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  1. Shiba Nichie  4:45 PM
  2. The short shugenja walks along the hallways. Looking for the kami alone knows what.
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  4. Shinjo Kurosawa  5:00 PM
  5. Kuro decides to bother the Shiba after a day of fasting and pondering. Coincidentally, she was in this hallway he was pacing. He would call out to her to get her attention, and bow; he was not hard to miss, wearing a simple, faded purple kimono today. "Shiba-sama, have you had your rice today?"
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  7. Shiba Nichie  5:05 PM
  8. She bows in return. "i have. And your self?"
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  10. Shinjo Kurosawa  5:07 PM
  11. Has not, actually. He hesitated, wondering how to respond to this. "Aha, yes, yes I have." He wondered how to bring up his musings without being rude. "Shiba-sama, would you mind telling me... About the Shiba?"
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  13. Shiba Nichie  5:10 PM
  14. "About the shiba?" she seems puzzled. "what is it that you wish to know?"
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  16. Shinjo Kurosawa  5:12 PM
  17. "Well, anything." He shrugged. "What role do you perform for your family?" Just curious about Phoenix, no underlying reasoning here.
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  19. Tsuruchi Yashiro  5:15 PM
  20. Yashiro, being distract almost missed this conversation, but now he was walking down the hallway.
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  22. Shiba Nichie  5:16 PM
  23. "Most of the shiba train as yojimbo and guards to the Isawa shugenja. We ensure the safety of all. And try to keep things peacefull and well.. Calm the isawa tempers a little"
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  25. Tsuruchi Yashiro  5:17 PM
  26. He notices Kurosawa and approaches, having acquired bee gear recently. Might as well share that information with the beeard master.
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  28. Shinjo Kurosawa  5:20 PM
  29. He pondered for a moment. Babysitter to a temperamental family did not sound that great. Did he want that for his future? But peace keeping, that did sound nice. But wasn't he already doing that? He cups his chin, eyeing the Shiba in thought. "Why do the Isawa not protect themselves?" The idea of a protective family sounded kind of absurd. His clans shugenja didn't require a whole family of guards. He jerked in surprise at the sight of a fully bee-pared Yashiro, wondering what the hell he was looking at.
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  31. Tsuruchi Yashiro  5:21 PM
  32. "Shinjo-san! Look!" He says in what will probably be the most undignified anyone will ever see him, and he was knocked unconscious recently in a fight. "Bee suit!"
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  34. Shiba Nichie  5:23 PM
  35. She turns to stare. "Because the Isawa are shugenja. We do not, as a rule, fight."
  36. "unless we do, and then its sort of.. Lets say it is better that the shiba bushi do the fighting."
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  38. Shinjo Kurosawa  5:27 PM
  39. Kuro has never needed a bee suit in his life. He covers his mouth to hide the beginning of a smile. "It looks very protective, Yashiro-san. Did you test if it works yet?" To the Phoenix he tilted his head. "Our shugenja know to hide and flee if combat appears. You knew that as well, at the Village." He bowed his head. "I do not mean to sound disrespectful; I am merely trying to learn. I had a visit from a Phoenix nakodo, who wished that I enter your clan, your same family, actually." Oh man here we go
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  41. Tsuruchi Yashiro  5:29 PM
  42. "Not yet. I am curious to see soon." He waddled up. To the pair and bowed, "Ah Shiba-San, good to see you."
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  44. Shiba Nichie  5:30 PM
  45. "that does sound wonderful" she agreed. " im certain that you will make someone a very kind husband".
  46. She bows. "Tsuruchi san. A pleasure."
  47. A pause before she continues. "has shinjo sama ever heard of the elemental legions? They were Isawa that faught themselves."
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  49. Shinjo Kurosawa  5:33 PM
  50. The Unicorn paused a bit awkwardly. "I, uhm, do not believe I was chosen to be married. I am not a very fit husband, I believe." TECHNICALLY TRUTHS. "And I had not heard of them. My history is... rusty." Thanks paranoid sensei-sama. To Yashiro: "Did I not see you in there as well, Yashiro-san? How did you fare?"
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  52. Shiba Nichie  5:39 PM
  53. "very little is left standing, if the kami are asked to destroy." she shudders. "i prefere tobe a healer"
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  55. Tsuruchi Yashiro  5:40 PM
  56. "Aye, I was tricked into the room. A cruel trick too, for I was offered a beautiful girls hand in marriage."
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  58. Shiba Nichie  5:45 PM
  59. "sounds fortunate. Congratulations"
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  61. Shinjo Kurosawa  5:46 PM
  62. That seemed to conflict with her earlier statement of not being able to protect themselves. Maybe he'd made a good choice, not accepting the offer. "I see." He did not actually, as he wasn't really experienced with magic and didn't know how destructive they could be aside from watching Aiko fire whip stuff. "So is that all? Shugenja protectorates?" Sure there was more to being a Shiba? He couldn't doom make a child to that path. He was all about freedom. Although he raised an eyebrow at Yashiro. "Oh? Have you met her then? Tell me about the woman who captured the heart of the Wasp who tames bees."
  63. ________________________________________
  64. Shiba Nichie  5:50 PM
  65. "The shiba are the familiy of the Phoenix founder. We chose to serve." she smiles. " different people walk this path differently. Im.. Not certain what our future is." or even if there is one, she seems to worry. Suddenly sad.
  66. ________________________________________
  67. Tsuruchi Yashiro  5:51 PM
  68. If Yashiro had been with his Yoritomo friends he would have corrected the body part she was taking, but this was polite company. "I have seen artwork and received a letter. If she survives the coming battle I'll meet her then."
  69. *taming
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  71. Shiba Nichie  5:53 PM
  72. "you must be very happy."
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  74. Shinjo Kurosawa  5:57 PM
  75. Yes polite company. "Our future is someday, our children will know a life without this great evil pervading it, Shiba-sama. That is why we are here; to bring about a brighter tomorrow..!" Yes, he stood so confident, eyes practically ablaze. That was a goal he had sworn to carry out, and he could not fail. This bit of overconfidence slipped out of him like steam from a tea kettle, however, as he toned it down to speak to Yashiro again. "Show the artwork, or are a more discreet lover, Yashiro-san?"
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  77. Shiba Nichie  5:58 PM
  78. She smiles briefly, taking heart from the shinjos confidence.
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  80. Tsuruchi Yashiro  6:02 PM
  81. "I don't have it with me. I don't keep much in this outfit"
  82. ________________________________________
  83. Shinjo Kurosawa  6:06 PM
  84. Kurosawa, here to inspire and fight. If only he could inspire himself. "Next time you gather honey, we shall discuss more on the matter." He bowed to the Wasp. "Forgive our short time together, but I have duties to attend to." He turned and also bowed to the adorable smole Shiba. "And thank you, for educating me in the ways of your people. Maybe someday," his smile turned a bit sad, but he quickly corrected his mouth, "I will be a good father. I would hope so. Take care, Shiba-sama."
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  86. Tsuruchi Yashiro  6:13 PM
  87. Yashiro bows to the retreating unicorn.
  88. ________________________________________
  89. Shiba Nichie  6:16 PM
  90. She too bows to the shinjo, then glances at the wasp.
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