A Terrible Thing to Waste (Full)

Mar 20th, 2013
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  1. >Day Conceptual Contracts in Equestria
  2. >Be Anonymous
  3. >You are a student of Twilight Sparkle
  4. >You have spent the better part of your days with her since coming to Equestria
  5. >Whether studying the sciences and arts or language and arithmetic, you can always be found under the shade of Golden Oaks Library
  6. >You awake from your peaceful slumber at half past sunrise
  7. >A stretch and yawn readies your body for the menial task ahead
  8. >You head to the single bathroom to squat, bathe and groom
  9. >You have decided to grow facial hair since your arrival
  10. >It looks rather handsome, you feel
  11. >Stepping from the bathroom, you see your favourite mentor standing by with a towel over her back
  12. >”Anonymous, good to see you this morning!”
  13. >You unconsciously clench the towel around your waist tighter
  14. “Good morning, Ms. Sparkle! I cleaned up as you like. Should I pull out any books for today's lesson?”
  15. >She wiggles past you into the bathroom and smiles
  16. >”Yes, actually! Today's lesson is going to be on the psyche, telepathy and other mysteries of the mind. The book will be filed under "M" and titled Mannerism of the Miraculous Mind.”
  17. >You smile and set out to get dressed
  18. >After donning your suit, you set out to locate the book
  19. >Having just finished a thoroughly satisfying "Reshelving Day", you make quick work of finding today's lesson
  20. >You clutch the book to your chest and smile
  21. >Learning was never so enjoyable back home, but you assume it was so forced
  22. >Here, you just enjoy learning as you go about your time
  23. >Maybe it is just the fact that your teacher is a unicorn or that magic is proven real
  24. >From years of reading fantasy novels, you are simply giddy with how life is treating you
  25. >It is not long before your teacher arrives downstairs
  26. >Her mane hangs slightly damp on her head as she steps up to a chalkboard
  27. >“Alright, Anonymous! Today should be a very fun exercise for you.”
  28. >You look at her curiously
  29. “What makes today so interesting?”
  30. >”Well, the best way to learn about the mind is to delve right into it.”
  31. >This seems suspiciously like a movie you've seen before
  32. >No matter
  33. “OK, what do I have to do?”
  34. >Twilight opens the book and begins reading
  35. >”First, we must practice safety precautions. The mind is a complicated place and you could get lost in it.”
  36. >You nod easily
  37. >”So, first thing is first... we will go into your own mind, which is safer for you as a beginner.”
  38. >She puffs out her chest and smirks
  39. >“-I- have done this spell multiple times now and am fairly accustomed to the workings of the mind. I will guide you in your head as best I can, but it will ultimately be up to you to navigate.”
  40. >Makes as much sense as you would imagine
  41. “Sounds wonderful, when can we start?”
  42. >Twilight’s eyes glow fiercely
  43. >”Immediately!”
  44. >With a flash of light and the smell of burning ozone, you lose the sensation of gravity
  45. >You look around into an immeasurably large, but seemingly empty space
  46. >You turn about yourself to find Twilight
  47. >A faint echo rings through the darkness
  48. >”Anonymous! Can you hear me?”
  49. “Yes! Where are you?”
  50. >The voice grows uncomfortably close
  51. >”Right behind you”
  52. >You spin in place to see Twilight Sparkle is standing on the ceiling before you
  53. >This is getting rather silly
  54. “How did you get up there?”
  55. >”I am on the "ground"... maybe you need to check your positioning?”
  56. >You try to walk forward only to float in a circle
  57. “Interesting... how do I land?”
  58. >”Just focus on your feet. Envision yourself standing on solid ground again and walk to me.”
  59. >After a few long moments of utter silence, you catch on
  60. >You picture stairs leading to Twilight and slowly descend
  61. >”Doing great, Anon! Just a little further.”
  62. >You take your last step down... or is it up?
  63. >Either way, you stand proudly beside your teacher
  64. >Twilight smiles and cocks her head to one side
  65. >”Come on, we have a lot to see.”
  66. “I am kind of worried what I may see in my head...”
  67. >”Well, usually, it's a lot brighter... this is my first -human- exploration though. How much different can it be from a pony?”
  68. >You shrug with a clueless expression on your face
  69. >As you begin to wander the dark recesses of your mind, you come upon a hallway
  70. >A green carpet welcomes you and a row of lights shine down the center
  71. >”Interesting choice of storage...”
  72. “What do the doors represent?”
  73. >”If I am correct, they would be your memories and from the looks of this hallway... there's a lot in here!”
  74. >You walk to the very first door
  75. >The handle is slightly rusted and it looks as if no one has seen this door in a long time
  76. >You open it up and peer inside
  77. >”Happy birthday, Anon! Blow out the candles and make a wish!”
  78. >You see your parents and a few friends gathered around you and you sit in front of a cake
  79. >It is so strange to see your younger self
  80. >”Aww, you are such a cute little colt!”
  81. >You stare in wide-eyed wonder as your younger self blows out the candles
  82. >Party favors are popped and whistles are blown
  83. >Heavens, you remember this birthday so fondly
  84. >Your mother stands beside your chair and smiles
  85. >”What did you wish for, Nonny?”
  86. >You childhood self smiles and looks up at her
  87. >Your words echo in your mouth
  88. “A new bike…”
  89. >A tear builds up in your eye as you remember what comes next
  90. >Your father wheels out a brand new bicycle with training wheels
  91. >It's sleek, red form and shiny large wheels captivates you again
  92. >”Oh, what a cute memory... we should move along though.”
  93. >You wipe your face and try not to let Twilight see
  94. >She walks on to a few doors ahead
  95. >You approach her and stare silently at the door
  96. >”Well?”
  97. >You look at her with puzzlement on your brow
  98. “You don't have to wait for me to open it. I trust you to see whatever might be in here.”
  99. >She smiles warmly before a lecturing seriousness takes her over
  100. >”I am flattered, Anon, but only you can open up your own mind. That's the second rule of mind diving.”
  101. >You grasp the handle and it feels hot to the touch
  102. >As you open it, you see a time in your life where you are unfairly placed in jail
  103. >It is you at about teenage years, possibly 14 or 15
  104. “I didn't steal this stupid cassette! I swear it was put in my jacket!”
  105. >A portly police officer stares your down
  106. >”Sure, sure, and it magically dropped into your pocket... save it for your parents, kid...”
  107. >The cop smirks a filthy smirk and tilts his hat over his eyes
  108. >Your teenage self grabs the bars of the holding cell and growls
  109. >He throws a small tantrum before giving up and sitting in a nearby chair
  110. >You close the door and blush
  111. >”Sorry you had to see that... I was a bit of brash child. Though I did not steal that tape. My parents had grounded me for a week regardless.”
  112. >”I am not sure what to say... but, you're alright now. No harm, no foul?”
  113. >You smile and nod
  114. “I suppose.”
  115. >You both continue down for a long while checking room by room
  116. >You find a great variety of memories from the sad and lonely to the epic and exciting
  117. >Twilight seems to be grading you on something, but you cannot tell what
  118. >You finally come upon a shorter strip of memories with freshly primed doors that all have polished solid handles
  119. >The handles in this section, however, are all much simpler in design, as if not to be opened by a human hand
  120. >It reminds you instantly of the designs on doors in Ponyville
  121. >You push along the first door you come to and peer inside
  122. >A lush, green field lies before you and you smell the open air
  123. >Twilight looks in from one side
  124. >”Hey, this looks like the outskirts of Ponyville!”
  125. >You look towards a patch of forest and see yourself emerge from the brush
  126. >”Oh... is this the day you came here?”
  127. >You think about the whole scene again
  128. “Yes... this is all familiar... I was walking to my apartment one evening when I saw an incredible array of colours pass by and land in a nearby wooded area. I just had to investigate what had made the... how would you call it? Rainbow! So, I stepped into the wood and began to walk through.”
  129. >You see your confused past self walking across the open field and looking about
  130. >He climbs over a small hill and freezes
  131. “Oh, this is when I first saw Ponyville and well... ponies. I was sure I had finally went insane.”
  132. >Twilight takes this all in
  133. >”Why am I feeling so much fear? Where you scared of ponies?”
  134. “Not... entirely... I was scared of what was going on. I had never seen horses in my area, let alone Technicolor brigades of ponies.”
  135. >Twilight nods and rubs her chin
  136. >You close this door and continue on
  137. >You come upon a door marked with an X
  138. >As you roll the handle, a sharp clicking noise responds in turn
  139. “This one is locked... that's odd, no?”
  140. >”It kind of is... what could have happened to you in Ponyville that your mind is suppressing?”
  141. >She looks to you and you shrug
  142. “If I knew, I am sure this door would open...”
  143. >You don't give it too much more thought and move on
  144. >As you near the end of the hallway, you come upon a single door facing straight in the center rather than to your sides
  145. “Is this it? The last door of memories I have?”
  146. >“Looks like it. It could be your exit... everyp0ny creates an exit to their head when they create a place to "view" their inner workings. You made a long hallway with lots of doors, very creative, and this might exit back into the physical world.”
  147. >You push the handle down to the sound of a mechanism unlocking
  148. >An extremely bright light flashes before your eyes
  149. >Twilight suddenly gasps
  150. “Anon, wait! This isn't a...”
  151. >A stillness overcomes the world
  152. >You shake the spots from your eyes and your head pounds quickly
  153. “Ugh, waking up from that is painful...”
  154. >You look up for a moment and see yourself standing nearby
  155. “Oh... am I still in my head?”
  156. >Your voice seems... higher?
  157. >Well, this must just be an aftereffect
  158. >Your dark mane falls in your face and you brush it back... with... your... hoof?
  159. “Ahhhhh!”
  160. >You shriek like the little girl you have become
  161. “Twilight! Something went wrong! Help! Emergency!”
  162. >You bound around on your newly acquired hooves like a rodeo pony
  163. >Your body moves before you
  164. >”Anonymous! Stop jumping.”
  165. >You sit still on your bottom as quickly as you can
  166. >”I was trying to warn you that you found the link that held me in -your- head. By crossing into you, you left me back in your body and took over mine!”
  167. “Can you... can you fix it?”
  168. >”Not unless you grow a horn suddenly...”
  169. >This seems like a bad time for taking advantage of this joke
  170. >You breathe deeply once and let it out
  171. “OK... so, this isn't horrible. I just have to perform the spell you did. Easy, right?”
  172. >Your body lifts a hand to its head and sighs
  173. >”No, no, you're going to need to learn how to cast it. I make it look easy because I am well practiced...”
  174. “Perfect! Just give me the book and I'll be done in a jiff!”
  175. >”It's... it's not for somep0ny of your level.”
  176. >You raise an eyebrow
  177. “There are levels to this?”
  178. >”Well, it's loosely defined on account that all unicorn powers are different. But you have your novices, which are usually preschool grade unicorns, all the way up to masters of magic like Starswirl the Bearded. Few unicorns reach as high as Starswirl did, though.”
  179. “Where does that put me?”
  180. >“Well... somewhere below, ‘No clue on what magic is or how to use it’”
  181. >You sigh and sulk
  182. “That bad, huh? To think that video games taught me nothing...”
  183. >You shrug and stand to your hooves
  184. “I suppose if I am going to be you for a little while... I get to sleep in your bed instead of on the couch?”
  185. >You smile and try to lighten the mood
  186. >”Very funny, mister... now, we need to be sensible about this.”
  187. >Twilight stares at a stack of books nearby
  188. >You see her eyes focus intently on the topmost book
  189. >Her face tenses for a second and she grits her teeth
  190. “What are you doing?”
  191. >”Reaching for that... book... oh, right, no horn...”
  192. >She walks over to the pile and lifts the book up
  193. >”Oh, OK... that's not so bad. I'll just have to use my hands to hold things now
  194. “So, how do you do magic with this thing?”
  195. >You rub a hoof against your horn and shiver for a moment
  196. “Whoa... that was weird...”
  197. >You touch your horn again with the same gentle stroking motion
  198. >It's like having your brain tickled with a feather
  199. >”Anonymous! What are you doing?!”
  200. >You sigh happily
  201. “I... I don't know! This just feels so good…”
  202. >”Don't touch your horn! My horn! Ugh! Stop that right now!”
  203. >You do as your told despite everything and sit back down
  204. >You run a hoof through your mane
  205. >How soft your body feels
  206. >It's as if you're a giant fur ball now and everything feels nice to you
  207. >You run your hooves around your chest and down to your sides
  208. >”Anon! Stop touching my body like that! It's freaking me out!”
  209. “I-I can't help i-it... so soft, oh lord... everything feels so -real- and -significant-!”
  210. >”Ugh, I don't know what you mean... these clothes are hot and itchy on my skin and my nose feels too dry and my hands are cold. How do you live like this?”
  211. “After feeling this -soft- fur, I don't know!”
  212. >You lightly trot to the couch nearby and try to sit down
  213. >It takes a bit of practice, but you succeed
  214. >After a few minutes of utter quiet from Twilight, you grow bored
  215. >You rub your own belly in smooth circles with the tip of your hoof
  216. “Oh, that's the spot...”
  217. >Your leg twitches on its own
  218. >”Cut that out, you!”
  219. >Twilight puts down her book and stomps across the room to you
  220. >She grabs your hoof and pulls it away
  221. >Your body looking back at you like this, holding you so forcefully... it kind of excites you
  222. >You were so right about the beard, you handsome fiend!
  223. >”Now, look, Anon! This is serious! I can't concentrate when you're doing... -this- kind of thing with my body!”
  224. “I'm s-sorry... ah~, don't hold me like this...”
  225. >You blush as you feel a little moan desperately trying to escape
  226. >You try to push Twilight from you, but realize how much stronger your human body is
  227. >Twilight must not even lift!
  228. >“I need you to take good care of my body, got it? You can't leave this house. If anyone finds out, it'll be impossible to explain.”
  229. >Twilight doesn't realize how tightly she is holding you or how close her body is pressing to your own
  230. >You are getting really turned on from being so submissive
  231. >Your hind leg lifts a bit to try and push your own body off your delicate pony frame
  232. >Twilight's hand takes you quickly and pins your twitching leg
  233. >You feel your new pony loins being spread by powerful hands and can't resist
  234. “Aah~! T-T-Twilight!”
  235. >She scowls
  236. >”Hey! Stop making those sounds! What if somep0ny hears you?”
  237. “Y-you're the one humping yourself!”
  238. >Twilight looks down to see how she is holding you and quickly jumps up
  239. >”Oh my gosh... I didn't mean... I mean, you... me... ugh!”
  240. >You gasp for breath as your now female sex aches
  241. >Your body tingles from horn to hoof
  242. >A sudden and unusual wetness builds up at your nether region
  243. >You can do nothing now save for placing your hoof on this tender spot
  244. “T-Twilight... I think you made it worse!”
  245. >You roll to one side with your hoof between your legs and press it tightly between your thighs
  246. >You carefully hump your own hoof and drool a little
  247. >”Don't masturbate on the couch! I mean... don't masturbate at all! Control yourself!”
  248. “H-How? It's like I'm on f-fire...”
  249. >You let out a girly gasp and press your sex again
  250. >What you wouldn't give to have fingers right now!
  251. >You look up to see Twilight standing above you
  252. >”Stop making those sounds... it's... it's effecting your body...”
  253. “I-I can't stop! Ooh~! H-How do you handle this?”
  254. >”Just calm d-down... clear you head... think of... bunnies!
  255. >You attempt this method
  256. >Clear head, not thinking about sex...
  257. >Calming down, not thinking about sex...
  258. >Bunnies in the meadow... soft, cute bunnies... mounting each other...
  259. “It's not w-working!”
  260. >Your voice becomes hollow as your hoof works you over
  261. >Even if your inexperienced with being a mare, you are pretty good at this
  262. >You finally feel that sweet, glorious release and your hips shake
  263. >Twilight watches you in morbid fascination
  264. “Oh, so good... so good...”
  265. >You ride out your orgasm, but find yourself curiously unfulfilled
  266. >You dare guess that you could go for another round without pause
  267. “A-Anonymous... stop using me for dirty things...”
  268. >Twilight stands closer to you now and looks over her body
  269. >You must look so inviting with your hips bucking and your hoof nestled neatly between you wide thighs
  270. >”I... I'm kind of... sexy... you know, in a bookish kind of way? Not being narcissistic or anything!”
  271. >You see a bulge in your pants and think about the most depraved things you could
  272. “Hey, Twilight... w-would it be masturbation if you... used my hands on -me-?”
  273. >She looks at you for a moment then to her fingers
  274. >She curls them once or twice and carefully turns them
  275. >”A-Anon, we need to stop before it gets... out of control...”
  276. >You look up at her and try to imagine what a sexy face would look like
  277. >”I see I... -you- have an erection... I could take care of my -own- erection, right? I mean... I know exactly what I like, after all...”
  278. >You see her start to sweat
  279. “Just, take off your clothes... I'll help you.”
  280. >You sit up and quickly catch the zipper of the pants in your mouth
  281. >As you unzip, you can smell your own scent in a way that is wholly delightful
  282. >Your mouth waters and you think of the ramifications of what you are about to do
  283. >Your sex bounces from its hiding place and you admire you own shaft for the moment
  284. >From this angle, it looks extra large and thoroughly intimidating...
  285. >This is making you so hot, you cannot believe it yourself!
  286. >With no more thoughts rattling about, you taste your own maleness for the first time
  287. >Salty, kind of soft on your tongue... it'll grown on you
  288. >Your next move is to fully swallow your own throbbing manhood in your girly mouth
  289. >“Oh Celestia! This feeling... aah~!”
  290. >The moaning rings in your marehood and you feel even more lubrication spilling out of you
  291. >Your face is filled with hot blush as you continue to suck on Twilight
  292. >Within the minute of putting it in your mouth, you feel her hands take your face
  293. >She squeezes a little harder than you'd expect, but the forceful feeling turns you on anyways
  294. >You try to take her out of your mouth now, but she rams back in
  295. >You really want her to give you a solid fucking
  296. >She's too enthralled with your mouth, however, and seems to lose all control
  297. >Your muzzle is long enough to take all of her hot sex, or so you think
  298. >A sudden flood of cum catches you off guard and you gag on it
  299. >It spills from your cheeks and pushes out of your nose before you finally decide to drink down any
  300. >After Twilight finishes using you like a personal sex toy, she slides out of your mouth
  301. >For no reason you can think of, you suck her as hard as you can on the way out
  302. >You find you really enjoyed having a male in your mouth... though you assure yourself that you're not gay!
  303. >”I... I can't believe I just creamed my own face... that's... oh, Celestia... that's so hot... I look so good with stallion batter on my muzzle...”
  304. >She bends down and lifts your head up
  305. >You get a deep kiss that completely throws you off guard
  306. >A short tongue spears into your mouth and you try to reply as best you can
  307. >Her tongue cleans your teeth and gums in a desperate search for cum
  308. >She's making you swallow your own shame and, lord, does it heat you up!
  309. “O-OK... I did you... please finish me... I'm burning up.”
  310. >You rub your hoof against your snatch and pearly stands of your girly fluids drizzle down your willing sex
  311. “Just... once inside... please...”
  312. >Your begging gets through and Twilight holds her used shaft in one hand
  313. >”I... I can't believe I want this so much.”-
  314. “J-just... j-j-jam it in!”
  315. >You finally feel your own hot human sex force its way inside your awaiting hole
  316. >The feeling of being on the receiving end of sex is absolutely incredible
  317. >Twilight thrusts into with reckless abandon and you scream happily
  318. >This feeling of something hot inside you makes your eyes roll back
  319. >Each thrust parts your body so deeply and fills your little pony belly in such a perfect way
  320. “Please... I want to feel, ahh~! I want to feel -it- in me, ah~ ah~!”
  321. >Without a pause or a break, you feel Twilight stiffen up and slam her hips home once more
  322. >Your thighs ache so blissfully and your flank is bruised from rough hands holding you securely
  323. >A hot, slippery feeling enters your gut and it makes you shake violently
  324. >You can't believe how heavenly it feels to have so much spunk pour into you
  325. >You fantasize what it would be like to have multiple males on you, each filling you to the brim
  326. >This thought is pushed aside as your body relaxes from the rough treatment
  327. >You never thought you would be such a slut...
  328. >You never thought you would be a pony either, so perhaps you are just overwhelmed by this fact
  329. >Twilight doesn't remove herself from you for a few moments
  330. >You bask in the wondrous sensation of warmth and fullness
  331. >”That was... intriguing...”
  332. “I... I think we learned a good lesson about friendship today...”
  333. >”No, I don't believe so... but, male anatomy from a first person perspective is much more fascinating than what my book describes
  334. >You stare up at your face
  335. “It's kind of fun being a mare... I never knew how you felt when, you know?”
  336. >”I see what all the jokes are about now though... two times and my body is exhausted!”
  337. “I could go for another round...”
  338. >You smile and wiggle your hips from side to side
  339. >Twilight's maleness slips from you
  340. >A trickle of warm goo drips from your slightly gaping marehood and runs down your butt
  341. >”I... I need to use the restroom, excuse me.”
  342. >As Twilight walks away, you call out to her
  343. “Make sure to sit down! It's tricky learning to aim!”
  344. >You giggle to yourself at the absurdity of it all
  345. >You stand to your hooves and feel a bit more crème leak from you
  346. >It's not entirely unpleasant, you think
  347. >You do wonder how to clean up as a pony though
  348. >Looks like you'll be learning a few basic lessons until you reverse this spell
  349. >Twilight reappears and sighs happily
  350. >”What a relief...”
  351. >You smirk
  352. “I noticed you didn't wash your hands.”
  353. >She looks at you curiously
  354. “It's a human thing...”
  355. >”I see... do you know how to sanitize yourself? I see you can barely control your own muscle down there to hold in that mess...”
  356. ”I'm... I'm new to being a woman...”
  357. >”I hope we can fix this before next week, for your sake
  358. >You bob your head and look at her
  359. “Why? What happens next week?”
  360. >“Something that you may have heard of, but could never possibly understand until you lived through it.”
  361. “Beg pardon?”
  362. >”-That- time of the month.”
  363. >Your feel your face flush and you look at your current body in abject horror
  364. “We should beginning magic lessons really, really soon... really.”
  365. >Twilight laughs and covers her mouth
  366. >”First lesson... how to clean up after quickie!”
  367. >You blush and frown at your inexperience
  368. >You think this will not be so bad
  369. >After all, you never were so contented to go
  370. >Fuck yourself!
  372. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  374. >Day Getting Better All the Time in Equestria
  375. >You are Anonymous
  376. >A few days ago, you and your mentor, Twilight Sparkle, accidentally mixed up your bodies and minds
  377. >In the time since then, you have grown accustomed to being a pony
  378. >You still are having trouble with being female, however
  379. >You have practiced grooming yourself and learning to use your mouth as a type of hand
  380. >Better still, you have gained a weak control over your magic and are working tirelessly towards the goal of full power
  381. >You think about how much you have discovered about yourself since this change
  382. >You truly can learn a lot by walking a mile in another's shoes... or hooves, in this case!
  383. >The smell of breakfast invades your small room and your tail twitches happily
  384. >You have noticed your tail is a confounded sort of device that constantly betrays your feelings
  385. >It is good, you think, that humans don't have to deal with one
  386. >You hop from your bed and lift a book with your magic
  387. >The sensation is not unlike holding it in your hand, but with a 'flatter' and 'wider' understanding
  388. >You can feel the wooden cover, the ridged backing and even the finely embossed letters, but you cannot feel the individual pages like your fingers would
  389. >As you head towards the small kitchen, you see a dark figure quickly scurrying about
  390. >Your eyes adjust and focus on your fine suit cooking at a pony-sized stove
  391. “Twilight! Good morning!”
  392. >Your voice is squeaking and feminine
  393. >”Oh, morning, Anonymous. Did you sleep well?”
  394. >You levitate the book to the table and lay it down neatly
  395. “I did! Once you learn how to tuck in your legs, it's really quite comfortable. How about you? Adjusting well?”
  396. >Twilight turns the food in the pan carefully
  397. >”I had to move my bed from the wall to lay in it. Your body's really long. I suppose it is nice to reach the top shelves though. Hands are pretty easy to use... how's your horn working?”
  398. >You demonstrate what power you have by lifting a spatula and flipping a pancake casually
  399. “I would say that we're well on our way to getting our bodies back!”
  400. >She nods and sighs
  401. >”That's good to hear. I won't lie; your body is still kind of weird to me.”
  402. “I think at this point, we know each other exceedingly well. I mean... after yesterday... that was intense!”
  403. >Twilight blushes and turns from you
  404. >She fidgets nervously
  405. >”It's not like I even find myself attractive... Y-you put my butt in my face a-and your body just acts irrationally. Besides, you started it!”
  406. “And you finished me off! I never felt anything like that! You were a beast...”
  407. >You smile a stupid smile and your ears twitch happily
  408. >”L-lets not discuss this. When we are back to normal, we won't be doing this ever again.”
  409. >Your heart sinks a little
  410. >Sure, these are unusual circumstances, but does she really mean it?
  411. >You don't press the issue for fear of further driving Twilight away
  412. >She carries the pan over to you and places a small stack of delicately charred flour cakes on your plate
  413. >”I, um... I turned the heat on a littler higher... this cookbook really isn't very accurate.”
  414. >You hold out your hoof and smile
  415. “No matter, food is food and I thank you for cooking anyways.”
  416. >Twilight's face is caught between a smile and frown
  417. >”It's important for unicorns to constantly eat to keep their energy up. You'll burn a lot out in a typical day of magic use.”
  418. >You try to lift the fork a few times with your hoof with little success
  419. >You take the object in your magic and attempt to lift a blackened pancake
  420. >Slowly, carefully, you bring the morsel to your muzzle and bite into it
  421. >The taste is like eating day old bread that was used to clean the bottom of a griddle
  422. >You cringe and lose focus, dropping the fork on the plate with a sharp clang
  423. >”That bad, huh?”
  424. >You smile and attempt to chew through the pain
  425. >It breaks into bits and crunches loudly in your mouth
  426. >You finally swallow with a reluctant gulping noise and look to Twilight with physical exhaustion
  427. “It's... food...”
  428. >You wash the taste away with a glass of water and sigh contently
  429. >Twilight just grimaces and dumps the remainder from the pan into the garbage
  430. >”You cook all the time... it always looked so easy.”
  431. “I promise I will make your favourite the minute I have hands again.”
  432. >Twilight grins slightly and sets the mess into the sink
  433. “What will be today's lesson, oh teacher of mine?”
  434. >”Well... I've been considering the possibilities of using an old technique to speed up the growth of your magical ability.”
  435. “Sounds go-“
  436. >”However!”
  437. “Always a catch...”
  438. >”It is going to require us to -leave- the house.”
  439. >You feared this day would come
  440. >You will walk around in public naked
  441. >Sure, everyp0ny is naked, but it's still hard to think like a pony!
  442. “Well, what's the game plan? What happens if someone comes up to us? What do?!”
  443. >Twilight rubs her chin for the moment before speaking
  444. >”We will try to avoid everyp0ny and be as discreet as possible. We need to get to Rarity's place and meet with Spike first.”
  445. >You ponder for a bit
  446. “What's Spike for?”
  447. >”To send a letter to the Princess... she won't be mad with me -if- she doesn't see me like this.”
  448. “Why would she be mad at all? Don't you do this as part of your schooling?”
  449. >”To be fair with you, Anonymous... mind-diving is kind of off limits to my level... but, that's OK, because the Princess doesn't have to know!”
  450. >She twitches nervously around the table and looks out the windows
  451. “O... K... then. We better set out before the town gets busy.”
  452. >Twilight nods in agreement and you both steel yourselves for the trip ahead
  453. >Sneaking from your door way, you tip-hoof behind Twilight
  454. >It is a frantic scurry from post to post as you try to avoid any passersby that may happen to be around
  455. >You finally see Rarity's boutique and you feel safety is just ahead
  456. >You make a break for it first and come full gallop
  457. >Before you realize, a blue mare dive-bombs your location and blocks you
  458. >”Twilight! I haven't seen in you in like a week! What's going on? Did you ever find out when the next Daring Do novel's coming out? I -can't- wait to see what happens! It's gonna be -so awesome-.”
  459. >She squeezes her cheeks together and makes the silliest face you've ever seen
  460. >You can't help but smile at her display
  461. “Oh... uh, yeah! Daring Do... that's, um... a book! Yes, sir, it is! And it's coming out soon? Yeah! Real soon!”
  462. >Rainbow Dash looks you over
  463. >You sweat through a fake smile
  464. “ You feelin' alright, Twi? You look a little... I don't know? Nervous.”
  465. “Nervous? Me?! Never! In fact, I am peachy keen, never better!”
  466. >You try to move forward only to have Rainbow dart in front
  467. >”Well, if you say so... anyways, glad I could find you! Pinkie asked me yesterday if you had a book on making fancy desserts. I was just coming over to ask you.”
  468. >You back up slightly
  469. “I probably have one... I could check, if you don't mind coming by later?”
  470. >”Sure thing, gal pal!”
  471. >Rainbow bumps your side with her hoof and nuzzles the side of your face with her own
  472. >She smells like misty fog and clear skies
  473. >You must sniff her a little harder than you meant to as she backs up
  474. >“Whoa, what was that?”
  475. “I, um... I had a little something in my nose?”
  476. >”Right... OK, I am out for now... see ya later, I think...”
  477. >Rainbow looks you over carefully and soars into the air
  478. >As she disappears, Twilight is at your side
  479. >”You handled that well. Now, let’s get inside quickly.”
  480. >You both race for the door and enter the boutique
  481. >A little jingle alerts Rarity and she steps out into the waiting room
  482. >“Oh, Twilight and Anonymous. How good to see you two! What brings you here?”
  483. >Twilight speaks quickly through your body
  484. >”We came to see Spike if he's not too busy.”
  485. >Rarity looks at your body with great scrutiny
  486. >”Alright, Anonymous... I will go fetch him for you.”
  487. >Twilight covers her mouth quickly before whispering to you
  488. >”Darn it, Anonymous, you're me! When they say my name, you need to answer!”
  489. “I forgot, OK? Cut me some slack, we've only...”
  490. >Rarity and Spike return from another room
  491. >You see the baby dragon smile and rush to you
  492. >He wraps his arms around your neck and hugs you lovingly
  493. >”Oh, Twilight! I haven't seen you in forever! I thought something might have happened or that you got stuck in the bookcase again!
  494. >He leans in and whispers in your ear
  495. >”Or even that human, Anon, might have hurt you. Can't be too careful.”
  496. >Why the cheeky bastard!
  497. >How dare he insinuate that you would hurt anyone!
  498. “Spike, I'll have you know that Anonymous is a kind, gentle, caring person who cooks great food and keeps my library looking perfect all the time.”
  499. >”Alright, but I still don't trust him... when can I come back home?”
  500. >You look to Twilight for an answer
  501. >”Don't worry, Spike, you'll be coming back home soon.”
  502. >Spike shoots a glance up to Twilight
  503. >His eyes narrow and he scoffs
  504. >”I was -talking- to Twilight.”
  505. >You shake your head and repeat her words
  506. >Spike smiles happily this time and accepts it
  507. >”So, what did ya need me for, Twi?”
  508. “I need to send a letter to the Princess!”
  509. >Spike retrieves a quill and some parchment quickly
  510. >”Sure thing! What are you going to tell her today?”
  511. “Well, actually... Anonymous wanted to ask her something, if that's alright with you?”
  512. >He nods begrudgingly and stares at Twilight with annoyance
  513. >”Dear Princess Celestia, I humbly request that you send me a focusing crystal for magical studies. Your faithful student...”
  514. >Spike looks up to Twilight curiously
  515. >"Faithful student?"
  516. >”Eh, I meant... -Twilight's- faithful student, Anonymous!”
  517. >He scribbles it out and rolls it carelessly
  518. >With a puff of green flame, the message is whisked away into the wind
  519. >You both thank Spike and Rarity and head out to the tree house
  520. “That didn't turn out too bad!”
  521. >”We should be careful of how we carry ourselves. You are me and I am you.”
  522. “And we are all together?”
  523. >You chuckle to your own in-joke before Twilight continues
  524. >”I am serious, Anon! We need to be careful or somep0ny could find out!”
  525. >A voice startles the both of you as you spin around to see Pinkie Pie
  526. >“Find out what?”
  527. >Pinkie has her saddlebags on and is carrying a load of wrapping paper and string
  528. >“Because if -anyp0ny- thinks they're gonna find out about what I'm getting them for their birthday, they better think again!
  529. >Pinkie snorts defensively before returning to her cheerful demeanor
  530. >You look to Twilight quickly
  531. >”Don't worry, Pinkie Pie, no one's trying to guess what you’ve bought them.”
  532. >”Oh, well, in that case, what are they trying to find out, Twilight?”
  533. >Twilight freezes in place
  534. >Even in your body, Pinkie Pie seems to call her out with ease
  535. >”H-how do you know I am Twilight?”
  536. >”Duh~! You called me, "Pinkie Pie" and Anon always calls me silly names. Also, your shoes aren't tied the way Anon does it and you're head is held up way too straight! Anon sort of hunches when he walks.”
  537. >Pinkie imitates how you would walk by strutting on her back hooves with her body erect
  538. >It's actually a very good impersonation!
  539. >You clap your hooves together
  540. “That's sure how I'd do it, Panko!”
  541. >Pinkie bounces in front of you now
  542. >”So, how are you in Twilight's body... did you put your brain in her head? Is that how brains work? Oh, oh, maybe it's an evil spell that has to be broken by true love's kiss!
  543. >Pinkie quickly grabs your face and presses her muzzle against you
  544. >Her cotton candy breath and syrup smeared lips make you sigh in delight
  545. >The kiss ends rather abruptly and she looks at you with a small frown
  546. >”Nope, guess the curse isn't broken... or perhaps I'm not your true love~!”
  547. >She sniffles for the moment in defeat before smiling widely and raising her hoof high in the air
  548. >“We should get -other- ponies to kiss you to see if that works!”
  549. >You don't mind this idea as you think about it
  550. >”No, Pinkie, nop0ny is going to be kissing my body anymore! Thank you for trying though. Come along, Anon, we still have work to do. Remember, Pinkie, this has to be our secret.”
  551. >”Okey dokey lokey!”
  552. >”I am super serious, Pinkie... promise me you won't tell anyp0ny.”
  553. >”Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!”
  554. >She pantomimes as she recites her poem
  555. >You fumble over your own hooves and you turn from Pinkie Pie
  556. >She giggles coyly and waves you off
  557. >Leave it to Pinkie to brighten your day no matter what
  558. >It is not long before you see the library in the distance
  559. >Approaching closer, you find a yellow mare with a pink mane patiently waiting at the doorstep
  560. “Oh no...”
  561. >”What? What is it?”
  562. “Flutterstutter's here. You stay here... I'll go handle her.”
  563. >Before you realize, Twilight has approached the beast at the doorstep
  564. >Your mouth hangs open as you watch in disbelief
  565. >”Fluttershy! How are you today?”
  566. >Fluttershy smiles brightly to your body, completely unaware of who is piloting it
  567. >”Oh, Anon! You startled me. Um, I am fine... how about you?”
  568. >”Pretty good. Can I help you today?”
  569. >Fluttershy fumbles at her mane for the moment before looking up
  570. >”Well, if it's not too much trouble... do you think you can help me lift some barrels out of my cellar tonight?”
  571. >”Sure! Anything for a friend.”
  572. >”F-friend? You never called me that before... oh, I'm so excited I could just burst~!”
  573. >Fluttershy hugs Twilight's leg and you swear you hear the squeaking of a rubber toy
  574. >She flies off soon after and you sigh
  575. >You both quickly get inside the tree house and bolt the door behind you
  576. >”That's strange... Fluttershy says you never called her a friend before?”
  577. “I won't be going over there when I get my body back either.”
  578. >”What? Why not?”
  579. “Because ButterThighs is dangerous!”
  580. >Twilight stops for a moment and lets out a rude laugh
  581. >”Are you serious? She's one of the nicest ponies in town!”
  582. “You don't know what she has done to me... so much pain... so much fear...”
  583. >You huddle into yourself and your tail shakes nervously
  584. >”I think you're exaggerating. I should go over to her house and help her while we wait.”
  585. Any package Celestia sends usually takes a day or so to arrive
  586. >You plead with Twilight
  587. “No, you don't understand! Flutters is a rapist!”
  588. >”A... rapist? Anonymous, that doesn't make any sense.”
  589. “I know! I know... I realize... but, it's true! Since I first came here, Fluttershy has been trying to guess my fetish and have her way with me.”
  590. >Twilight smiles and struts about
  591. >”I think I see where you're mistaken. Fluttershy has told me she had a bit of a crush on you. You must be seeing her advances for something much worse.”
  592. “No, no! I am telling you, she has done all sorts of crazy things to me in order to get in my pants if I wanted it or not!”
  593. >Twilight laughs you off
  594. >”Really, Anon, aren't you thinking of yourself a little -too- highly?”
  595. >Your face turns read with anger at her disregard
  596. “Well, -you- must of used me a dozen times now! I think I be a pretty good lover for a pony!”
  597. >”You don't even have hooves! Who would want that?!”
  598. >Twilight wags your hands back and forth before dropping them to one side
  599. >You are furious now and let your mouth run off
  600. “Oh yeah? Well, who would want a bookworm with a messy mane! At least I dress nicely!”
  601. >”Messy mane?! I always groom myself properly! You're the sloppy one! Always leaving books laying around and using up all my paper to draw your -silly- pictures!”
  602. >The fighting intensifies as emotions boil over
  603. >After more verbal blows are exchanged, you decide you don't care to hear anymore
  604. >You snort sharply as you storm out the door
  605. >You think you hear Twilight call after you, but she could never keep up with your new pony body
  606. >It doesn't take long to reach the main street in Ponyville, but you still gallop as fast as you can
  607. >You half hope to run fast enough to escape the scathing comments about your own humanity
  608. >You slow after a while to a canter and finally into a walk as your head clears
  609. >Twilight was so different before this body switch
  610. >You feel that you were as well
  611. >You can't help but feel trapped now and being near Twilight only makes it worse
  612. >There were no feelings before that day, before you two indulged in each other
  613. >Was that what caused all this tension between you too?
  614. >You shake your head to clear away the shame and guilt of it all
  615. >The sky darkens as you see multiple pegasi gathering up heavy, black clouds
  616. >You don't think you'll be able to outrun the ensuing storm
  617. >Sure enough, the rain starts falling before you make it ten meters back
  618. >Damn Twilight, damn the rain and damn Cher's notion of life after love!
  619. >Your soaking wet mane flops carelessly over your eyes and you are forced to slick it back
  620. >Now you are both angry and foolish looking with nothing to show for it, save for muddy hooves
  621. >You round a corner to see Pinkie Pie standing on the curbside with a tri-coloured umbrella hat on her head
  622. >She is sweeping the dry ground beneath her and humming some happy melody
  623. PP: Oh, hey, Anon! What're you doing standing in the rain?
  624. “Looking stupid and feeling worse...”
  625. >Pinkie gasps rather harshly
  626. >”Anonymous! You are -not- stupid! Silly, but not stupid! Wet, but certainly not stupid!
  627. >You look to Pinkie with sad eyes and she stops
  628. >”Oh... something real bad must have happened... well, don't stand out in the rain! Come on, lets go inside and get you some hot chocolate to warm up those hooves!”
  629. >You just can't smile right now as you follow along
  630. >The inside of Sugarcube Corner is neat and quiet
  631. >Strangely enough, the place looks like it hasn't been running all day
  632. >Pinkie dashes off behind the counter line and back again with a steamy cup for you
  633. >You hold it carefully between your hooves and take a sip
  634. >Amazing as always
  635. “Thanks, Pinkie... you're always so nice to me.”
  636. >”Think nothing off it! That's what friends do. Now, tell Auntie Pinkie Pie what's got you looking so long in the face!”
  637. >You snort at the pun before smirking
  638. >”It's... kind of hard to explain.”
  639. >”Oh... is Twilight making you do math again? It's not really that hard once you got a song about it!”
  640. >She inhales a deep breath
  641. “No... that's not it.”
  642. >Pinkie deflates quickly and rubs her hoof to her chin
  643. >”Well, what's the matter then? You can tell me anything!”
  644. >You shuffle the cup nervously
  645. >Pinkie Pie is the most trustworthy pony you know, maybe you really could tell her
  646. “OK, but you need to Pinkie Promise me you won't tell anyone.”
  647. >She goes through the motions and you sigh
  648. >Time to spill your heart out
  649. “Ever since the body-swap incident, I find myself growing attached to Twilight. She, however, doesn't have the same feelings for me.”
  650. >”Oh my gosh, this is a "special somep0ny" problem! Anon has a special somep0ny!”
  651. “Keep it down! Remember, you can't tell anyone!”
  652. >”What else, what else?
  653. >Her eyes are dazzling blue orbs and her smile would shine in the dark
  654. “Twilight and me... we, um... we kind of... did -it-.“
  655. >“Did what now?”
  656. “-It-.”
  657. >“Come again?”
  658. “Twilight and I had sex!”
  659. >Your shouting whisper echoes in Pinkie's head and she sits there for a moment
  660. >“Whoa-ho-ho-ho! Anon, you sly stallion, you! I never knew you liked Twilight like that.”
  661. >She nudges your chest like the best frat partying bro you never had
  662. >“Wait a second... was this before or after you two got your bodies mixed up?”
  663. ”After...”
  664. >“Oh, OK... so... really, Twilight was you and you were Twilight and... wait, how does -that- work?”
  665. “I was the girl in the relationship.”
  666. >“Ah, OK... was it super fun? How many times did you do -it-?”
  667. >You look suspiciously at Pinkie now
  668. “Why does it matter?”
  669. >“I don't know... I just like seeing you smile.”
  670. >Oh lord, she's right! You've been smiling this whole time!
  671. “I think I really love her, Pinks... like... a whole lot. Like, I could imagine waking up every morning and seeing her face.”
  672. >“You mean -your- face?”
  673. “Yeah, for now... but, still, I like her for more than her body.”
  674. >“But, Twi's body is pretty great too, right?”
  675. “Pinkie! You are making this difficult for me!”
  676. >“But, you have a cute smile on your face right now!”
  677. >She retrieves a small mirror from seemingly nowhere and you have a good look at yourself
  678. >Your purple muzzle has a stupid grin plastered across it and you are even blushing
  679. “Yes! Alright! Twilight is sexy and smart and smells so good and I want her to love me as much as I love her! I said it!”
  680. >You break down into sobs
  681. >You feel Pinkie's body wrap around your own
  682. >Her size is so much more comforting when you are this small
  683. >A hoof taps your back and you feel Pinkie's mane draped on your shoulder
  684. >“There, there, Anon. It's gonna be alright because true love always turns out perfectly in the stories! And let me tell ya', you got a bad case of true love. Worst I've ever seen!”
  685. >You let Pinkie's words and warm drink sink in before setting to your hooves
  686. “I think you're right, Panko...”
  687. >“It's just weird that the curse didn't break. I mean, I know true love when I see it!”
  688. “Curse? No, no, this is a spell, not a curse. Twilight's told me there's no such thing as curses.”
  689. >“I suppose... if a kiss from your true love didn't break it, it must be different. Did you tell her how you feel?”
  690. “N-no, not outright.”
  691. >“You gave her the "D" and didn't even tell her you loved her? Anon, I thought you were better than that!”
  692. “I know! I should be! Oh, I am such a fool sometimes!”
  693. >“Now, you take these cupcakes and march right over to her and lay down the -law-! You tell her, 'Twilight! I love you infinity plus one!' She'd really like that! It's a math problem!”
  694. >You swear to yourself that when Pinkie is brilliant, she is a genius
  695. >She hands you a small box with two cupcakes inside and slaps a purple ribbon on top
  696. >“Go get her, Anon! I'm rootin' for ya'!”
  697. >You couldn't be happier to have Pinkie for a friend
  698. >Someday, you'd have to repay her in triplicate
  699. >You rush through the ugly rain on the outside and make great time to Twilight's library
  700. >You burst in through the doorway
  701. “Twilight! I'm back! I am sorry for everything and I need to tell you something!”
  702. >Your words echo throughout the tree house
  703. >The chill of emptiness lingers around you
  704. >No candles are lit or books sitting out to be read
  705. >You place the cupcakes on an end-table and find a hastily scratched notes
  706. “Dear Anonymous, went to Fluttershy's house to help move barrels. If you get home before me, just wait around. I'll be back in a few hours. Sincerely, Twilight.”
  707. >You feel a sense of ominous dread overtake you
  708. >If Twilight didn't heed your warning and really went to Fluttershy's cottage, she could be in real trouble!
  709. >Worse yet, she might be
  710. >Fucking Fluttershy!
  712. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  714. >Day Sometimes, When We Touch in Equestria
  715. >Be Anonymous
  716. >You race off to Fluttershy's as fast as your pony body can carry you
  717. >You understand that Twilight does not know how Fluttershy usually acts around your human body
  718. >With any luck, she won't have to find out
  719. >It takes you longer than you would imagine it should with four legs, but eventually, you reach the outskirts of Fluttershy's cottage
  720. >You quickly pound the front door with your hoof and listen intently
  721. >After a minute of utter silence, you run around to the back to find the cellar doors are open
  722. >You hear voices rising from the blackness as you descend
  723. >You carefully climb the steps into the cool basement and listen closely
  724. >The unmistakable voice of Fluttershy echoes around
  725. >“Oh, Anon! It's so big... be careful, OK?”
  726. >Your eyes go wide in fright as you navigate the labyrinth of shelves and barrels
  727. >You can hear Twilight in your body grunting and straining
  728. >Your heart pounds in your chest and you think of a million and one horrible things Fluttershy may be doing
  729. >Poor Twilight is probably tied up to a wall
  730. >“Oh, oh! Not there!”
  731. >You hold your breath as the voices get louder
  732. >You round a corner and come upon Fluttershy and Twilight
  733. >Fluttershy and Twilight look to you as you dramatically enter
  734. « Ça suffit ! »
  735. >You snort and stamp your hooves before actually taking in the seen
  736. >When you do come to your sense, you see that Twilight is lifting a rather heavy piece of farming equipment and Fluttershy is floating behind her
  737. >“Oh... hello, Twilight... did you just speak like Anonymous?”
  738. >You exchange a nervous look with Twilight
  739. >She chuckles and looks to Fluttershy
  740. “Um, yes! I have been teaching hi-her how to speak, um...”
  741. >“French! Yes, Anon teaches me all the time?”
  742. >“That's good to see you two taking an interest in each other's studies.”
  743. >Fluttershy smiles with sincerity
  744. >Twilight finally places the heavy object on a tall shelf and sighs happily
  745. >“I think we're all done here...”
  746. >She dusts her hands on your nice suit coat
  747. >You will clean it later, you think
  748. >“Thank you so much, Anon, for helping me... I know we have our differences sometimes.”
  749. “I'll say...”
  750. >All eyes are on you again as you forget just who you are supposed to be
  751. “I'll say it's good to have you as a friend? He he?”
  752. >“Thank you, Twi... and Anonymous... friends?”
  753. >She spreads her hooves wide and looks up at Twilight
  754. >Twilight quickly hugs Fluttershy with no hesitation
  755. >Fluttershy melts in her arms and coos happily at the affection
  756. >“Hey~! Anon, I was thinking all today and this presented a good opportunity to ask. So, um, Salirophilia?”
  757. >It takes every ounce of your will to not say anything
  758. >Twilight just blinks vacantly at her
  759. >“I... I don't know what that means?”
  760. >“Oh, OK, in that case... thanks again!”
  761. >Fluttershy blushes lightly and makes her way out of the cellar
  762. >You look to Twilight with a frown
  763. “Hey, Twi... I was... well, I am glad to see you.”
  764. >She raises an eyebrow to you
  765. >“Was I gone -that- long?”
  766. “No, I mean, it's just good to know you are safe.”
  767. >“I think you're Flutter-Fear is a little misplaced, Anon. Still, nice to see you came by.”
  768. “Can we go now? This place always gives me an uncomfortable soft of feeling.”
  769. >You look around at the dank walls and tall shelves
  770. >This place is much creepier when you are this small
  771. >You quickly work your way out with Twilight in tow and revel in the sunlight as you ascend into the fresh air
  772. >Twilight waves her off as you two begin your trip back to the library
  773. “Do you think Celestia has gotten your letter yet?”
  774. >“Certainly!”
  775. “Do you think she'll be sending you what you requested?”
  776. >“I don't see why not...”
  777. >Twilight seems to distance herself from you, if only slightly
  778. >The walk is far more quite than you would care for and you try to randomly start a conversation
  779. “So... read any good books lately?”
  780. >“You know I haven't...”
  781. “Oh, right... I... I have cupcakes back home, if you want?”
  782. >“Sounds good, you must have seen Pinkie, huh?”
  783. “Yeah, good guess!”
  784. >“She -always- gives you cupcakes when you visit her.”
  785. >This was more true than you had realized
  786. >As you approach Ponyville, you see the gathered storm cloud still hanging above
  787. >It is always fascinating for you to see these localized storms
  788. “We shouldn't walk through that...”
  789. >You pat your sides to see your fur is slicked oddly with rain
  790. >“Hmm, if I had my magic, I'd be able to create a screen around us.”
  791. “Want to wait it out? That little shop doesn't seem to be in the way.”
  792. >The walk is quiet again as you make your way to the small store
  793. >Your mood is elevated at you enter and smell fragrant flowers
  794. >A shop keeper welcomes you in and tells you to look around
  795. >“I haven't been in here in a long time.”
  796. “What is this place?”
  797. >“A flower shop. They have some of the best cuts in town”
  798. >You move to some purple petal roses and sniff deeply
  799. >Your pony nose twinges at the scent and smile sharply
  800. >You see Twilight lift one in her hand and sniff as well
  801. >“This one is my favorite...”
  802. Owner: Feel free to try a sample!
  803. >You turn your head to an angle and attempt to figure out what the shopkeeper meant
  804. >Twilight, on the other hand, nods and smiles
  805. >You see her place the flower head in her mouth and snap it between your teeth quickly
  806. >You stare at her with intense eyes
  807. >“Mmm... I love these...”
  808. >She munches happily as you look on in mild confusion
  809. >Twilight offers you one
  810. >Despite your better judgment, you take the flower in your magic and bite into it
  811. >Your mouth is filled with a waxy pollen that coats your broad tongue
  812. >The taste certainly has not improved with your pony form
  813. >You believe this is a state of mind, rather than body as you swallow the appalling snack
  814. >Your eyes water and your tongue dangles from your mouth in defeat
  815. >Twilight simply chuckles at you before bringing the remaining bouquet to the counter for purchase
  816. >You both head out to see the storm moving ever slightly from Ponyville, but not quite clearing
  817. “So... I suppose we have some time.”
  818. >“I suppose we do...”
  819. “Twi... can we... ah, want to sit at the top of that hill?”
  820. >She nods with another flower in her mouth
  821. >You are sure your body will get sick from them, but that's for another time
  822. >You make it up the hill first and set your backside down
  823. >The view is pleasant as the sun lays partly in the cloud and partly in the clear
  824. “You know... this time of day is called, ‘Twilight?’"
  825. >She looks to you for a moment and smiles
  826. >“It's also known as, ‘Dusk.’”
  827. “And, ‘Sunset.’”
  828. >You smile easily now at Twilight
  829. >“Or, ‘Gloaming.’”
  830. « L'heure bleue. »
  831. >You smile widely now as Twilight's face blushes for the moment
  832. >”That's not fair! You can't just change the language!”
  833. “I ran out of synonyms. Besides, you always win when we do this! If I was as good with words as you, I'd be a writer!”
  834. >You laugh at your own lie, but Twilight smiles a bit more
  835. >”You really think I am that good?”
  836. “No question! It's one of many great things about you.”
  837. >You see her eyes perk up at you
  838. >”Oh? Did you find -that- many things about me?”
  839. “Let us see... as a pony, you were the nicest one of all your friends and allowed me to live with you. That's pretty amazing, to me. You also taught me a lot about this place, Ponyville. Without you, I'd barely be able to read these hoof scratches!”
  840. >”You are pretty smart, you'd have figured it out all on your own
  841. >You rest your hoof on Twilight's handA: But, I didn't have too because I found a great friend
  842. >Twilight blushes and moves her fingers around your hoof
  843. >”Well, it's nothing too difficult, really... I... I never usually entertain guests.”
  844. “When I get back in my body; the first thing I will do is make you a delicious meal.”
  845. >“And shower?”
  846. “Showering will come after eating... unless you prefer to shower with me?”
  847. >You try to slip into a sly smile, but find it hard to not fall victim to your own bemused thoughts
  848. >Twilight is silent for the moment and you fear you may have said the wrong thing again
  849. >Without warning, you feel arms encircle you and a hand pulls your face closely into a warm shoulder
  850. >”We’ll see, Romeo.”
  851. >You smile and lay in her gentle embrace
  852. >It's enough for now
  853. >Night falls as the two of you speak freely again
  854. >Hard feelings aside, you are appreciative to have Twilight in your company
  855. >The storm clouds pass and leave a muddy Ponyville in its wake
  856. “Ready to get home?”
  857. >”Am I ever!”
  858. “Lead on, oh teacher of mine!”
  859. >You both giggle with childish delight as you make your way to the library
  860. >You walk into the darkness and begin searching for a lantern
  861. “Glad the rain has cleared the streets for us. I could use a break to this long day.”
  862. >”I hear that. I just hope Princess Celestia has sent me the requested materials.”
  863. >A few lights spring to life around the room and your eyes adjust to the dim setting
  864. >Excellent spell on Twilight's part... assuming you weren't her
  865. >You turn to see Twilight and thank her when you notice the white shape in the room
  866. >Princess Celestia is standing just inside the doorway with her magic glowing steadily
  867. >You are not entirely sure what this means, but Twilight seems to be shaking fearfully in a corner
  868. >Celestia looks around the room to you and then to Twilight with a face full of indifference
  869. >”Twilight! It is good to see you, my faithful student. I received your letter, very interesting. I was so curious to see what you are working on that I delivered it myself.”
  870. >She smiles, exposing more teeth than you think is necessary
  871. >She presents you with a small parcel
  872. >”Here you are, Twilight.”
  873. >You chuckle carefully
  874. “Thank you, Celestia... Princess Celestia! It was kind of you to come in per-pony. In pony~! Hehehe!”
  875. >”Anything requiring -this- is worth my time. So tell me, what do you have in mind?”
  876. >You stammer a bit and try to look to Twilight
  877. >She seems more transfixed on Celestia than on giving you pointers
  878. “I, um... I was going to do... a spell?”
  879. >”Yes, which one?”
  880. “A... powerful spell?”
  881. >”That sounds about right. What spell are you attempting tonight?”
  882. ”I... would like to... get the book... I am using.”
  883. >”Of course! Go right ahead.”
  884. >You wander off near Twilight and frantically tap her leg
  885. >Your voice is a booming whisper at this point
  886. “Twi... I don't know what to do!”
  887. >”Um... uh... book.”
  888. ”Which book?”
  889. >”Red book... silver letters...”
  890. >You quickly stride to a bookshelf and start rummaging through
  891. >You pull at them with your teeth or hooves as best you can
  892. >”Are you feeling alright, -Twilight-?”
  893. “Fit as a fiddle, as the saying goes!”
  894. >”Then why aren't you using your magic?”
  895. ”Um... reserving energy?”
  896. >”You seem to be exerting a bit more trying to find this book of yours.”
  897. >You play the role as best you can for the next few minutes until you find what you are looking for
  898. “Aha! Here we are! Magical... Mystical... Marmalade?”
  899. >”Maladies...”
  900. >Twilight covers her mouth quickly
  901. A: Ha ha! Yes! Of course... must be dark in here, is it dark in here to you too?
  902. C: The candle light is fine by me. But, do go on! I can't wait to see what my -student- has learned this week
  903. >You flip through the book for a while in an aimless way
  904. >Using your weak magic is mentally exhausting and you end up using your hoof for most pages
  905. >”That's the one!”
  906. >All eyes are on Twilight for the moment
  907. >”Oh, Anonymous, you seem to know this book quite well.”
  908. >She gives a cunning glare to Twilight and grins
  909. “We've read this book a few times over... yeah, that makes sense!”
  910. >You read over the page quickly trying to understand the complex symbols and words
  911. “H-h-here I go!”
  912. >You swell with magic for a moment and let the essence flow through you
  913. >You open the package to reveal a shiny stone
  914. >As your hooves wrap around it, you feel a great pressure forcing against your head
  915. >Your horn reaches a climax as unfettered energy pours from you
  916. “Oh... ahh~! Too hot! Can't... can't stop it!”
  917. >You blast a beam of pure light through the first floor, second floor and out the roof
  918. >Your body lifts a little from the sheer force
  919. >It takes a moment to fully drain your horn as your body is gently laid to the ground
  920. >You pant roughly and touch your sore horn
  921. “Oh... my... Celestia! That was so~ good... Ohh~.”
  922. >You wrap your hooves around yourself and roll on the floor
  923. >Twilight is sweating as if in an oven now while Celestia giggles into her hoof
  924. >”Twilight Sparkle! Such a lewd display of power! Never have I seen you so sensitive... well, not since you were a little filly.”
  925. >She pivots quickly on her hooves towards Twilight
  926. >”Now, you can drop the charade.”
  927. >Twilight’s eyes light up as she gulps
  928. >”Y-you know?”
  929. >”Since the moment I stepped in.”
  930. >Twilight clasps her hands together and pleads on her knees before Celestia
  931. >”I didn't mean for this spell to backfire like this! I would have never even attempted it! Please don't send me away or...”
  932. >She gasps and tears fill her eyes
  933. >”... Or to magic kindergarten!”
  934. >She continues to plead as you continue to fondle your horn
  935. >You want to be stunned by this revelation as well, however, this feeling is better than the deepest orgasm you've ever had
  936. >It is scarcely a wonder why most high magicians are single!
  937. >”I see Anonymous is not accustomed to magic... it's almost endearing. As for you, Twilight Sparkle... you will be have to be -punished- for your transgressions. Lay on your back
  938. >”P-Princess, I'm s-sorry.”
  939. >”Twilight! You are student to the Princess of the Sun! Show some backbone!”
  940. >Twilight swallows hard and holds back her tears as best she can
  941. >She lays on the floor and whimpers like a hurt puppy
  942. >”Good... Now, Anonymous! Come hither!”
  943. >You stand to your shaky hooves and breathe easy through your nose
  944. “I am ready to accept whatever punishment is most fitting for keeping secrets against the Princess.”
  945. >You sigh and hope it's just beheading, at least that is quick enough
  946. >”Very chivalrous of you... Place your head against Twilight's so that you two are laying in a single line.”
  947. >You don't even understand, but admirably do as commanded
  948. >The lights slowly dim as the room takes on a eerie silence
  949. >You can't see Twilight's face or Celestia's, but you can feel something in the air
  950. >The Princess walks towards you two in a slow, elegant stride
  951. >”It pains me to have to do this to otherwise good students.”
  952. >She sighs a heavy sigh and you see her poise herself above you
  953. >With a slow, deliberate motion, Celestia's backside presses against your snout
  954. >You attempt to question what is going on, but a generous amount of flesh is making it difficult to talk
  955. >Celestia grinds down your mouth and chin over to Twilight and back again
  956. >She does this for a few more motions before clearing her throat
  957. >”Now, I want you both to recite the Equestria Commons anthem, slowly.”
  958. >You are suddenly aware that you are not dying... at least, not in the traditional sense
  959. >You do what you are told, if only to not incur any actual anger
  960. >Twilight seems much more worried than you for some odd reason
  961. >Celestia's slick slit passes your face first and through a few phrases
  962. >You lick her, as you imagine is her plan, and find yourself more concerned about what is going on by your tail
  963. >She rocks over to Twilight, but doesn't spend as much time with her before she is back at you
  964. >”Twilight! Anon is a much better speaker! Work on, ohh~, you're form!
  965. >You giggle very slightly as your tongue tastes Celestia thoroughly
  966. >She leaves you if only to keep up her act of ΩpunishmentΩ and grinds into Twilight's face
  967. >Without a plump flank on your head, it's easy to hear Celestia coo happily
  968. >”Ahh~, the Pendulum... It may be too good for you after all...”
  969. >Celestia removes her body from Twilight and steps to one side
  970. >”Anonymous! As you have shown a greater deal of -misbehavior-, you will be punished while Twilight is forced to watch.”
  971. >You smirk a bit, but don't pay heed to the lusty Princess
  972. >What will she really do to you?
  973. >Twilight is suddenly lifted and pinned to the ceiling with a smacking thud
  974. >Celestia's magic is intense now and she smiles devilishly
  975. >You see her clothes seem to evaporate, leaving you staring at your naked body above you
  976. >”On your hooves, Anonymous!”
  977. >You slowly crawl to your hooves and stand by
  978. >Celestia struts behind you
  979. >”If you move, I will take swift action to make you still again.”
  980. >You look up once to Twilight and listen well
  981. >You feel a warm, slippery tongue dart out and ride up your juicy box
  982. >A shiver breaks from your spin to your horn and you can't resist the oncoming wiggle
  983. >”Disobedience!”
  984. >You feel a warm, broad something thwack your backside
  985. >You lurch forward at the sudden smack and your flank stings lightly
  986. >”Now, let us see if you can do better!”
  987. >Celestia giggles quietly as she licks you again
  988. >You brace your legs for this one, but her tongue is so long
  989. >She wraps a hoof on your rump and slurps into you
  990. >You let go a moan at her expert mouth only to be rewarded with a hard spank
  991. >You feel a bit of your liquid shame spill from the force of the paddling
  992. >”Spare the paddle, spoil the filly...”
  993. >Another smack to your flank finds your girly goo drip down your legs
  994. >You don't remember enjoying being spanked before, but you hardly remember enjoying being molested by a horse
  995. >So, like... whatever, you think
  996. >Celestia sets back to work, drilling you deeply than ever with her incredible tongue
  997. >It is long enough to swab your insides in one motion and you are nearly bursting as you restrain the wet noises your mouth wants to make
  998. >Your flank is licked until you feel a bit sore and you thrust forward
  999. >You don't receive a smack this time, however, as Celestia wraps her mouth around your little marehood and sucks
  1000. “Oh, Celestia~! You're going to make me... ohh~”
  1001. >As if by some truly cruel act, Celestia immediately pulls back and slaps your reddening flank
  1002. >Three, quick and power thwaps ring in the darkness
  1003. >You drop your front half and let her beat your red hot flank
  1004. >Your sensitive backside gushes further and you crave something more
  1005. >”Tell me that you are sorry!”
  1006. ”I am so~rry! Ahh~”
  1007. >”Beg for forgiveness!”
  1008. “C-Celestia! Ahh~, p-please forgive me!”
  1009. >Another slap and you are drooling on the floor like a wanton harlot
  1010. “Ooh~, I've been so bad! Please, t-teach this servant!”
  1011. >You can't believe have amazing you feel to be spanked and molested
  1012. >At once, Celestia leaves you be and begins to walk away
  1013. >Your backside is hot and sore from repeated slaps and tongue lashings, but you are desperately in need still
  1014. “C-Celestia? A-are you not going to show me the light?”
  1015. >”Oh, you will learn, my dear Anonymous...”
  1016. >A band of light pins your neck and front hooves to the floor you are laying on
  1017. >You are now in an uncomfortable position with you used rump in the air for all to see
  1018. >Celestia looks up to Twilight who has a sizable erection now
  1019. >”This is the punishment that befalls all who practice without permission.”
  1020. >Celestia flashes a predatory smile before you feel her standing behind you
  1021. >A brilliant flash of light emits from the background, but you can't really see what is happening
  1022. >You feel a large, warm body on top of you and see Celestia's four, shining hooves around you
  1023. >”Now, feel the infinite mercy of the Sun!”
  1024. >You cannot form a word before you feel something long, hard and so delicious penetrate your burning snatch
  1025. >A sound of fulfillment rings from your throat as you are stuffed to the seams
  1026. >With little hesitation, Celestia begins moving
  1027. >She pumps your bound body long and hard, working her mighty shaft deeper and deeper until you simple ooze with delight
  1028. >”A-already learned your first lesson?”
  1029. >Celestia smiles at you from above
  1030. >”Now... the second.”
  1031. >You are taught anywhere from five to eight lessons, you lose count during blackouts, before Celestia feels that you have had enough
  1032. >”be cleansed of your misdeeds!”
  1033. >As if on cue, you feel a load of burning spunk rocket into your abused hole
  1034. >Your hooves and neck are released, but you don't want to move now
  1035. >You lay there, panting and bruised with the Princess' long stallion rod in you
  1036. >As you feel her move away, your hips try to give chase
  1037. >Sadly, she is able to remove her fat member from you and it leaves you feeling slightly empty
  1038. >”Ahh... it is good to see you have learned your lesson. As for you, Twilight Sparkle... you must now face the consequences of your actions...”
  1039. >You roll on your back and try to adjust your belly with little success
  1040. >So much royal punishment has left your stomach swollen to the point that you look pregnant
  1041. >Regardless, your stomach is so warm and squishy and your rub it contently
  1042. >You see Twilight descend and forced to her back beside you
  1043. “H-hey... Twilight...”
  1044. >”I am sorry you had to suffer, Anon... this is all my fault.”
  1045. “Shut up and kiss me...”
  1046. >She looks at you for a moment with a bit of stress in her eyes
  1047. >Celestia grins as she moves on top of Twilight
  1048. >”Anonymous is a learned student and clean pupil... Do as he says...”
  1049. >You pull Twilight's flat face towards you and give her a loving kiss
  1050. >Her tongue is rather lazy right now, but you are sure you can fix that in no time
  1051. >You break the kiss and stare into Twilight's eyes
  1052. >You don't care if it's your face, those are the eyes of somep0ny you love
  1053. “I'm here for you... no matter what... OK?”
  1054. >You smile weakly and breathe hard
  1055. >”OK...”
  1056. >Celestia lets go a cute sigh as she watches you two
  1057. >”I would like to have found you so well, but there is no time for that currently!”
  1058. >You look over to see that Celestia's wonderful male part is gone again
  1059. >She sinks her hips onto Twilight and you see her body easily engulf her
  1060. >”Ahh~! So hot... Celestia... please, I will never make such a mistake again...”
  1061. >”I know you won't, Twilight...”
  1062. >Celestia begins to glide smoothly on Twilight's member
  1063. >Twilight squeezes your hoof as the feeling of a slick, wet female works her maleness
  1064. >It doesn't take long for Twilight to unload into her teacher, but Celestia has other plans
  1065. >”For shame... spilling your seed inside your teacher! We will need to remedy this!”
  1066. >You see Celestia cast another spell and suddenly, Twilight's small scrotum engorges
  1067. >”Each release you make will only build up now...”
  1068. >She grins and begins bouncing on Twilight's member with ferocious vigor
  1069. >It takes very little time for Twilight's testicles to swell to the size of baseballs
  1070. >You hope it won't cause any permanent damage... they are -your- only gonads after all
  1071. >Celestia finally ends her rough humping with a gooey moan and a wet popping sound
  1072. >She slides off Twilight's shaft and admires her swollen sack
  1073. >”Hmm, this would be far too messy to release now... I would hate to ruin the carpet... Anonymous! You are a good student; can you find a creative solution to helping your peer?”
  1074. >With a waddling gait from your full belly, you make your way to your body
  1075. >Twilight's face is twisted in a sort of pain you know all too well
  1076. >You bring your face close and push back your hair
  1077. >A sniff and a lick is all it takes for you to enjoy this dirty tool
  1078. >It takes like Celestia and you suck on the stiff love pump with what little energy you have left
  1079. >”Anonymous! Creative, effective and efficient! You are certainly a bright one.”
  1080. >She giggles before pushing your head further down with her large hoof
  1081. >You feel Twilight bump her hips up once before the first trickle of hot seed hits your tongue
  1082. >”A tasty meal for a tasty student, mmm..."
  1083. >Celestia sounds like she wants to taste almost as much as she is enjoying watching
  1084. >There is little time to stop, however, as a larger glob of boiling sperm is pushing into your maw
  1085. >You swallow in large, wet gulps again and again until Twilight has nothing left to give
  1086. “Oh... my... lord...”
  1087. >You hiccup only to find some of Twilight's appreciation spill up your throat
  1088. >”I am... actually rather impressed! You didn't spill a drop! I take it you must have been practicing a lot?”
  1089. >You fall on your back and close your eyes
  1090. “Celestia... I am so tired... too much... cum.”
  1091. >”I imagine.”
  1092. >She places a hoof on your stomach and presses you lightly
  1093. >You can nearly hear the sloshing of a liter or so of bubbling warmth in your extended belly as you move
  1094. >”I think today's lesson was a success and I do not think you will be so brash next time, Twilight Sparkle. While I encourage you to keep studying hard, there is a time and place for all knowledge.”
  1095. >”Y-yes, Princess.”
  1096. >”You may both take the night off to, hehe, recover from your ordeal.”
  1097. >She covers her mouth happily
  1098. >As Celestia stands, her body drips from the various acts of the night and her hips seem a bit tired
  1099. >A spell passes over the two of you and for a moment, it feels like your being is stretched across time
  1100. >With a snapping sensation, you find yourself alert again
  1101. “My head... what happened?”
  1102. >You feel something in your clutches
  1103. >A warm, purple hoof rests in your hand
  1104. >You squeeze tighter to confirm that you are you again!
  1105. “Thank you, Celestia! How did you...?”
  1106. >”Anonymous... this spell is foal's play for me.”
  1107. “So... the rape... was just for the sake of rape?”
  1108. >”I wouldn't say that! You did exceptionally well.”
  1109. >She points to Twilight who is sleeping soundly
  1110. >She looks like a crème stuffed pastry and you chuckle
  1111. “I learned a great deal about being a pony... and a mare! It was... an experience.”
  1112. >”I would think so! You seem to have become... accustomed to a great deal of experiences. Might I interest you in something I do not believe you have enjoyed yet?”
  1113. “What might that be?”
  1114. >Celestia casts a familiar spell on herself and her powerful stallion rod appears
  1115. >”I could teach you a wonderful secret many stallions will never learn about themselves. All you would need do is bend over and accept my friendship.”
  1116. “I... don't know. Now that I am male again, isn't this kind of gay?”
  1117. >Celestia chuckles easily as her shaft sways before you
  1118. >”Nonsense! It is only gay if balls touch!”
  1119. >With that, you learn another great lesson about friendship
  1120. >Over and over and over again
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