Character Sheet

May 6th, 2014
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  1. Sierra Beckhoff (Demon name: Sakheris)
  2. Level 12 Favored of the Panther
  3. Character portrait:
  4. (And a more artistic rendition:
  5. Demon form:
  7. Max Hit Points: 35 (10 base, 10 from levels, 10 from skills, 5 from Thultal endurance training)
  8. Max Power Points: 48 (10 base, 10 from levels, 28 from landwells)
  9. Stress Threshold: 103 (Sierra goes into a psychotic episode when the stress threshold is breached. [+3 from wish])
  10. Max Sanity: 100 (Sierra's mental condition deteriorates as she loses sanity.)
  12. -Fury-
  13. Effects: Bloodrage, Predatory Reserve, Sense Weakness (Raises fury), Red Quickening (Raises fury), Fiery Corona
  15. 30: 5% physical, reflex, and perception bonus [BR]
  16. 40: +1 temp HP [PR]
  17. 50: +HP, +PP, -STRESS per foe slain, 10% physical, reflex, and perception bonus [BR] 1 fire damage on touch [FC]
  18. 60: +1 temp HP [PR]
  19. 70: 20% physical, reflex, and perception bonus [BR]
  20. 75: +1 temp HP [PR] 1d2 fire damage on touch [FC]
  21. 80: 30% physical, reflex, and perception bonus [BR]
  22. 90: +1 temp HP [PR]
  23. 100: 40% physical, reflex, and perception bonus [BR] +2 temp HP [PR] 1d3 fire damage on touch [FC]
  25. (Bloodrage bonuses do not stack. Fiery Corona damage bonuses do not stack.)
  27. --Physical notes --
  28. Sierra is 5'10 tall and has an athletic build, with well-defined muscle. Has calluses and a few minor scars. Despite spending a lot of time outdoors, she has a very light complexion. She has jet-black hair cut in a short, choppy style. Her eyes are pale blue.
  30. --Style notes--
  31. Wears 'street' style clothes. T-shirts, jeans, jackets. Sunburns very easily, so prefers to have arms and legs covered. Always cuts her own hair. Always wears a plain steel ring on her right thumb. Generally doesn't wear makeup, but if when she does, will limit it to eyeliner or eye shadow.
  33. --Personality notes--
  34. Enjoys sarcasm and making fun of others, and causing people to lose their cool. She loses composure easily when confronted with new or uncomfortable situations. Has a difficult time trusting people. She has a strong drive for independence and self-sufficiency. Often becomes melancholy when left to her own devices. Finds tactile exercises involving dexterity or physical action soothing. Also derives sadistic pleasure from inflicting physical and psychological injuries, though doing so to those she considers undeserving conflicts with her sense of morality.
  36. --Practical Skills--
  37. Damn I'm Good Tier: Unarmed fighting, Knife play, Dance dueling, Artistic creativity
  38. Okay I'm Good Tier: Shooting hoops, Sword handling, Martial arts, Heltic
  39. Kind of Good Tier: Picking locks, Deception, Guitar, SMGs and handguns
  40. Passable Tier: Parkour, Hot wiring cars, Occult trivia, Kethgi not-yoga, Russian, Interplanar lore
  41. Novice Tier: Operator know-how, Meditation, Motorcycling
  42. I Don't Even Tier: Backstroke
  44. --Weaknesses--
  45. Spaghetti, pancakes, distance reading, shopping, scissors, swimming pools, hugs, introspection, Wolfgangs
  47. --Items of Importance--
  48. Utility: sweet guitar, sketchbook, glasses, , Suzuki DR 200 motorcycle (Kind of tame, but you're still learning)
  49. Myagic Junk: Zelathis the Lightning Sword, Harvey's Hauberk, Shield charm, pretty much the coolest jacket possible, space saving leather satchel, Danger-close ring, Sotark Elixer potion thing (Might actually just be drugs now that you think about it)
  50. Personal: two photographs, old steel ring
  51. Cash Money: 11,368.50$
  52. Sweet Loot: Wavy bone-handled dagger with pain faces, jewel-encrusted egg, two-inch gold demon-glyph coin
  53. Exotic Botanical Collection: Maviel, goblin mushroom
  54. Dad's Stuff: Izhowak spine spear, pain blade, Flustirin, SS officer's hat, leather great coat, Shadow-speech covered FG-42, spectral scope, tentacle-spewing Walther P38, shadow-generating Gewehr 98, journals for days
  56. -Zelathis-
  57. Magical rapier given by Coredliate when Sierra killed her.
  58. 10 Charge Capacity
  59. Standard Use: 2d4 Slashing damage.
  60. Stinging Strike: 2d4 Slashing damage, 1d4 Electrical damage. On hit, target is electrocuted. Cost: Marginal.
  61. Electric Blast: 1d5 Concussive damage. On hit, target is blasted backward. Cost: 2 charges.
  62. Lightning Bolt: 2d5 Electrical damage. On hit, target is electrocuted. Range: 20 m. Cost: 3 charges.
  63. Absorb Electricity: Zelathis functions as a powerful capacitor, and will charge itself from any electrical force that comes into contact with the blade.
  65. -Sierra's Chainmail shirt-
  66. Mail painstakingly enchanted ring by ring, forged for Sierra by Harvey.
  67. Protects shoulders, torso, and tops of legs.
  68. Armor: ~2 soak versus piercing; ~3 soak versus slashing; ~1 soak versus bludgeon
  69. Hallowed Aegis: May be activated to sheathe Sierra in protective magic. For one combat round, Sierra gains a ~10 soak versus physical damage. Attacks made against her suffer a -15 roll penalty, excepting critical hits. Hostile magic targeting her suffers a 1/4 chance of failure. Activated by a key word spoken by the wearer, 'protege'. Refreshes magic at the light of a sunrise.
  71. -Shield Charm-
  72. 2 Charges
  73. Standard Use: Deflect attack (Projects a momentary 3x3 ft wall of force, akin in strength a brick wall)
  74. Recharges over time using power from the user.
  76. --Peoples--
  77. Pretty Much Sisters Tier: Rowan, Moriah
  78. Family Tier: Isaac, Cassandra, Harvey
  79. Significant Other Tier: Wolf
  80. Magic Friends Tier: Maviel, Vikrama
  81. Good Friends Tier: Baron
  82. Mentor Tier: Borislav, Ranthix, Xanissil
  83. Assistant Coach Tier: Xathix
  84. Conclave Tier: Ulam'uberatu, Orias
  85. Know More Than They Let On Tier: Crowther, Waldric
  88. ------------------------Ability notes-----------------------
  89. *Stress sensitive powers are abilities that will manifest or activate when Sierra takes stress, if she does not actively prevent them from doing so.
  92. Claws: Sierra's hands and forearms distort into cracked, blackened bony flesh, with her fingers tapering off into elongated claws at will. These claws are razor sharp, and capable of cutting through many types of material. They're also useful in scaling and climbing. {Bloodletting} In addition, Sierra reflexively strikes locations that cause the most bleeding possible. Melee attacks inflict bleeding which persists unless stymied by hand or bandaged in some way. This effect stacks with successive strikes. Target must have blood, or some equivalent. Damage: 1+3d3 {+1d3 per round through bloodletting}, Physical Characteristic. Takes one turn to ready or to hide. Type: Slashing/bleeding, Range: Touch, Stress Sensitive [IN]
  94. Digitigrade : Sierra's feet and shins distort into cracked, bony flesh, and her feet elongate and her toes form together into powerful claws, at will. When her feet are in this state, she can move faster and is generally more agile. The claws of her foot are razor sharp, and are capable of cutting through many types of material. They're also useful in scaling and climbing.
  95. Damage: 3d2, cost: 0 PP (Take one turn to come out or go back in), Type: Slashing, Range: Touch, Stress Sensitive [IN]
  97. Horns: Sierra has a pair of strong, twisted horns that just out of the sides of her head and have sharp edges. Her horns protect her head from some forms of trauma, somewhat like a helmet. They can also be utilized in hand to hand combat to great effect. Damage: 2d3, Type: Bludgeon, Range: Touch [Mix]
  99. Serrated Tail: Sierra has a thin, serpentine tail composed of black, bony segments. Her tail is long and flexible, and gives her an edge when performing acrobatic actions. It is sharp along the edges, and ends in jutting spines. Her tail is strong enough to be used as a deadly weapon, if need should arise. Damage: 1d6, Type: Slashing, Range: Touch [IN]
  101. Spindle Wings: Sierra has a pair of flightless, bony wings. She may use them to glide by stretching her shadow over her wing-fingers, given favorable ambient lighting conditions. Lengthy gliding sessions will consume power. [Mix]
  103. Venomous Fangs: Sierra's teeth can sharpen to points, at will. {Psychotropic Venom} Her canines become slightly elongated, and secrete a non-lethal, but debilitating hallucinogenic venom. Her bite can crack through many types of material. Damage: 1d4, Cost: 0 PP (Take one turn to retract or extend fangs), Type: Piercing/Poisonous/Psychological, Range: Touch, Stress Sensitive [Mix]
  105. Corrupted Countenance: Black, jagged cracks form along the lines of Sierra's veins. Her eyes darken and her features become more gaunt, and her skin takes on a deathly pallor. She can hide or exhibit these traits at will, which features are generally frightening or disturbing to regular people. Cost: 0 PP (Take one turn to assume transformation) Stress Sensitive. [Mix]
  107. Bone Carapace: The flesh of Sierra's extremities can distort into ridged, black, chitin-like bone at will. This armored carapace provides protection from physical harm, and in no way impedes movement. In addition, the spines protruding from her joints can cut or stab opponents during grappling. Armor: (~4 slashing, piercing, ballistic), ~6 (Fire), ~2 (Blunt). Stress Sensitive. [Mix]
  109. Crown of Belphegor: A thin circle of light hangs vertically in the air behind Sierra's head, like a halo. This circle is intangible, and gives off only faint light. It may be quenched easily enough through glamors. When unglamored, Sierra is more resilient to psychic based attacks and effects, and the use of Belphegoran abilities do not cause stress gain. [BE]
  111. Fiery Corona: Flames rise from Sierra's shoulders and head, of bluish hue when she is in a neutral mood. Furthermore, her touch can ignite fires or cause burns. She may suppress this burning aura, though it requires a little concentration to keep down. Heat increases with fury. Type: Fire, Range: Touch, Stress Sensitive [IN]
  113. Hellfire: Sierra is capable of producing intense flames from her hands, hot enough to melt some metals. May be used in conjunction with melee attacks and the fire whip. Damage: 2d5{+1d5 Hellblaze}, Cost 5 PP {Shadowflame: +4 PP}, Type: Fire, Range: Touch [IN]
  115. Hellbolt: A ranged projection of hellfire as a condensed ball of furious heat. Damage: 2d5{+1d5 Hellblaze}, Cost 5 PP {Shadowflame: +4 PP}, Type: Fire, Range: 15m{+5m Hellblaze} [IN]
  117. Fire Whip: A tight, cohesive line of hellfire that Sierra may generate innately and use as a whip-like weapon. Cannot be put down or stored, but may be summoned at any time. Damage: 2d5{+1d5 Hellblaze}, Cost: 2 PP {4 PP per Shadowflame strike}, Type: Fire + Explosive, Range: 5m [IN]
  119. Explosive Flare: An explosive blast of intense heat and fire, which emanates off of Sierra's person. Damage: ~14 (AOE), Cost: 8 PP + 10 Stress {Shadowflame: +8 PP}, Type: Explosive + Fire, Range: 4m [IN]
  121. Fire Resistance: Most types of fire aren't hot enough to phase Sierra. She will not take damage or be burned by temperatures less than 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Her hair is similarly resistant to flames, and will not burn. She is also immune to any kind of intense fire or heat generated by her person. Armor: ~8 soak versus heat based damage. Passive ability. [IN]
  123. Shadowflame: Converts Sierra's normal fire generation to shadowflame, which generates heat by consuming power instead of oxygen. Sufficient light will quell or extinguish resulting flames, with more light necessary to extinguish larger flames. Drains power as long as the shadowflames burn, increasing draw size with the amount of fire maintained. Shadowflames extinguish when Sierra wills them to, or when the distance between her and the blaze is too great. However, ambient heat can foster an immediate relighting with normal fire. Shadow flame does not interfere with Sierra's shadow powers or with her shadow-self. Cost: (see flame powers) Type: Fire [IN+VE]
  125. Strength of Will: Sierra may channel her arcane power through her muscles to amplify her strength. This physical might lasts just for an instant, long enough to use on single actions or attacks. The more power channeled, the greater the resulting strength, though the law of diminishing returns holds true. Attempting to convert an overabundence of power into pure physical might will generate stress in proportion to the overload. Cost: varies. [IN]
  127. Ephemeral Eye: Sierra can quicken her reflexes beyond their already supernatural acuity, going into a heightened state where she can act faster than thought. Gives a significant bonus to reflexes for a couple seconds, giving her time to do things that would otherwise be impossible. Cost: 8 PP [VE]
  129. Shadow Self: Sierra's shadow is an extension of her own body. She is aware of how it feels, and can manipulate it without special concentration or effort. It can also take on the form of four shadowy tendrils, which she can make use of just like her other limbs. Her shadow tendrils have a maximum reach of 2m from any point of her body, though reach can be less as lighting restricts. Touch attacks may be made through her shadow self, both attacking and when being attacked. Exceptional brightness causes Sierra discomfort, as it interferes with her shadow self's presence. {Umbrageous Vigor} Sierra's shadow self is much stronger than it was before, able to move more freely in light, and exert greater force on the physical world more akin to one of her other limbs. Passive ability. [VE]
  131. Shock Tendrils: Sierra's shadow-self conducts and emits electricity, and serves as an insulator against electrocution provided favorable lighting conditions. If multiple targets are hit with an electrical shock from her tendrils, the ensuing damage is distributed evenly among them. Electrical damage temporarily disrupts magic and motor functions in many creatures. Physical Characteristic. Armor: ~6 (Electrical) Damage: 1d7 (Electrical) Cost: 2 PP per zap. Type: Electrical. Range: Touch. [VE+IN]
  133. Form of the Unseen: Sierra always knows whether or not she is being observed. When unobserved, Sierra is not strictly bound to spatial dimensions. She may double her movement at a very light PP cost, provided that nothing can see her. This effect does not apply to motorized vehicles or mounts. [VE]
  135. Dislocation: While unobserved, Sierra may cease having a specific physical position and vanish. She will then instantaneously reappear in a random unobserved location somewhere within 20 yards of where she last was. If there is no other unobserved position within 20 yards, she will reappear exactly where she is. Performing multiple dislocations in rapid succession is not advisable. Cost: 4 PP [VE]
  137. Translucency: Sierra may allow light to pass through herself for a short period of time, rendering her transparent. This has the effect of decreasing light-based penalties for certain other Verwelken abilities. If being transparent makes an observer unable to perceive Sierra's presence with effort, she counts as unobserved. Cost: 1 PP/second while moving, 0.5 PP/second while stationary [VE]
  139. Shadow Crawl: Distorts darkness or shadow that Sierra comes into contact with. If partially obscured by or touching a shadow, Sierra can cause the shadow and those nearby to become darker, lighter, or move onto nearby objects. Cost: Varies on amount of shadow displaced and other factors. Range: Touch, Stress Sensitive [VE]
  141. Shadow Grasp: Compresses shadows which Sierra is in contact with into a tangible material that can physically interact with surroundings. As in Shadow Crawl, except with more concentration and power expenditure, the shadows can exert pressure on objects in a manner of umbrakinesis. Cost: Varies on amount of force exerted and ambient light level. Range: Touch [VE]
  143. Atramentous Dominion: Shadows in Sierra's general vicinity are under the power of her control. They do not need to be connected physically to her in any way. Manipulating darkness at range, however, is costlier than if it has contact with her. Passive ability. [VE]
  145. Shadow Sight: Sierra's eyes are capable of seeing in the darkness as well as the light. Her vision in the dark only picks up texture and surfaces. If in a dark environment, light areas are hard to observe, and vice versa. While shadow sight is active (or is not actively being suppressed) Sierra's scleras are black. When relying on shadow sight, Sierra does not need glasses. Stress Sensitive [VE]
  147. Child of Night: Sierra's body automatically makes use of surrounding darkness as a defense mechanism. Whenever under threat of harm, it pulls shadows around itself in a dark, watery barrier that dampens physical force, disperses energy, and absorbs magical energy. Ambient light weakens this shadow barrier. Armor: (Pitch black) ~5 (Dark) ~3 (Dim) ~1 Passive ability. [VE]
  149. Voice of One Thousand Teeth: Sierra pushes the shadows in the target area further than they care for, causing them to bristle. Turns a space of shadow into a cloud of cutting darkness. Effective against unarmored targets. Cost: 4 PP, Type: Slashing, Range: 15m AoE: 4m
  151. Whisper of Lightlessness: Sierra can hear when the shadows talk, if she chooses to. They speak of the deep things, and their understanding is profound. Cost: Sanity, sometimes.
  153. Stepping of the Corner: Sierra can circumnavigate geometry through corners or edges. She cannot step through a corner if there is no space behind it to fall into. The greater the density of the space covered before exiting the corner, the greater the cost of the corner stepping in terms of power. Cannot be used to bypass angles smaller than Sierra's width. Cost: ~ 3 PP or greater. [VE]
  155. Stepping of the Aether: Sierra can temporarily interact with the invisible cosmic elements that bind space itself together. Aether step is good for one step only, not prolonged contact. Surfaces which normally wouldn't support weight can be made solid underfoot. Stepping on thin air requires more power than stepping on something specific. Furthermore, after executing an aether step, power may be used to increase total jump height. Cost: ~1 PP (Weak surface) ~2 PP (Flimsy surface) ~4 PP (No surface) ~2 PP (Increase jump height) [VE]
  157. Stepping of the Shadow: Sierra can shift her physical form into a shadowy state, merging with her shadow-self. While in shadow form, Sierra can still utilize all of her abilities, and becomes immune to certain forms of physical damage. However, if she encounters direct illumination while in shadow form, she will be injured. Any damage taken while in shadow form has a sizable chance of knocking her back to her regular physical form and kicking her out of any shadow she may be merged with.
  158. While merged with ambient shadows, Sierra can move quickly through connections of blackness at half her movement speed (doubled to regular speed if not observed). If not in ambient shadow, her form resembles an inexplicable spot of darkness. Power costs dependent on lighting conditions. Presence of lighting, even in dark conditions, requires PP expenditure to overcome. Sierra can step into shadow with anything she's able to carry, though this will raise PP cost.
  159. Cost: ~0 PP (Lightless) ~2 PP (Poor lighting) ~ 3 PP (Good lighting) ~5 (Harsh lighting) [VE]
  161. Way of the Crooked Passage: Stepping of the Shadow enables an instantaneous change of position from one shadow to another, if Sierra is merged with one of the shadows. Destination shadow must be within manipulation distance. Power costs are dependent on distance traveled and ambient lighting conditions. Cost: ~1 PP (One nearby shadow to another, dark conditions) ~3 PP (One shadow to another with illumination between the two) ~5 PP (Long distance in the dark, short distance during day) [VE]
  163. Terrorizing Glare: Requires target's eyes be in line of sight. Sierra induces a state of concentrated fear in the person, who may then be put into a state of panic or attempt to flee. If the target more effectively resists the effect of the glare, they may still be unnerved and hindered in their actions. Target must be capable of experiencing fear. Cost: 2 PP, +2 stress, Type: Unholy [BE]
  165. Sap Will: Condenses negative emotions into a sphere and forces them into a nearby target. The target will suffer an extreme emotional blow and will go into a brief but radical depression. The brunt of the effect wears off after a couple minutes. Target must be capable of experiencing emotion. to Cost: 5 PP + 5 stress, Type: Unholy, Range: 8m [BE]
  167. Inflict Pain: Inflict terrific, searing agony on target. If target fails to resist the effects, they are rendered senseless for a time. If they resist, all actions are taken at penalty for the distractions of pain. Target must be capable of experiencing pain. Cost: 7 PP, +7 Stress, Type: Unholy [BE]
  169. Curse of Agony: Instill pure suffering into a target, causing them to take increased damage from all sources and suffer severe penalties to all rolls. Any movement or action causes debilitating, agonizing pain. The curse persists for 12 hours or until removed. Target must be capable of experiencing pain. Requires intense focus. Cost: 2 PP to begin channeling, 8 PP upon successful completion. Range: 8m Type: Unholy [BE]
  171. Corrupt: Focuses hate into a nearby object, imbuing it with tainted energy and causing it to become untouchable for a duration of time. This effect has visible effect. When others attempt to touch said object, it singes them with unholy energy. Prolonged contact causes burns. Sierra may interact with the object as normal. Cost: 2 PP + 1 Stress, Type: Corrupting, Range: 8m [BE]
  173. Stain of Sin: Focuses a strong, purified hate into a weapon or into Sierra's flesh, imbuing it with negative energy. Effect is visible. Damage normally dealt by the weapon is temporarily changed to Corrupting for the next attack. Corruption can damage targets which are otherwise impervious to physical or mundane effects. which Cost: 2 PP + 1 Stress, Type: Corrupting [BE]
  175. Corrupting Hex: Launches a magic-corroding hex toward the target, destroying temporary arcane effects and corroding enchantments if it strikes true. Cost: 4 PP, +1 stress. Type: Corrupting. Range: 13m [BE]
  177. Dark Heart: When making physical contact with another living creature, Sierra may drain power from them. This may be used in conjunction with unarmed attacks, such as claws. Regular humans will not notice or be effected by the power drain. A normal adult may be drained for 2 PP. Damage: Drains 1d6 PP from target, transfers to Sierra. Cost: +1 Stress when amount drained exceeds 2 PP, Type: Enervating [BE]
  179. Soul Drinker: Sierra rips the power out of a target with physical contact. Concentration must be on the contact itself, not on physical attacks, and it must be maintained for a brief duration. If the target has less PP than what should be drained, the remainder of the drain instead deals partial damage to the target. Damage: Drains 10 PP from target, transfers to Sierra. Cost: 3 PP, Type: Enervating [BE]
  181. Spell Eater: Incoming magic may be parried, negating its effects entirely. Generally requires focus on the caster and at least a forewarning hostile magic is about to be used, if the effects of the spell are instantaneous. Cost: ~ Varies on being countered, but will only use a fractional amount if the parry is unsuccessful. [BE]
  183. Scent Blood: Pick up the scent of blood. May identify who blood belongs to, if their blood has been scented before. May also remember specific blood scents and identify them later. If someone has an open wound or is bleeding, Sierra may attempt to track them by scent. Passive ability. [Mix]
  185. Blood Taste: Sierra regenerates lost health when drinking the blood of those she has recently killed. She has an almost vampiric attraction to the taste, scent, or sight of blood. {Power of Blood} Additionally, she regains power when she consumes blood, varying with the magic contained in the blood itself. This consumption furthermore carries with it a calming, emotionally empowering effect, reducing stress when she partakes. [Mix]
  187. Red Quickening: While in battle, tasting fresh blood (even a small amount) sends Sierra into a frenzy, raising fury and making her temporarily faster, stronger, and more violent. For one round after imbibing blood, gain a small bonus to strength, reflexes, and perception. Passive ability. [IN]
  189. Fury: Sierra's inner thirst for violence and victory. Fury increases as Sierra experiences anger, hatred, or the thrill of the hunt. Fury heightens senses, martial prowess, and trips fury-driven abilities. Fury drops when fatigued, especially when reveling in victory. [IN]
  191. Bloodrage: Battling opponents raises Sierra's fury. As Sierra's fury increases, so does her strength, speed, and general dangerousness. At 50+ fury or stress, Sierra enters a raging state which she sustains on malice alone. Whenever she slays an opponent nearby, she loses stress and regains a small amount of PP, HP, depending on the power of the foe slain. Passive ability. [IN]
  193. Uncanny Reflexes: Sierra's reflexes have become quicker. Time seems to slow down when she's put under pressure, and she can start reacting to things happening around her before others have had the chance to process what's going on. [Mix]
  195. Enhanced Senses: Sierra's sense of hearing and smell are far beyond what is normal for a human. She can hear through otherwise soundproof barriers and identify and differentiate between the slightest of odors. Passive ability. [Mix]
  197. Sense Weakness: Can sense the vitality of those nearby and how much injury they can sustain before dying. Sierra is always aware of any crippling injuries opponents have sustained. (I.E., Sierra can see hit points) When confronted by a number of weak foes, or physically debilitated and vulnerable foes, Sierra experiences violent urges which raise fury. Passive ability. [Mix]
  199. Empathetic: Can sense the emotions of those nearby. Sierra also can feel the arcane energies that radiate from both people and objects. (I.E., Sierra can see power points) Passive ability. [BE]
  201. Unnatural Charm: Sierra may supernaturally identify with those around her, picking up on emotions and thought-vibes, and instinctively act and speak in such a way that will impress them and help her in accomplishing her own ends. The effect works best on those who don't know Sierra very well, or those that are unfamiliar with magic, since Sierra isn't acting like herself when utilizing her Belphegoran people-reading skills. [BE]
  203. Stepping of the Mind: Sierra may let her mind’s eye freely wander about her current location, disconnected from her body in a form of astral projection, though still aware of sensations in herself. Her mind's eye will move in the same speed and direction as her body. If she moves too far off, she will wake up. Cost: 2 PP activation, slow PP drain while active. [VE+BE]
  205. Passive Regeneration: Regain 1 HP every 12 hours. (A normal, healthy human has 10 HP) Passive ability. [Mix]
  207. Active Regeneration: Focuses latent power back into the body, forcing it to mend itself. The rate of regeneration equivalent to 1 HP/Hour. Sierra has lower than average PP stores while active regeneration is working. Stacks with passive regeneration. Cost: 10 PP, heals 1 HP [IN]
  209. Hastened Regeneration: Sierra may expend additional power to accelerate her healing even further, to supernaturally rapid levels. Can only be cast once per combat round. Equivalent to 50 HP an hour, assuming Sierra has a method of replenishing power during the regenerative period. Heals 1 HP. Cost: 4 PP. [IN]
  211. Predatory Reserve: Sierra has a superhuman level of endurance and stamina. She does not tire easily from physical exertion, and can shrug off injuries and hits that would cripple or kill a regular human. Grants +10 to maximum HP. Additionally, Sierra gains a small amounts of temporary HP as fury rises. This HP disappears when fury dissipates. Passive ability. [IN]
  213. --Mundane Skills--
  215. Meditation: Sierra can meditate to expunge negative energy. She's so so at it. Reduces stress by ~10. Sierra can only meditate once a day (for 30 min to an hour) effectively.
  217. Kethgi: When feeling comfortable, Sierra can engage in the focus-driven activity of Inferian meditation, which is pretty much yoga Inferni. Requires calm and peace of mind for effective practice. Reduces stress by ~15 over 30 min to an hour, varying.
  219. --Magical Skills--
  220. -Magic is divided into generic skills applicable in a variety of situations, and specific schools and studies which allow more particular types of arcane manipulations. Channeling is the fine application and control of willpower in dealing with delicate or complex spell work. Evocation is the conversion of willpower to outward forces, such as force, heat, light, or arcane energy. Ritual is the means of invoking certain universal principles by matter of technique and study, rather than power or will. Alchemy is similar to ritual, though focuses on creating spells through mixtures of significant ingredients, whether arcane or mundane.
  222. Crowther Tier:
  223. Gandalf Tier:
  224. Pretty Confident Tier:
  225. Daniel Radcliff Tier: Evocation, Blood Magic
  226. David Blaine Tier: Channeling, Inculcation, ritual
  227. Sheeple Tier: Firebending
  229. --Arcane Specializations--
  231. -Pyromancy-
  232. Firebending. Enough said.
  234. Greater Illuminating Sphere of Illumination: Sierra can create a large sphere of colorless white flame to provide illumination. This fire does not produce heat. Furthermore, the sphere may be directed out a small distance from the caster. (Cost: 1 PP)
  236. -School of Zeshic Blood Magic-
  237. The manipulation of blood and the powers of blood, beginning with self.
  239. Red Rush: Inscribe a spell or ability. You may choose to draw power from your flesh instead of your arcane reserve for this power. This process is painful and injurious to your person. Alternatively, while using an ability with a power requirement, you may pay additional HP in along with the normal PP cost to augment the ability. (Pay HP instead of PP for abilities, if desired. May pay HP in addition to PP to pump an action. Requires an inscription beforehand. Variable cost powers can be rushed up to the full inscription size made for that power.)
  241. Inscribe Spell: Most forms of blood magic require you to carve their alchemical spell writ into your flesh, in order to directly utilize the powers of your blood. While some spells can be cast without being inscribed, others cannot. One inscription of a spell is only good for one casting, after which it must be re-inscribed. Well-made inscriptions can greatly increase Sierra's ability when casting said spells, lowering the concentration and difficulty involved.
  243. Blood Curse: Cause the target's blood to become unstable, causing them to bleed sporadically and take additional damage from all sources. Target suffers penalties against regaining HP. Effect lasts for at least one day, or until removed. Sierra can track those under the effects of blood curse by scent. Target must have blood. Effect: Target's damage resistance is impaired. Cost: 4 PP. Range: (Touch when not prepared, 10m when inscribed) Inscription Length: Brief. [IN]
  245. Blood Reading: You may sense the properties of target's blood, gauging their general health and physical status. You may also discern what manner of creature the target is, if you have encountered the species or type before. Target must have blood. Range: Touch.
  247. Manipulate Blood: Change the properties of target's blood. This can be used to suppress toxins, cause imbalances, and cause trouble. Cost: Varies. Range: Touch.
  249. Puppet Veins: At a touch, gain control of target's limb. Sierra may control the arm or leg in any way she sees fit. Resisting the effects of this spell is difficult, painful, and harmful to the target. Must be inscribed. Target must have blood. Cost: 1 PP. Range: Touch. Inscription Length: Brief.
  251. Convulsing Shock: Forces convulsions in target's blood vessels, briefly impairing movement and causing veins near the surface of the skin to burst. Must be inscribed. Target must have blood. Damage: 2d3. Type: Magic. Cost: 3 PP. Range: 10m. Inscription Length: Not too bad.
  253. Cardio-paralysis: Seize control of target's circulatory system, temporarily paralyzing all movement. Target may attempt to resist and move anyway, though such action will be difficult, painful, and harmful. Requires full attention if not touching target, little if touching target. Must be inscribed. Target must have blood. Cost: ~4 PP, 1HP, but varies with target restrained, and with resistance. Range: 10m. Inscription Length: Lengthy.
  255. Blood Tracking: If you are in possession of someone's blood, you may attempt to track them with it. With a short ritual involving chalk drawings, a tracking totem may be prepared, one that acts something like a compass. However, the further away the target is, the more difficult it will be to construct a working tracking spell. Since blood connections are very strong, though, this range is considerable. The quality of materials and the sample can influence the difficulty of successfully performing the tracking spell. Material Requirements: target's blood, surface to draw on, blood totem. Range: 10 miles (easy) 200 miles (demanding) 500 miles (extremely difficult)
  257. --Landmaster Abilities--
  259. Sense Land Magic: Sierra can feel and see landwells and the ley lines that lead to them.
  261. Life Sense: While on mastered land, Sierra can take a moment to ping her consciousness outward and sense native life and pick out influences foreign to the realm.
  263. Well Tap: Sierra can replenish all of her power and a quarter of her health at a landwell, instantaneously. (Cost: 1 Landwell Charge, must be physically present at well)
  265. Well Shift: While present at a well, Sierra may consume the charge of that well to travel instantaneously to any one of her other wells.
  267. Open Rift: While present at a well, you're supposed to be able to open a rift to another plane or something like that. You'll figure it out somehow.
  269. Mana Burst: While on mastered land, Sierra can burn her nearest well in order to unleash a great burst of wild arcane energy from her person. This magical shockwave will interfere with local magical effects for a few minutes. If the nearest well is already burned, this cannot be done.
  271. Ley Magic: Sierra may burn a well charge to immediately gain 2 PP, regardless of location.
  273. Summon Creature: Sierra can summon creatures composed of magic. She can also pay the power to summon them, but keep them immaterial until she wants to bring them into existence. She can also unsummon a creature and have it return to its immaterial state, without having to spend power to re-summon it. Sierra can command her creatures remotely, though the further away they are the harder it gets to control them. If her summons are in territory she's claimed, Sierra can command them without regard to distance. (Unsummoned creatures fill slots, the number of which is determined by total landwells under Sierra's control.)
  275. -Summons-
  277. Monster: An intelligent flaming lizard-bat-esque creature capable of pursuing Sierra's will and wreaking havoc. Monster is the size of a cat, the temperament of an alligator, and the guile of a fox. He is quick and mischievous, and moves with stealth. He possesses lesser forms of all of Sierra's abilities. Sierra may remotely see through Monster's eyes and converse with him even over extreme distances. Monster may be given commands of summons, which he will direct in a competent manner. With his sharp eyes, quick wings, and hellish magic, Monster is a capable companion in any situation.
  278. --Summon cost: 4 PP, plus PP up to 10 for Monster to use while summoned. This power is regained when Monster is dismissed.
  279. --Space Requirement: 1.
  280. --Stats: 5 HP; 10 Max PP; Flying, Small sized, Intelligent, Magic capable
  282. Tiger: Straight from the Abyssal Plains, the Shalbaan is a dexterous, fast, and deadly hunter. It is able to intelligently act independently of Sierra and follow complex orders. [Plains of Night] Furthermore, dark magic courses through Tiger's veins, distinguishing his physical form from his corporeal counterparts. He freely wields Sierra's basic Verwelken traits and powers.
  283. --Summon cost: 15 PP Limit: 1.
  284. --Space Requirement: 1.
  285. --Stats: 20 HP, 6 PP; 5 salvos worth of dorsal spines; Good at climbing; Affinity with Verwelken abilities
  287. Crabby: Mix an armadillo, a squid, and a graboid from Tremors, and you get the whale crab. Scientific name, the Armored Slogbuh. It's huge, armor plated, and spits napalm acid glue at stuff. Surprisingly nimble for his size, but any healthy person could be expected to outrun it. Can pretty much wreck anything - walls, cars, robots, you name it. Despite size, Crabby is a good listener, and enjoys belly rubs.
  288. --Summon cost: 35 PP.
  289. --Limit: 1.
  290. --Space Requirement: 3.
  291. --Stats: 67 HP; Heavy armor; Napalm spit; Jaw + tentacles; Super sized; Slow
  293. Hellhounds: Horned, hellish hounds, large in stature, fast, but not too tough. Good at biting things, but not very smart. They work more effectively when lead by a hellhound alpha, aka, Reeber.
  294. --Summon cost: 10 PP.
  295. --Limit: 2.
  296. --Space requirement: 0.5 per hound [two hounds from one well].
  297. --Stats: 11 HP; Fast; teeth + claws; charging horns; pack hunters
  299. Ashwight: Turns to ash in the light. Has claws and stuff. Also can meld with darkness. Pretty badass. You don't know much about it.
  300. --Summon cost: 15 PP.
  301. --Limit: 1.
  302. --Space Requirement: 1.
  303. --Stats: Very fast; scything claws; light-vulnerable
  305. Zithether: A non-physical spectral dementor thing that feeds on fear. Might want to be careful with this one - you don't know much about it.
  306. --Summon cost: 30 PP
  307. --Limit: 1.
  308. --Space Requirement: 3.
  309. --Stats: Incorporeal; Willful; Magic capable
  313. Landwells Acquired: 15 (15 Landwell Charges.)
  315. -Terran Wells-
  317. California
  318. -Bay Area
  319. -- Muir Woods: +10 Max PP
  320. -- San Bruno Mountain: +5 Max PP, Transferable Boon (Held by Rowan)
  321. -- Mission Peak: +5 Max PP, Supercharge (Burn this landwell to magnify a single spell action)
  322. -Sierra National Forest
  323. -- Fresno Dome: +1 Max PP, Transferable Boon, Mana-corrupted Sprite
  324. -- Nelder Grove: +10 Max PP
  325. -- Rancheria Falls: +2 Max PP, Supercharge Summon (Burn this landwell to summon a temporary improved version of a regular summon.)
  326. -Northern California
  327. -- Redwood National Forest: +5 Max PP, 2 Landwell charges
  329. Pennsylvania
  330. - Black Moshannon Park: (Still Mastering)
  332. Iowa
  333. - Hawkeye Wildlife Refuge: (Still Mastering)
  335. Colorado
  336. - Grand Mesa National Forest: (Still Mastering)
  338. Utah
  339. - Zion National Park: (Still Mastering)
  341. Canada
  342. - Peyto Lake: +5 Max PP, Transferable Boon
  343. - Great Sand Hills: +3 Max PP, Extra-cool summon
  344. - Pukaskwa, Lake Superior: Gift of the Great Lynx
  346. -Cerran Wells-
  348. Whitebanner
  349. - Field of Rust: +2 Max PP, Extra-large summon
  351. Total potential PP gain: 48. Current Effective Max PP gain: 28.
  353. --Gift of the Lynx--
  354. A provisional gift furnished by your unfavorite underwater panther.
  356. Thirst for Vengeance: Once every 12 hours, you may freely gain +20 fury.
  358. Current Mastery: Knowledge of the tide and direction of waters within your territory comes as second nature. The waters know their master, and are under the sway of your will. (Bodies of water will follow reasonable commands to rise or fall, or quicken or slow in flow.)
  360. Drown: When an invader to your domain is swimming without feet touching the ground, you may cause them to be pulled underneath the surface by a strong force. You (or one of your summons) must be by some means observing the invader to drown them.
  362. Enshrouding Mist: When near a large body of water, a dense fog may be summoned to cover an outdoor area for a few minutes. This supernatural mist greatly limits visibility, and actively strives to keep you concealed. Its mystical nature allows it to diffuse 6PP worth of attempted magic from one target into the surrounding air. (Cost: 1 LW charge)
  364. Steam Serpents: You may summon idle shades from over the waters of Lake Superior to your side. Channeled through your fiery will, the placid spirits become superheated and enraged. Quick and agile, these flying serpents scald foes with their touch. As they deal damage however, they lose heat, until they dissipate altogether. (Summon cost: 5 PP; Limit: 3; Space Requirement: 1; Stats: 15 HP, nonphysical, flying. Damage: 1d5 scalding. Deals that much damage to self.)
  366. Smoke Mimic: You may summon a formless shade from the mists. The shape will take the shape and abilities of the first creature it encounters, though at degraded capability, and vulnerable to anti-magic effects. Can only be summoned once every 24 hours. (Cost: 2 LW charges)
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