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  1. Dear Young Alex,
  3. I'm writing to you from 2018.
  5. First off, I'm so sorry I missed the note you sent to me a few years ago. It was really rude of me, and I really regret not having seized the opportunity to get to know you sooner. Also, I imagine it would have meant a lot to you to have received a response from me when it would have been more useful. I really apologize. I'm the worst.
  7. That said, the delay also gives me a terrific opportunity to speak to you from the future and to tell you some cool things about the you that you'll become by 2018. All of these things are real.
  9. First, I know your life is very difficult right now. And, I know it's impossibly hard to be young and feel awkward about yourself and about life and about the whole stupid world. And, I also know that hearing inanities from an old man in the future who pretends to have it all figured out is not particularly useful. Whatever.
  11. Thing is: however you are feeling on the day you receive this as a youth, please know that in 2018 you will have become a smart, proud, hilarious young woman who is respected and flat-out adored by people you will eventually meet. Pretty much all of them.
  13. You will bring joy and wisdom and curiosity to thousands of strangers and friends alike simply by being yourself. Can you even believe that? YOU will become a grown-ass woman with an apartment whom people really like and admire and want to get to know better. You.
  15. You will win this, Alex.
  17. Second, despite incalculable setbacks, discouragements, and abject hatred that you never deserved, you will meet and marry a person who finds you even more special than anyone else in the entire world. You. You will grow with that person and struggle through life with that person, and you will have a cat whom you both love that is an idiot.
  19. In turn, you—YOU—will help that person through some of the most difficult challenges a human can face. Questions about who we are and what we can become and how weirdly and wonderfully the mind and body can be brought closer to personal integrity and alignment. Challenges that, even as you read this, you will discover becoming just ever so slightly less terrible as you and your partner connect with communities of other people who do not actively suck.
  21. You will love this person, and they will love you. I promise.
  23. Third, by 2018, robots will be getting much more sophisticated, terrifying, and dangerous. Nevertheless, for some reason, you will continue to be obsessed with them.
  25. Finally, in 2018, I will be your very good friend who loves you very much and treasures that friendship and your humanity. You. We will be pals and do a podcast with the guy who makes jokey cards for Target. You will also have countless other projects that would blow your mind right now. You and me? We will talk to each other every day and laugh and share our fears and concerns about the world. We will text each other just for fun.
  27. When you receive this email, it will seem very strange and improbable. Perhaps even some kind of prank.
  29. But, it's very important for Young Alex to know that she already is amazing and will just continue to get more amazing. You will continue to reject compliments, but that will still be regarded as one of your charms. That's fine.
  31. Please know that 2018 is not actually that far away. You will go through so much shit and nonsense and pain, but you will survive it all. You will become strong and smart and increasingly lovable. You will share that love with others, even on days when it feels like no one—including or especially you—deserves love. But you do, because we all deserve love.
  33. Unfortunately, in 2018, you will still be an autoimmune dumpster fire who can't eat normal food without vomiting. Also, Donald Trump (the guy from TV) will be president. But, we'll figure that out too, fingers crossed. Please just remember to vote.
  35. Again, I'm sorry it took this many years to reply to your note. I am so happy you will have read this when we have become friends and do a podcast where I'm finally encouraged to tell you what a great kid you are. I'll explain what all that means later.
  37. Anyways. Hang in there, Alex.
  39. With Love from Your Friend,  
  40. Merlin
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