Jun 9th, 2022
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  1. Willkommen zu minicom 2.7.1
  3. Optionen: I18n
  4. Übersetzt am Dec 23 2019, 02:06:26.
  5. Port /dev/ttyUSB0, 14:47:14
  7. Drücken Sie CTRL-A Z für Hilfe zu speziellen Tasten
  8. DDR Version V1.11 20211103
  9. ln
  10. ddrconfig:7
  11. LPDDR4X, 324MHz
  12. BW=32 Col=10 Bk=8 CS0 Row=16 CS1 Row=16 CS=2 Die BW=16 Size=4096MB
  13. tdqss: cs0 dqs0: -24ps, dqs1: -96ps, dqs2: -48ps, dqs3: -168ps,
  14. tdqss: cs1 dqs0: -24ps, dqs1: -72ps, dqs2: -72ps, dqs3: -168ps,
  16. change to: 324MHz
  17. PHY drv:clk:36,ca:36,DQ:29,odt:0
  18. vrefinner:41%, vrefout:41%
  19. dram drv:40,odt:0
  20. clk skew:0x63
  22. change to: 528MHz
  23. PHY drv:clk:36,ca:36,DQ:29,odt:0
  24. vrefinner:41%, vrefout:41%
  25. dram drv:40,odt:0
  26. clk skew:0x58
  28. change to: 780MHz
  29. PHY drv:clk:36,ca:36,DQ:29,odt:0
  30. vrefinner:41%, vrefout:41%
  31. dram drv:40,odt:0
  32. clk skew:0x58
  34. change to: 1560MHz(final freq)
  35. PHY drv:clk:36,ca:36,DQ:29,odt:60
  36. vrefinner:16%, vrefout:22%
  37. dram drv:40,odt:80
  38. vref_ca:00000071
  39. clk skew:0x21
  40. cs 0:
  41. the read training result:
  42. DQS0:0x38, DQS1:0x36, DQS2:0x3a, DQS3:0x33,
  43. min :0x11 0x13 0x16 0x10 0x2 0x6 0xa 0x3 , 0xc 0xc 0x3 0x1 0xe 0xe 0,
  44. 0x17 0x17 0x10 0xf 0xa 0x2 0x5 0x5 ,0x11 0xe 0xa 0x2 0x14 0x12 0,
  45. mid :0x2e 0x2e 0x32 0x2d 0x1e 0x23 0x27 0x1f ,0x27 0x26 0x1f 0x1d 0x29 0x28 0x,
  46. 0x30 0x30 0x2a 0x27 0x20 0x1c 0x1d 0x1f ,0x2b 0x26 0x24 0x1d 0x2c 0x2c 0x,
  47. max :0x4b 0x49 0x4e 0x4a 0x3b 0x40 0x44 0x3c ,0x42 0x41 0x3b 0x39 0x44 0x42 0x,
  48. 0x49 0x4a 0x44 0x40 0x37 0x37 0x36 0x3a ,0x46 0x3f 0x3f 0x39 0x45 0x46 0x,
  49. range:0x3a 0x36 0x38 0x3a 0x39 0x3a 0x3a 0x39 ,0x36 0x35 0x38 0x38 0x36 0x34 0x,
  50. 0x32 0x33 0x34 0x31 0x2d 0x35 0x31 0x35 ,0x35 0x31 0x35 0x37 0x31 0x34 0x,
  51. the write training result:
  52. DQS0:0x1d, DQS1:0xe, DQS2:0x18, DQS3:0x0,
  53. min :0x6b 0x6d 0x70 0x6a 0x5a 0x5c 0x62 0x62 0x60 ,0x53 0x53 0x4e 0x4c 0x56 0x,
  54. 0x6a 0x6b 0x62 0x62 0x5a 0x57 0x58 0x5e 0x5e ,0x50 0x4f 0x4d 0x47 0x54 0x,
  55. mid :0x86 0x89 0x8b 0x84 0x73 0x77 0x7c 0x7a 0x77 ,0x6e 0x6f 0x67 0x66 0x6e 0x,
  56. 0x85 0x85 0x7b 0x7b 0x73 0x71 0x70 0x76 0x76 ,0x6b 0x6a 0x67 0x60 0x6d 0x,
  57. max :0xa1 0xa5 0xa7 0x9f 0x8c 0x92 0x96 0x92 0x8f ,0x89 0x8b 0x81 0x81 0x86 0x,
  58. 0xa1 0x9f 0x95 0x94 0x8d 0x8b 0x89 0x8e 0x8e ,0x86 0x86 0x82 0x7a 0x86 0x,
  59. range:0x36 0x38 0x37 0x35 0x32 0x36 0x34 0x30 0x2f ,0x36 0x38 0x33 0x35 0x30 0x,
  60. 0x37 0x34 0x33 0x32 0x33 0x34 0x31 0x30 0x30 ,0x36 0x37 0x35 0x33 0x32 0x,
  61. cs 1:
  62. the read training result:
  63. DQS0:0x35, DQS1:0x34, DQS2:0x37, DQS3:0x31,
  64. min :0x11 0x12 0x14 0x11 0x1 0x5 0xa 0x2 , 0xc 0xc 0x3 0x2 0xd 0xc 0,
  65. 0x13 0x13 0xd 0xd 0x7 0x1 0x3 0x3 , 0xd 0xa 0x7 0x1 0x13 0x11 0,
  66. mid :0x2d 0x2d 0x30 0x2c 0x1d 0x21 0x25 0x1d ,0x25 0x26 0x1e 0x1d 0x28 0x25 0x,
  67. 0x2c 0x2c 0x26 0x25 0x1e 0x1b 0x1b 0x1e ,0x28 0x23 0x23 0x1d 0x2c 0x2b 0x,
  68. max :0x49 0x49 0x4c 0x47 0x39 0x3d 0x41 0x39 ,0x3f 0x40 0x39 0x38 0x43 0x3f 0x,
  69. 0x46 0x45 0x40 0x3e 0x36 0x36 0x34 0x39 ,0x44 0x3d 0x3f 0x39 0x45 0x46 0x,
  70. range:0x38 0x37 0x38 0x36 0x38 0x38 0x37 0x37 ,0x33 0x34 0x36 0x36 0x36 0x33 0x,
  71. 0x33 0x32 0x33 0x31 0x2f 0x35 0x31 0x36 ,0x37 0x33 0x38 0x38 0x32 0x35 0x,
  72. the write training result:
  73. DQS0:0x1d, DQS1:0xe, DQS2:0x18, DQS3:0x0,
  74. min :0x73 0x77 0x7a 0x74 0x63 0x69 0x6c 0x6c 0x6a ,0x61 0x63 0x59 0x58 0x63 0x,
  75. 0x64 0x63 0x5f 0x5c 0x54 0x53 0x53 0x58 0x5b ,0x52 0x4f 0x4d 0x48 0x53 0x,
  76. mid :0x8f 0x92 0x94 0x8e 0x7c 0x82 0x85 0x83 0x82 ,0x7b 0x7c 0x74 0x71 0x7d 0x,
  77. 0x80 0x80 0x79 0x77 0x6e 0x6d 0x6c 0x72 0x74 ,0x6d 0x6a 0x67 0x61 0x6d 0x,
  78. max :0xab 0xad 0xaf 0xa9 0x96 0x9b 0x9f 0x9a 0x9a ,0x96 0x96 0x8f 0x8b 0x97 0x,
  79. 0x9c 0x9d 0x94 0x93 0x89 0x88 0x86 0x8d 0x8d ,0x89 0x85 0x82 0x7a 0x87 0x,
  80. range:0x38 0x36 0x35 0x35 0x33 0x32 0x33 0x2e 0x30 ,0x35 0x33 0x36 0x33 0x34 0x,
  81. 0x38 0x3a 0x35 0x37 0x35 0x35 0x33 0x35 0x32 ,0x37 0x36 0x35 0x32 0x34 0x,
  82. CA Training result:
  83. cs:0 min :0x4e 0x4a 0x43 0x3a 0x42 0x38 0x4b ,0x4d 0x43 0x42 0x38 0x40 0x32 0x,
  84. cs:0 mid :0x8a 0x8b 0x7b 0x7c 0x7b 0x7a 0x78 ,0x87 0x85 0x7b 0x7a 0x79 0x76 0x,
  85. cs:0 max :0xc6 0xcc 0xb4 0xbe 0xb5 0xbd 0xa6 ,0xc1 0xc7 0xb5 0xbc 0xb3 0xba 0x,
  86. cs:0 range:0x78 0x82 0x71 0x84 0x73 0x85 0x5b ,0x74 0x84 0x73 0x84 0x73 0x88 0x,
  87. cs:1 min :0x4e 0x52 0x41 0x40 0x44 0x3c 0x4a ,0x4c 0x48 0x40 0x3e 0x40 0x3c 0x,
  88. cs:1 mid :0x8d 0x90 0x7c 0x7e 0x7f 0x7c 0x78 ,0x88 0x86 0x7d 0x7c 0x7c 0x78 0x,
  89. cs:1 max :0xcc 0xce 0xb8 0xbc 0xbb 0xbd 0xa7 ,0xc4 0xc4 0xbb 0xbb 0xb8 0xb4 0x,
  90. cs:1 range:0x7e 0x7c 0x77 0x7c 0x77 0x81 0x5d ,0x78 0x7c 0x7b 0x7d 0x78 0x78 0x,
  91. out
  92. rockchip_sdram_size fdc20208 10000af1
  93. rank=2 cs0_col=10 cs1_col=10 bk=3 cs0_row=16 cs1_row=16 bg=0 bw=2 row_3_4=0
  94. SDRAM base=0, size=100000000
  96. U-Boot SPL 2022.04-2 (Apr 07 2022 - 18:03:21 +0000)
  97. saradc@fe720000: Can't update Vdd. Error: -38saradc@fe720000: Can't update Vss.!
  98. Trying to boot from MMC1
  99. mmc_load_image_raw_sector: mmc block read error
  100. Trying to boot from SPI
  101. Trying to boot from MMC1
  102. INFO: Preloader serial: 2
  103. NOTICE: BL31: v2.3():v2.3-152-g4e725b15f:cl
  104. NOTICE: BL31: Built : 10:51:13, Jul 15 2021
  105. INFO: GICv3 without legacy support detected.
  106. INFO: ARM GICv3 driver initialized in EL3
  107. INFO: pmu v1 is valid
  108. INFO: dfs DDR fsp_param[0].freq_mhz= 1560MHz
  109. INFO: dfs DDR fsp_param[1].freq_mhz= 324MHz
  110. INFO: dfs DDR fsp_param[2].freq_mhz= 528MHz
  111. INFO: dfs DDR fsp_param[3].freq_mhz= 780MHz
  112. INFO: Using opteed sec cpu_context!
  113. INFO: boot cpu mask: 0
  114. INFO: BL31: Initializing runtime services
  115. WARNING: No OPTEE provided by BL2 boot loader, Booting device without OPTEE iniK
  116. ERROR: Error initializing runtime service opteed_fast
  117. INFO: BL31: Preparing for EL3 exit to normal world
  118. INFO: Entry point address = 0xa00000
  119. INFO: SPSR = 0x3c9
  122. U-Boot 2022.04-2 (Apr 07 2022 - 18:03:21 +0000) Manjaro Linux ARM
  124. Model: Pine64 RK3566 Quartz64-B Board
  125. DRAM: rockchip_sdram_size fdc20208 10000af1
  126. rank=2 cs0_col=10 cs1_col=10 bk=3 cs0_row=16 cs1_row=16 bg=0 bw=2 row_3_4=0
  127. SDRAM base=0, size=100000000
  128. 3.7 GiB
  129. PMIC: RK8090 (on=0x10, off=0x00)
  130. Core: 282 devices, 21 uclasses, devicetree: separate
  131. MMC: rockchip_sdhci_probe clk set rate fail!
  132. mmc@fe2b0000: 1, mmc@fe2c0000: 2, mmc@fe310000: 0
  133. Loading Environment from nowhere... OK
  134. In: serial@fe660000
  135. Out: serial@fe660000
  136. Err: serial@fe660000
  137. Model: Pine64 RK3566 Quartz64-B Board
  138. Net: No ethernet found.
  139. Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
  140. switch to partitions #0, OK
  141. mmc1 is current device
  142. Scanning mmc 1:1...
  143. Found /extlinux/extlinux.conf
  144. Retrieving file: /extlinux/extlinux.conf
  145. 1: Manjaro ARM
  146. Retrieving file: /initramfs-linux.img
  147. Retrieving file: /Image
  148. append: initrd=/initramfs-linux.img console=ttyS2,1500000 root=PARTUUID=032af10s
  149. Retrieving file: /dtbs/rockchip/rk3566-quartz64-b.dtb
  150. Moving Image from 0x2080000 to 0x2200000, end=3d50000
  151. ## Flattened Device Tree blob at 0a100000
  152. Booting using the fdt blob at 0xa100000
  153. Loading Ramdisk to ed6dd000, end edeec635 ... OK
  154. Loading Device Tree to 00000000ed6bf000, end 00000000ed6dcd05 ... OK
  156. Starting kernel ...
  158. :: running early hook [udev]
  159. Starting version 251.2-1-arch
  160. :: running early hook [plymouth]
  162. Manjaro Linux 5.17.0-3-MANJARO-ARM-Q64 (ttyS2)
  164. frank-pc login:
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