High Shaman Notes

Jul 24th, 2017
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  1. >1. Birth of Gold Horns and Silver Horns
  2. >"I have no idea how they survived down there at the bottom so long. Generally, the longer a creature a creature stays in the Brew as we cook them, the stronger they turn out. But leave them in there too long, and the Brew will kill them dead. I've lost plenty an animal trying to overcook them. But these two... somehow they stuck to the bottom of the cauldron for WHO knows how long. When I finally noticed those two over-sized lumps and managed to work up enough muscle to scrape them off, I still couldn't believe the massive, glittering gems of ogres I pulled out."
  3. >"Demons. I've managed to create honest to Taint DEMONS. Such creatures haven't graced this island with their presence in over a century. It is both a boon and a blessing. Gold Horns and Silver Horns, as I've dubbed the pair, are absolutely game-changers in this war against Kachina, but I would not be so brash as to send them in blindly. They are very strong, by far the strongest creatures on Ogre Island at least, but even as mighty as they are, they need to get stronger to stand a chance."
  4. >"But at the same time, I can barely contain them. They've killed several of their own fellow Tainted, just to sate their Soul Hunger, or sometimes even just for fun. They BARELY listened to me from the outset, and I can only feel their patience is waning. It has taken every bit of my cunning to convince them I have a plan for them, and they have been complacent in that as I could possibly expect, but I fear every night sleeping with them on our island they will take things into their own hands..."
  6. >2. Arrival of the Stranger
  7. >"Whether this was a fortune or not will only be revealed in due time. However, it seems there may yet be a golden opportunity awaiting me and the siblings on our very shore. Today, only a couple of weeks since Gold Horns and Silver Horns' birth, we were met with a boat of an intricate design not native to Kachina. Upon it were three animals: a tall, silent black hound, an annoyingly talkative ape, and a large lion. It came onto our black shores and its very UN-tainted occupants disembarked towards our forward guard with nary a care in the world."
  8. >"I told our ogre sentries to halt in their assault, and I met with the bold strangers directly to demand why they were here. The lion, who introduced himself as 'Rasheo', was straight forward enough. They are somehow aware of Gold Horns and Silver Horns' recent creation, and seek to offer us a chance to turn the tides against that wretched princess, Kachina."
  9. >"I asked them why, and Rasheo only said they represented a sponsor who would be prefer to see our monarch out of the picture. What's more, he apparently desires the 10,000 Souls the Princess is said to possess. When I told them of my trepidation, they offered their assistance in the matter. I was about to turn them down, before he offered me some sort of magical artifact the likes of which I have never seen, in this or any other lifetime I can recall. With it, perhaps Gold Horns and Silver Horns will not have to wait so long after-all..."
  11. >3. Capture of Kachina
  12. >"At the time of this memo, I can still scarcely believe I am even alive to write it. We've won. It feels so alien, yet so cathartic, to write out these words, but we won."
  13. >"Our journey up the mountain was not met with much resistance, but as we stormed the gates into the Princesses' very strong hold, I knew the hard part was only just beginning. I still remember going into her grandiose hall with the siblings at my side, they as confident as I was petrified, before coming face to face with that smug little witch. Her pretty little face looking down at us from upon her throne. To this moment I try to remember what look she had. I want to say it was anger, but I distinctly remember something FAR more insulting... pity. As though she felt SORRY for us. It turns my stomach to be looked down upon in such a manner..."
  14. >"I didn't have much time to contemplate how she looked at us, for Pryftan and Trāgu were there at her side in an instant. Pyrftan spraying fire so hot I feared it would melt my skin right off, and Trāgu in turn with ice so cold I felt my bones freeze just from being in his presence. Thank the Four for Gold Horns and Silver Horns' unwavering nerve, for if not for that, I would have surely lost mine."
  15. >"They took the lead in the combat, my two mighty Demons versus the princess' two dragon guards. It was close. So frighteningly close. I even had to step in once to heal both the siblings apiece, but in the end, they came through. Such devastating combat I had never seen, they virtually tore her throne room apart, but in the end Gold Horns and Silver Horns' team work, not to mention their Anima, gave them just enough of an edge to down both of those monsters."
  16. >"It left them exhausted, however. Both were on their last leg, and I barely had time to prepare another batch of healing tonic before the Princess shot it straight out of my hand. Gold Horns and Silver Horns had made a charge at her, but were both shoved aside by blast of Glavo. I thought we were dead for sure, the Princess already lecturing us on our folly before our despair turned to victory."
  17. >"We were all but a distraction, you see. At that moment, Rasheo and his associates struck from behind, throwing the artifact they had shown us yesterday, known as the Cage of Mafu, directly at Kachina with her guard completely lowered. She had no time to react at all with her focus purely on us, and the orb trapped her in an unbreakable stasis, akin to a deep and unending slumber, as it locked tightly. For a brief few moments I feared it would break, but eventually, her silhouette ceased to move. She's trapped."
  18. >"We've won. Kachina has fallen at last."
  20. >4. The Taming of the Dragons
  21. >"The key to Kachina's cage was split into three pieces: one for me, and one for each of the demon siblings, who have already taken up residency in Kachina's castle. They seem to be most satisfied with their recent bout, and might be easier to control now that they believe I am capable of getting things done."
  22. >"Rasheo and his two cohorts had to make a hasty exit, saying they were needed elsewhere by their master. They made their demands clear before they departed, however: in return for this victory, I am to find a way to extract the 10,000 Souls from within Kachina to offer to them."
  23. >"That only left me with the situation as to what to do with her two dragon guards, who still drew breath after their battle with the Siblings. I thought killing them to be a waste, but I am not sure Tainting them would be wise either. I am barely keeping Gold and Silver Horns in check, how am I to deal with them PLUS a pair of Tainted Dragons?! However, I have a spell that should let me make some use out of them."
  24. >"A hexing spell of sorts, a hypnosis imprinted upon their Psyche that should instill a savage state similar to Doomed. Unfortunately, it is a bit unwieldy. It will only allow me to provide one underlying instruction, unlike a true Doomed who can be tamed by Tainted. The order I've given them is 'only allow Tainted upon the mountain.' It should suffice for our purposes. This hex will not be easily lifted, either: the only means to break it is to hear Kachina's voice, which of course won't be happening with her in captivity."
  25. >"With the dragons guarding the mountain, and Gold and Silver guarding the castle, this should prevent anyone from mounting an investigation as to what happened to their precious leader whilst I make preparations for our remaining forces to invade the island. I think it best to leave her fate unknown to the masses for a time. Knowing for certain of Kachina's capture might deprive her people of hope... but it COULD also make her into a martyr, forming a retaliation so strong it overpowers even our impressive momentum. Possibly even drawing another of her fellow Twelve here in an attempt to help her! I can't risk either for now..."
  26. >"I will also be busy, of course, attempting to fulfill my end of the bargain to our newfound allies, and find a way to extract the 10,000 Souls from Kachina's breast as she slumbers. But I do not intend to give it to the cat... with the power of 10,000 Souls fed to Gold Horns and Silver Horns, they will be all but unstoppable. With that sort of power under my control, I can not only take this puny island, but our Taint can spread to the main-land as well. I've much work to do."
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