidnapping the princess?” Von Bracht asked, the pieces fitting together in his mind.
  99. “Indeed. You were the first man to arrive here, which means you conquered a perilous journey that few else could. And you also accepted my invitation. I believe that means you are qualified to take me. And judging by your performance, you had the passion that I was looking for as well. You will make a most suitable husband.”
  101. “Husband?!”
  103. “Indeed. We have performed the ancient rite of wedding of my people, and now we are bound to each other, in heart, in soul, and in fate,” the dragon said, lips curling into a smile for the first time, revealing her sharp teeth. The knight paled at the sight, and upon hearing her words.
  105. “But I’m still so young! I still have so many years, and so many quests, and so many maidens left to… you know!”
  107. “Dragons do not much care what their partners choose to do with their life, as long as they are happy. I, myself, rather enjoy the thrill of travel and danger. I would gladly accompany you on your adventures.”
  109. “You would do that?”
  111. “Of course, my dear human.”
  113. “Dragon… what is your name?”
  115. “In your tongue, I would be called Scarlet.”
  117. And so the knight found a potential new companion, one with which he could share both risk and passion.
  119. ~~~~~~
  121. Part Two
  123. Von Bracht woke up to the sensation of something crawling on top of him. He opened his eyes groggily, finding none other than Scarlet hovering over him on her hands and knees. She had a draconic grin on her face, her yellow catlike eyes narrowing as if upon prey. “Good morning, human. Are you ready to perform your duties as my husband?”
  125. The knight turned his head to see the harsh beams of dawn sunlight shining into the cave, causing him to squint. He turned back to see his new wife. “Hold on, nature calls…” he muttered, slightly embarrassed. “I usually wake up before my, er, partner does…”
  127. “Unfortunate for you that dragons always wake up when the dawn comes,” the shining red dragon said. “Very well. Go and relieve yourself,” she said, rolling off of the bulky man.
  129. “Yeah, thanks,” he muttered as he got up and trudged out of the cave to do his business. Standing on the edge of the plateau, he quietly whizzed right off of it. He glanced to his left, and his eyes widened. Shaking quickly, he sprinted back to the cave. “Dragon! Where did the princess go?!” he asked frantically.
  131. “The princess? Surely she is still bound to the mountain?” Scarlet asked.
  133. “She’s not there! She’s vanished!”
  135. “Oh dear,” Scarlet said, crouching down on the ground in a feline manner, her tail wrapping around her waist defensively.
  137. “Dragon, we need to find her! What if she’s fallen off the mountain and lay in a crumpled heap of flesh and shattered bone at the bottom?!”
  139. “Oh, calm down. She could never have broken free of those chains on her own. My alarm spells would have tripped even if she had somehow broken them. Someone must have arrived and freed her in the night, and disabled my spells.”
  141. “But who? Or what?! What if she was eaten by a monster?!”
  143. “There are few monsters in this region, that is why I chose this mountain as my nesting ground. It’s possible that she was kidnapped by some of them, I suppose.”
  145. “Few?! I fought through two orc tribes, an Illithid stronghold, and some dire vampire trees! I saw a herd of chimeras on the horizon, too!”
  147. “You obviously haven’t been further north than this, then,” Scarlet sighed. “This is nothing compared to my homeland.”
  149. “The Dragon Heartland?”
  151. “That is what humans call it, yes. While my kind and your kind have had rather poor relations for millennia now, it is hard to argue with the stabilizing influence that humans have on a region in terms of culling monster populations and making it safe for civilized creatures to exist there. Dragonkind could learn much from humans, or at least, that’s what I believe.”
  153. “But dragons are so much stronger than humans are. You have magic, and breathe fire, and shapeshift! How could you fail to keep monster populations under control in your own country?”
  155. “Simple. We are uncoordinated. We are beings of magic, wild creatures, who prefer to be unrestrained by the rules of society. We live by the heart, not the mind. So it is quite difficult to gather and unite us towards a common purpose, even if it is in our best interests,” the dragongirl explained, walking to the wall to feel the cold stone under her hand, tail swishing side to side over her enormous tush. Von Bracht stared unabashedly at her ass, momentarily distracted from the conversation. “Are you paying attention? Or is your mind focused on other parts of my body than my mouth?” she asked, twisting her torso to look at him, though her tone of voice contained no sign of annoyance.
  157. Indeed, with the grin of a devil, the monster’s tail slowly raised up into the air, revealing her rump in all of its perfectly rounded glory. She then bent over, putting her hands on her knees and moving her hips side to side in slow, seductive movements. Her pussy mound was in plain sight, the lips parting with her arousal. “I see my husband is quite fond of my ass. Would you like to pick up where we left off, last night?”
  159. A bead of sweat rolled down the hero’s face. “Uh, we should really go searching for the princess…”
  161. “I wouldn’t worry so much. While she was potentially kidnapped, I can show you to where all the monster nests are in the area. Otherwise, a sorcerer hero must have come to rescue her. Regardless, we’ll find her without any issue. But right now, I think your sword thirsts for another taste of my flesh,” she said, glancing back at the growing bulge in his pants.
  163. “Yes, my sword is very thirsty, but I think your sheath is rather eager to be filled,” Von Bracht said, actually quite relieved to hear that. Even in the worst case scenario, if she had been kidnapped, they would find her without wasting time searching blindly around the mountain. Which meant there was at least enough time for… “If both of us are like this, it will undoubtedly be impossible to focus on the search. Allow me to remedy both of our conditions!” he said, walking up to her and dropping his trousers.
  165. “Gladly, sir knight,” Scarlet said, placing both of her hands on the rock wall and sticking her rear out as far and high as she could, causing the silky flesh to jiggle ever-so-slightly. The hero grinned at the sight, his tower of power achieving full size thanks to the alluring view. The dragon’s flower was already soaked and ready. With one deep breath, he grabbed her by the hips and pushed himself all the way in with one smooth stroke, the wet splurch of his forceful entry echoing through the cave. The beast purred as her chamber began its relentless dance and massage over the man’s blade, squeezing, caressing, rubbing, and pumping, generating lewd, sopping sounds constantly.
  167. No longer lacking in stamina due to his prior celibacy, and now possessing a measure of experience with the dragon’s unique traits in the sack, Von Bracht was ready to really show his former mortal enemy what he was made of. He swung his hips against hers, her ass pressing up against him, just as lovely and soft as before. The hero enthusiastically began to hump the dragon from behind, grunting with every thrust due to how phenomenal she felt around him. Scarlet, meanwhile, huffed and puffed as she bounced forward rhythmically, eyes half-lidded from the pleasure of being absolutely railed by the hero’s mighty strength and proud shaft.
  169. Her tail, however, had a mind of its own, and it slowly curled around the waist of the man pounding her, warm and tight against his skin. Grunting appreciatively, he redoubled the power behind his thrusts, already sweating from both the exertion and the sensation. The sex continued like this for several minutes, just building up excitement and arousal for both of them. Soon, the dragon was twitching and shuddering in rhythm with the humps, knees shaking and turning inward weakly. It was clear that she was struggling to keep from bursting before her lover did, but she had no chance of keeping up with him anymore. While her instincts were powerful and seductive, Von Bracht could easily see that she had very little sexual experience, if at all. She had no staying power – and that was something that had to be learned.
  171. Despite her inexperience, Scarlet, to her credit, managed to hold on for another whole three minutes before her panting reached a crescendo, and, jamming her ass back against the knight, she let out an elongated, husky moan, tongues of flame licking her dark red lips. The muscles of her passage rippled and squeezed her lover’s cock with immodest desire, and the hero groaned as the pleasure mounted. However, his practiced self-control allowed him to resist the milking for the dozen or so seconds that it lasted for, until the beast’s limbs grew limp and it hung its head, tongue hanging out as she drooled.
  173. “You alright, love?” the man asked. The dragon’s head perked up and she glanced back at her lover with an expression of surprise.
  175. “You-you didn’t finish?” she asked in return, astonished.
  177. “Well, no. But I have certainly been enjoying myself!”
  179. “I do not understand, that was twice as long as last night. Am I doing something wrong?”
  181. “Of course not. You’re doing fine. You’re just a little quick, if you know what I mean.”
  183. “It is not my fault! You are so big that I feel weak just having you inside me. And you do me so hard, how am I supposed to handle that?”
  185. “It’s just something you learn with practice. Don’t worry so much about it.”
  187. “I-I am plenty practiced! I am a deadly, sexy dragon! I can have my way with anyone I want!”
  189. “Last night was your first time, wasn’t it?”
  191. “N-no!”
  193. “That’s cute.”
  195. “It is not true!”
  197. “Sure, sure. So I’m not your first husband, then?”
  199. “No! You are! It is just that I have, err… experienced the pleasures of fulfillment before.”
  201. “You masturbate?”
  203. The red dragon lowered her head in embarrassment. “Yes, I do.” The hero’s sword twitched inside of her. Her hips shook a little from the sensation.
  205. “How do you do it?”
  207. “That is not for you to know!”
  209. “Come now, if we’re bound by soul and fate together, I wouldst that you bare even your darkest secrets to me.”
  211. “I… I rub against trees and rocks.”
  213. “How very animalistic.”
  215. “I am a creature of nature! I feel most at home in it. Sometimes I relax so much that I, err, find myself seeking release. It is the instincts of all Dragonkind, and such an active part of my nature that I have to indulge somehow. And I prefer the touch of nature to that of my own. I am sorry that I am so wild and different from… your human maidens.”
  217. “You seem pretty normal to me. Honestly, I’ve met plenty of human girls who are far more lewd than you. How am I to judge a dragon for its particular sexual urges and favorite method for sating them?” Von Bracht said, thrusting into her tender hole again, her huge, pillowy rear jiggling against him.
  219. “Ah! Do not do that! I am unbearably sensitive right now!”
  221. “Sorry, all this talk is making me rather hard. Are you ready to go again yet?”
  223. “A-again? I have not recovered yet! I will gladly indulge you in a few minu-ungh!” she groaned, interrupted by another thrust against her ass. “Hey! I said sto-auh!” He did it again. “Please let me re-hnngh!” Again. “You are doing that on purpose!”
  225. “Of course I am. It feels good, doesn’t it?”
  227. “It feels so good that it hurts!”
  229. “You seem to be quite a bit more sensitive than human maidens after you achieve fulfillment. Though, unless I do this with a few more dragon women, I will not know if it is so much your race as just a quirk of your particular self,” Von Bracht mused to himself, stroking his chin.
  231. “I… wouldst rather you keep your sword away from the sheathes of my kin. We are solitary creatures, creatures of passion, notorious for failing to get along even with our mates due to our burning hearts and souls. If you were to form a union with another one, we would likely fight to the bitter end over you,” Scarlet explained.
  233. “Is that why you wanted a human, not a dragon, for your husband?” the hero asked.
  235. “That is… part of it.”
  237. “And the other part?”
  239. “I… am fond of humans.”
  241. “That sounds deviant. I should hope you are not scorned by your own people!”
  243. “It is and it is not. Dragons are shapeshifters. We do freely copulate with whatever we wish to, but wedding one from another race is taboo.”
  245. “Wait, so how do you have sex without being married by your customs?” The red dragon fell silent, her warm inner walls slowly caressing the knight’s dick. Her tail tightened around his waist as if she was nervous.
  247. “The rite only applies to those who plunder the… flower of the woman. My-my more promiscuous kin use… a different orifice,” the crimson scaled beast sighed. The thought of what she implied, however, only served to heighten the arousal of the man behind her.
  249. “Sodomy? Interesting,” Von Bracht smiled.
  251. “I do not much like the way your blade is pulsing with lust, nor the look on your face, husband,” the dragon muttered, glancing back nervously.
  253. “Whatever do you mean, my dear?” he grinned even wider.
  255. “If you are thinking of performing that act upon me, I must protest! In my current state, I would surely be driven out of my mind by such a thing!” The knight did not immediately reply. A soft silence settled into the cave, and only the slow dripping of the dragon’s love juices upon the stone floor interrupted it. “My love? I must plead that you restrain yourself,” Scarlet repeated.
  257. “And what do I get for holding back?” the knight asked.
  259. “My gratitude and my trust, fair knight!”
  261. “Very well, then. For your gratitude and your trust, I will restrain myself,” the burly man said.
  263. “Oh, thank heavens!” Scarlet released a sigh of relief, a flickering flame and a bit of smoke flowing out past her teeth.
  265. “Yes, I will not take your anus.” A few moments passed. The dragon’s eyes flicked upward thoughtfully, reconsidering his statement.
  267. “Wait, what about my-“
  269. And then he seized the red monster by her thighs, suddenly lifting her up into the air, her calves dangling helplessly as she was pulled upright and held up almost effortlessly by the powerful warrior. Her coarse back was against his chest, the spikes pressed against his skin dangerously. He held her at eye-level, so that when she twisted her neck to look at him in shock, he could plant his lips against hers. So he did.
  271. Scarlet was first surprised, then absolutely lovestruck by the gesture. If she could have blushed, she would certainly have gone even redder than she already was. Instead, her tail and her love mound squeezed the man lovingly. Her lips were surprisingly soft for those of a creature like a dragon, but they were still not designed to function in the same way as the lips of a primate; and so they could not move in the way required for her to return the kiss. As it was, all he was doing was kissing soft scales, though it was at least quite warm from her natural heat.
  273. However, the naive dragon was a big fan of kisses, and had fantasized about this exact scenario quite often, despite the fact that she could not return them. She foolishly opened her maw in a feeble, awkward attempt to replicate the kissing that a maiden might give, and accidentally let out a puff of thick smoke directly into his mouth as he was inhaling. The knight sputtered and coughed, turning his face away for the dragon’s sake, nearly hacking up a lung for half a minute before finally recovering, though he still had to clear his throat and give weak coughs for a while before he would feel fully better.
  275. “My goodness! Sir knight! I am so sorry!” Scarlet gasped, horrified at her error.
  277. “No, it’s okay, I should have warned you before I did that, it’s my fault,” the hero mumbled in between coughing fits.
  279. “Nonsense! I am the one at fault, I should know better than to lose control of my breathing in such an intimate situation!” she insisted.
  281. “Well, at least you didn’t melt my face off with fire,” Von Bracht pointed out. “I feel you deserve some amount of praise for that.”
  283. “I deserve nothing but scorn! If my kin were here, they would laugh at me for years…”
  285. “They aren’t here, are they?”
  287. “No…”
  289. “Then there’s nothing to worry about, Madam Smokekisser.” Scarlet closed her eyes in a reptilian wince. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Anyways, let’s get back to business.”
  291. “Business?”
  293. “I didn’t bring you up here like this just to kiss you, y’know. My fair maiden, this is one of my favorite positions!”
  295. “W-wait, you mean-ah!” the dragon moaned as the man lifted and lowered her with his brute strength, swinging his hips forward to jam his manhood in as deep as he could in sync with the drop. There was a raunchy loud splash, and the dragon gasped. Von Bracht repeated the motion, and the beast was overcome by the heightened sensations, twitching and shuddering against him. She could present no more resistance than a twig could stop a rolling boulder. She was like putty in his hands.
  297. “P-please, stop!” she groaned. He smiled and began fucking her a tempo, pounding her raw dragonpussy and sending shivers up her spine from the mind-blowing pleasure. The new angle was fantastic to her, though she had no time to contemplate why or how, because his girth was rubbing her in all the right places. She panted, unable to focus on anything other than the feeling of her considerable rump pressing against his powerful body and the way her own cunt was betraying her by passionately squeezing and rippling over him. Her tail, still wrapped around his torso, twitched and alternated between loosening on the upswings, when less of her depths were invaded by him; to tightening hard against his muscles on the downswings, when he was the deepest inside of her.
  299. This time, the raunchy sex was much shorter. While the knight could easily hold out longer, and despite his callous insistence on continuing, he was not cruel, and intended to let his natural reflexes take over when they came. Grunting, sweating profusely, he felt the way her insides lovingly wrapped around him, he heard the wet slurps they produced, he could feel the trickle of her lubricating fluids down his balls – and with all the build-up of the prior bout of copulation, he could feel that he was ready. Without warning, the hero swung her down as far as she could go, pressing her lithe form up against the stone wall so that he could get the right angle for his final thrust. His balls twitched, and suddenly he was releasing his thick load inside of her, giving her exactly what she wanted with all the passion and power he could muster. What he was not expecting was for the blood red dragon to let out a keening cry and a great gout of flame and smoke in a second orgasm.
  301. The display of monstrous power from his lover was strangely intoxicating for Von Bracht, because he was the one who pushed her so hard. If he had not just ejaculated, he would have been instantly hard again. Unfortunately, despite his unstoppable strength at arms, and all his experience in the sack, he still had yet to find a way to overcome one of the most fundamental biological aspects of men: the refractory period. So, with his sexual energy spent for the time being, the warrior lowered his lover to the ground with tender care, shivering at the touch of the cold stone on his skin.
  303. Scarlet was a mess. She was shaking and shivering from the unimaginable bliss flowing through her body, panting uncontrollably, her bright yellow eyes aimed upward due to nearly passing out thanks to the intensity of her second orgasm. The ground was a nice comfort to her, and she naturally curled up to rest upon it. The knight laid down beside her, enjoying the heat his wife produced as his main protection from the cold of the stone floor. When he glanced at his hairy chest, however, he winced, seeing the wound he had given himself in his enthusiasm. Those spikes on her back were not very friendly towards that particular sexual position. Blood seeped through his torn and ruined shirt, two dozen patches of skin scraped raw running from his collar to his navel.
  305. “I suppose I was a bit overzealous, there,” he admitted, gingerly touching one of the bleeding lacerations with two of his fingers. It hurt, as to be expected. Scarlet craned her neck around to see what he was talking about, planning to make a quip about him utterly overwhelming her when she saw what he was actually talking about.
  307. The dragon let out a worried whine, maternal instincts immediately kicking in. She flipped over to face him and reached out to touch his chest, causing him to hiss in pain. She flinched, her clawed fingers retracting out of concern, looking up at his face. She looked at the wounds again and gave a muffled hiccup noise, like the ones Von Bracht recalled her making when she first saw him advancing on her with his sword at the ready. He had to admit, while the injuries were rather painful, her loving concern was touching.
  309. “Don’t worry so much, it’s just some scraped skin, nothing too dangerous,” he said.
  311. “But I did this to you!”
  313. “No, I did this to myself when I decided to try that position out. Not your fault.”
  315. “I’m a shapeshifter! I can change my features at a whim! I should have shifted to remove the spikes!”
  317. “While that would have been nice, you were a bit preoccupied with me at the time,” he pointed out.
  319. “I should have known better!”
  321. “No, I should have been a bit more careful. Don’t beat yourself up over this, my love,” he said, reaching out to gently caress the soft scales of her face with his hand. He was surprised to see a tear running down from her eye, which touched his finger and stuck to it, forming a small orb of salty water on his skin. “Hey! This isn’t that big of a deal! Don’t cry!” he said, trying to console the distraught creature.
  323. “I hurt my soulmate…”
  325. “I hurt me!”
  327. “Please, allow me to try to make up for it. I’ll lick your wounds,” Scarlet said mournfully.
  329. “I’m trying to tell you, it’s not your fault!”
  331. “Just let me do this! It’s the only thing I can do…” The knight looked into her teary eyes and sighed. How could he say no to that face?
  333. “Okay, okay, you can lick my wounds. It’s safe, right?”
  335. “Our saliva has healing properties similar to a strong salve. It cannot cure major wounds or diseases, but it will relieve the pain, staunch bleeding, clean the wound, greatly reduce the risk of gangrene, and accelerate the natural healing process several times over,” the beast explained, lowering her snout to his chest and sticking her tongue out and flicking it over one of his scrapes experimentally. While it hurt at the touch, the pain was quickly dulled and then vanished.
  337. “Wow! It works!”
  339. “Of course it does,” the dragon said, letting out a proud huff before remembering that she blamed herself for injuring her husband and returning to her sour attitude. She began to tenderly lick each and every one of his cuts and scrapes, lapping at the blood and drinking it as she went.
  341. “Why are you drinking my blood? You could spit it out…”
  343. “To memorize your taste. This is also a sacred rite for my people, which deepens the bonds of love and life,” Scarlet explained, licking the last few injuries. The pain was almost all gone by now, and the knight was able to relax. Overjoyed at her success, the dragon clambered over her lover and laid upon him to keep him warm, her soft, warm underbelly magnificent against his sore chest. Von Bracht loved the sensation, but could not ignore what the dragon was saying.
  345. “Kind of rushing things, don’t you think? I mean, just because I got a little scraped up doesn’t mean you need to further devote yourself to me than you already have,” the knight said, uncertain about getting into a deeper bond than marriage.
  347. “No. If anything, I have only confirmed that I love you through this,” she said, shaking her head.
  349. “That’s kind of a big declaration to make when you’ve hardly known someone for a night and a morning.”
  351. “Dragons are creatures of the heart. I knew that I loved you the moment I first found your scent. Everything since then has only solidified that passion.”
  353. “That is touching, but…”
  355. “But?”
  357. “I… I don’t know if I’m ready to make that kind of commitment,” Von Bracht admitted, a little ashamed of himself for taking advantage of the dragon so much already.
  359. “You mentioned this before. You still wish to adventure, yes? I can come with you!”
  361. “I’m certain that you would make a fine ally for adventures, but I do not know if I can give you my heart so soon. I hardly know you!”
  363. “You know my body, do you not?”
  365. “It is generally frowned upon in human society to marry someone for their body. It is more often for true love, not lust.”
  367. “True love?”
  369. “It is a difficult concept for nonhumans to understand, I’m sure. Basically, it is the purest form of love, where two people meet and immediately know that they belong together and then marry and live happily ever after. Most of the princesses of the realm have found it already! Except the one you kidnapped. She’ll never find true love because she’s a shrew.”
  371. “I knew that we belonged together from the start. Is this not true love? Sure, we have gone straight to a more visceral relationship, but your body was in great need of it,” Scarlet said, reaching down to touch and fondle his sack appreciatively.
  373. “Hey! You’re the one who spread your legs at the first man who climbed the mountain!” the knight pointed out.
  375. “Indeed. You, on the other hand, were surprisingly quick to set your sword aside, especially when facing a dreaded creature that is known for its ferocity and danger,” Scarlet replied with a smug grin. He had to take a second to think about it, then realized she had him cornered there. He hastily diverted the flow of conversation to preserve his dignity – or at least, what little he had left after banging a monster.
  377. “Yeah, well, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m not exactly enamored with you,” Von Bracht sighed. “Though I really can’t get enough of your fine arse,” he said, reaching around her lithe form and giving her round tush a hefty squeeze.
  379. “Yet. Not enamored with me, yet,” the dragon said, correcting him. “Don’t worry, dear human. I understand your reluctance to give your heart to someone of a different race that you barely know. We have plenty of time to rectify that issue while we hunt down the princess and bring her back to her father, right?” she began to purr, the pleasant vibrations flowing through his chest. He could feel her gentle heartbeat on his skin, slowly pulsing her blood through her body as she settled in on top of him. It was all so comfortable that the knight found himself slowly drifting asleep, a strange sort of content joy in his heart.
  381. The dragon, too, was dozing off, the wonderful body heat of her lover, and his strong, healthy heartbeats lulling her into the serene embrace of sleep. With the last seconds before she passed out, she peered at her hero’s face through one narrow eye. There was nothing for Scarlet to fear anymore. She was no longer alone. Her turbulent emotions were stilled by the tender wave of love that ran through her entire being. And then, she slept, cool breath running over the knight’s neck as she nuzzled against him, and was still.
  383. After a delayed pause brought on by his drowsiness, the knight chuckled to himself. "Yeah," he agreed with the dragon's sentiments. She was right, there was plenty of time to get to know the dragon, Von Bracht thought to himself. No need to rush into things. He would have himself a little shuteye, and dream of love.
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