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  1. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:03 PM
  2. MEANWHILE, this whole time after they'd brought Lion-sama, Kuro was standing in a corner with his eyes closed. Perfectly balanced, if one paid attention they'd see he was snoring lightly.
  3. Asahina Kairi  at 11:14 PM
  4. "Indeed, it would be quite a shame.  Eating and drinking will be difficult, he will be taking his meals in the form of soup for a while.  I'll want to speak with his superior and make sure he has time to recover, doctor's orders."  She quietly leaned over and picked up a small wooden bowl.  Just what she needed to throw at Kurosawa.
  5. Suzume Kenki  at 11:17 PM
  6. "Hai. Still, your skill is nothing short of miraculous, Asahina-sama."
  7. Asahina Kairi  at 11:22 PM
  8. The bowl clangs off the wall just to the side of Kurosawa but Kairi can't help but smile at Kenki.  "Thank you, your words are appreciated." She helped the Lion get as comfortable as he was going to be in bed, propped up of course.  "It is only because i have had so much practice, which is both a good and bad thing."
  9. Suzume Kenki  at 11:25 PM
  10. "Good because it is needed, bad because you've needed it?"
  11. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:29 PM
  12. The white haired man's eyes spring open and his body tenses at the sound of the clattering, but relaxes at the sight of no immediate danger. Not wishing to disturb or interrupt any business or anything he leans into a wooden support of the wall behind him, grey hues observing and taking in what was going on. At least Lion-sama seemed okay stuffed with bandages and herbs.
  13. Asahina Kairi  at 11:31 PM
  14. "Exactly Suzume-san.  But at least with every patient I treat I can help the next one that much quicker." She looked at Kurosawa for a few seconds. "Just don't fall over in your sleep.  I don't feel like fixing a broken nose on top of a broken jaw today."
  15. Suzume Kenki  at 11:36 PM
  16. He'd bow to the Crane and the Unicorn, and the Matsu as well. "Minna-sama, sleep sounds like a capital idea. I should go get some rest. Ancestors watch over you."
  17. He'd then three steps and leave.
  18. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:39 PM
  19. He shifted and stood upright, bowing to the Sparrow as he made his exit stage left. "Thank you for your assistance today; your conduction of the spar was most honorable, as was bringing this one here." If only cooler heads had prevailed and had not had to hypnotize people in an alternate universe. "May the winds be at your back, Suzume-sama." Naturally he'd know the name of someone else who'd been in the tournament and beaten his peer, Kuzen. Duh. He would make a face at his cousin before bending down and picking up the source of the clatter, spinning it atop of his finger. At least the bowl had not broken..!
  20. Asahina Kairi  at 11:47 PM
  21. "Please do come back and visit me whenever you have time." She called out as the Sparrow departed.  Now for the matter of her cousin.  "Sleeping in my infirmary now?"
  22. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:49 PM
  23. He put on a look of fake shock. Sachio would certainly have notes for his performance however. "Merely resting my eyes, Kairi. It has been a very long day, I have seen many things transpire since this morning."
  24. Asahina Kairi  at 11:57 PM
  25. "Hai, I don't hold that against you.  But don't you have a bed that would be more comfortable?  Or are you just watching over me?" She turned away to begin cleaning up.
  28. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 12:03 AM
  29. Why is he still here actually? "It is very comfortable, so much so that sometimes I fear I will lose my love of sleeping on the open grass." He began to stretch his arms above his head, accompanied by a small yawn. "I was more ensuring that the Lion would be stabilized. A terrible thing happened today, and while I was sure in your abilities I was still concerned for his well being." He had seen Temujin hit, the samurai was brick beat hoooooouse with a sword.
  30. Asahina Kairi  at 12:06 AM
  31. "Your concern is appreciated.  He is fine.....well he will be fine I should say." Bloody bandages were gathered and put into a bucket along with all of the other unclean things to be destroyed.  She went about her work unfazed, though she would need to perform a cleansing ritual at some point.  "Oh, so you are not here to see me.  I see."
  32. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 12:09 AM
  33. He left his post (get it) and strutted over to her desk, observing her work. "It would be wrong to interfere with the work of a healer. Who am I to get in the way of all the patients who are in need. Purely business that I am here, of course." Although he was curious about something. "How are the children? I did my best to teach them well, although I am no master such as yourself."
  34. Asahina Kairi  at 12:12 AM
  35. She stopped what she was doing and looked up at him.  "If I had the stack of papers with the character for vengeance written on them right now you'd be eating them one by one.  Why did I bother leaving you a lesson plan Kuro-kun if you were just going to teach the children that?"
  36. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 12:16 AM
  37. His hair stood on end and he looked horrified. Oh shit he had totally forgotten to take collect the papers and uhm, sort them appropriately. But then it'd look like some children had not done anything. And he couldn't just blame Temujin; no, this was his responsibility to bear. He bowed in apology. "Ahh... I was trying to teach them about Jin. Tsuruchi-sama," fancy, "assisted me in teaching them about Mercy. And as day cannot exist without darkness, they were taught about Vengeance. But," he held up a finger, "only in that it is wrong, and that a samurai should not take such a path. Forgive me, Kairi. My own teaching was strange, so I try to abstain from passing that down onto the little ones." Rock licking, etc.
  38. Asahina Kairi  at 12:21 AM
  39. She grumbled as she went back to work cleaning up.  "It's almost as if you want me to always be angry with you Kuro-kun.  Stick to the lesson plan." The petite Asahina glared at Kurosawa.  "You're lucky that I......" She stopped herself. "You're just lucky is all.  Please think what would Kairi do before you leap without looking next time."
  40. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 12:25 AM
  41. Maybe he should be assisting her. He spent enough time here, but he also didn't really know what to do except heal and let the herbs flow through him when it was time. He'd only get in the way. "I have been thinking that, as a matter of fact." Arms folded across his chest. "I did not get involved in the fight earlier; it would have been reckless. I came along to ensure my cousins did not get in over their heads." They were the wild ones okay. He tapped his forehead once. "A samurai's word is their promise, and I gave you my word." A small smile crept across this face. "Did they like the lesson, cousin?"
  42. Asahina Kairi  at 12:28 AM
  43. "Well you were still there, but not being directly involved is definitely a step in the right direction.  One I thank you for." Almost finished, she washed her hands in a basin of water before straightening up.  "I am hesitant to tell you this, but they did.
  44. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 12:37 AM
  45. He glanced back at the Lion, now nice and bandaged up and sleeping peacefully. If things had gone totally different that could have been him- nah. He was good at kenjutsu. Kind of. Sorta. A frown crossed his face before quickly being chased away by a smile. Which was quickly replaced with a steady On like he was always supposed to be wearing. "And as their teacher for the day, it was delightful to have the opportunity to teach them. Maybe next time I will not bring Tsuruchi-sama and Horiuchi-sama to assist; they were extremely well behaved and eager to learn."
  46. Asahina Kairi  at 12:41 AM
  47. "I'm glad to hear it.  They usually think they can just color or play outside when a substitute is present.  I am happy to hear they behaved and engaged." When she was finished she stood and looked up at Kuro.  "Thank you for covering for me."
  48. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 12:47 AM
  49. He'd level his twinkling gaze down at her. "It was no trouble at all, cousin. It is as I said; if you need, I will do it for you." Despite all the lightness now, it was almost time for why he'd come here. The edges of his lips downed slightly as the inner turmoil rose in front of him. "But," he pulled out a scroll from his kimono, "I actually did come to see you today. I have..." a bit of hesitation. "news." He set it down in front of her with a light clink so she could pick it up and read it.
  50. Asahina Kairi  at 12:53 AM
  51. She read it, then read it again.  "Oh.....oh.....oh.  Good Kuro-kun.  It seems like somwthingy will be happening for you on that front, before me no doubt.  I am happy for you."
  52. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 1:02 AM
  53. He turned away, keeping his focus on the not dead Lion. Man he was about to reveal to her how screwed he was. "Kairi..." he began softly, "that day, in the Black Room. I thought I had been victorious, for I did not find myself tied to the Phoenix and could remain free to focus on my duties." His back stiffened at the memory of how pissed Nakodo-sama had been. "I was a fool; I risked the honor of my clan for..." he struggled to find the words catching in his throat. "I made a grave error in judgement. I told her that I would only accept marriage, if my bride to be could defeat me in a challenge. I was arrogant and believed that I would prove myself in this tournament to inspire fear and respect into them to show I was serious. Yet I have only performed poorly. And in that letter, liesin my fate."
  55.  ===============================
  56. The letter reads as follows:
  57. To the Unicorn,
  59. I, the esteemed nakado of the Phoenix in Kyuden Ashinagabachi, ask that find youself available before the end of the Festival of Triumph to have tea in the gardens. Your return reply will be expected.
  61. Shiba Gaiju
  62. The Phoenix rises from the ashes.
  64. In response:
  65. Shinjo Kurosawa, of the Unicorn Clan, shall be available and waiting in the Gardens as requested.
  66.  ======================================
  68. Asahina Kairi  at 1:05 AM
  69. "Maybe it's not that big of a deal.  For example, I won the jiujutsu competition so......I don't know." She didn't know where she was going with that. "I mean.....your would be bride hasn't defeated you yet, right?"
  70. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 1:10 AM
  71. He certainly hoped Shinkai was not his bride to be. "It is not that. I fear, with the timing of the letter, they have seen I can be beaten and can be brought into their fold." He couldn't just say out loud that he didn't want to perform his duty, but if looks could say such a thing... "I have been seeking knowledge of the Phoenix. And while they are a most honorable and noble clan, and I will honor my word and duty..." he trailed off for a second, and then he would speak softly again:
  72. "Lying, listening,
  73. Wind carries thoughts from the heart
  74. Waiting to be found."
  75. Asahina Kairi  at 1:19 AM
  76. "My poem.  You remember it?  I....." She looked away as she spoke. "A stipulation of my marriage is that my husband can't be from the Phoenix.  I suppose it's fitting that you instead are matched with  samurai of the Phoenix.  But perhaps you will do better if indeed you are challenged by your possible future bride."
  77. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 1:34 AM
  78. Now he whirled around, as she turned away. His gaze turned downward, practically boring a hole into the small wooden desk. The turmoil was almost at it's boiling point, heating his very core. There was no gentle way to do this, no herbs were going to heal what he was about to do. "I remember it well ever since I laid eyes upon it." It had seemed ages ago now, that painful day in the tea shop. "The fool who rejected you, he remembers well. And that same fool..." his cheeks burned with shame, "challenged the Phoenix in the right to marriage. His heart, even now, struggles as if it were caught in the web of a terrible spider, Kairi."
  79. Asahina Kairi  at 1:41 AM
  80. Her eyes met his and she blinked a few times, taking in what he just said.  Perhaps she just thought she heard what's she heard, sometimes Kuro just didn't get to the point.  But no, it was pretty clear.  "The Daidoji" While it was clear it didn't mean it was easy to actually hear.  "I have the choice of who I wish to marry, but at the same time I don't.  You are too torn Kuro-kun, I'd like to hear what you truly want." She stepped closer so he could whisper if he wanted.
  81. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 1:59 AM
  82. His heart pounded in his chest as if a man affected by Lord Moon's curse was beating upon it. She was so demure, so kind, wonderful, beautiful. And smart. She had gathered what his twisted words had meant. Duty, loyalty, infatuation, or love? What was it to be? Which path lead to happiness, which path lead to honor? No man was ready for such a thing, how could anyone make a decision when it was this maddening? In this moment he was... uncertain? Afraid? No, not afraid. A noble samurai would act, and they would act in the manner expected of them set by Bushido.
  83. Instead of any of that, the white haired Unicorn would aim to pull her in close and kiss her hard upon the lips.
  84. Asahina Kairi  at 2:04 AM
  85. She tensed at first, not expecting Kuro to be so bold. Truth be told she expected him to mope a bit more, but apparently she didn't know him as well as she thought she did. For too long it had been children, lessons, healing, repeat. Sometimes sleep would be thrown in there. There was never time to properly act upon any feelings she had, actually there was never any time to even feel such things. But now she just wrapped her arms around Kuro and returned the kiss to the best of her ability. Right there in front of the Lion whose jaw she had just repaired.
  86. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 2:19 AM
  87. She was so warm, and in her the white haired Unicorn could have lost himself forever in there. No more duty or honor to uphold, no fighting or war. Just the woman who had taken it upon herself to be compassionate and kind while he recklessly went forth and disobeyed everyone, it seemed. This was most certainly not being careful, and nearly everyone he'd ever met from Kuzen to Kairi had always told him to be careful. He would be the first to break their contact, but his arms would be around her smaller frame. The die was cast, that much was known. "Forgive me," he'd murmur softly, "I am ever reckless and foolish, Kairi. Even now, when I should..." should what? Know better? "My mind is torn, but my heart speaks with certainty." And now he was likely doomed to the nakodo.
  88. Asahina Kairi  at 2:26 AM
  89. She finally took a breath after Kuro broke away.  Her eyes darted all around, looked for something to distract herself with.  His arms were around her and for a few seconds she enjoyed the feeling before taking a step back and fussing with some bottles she had left out.  "Nothing to forgive.  That was......nice.  Very much so.  It is I who should apologize, I am the one who asked questions.  I..... well....." She trailed off, not sure what to say.  "I'm sorry I complicated this."
  90. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 2:54 AM
  91. If only you knew how deep and complicated this hole got, Kairi. His arms hung loosely at his side, still not believing that this had been real, and now was over. Such things never seemed to last as long as they should. His pale face flushed red with a small smile, and for once he did not look away, gazing at the shugenja as she resumed her work. Was he pleased with himself? Maybe. This did not mean he had done any of this right, hadn't followed proper procedure, and most certainly had not been approved by a nakodo. His reckless nature was going to get him into deeper trouble, as it always did, and that terrible thought lurked at the back of his mind. "You complicated nothing; I came into your life and strew about your world and order like a wind in Toghrul's office." But what now? This was all happening so fast, too fast for the fastest Unicorn. "I don't know what I should do next, but my heart would not allow me to do any of it before I revealed it to you." He almost began to ask for her to forgive him but he was always doing that. "And I swore that I would find you happiness; I will find a way to uphold my word." Was he really going to be able to?
  93. And yet inside of him, a worm of dark thoughts, whispering a name seemed intent on ruining the moment, and would not stay still.
  94. Asahina Kairi  at 7:50 AM
  95. (ugh, sorry I passed out)
  96. She stopped what she was messing with and she forced herself to give Kuro the attention he deserved.  Would it have been easier if nothing had happened, if she had just let him sleep against the wall?  Perhaps, but there was no doubt that this was coming.  "Do you need time think.  I can give you some space......" she trailed off not really sure where to go from here now.
  97. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 10:04 AM
  98. The weight of what he had done was beginning to sink in. He didn't even know if he could count as high as many social rules of conduct he'd broken. This was all so improper! Cheeks flushed, he quickly straightened himself out, tightening everything and the final piece, making sure his face was even and perfect. Trying to be a good samurai, while he gazed back at the Asahina, although warmness shone through his steel colored gaze. "I do not need to think; my heart already knows, Kairi." Yes very smart. He wanted to approach her and take her hands into his and assure her everything would be fine. But she was talking about space, and that would be incredibly improper. This was extremely difficult never having done any of this before. "I will take my leave, Kairi. But it is not to be away from you." He bowed. "I will learn what must be done, what can be done..." For us was left unsaid in case the Lion woke up. He would likely have to visit Oba-san and ask her what to do next. "I would like to..." A small surge of red warmed his face, "spend more time with you, again."
  99. Asahina Kairi  at 10:22 AM
  100. The bottles had been set aside, out of her reach purposely so that she would have to make and effort to distract herself with them again. "Hai.....that would be nice....." She wants quite sure what to say here, was the truth more appropriate or should she maintain an impenetrable On? "I am here, usually. Or with the children. But sometimes I am not. can be any of those places."
  102. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 10:35 AM
  103. "I could not allow myself to be an improper example to the children once more," he said with a hint of amusement in his voice. It was time for another bout of impropriety actually. He would take her more delicate hands into his own, to try and still her heart and mind. Even though he knew full well that was improper to most, it wasn't so outrageous to his clan. "I do my best to ease the burden of your duties, and make your life easier. You will not be alone, Kairi." Whisper whisper.
  104. Asahina Kairi  at 10:43 AM
  105. Her cheeks grew hot and red as he took her hands in mto his own.  As for her heart, well that felt like it would pound right out of her chest.  "They enjoyed your visit.  Would you take that away from them?  Just stick to the lesson plan." At first she laughed nervously, but then she laughed at what she said.
  106. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:02 AM
  107. "if it's for the children then surely I could not deny them." He beamed down at her as she laughed, before letting out a small laugh as well. They were gonna wake the patients! "And next time, I shall." He'd still bring the Wasp though, that's what homies were for. "But I personally enjoyed the rather unorthodox lesson. Is it so wrong to stray from the path from time to time if their attention is held and the message is good?"
  108. Asahina Kairi  at 11:06 AM
  109. Kairi was a stickler for keeping things by the book......except for what just happened of course.  "Well take it on a case by case basis.  No more unauthorized calligraphy lessons for the time being.  And try to keep it from becoming a social hour with you and your friends."
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