Fallout: Beyond Equestria 219: ...To Roam (Part 21)

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  1. [2017-04-19 13:10:10] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Previously...
  2. [2017-04-19 13:10:20] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Emptiness," Pan tells Noble_Heart.  Then, at the look the spirit gets, the little draconequus explains, "Not Spirits of Whispers.  Those spirits enforce silence and horde secrets.  The spirits that fill the catacombs are Spirits of Emptiness."  Then, with a sigh.  "Anti-magic.  Also, anti-harmony, anti-friendship..."
  3. [2017-04-19 13:10:27] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Spirits of Emptiness are an odd sort.  They don't like putting themselves into living things like trees, or precious things like gemstones.  But there is an old,dark stone that they do favor," Pan tells those below him.  "The catacombs are studded with them."
  4. [2017-04-19 13:10:33] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Now changelings, they feed on love.  And they are never, ever satiated.  Their hunger knows no end," Pan insists.  "Starvation is the core of their being.  Their magic resonates with it.  So much so that it is the one type of magic that the Spirits of Emptiness don't simply devour."
  5. [2017-04-19 13:10:45] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Mwana frowns.  "You mean the changelings can use their magic in the catacombs even when no one else can?"
  6. [2017-04-19 13:11:02] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  7. [2017-04-19 13:11:16] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Pan adds temptingly, "Now if the ponies going into the catacombs were to take some of those stones out with them..."
  8. [2017-04-19 13:11:27] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Citrine Glow perks.  She points out, "That could shut down the Obsidian Scepter!"
  9. [2017-04-19 13:12:49] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  10. [2017-04-19 13:12:50] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"The Dragon Lord has a magical artifact called the Bloodstone Scepter, a symbol of rulership.  With it, the Dragon Lord can summon dragons to His or Her beck and call."
  11. [2017-04-19 13:12:57] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Citrine Glow notes, "Of course, after the schism, Garble had His own version of the scepter made."  She says, "The magic of the scepter is only supposed to work for the Dragon Lord, but a changeling transformed to pretend /might/ be able to fool it."
  12. [2017-04-19 13:13:04] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"But the Caesar isn't a real dragon, no matter what form she takes.  If she is trying to use the scepter to summon loyal allies, or coalesce her people around her, who knows what weird things might happen instead... and many of the shadow-things /were/ zebras loyal to Caesar in life."
  13. [2017-04-19 13:13:10] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Bookwright feels the color drain from his face. "You're saying if we don't hurry we could face an army of shadows?"
  14. [2017-04-19 13:13:26] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Noble_Heart scowls in concern. "No. She is saying if we do not hurry we may face an army of -seraphs-."
  15. [2017-04-19 13:13:28] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  16. [2017-04-19 13:14:12] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The younger zebra bolts off and soon returns with the PipBuck's unlocking tool.
  17. [2017-04-19 13:14:17] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Noble_Heart offers out her foreleg for the tool, it was after all their PipBuck and merely given as a colateral tether to her.
  18. [2017-04-19 13:14:24] <Mare-Do-Well> 3As the familiar zebra unlocks the PipBuck from Noble_Heart's foreleg and removes it, he nods.  "You have done us and Roam... all zebras, in truth, a great service.  Letting you into the catacombs... and back out... is a favor I am grateful to do in return."
  19. [2017-04-19 13:14:31] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The zebra looks up at her.  "Sadly, I cannot do anything about the trouble you are likely to find once inside."
  20. [2017-04-19 13:14:37] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  21. [2017-04-19 13:15:19] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Trying to keep physical contact with the zebra, the mare works on something very rough. The leg is just metal and joints, with an external battery and a bunch of cables, but in the end it works. She applies a metal plate to the missing leg joint, then the metal leg to it. It is a long thing, very tiring. In the end the mare is completely depleted
  22. [2017-04-19 13:15:25] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Obviously, there's a solaris logo on the back of the artificial hoof.
  23. [2017-04-19 13:15:32] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost even if she still had eyes she wouldn't be crying. not at all. nope. so she simply keeps sitting by th patient, smiling a little and pretending not to cry.
  24. [2017-04-19 13:15:34] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  25. [2017-04-19 13:16:20] <Mare-Do-Well> 3They pass several hoverbots, and keep out of the sight of a still-patrolling Imperial Sentinel.  The robot looks intact, although it's communications relay is damaged, preventing it from receiving signals from Parlay (or anything else).  However, the same damage that prevents the bot from being rendered non-hostile also partially blinds it.
  26. [2017-04-19 13:16:28] <Mare-Do-Well> 3However, the last time they ran across it, the bot seemed to notice somepony... or at least spot the tracks they made... because it is now actively hunting them.
  27. [2017-04-19 13:16:29] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  28. [2017-04-19 13:16:41] <Mare-Do-Well> 3It is Shatara who notices the faintest hint of a glow in one of the shadow-blackened burial cavities.  
  29. [2017-04-19 13:16:48] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The glow comes from the nearly-dead screen of a golden PipBuck...
  30. [2017-04-19 13:16:58] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...attached to the foreleg of a nearly comatose ghoul.
  31. [2017-04-19 13:17:03] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  32. [2017-04-19 13:17:27] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Two Hundred and Nineteen: ...To Roam (Part 21)
  33. [2017-04-19 13:18:19] <Mare-Do-Well> 3In the hidden basement, the zebra alchemist stirs against Get_Lost's flank.
  34. [2017-04-19 13:18:43] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Deep in the catacombs, the pegasus ghoul does not.
  35. [2017-04-19 13:19:10] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Imperial Sentinel closes on its targets.
  36. [2017-04-19 13:19:45] <Mare-Do-Well> 3And at the edge of Roam, explosions of burning light flare in the darkness.
  37. [2017-04-19 13:19:50] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- Session Begins ---
  38. [2017-04-19 13:25:34] * Mitzi frowns upon seeing the unmoving ghoul, but she wasn't able to help there. What she could do was tear apart a robot that might interfere with her rescue.
  39. [2017-04-19 13:30:39] * Golden_Dream hunches down. "Shit. Shit! Okay, you and me, Mitzi. We're gonna go sneak up on that exploding dickbot." Yes, that's going to stick if Goldy had anything to say about it.  "I'll unload on it, then you take apart the bits that don't have holes in 'em."
  40. [2017-04-19 13:32:07] * Mitzi nods to Golden_Dream "Uh'll go under. Yu shoot, den Uh'll know tu come up." She burrows into the ground with frightening speed.
  41. [2017-04-19 13:34:15] * Bookwright marshals his limited medical knowledge and gives the poor unfortunate soul a once-over.
  42. [2017-04-19 13:34:26] * Golden_Dream blinks. Oh wait, she can dig that fast. She can dig that fast. WAIT, SHE CAN DIG THAT FAST.
  43. [2017-04-19 13:34:59] * Golden_Dream passes the Booze of Life and Death over to Bookwright. "I dunno what this'll do to th' poor soul, but I do know it's radioactive as all hell."
  44. [2017-04-19 13:36:24] * Bookwright nods. "fanks. It 'ight e'en helf."
  45. [2017-04-19 13:41:03] * Golden_Dream rubs her hooves together. If she weren't wearing a helmet, she'd very visibly be wearing an evil, evil grin. "Hey, Mitzi! You're good at diggin'. You think you can dig me a ditch about, I 'unno. About the size a blind robit would fall down in?"
  46. [2017-04-19 13:45:19] * Mitzi nods and digs as Golden_Dream directs. She could still burrow up after whatever Trap Goldie sprung and tear anything left intact apart.
  47. [2017-04-19 13:52:46] * Golden_Dream sets up a tripwire trap. It'll be weird seeing the lighter and rope that saw her this entire trip through going away, but after getting exploded one more time, she stopped giving any fucks. No more fucks to give.. These fuckers all needed to die one by one because FUCK THESE ROBOTS.
  48. [2017-04-19 13:53:37] * Golden_Dream set up the thermite and sets the grenade launcher grenades on the edges of the pit. "Alright, get ready, Mitzi. We gon' see some fireworks, this all works out right.
  49. [2017-04-19 14:08:29] * Mitzi has already dug her way out of the anticipated blast radius to wait while Gold rids the explosives
  50. [2017-04-19 14:33:15] * Golden_Dream_ sits back with Mitzi after everything gets set up. A quiet, tense moment passes. "Mitzi?" She whispers.
  51. [2017-04-19 14:34:51] <TenMihara> The hellhound glances to Golden_Dream. "Yus? "
  52. [2017-04-19 14:36:04] <Golden_Dream_> "I think I forgot to buy lighter fluid." She whispers back.
  53. [2017-04-19 14:36:25] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The effort takes Golden_Dream longer than she expected, longer than she is comfortable with... but everything seems in order.  She has barely finished when the Imperial Sentinel rolls around the corner.  "Pereat, non minus!"
  54. [2017-04-19 14:37:31] <Mare-Do-Well> 3It's missile launcher swivels around to aim at Golden_Dream_ even as it rolls across the tripwire...
  55. [2017-04-19 14:38:22] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...and falls nose-first into the hole.
  56. [2017-04-19 14:38:58] * TenMihara pulls Golden_Dream down into the little trench she'd dug for them to use as cover from the blast if it spilled out of the hole.
  57. [2017-04-19 14:39:05] <TenMihara> * Mitzi
  58. [2017-04-19 14:41:52] * Golden_Dream_ counts the seconds after the robot fell in the hole. How many grenades did she shove in there? Four? No, five. And the thermite. Shouldn't there be an earth shattering kaboom? Shit maybe she forgot the lighter fluid. Shit shit shit shit
  59. [2017-04-19 14:43:12] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The explosion isn't quite what Golden_Dream_ expected, but if anything it is a lot louder and more violent!
  60. [2017-04-19 14:56:35] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The sound is painful to the hellhound's ears, and leaves both temporarily deaf save for a disorienting ringing.
  61. [2017-04-19 14:56:38] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The explosion does not merely spill out of the pit, but vibrates through the ground.  Small bits of burning thermite are tossed through the air along with fire and dirt.  Mitzi is hit with a few tiny drops of the burning deathstuff before it is snuffed out by the wave of dirt that washes over her and and the mare her bulk protects.  
  62. [2017-04-19 14:57:10] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The two are buried alive in their ditch, if only by an inch or two of topdirt.
  63. [2017-04-19 14:57:34] * Mitzi gives a loud, pained yelp whimpering as once again she is beset by burning
  64. [2017-04-19 15:02:52] * Golden_Dream_ is under a metric ton of puppyfluff now, and everything has exploded and life is a-okay. She thinks the vibrations were so violent that they shook apart her brain in parts but it was worth it. Worth it worth it worth it worth it. She wriggles out of Mitzi's bulk. "HOW'S IT FEEL, Y'DURN FUCKNUT?"
  65. [2017-04-19 15:07:35] * Mitzi gives a pained whine as she sits up, throwing some dirt off of her and Goldie
  66. [2017-04-19 15:08:09] * Golden_Dream_ wriggles out of the ditch, looking at Mitzi. "Oh. Um. Sorry, Mitzi. Yer' alright, right?"
  67. [2017-04-19 15:09:55] * Mitzi winces as she sits up, her eyes big and a bit watery
  68. [2017-04-19 15:11:17] * Shatara coughs on the dust and searches for a target.
  69. [2017-04-19 15:15:18] * Golden_Dream_ pets a Mitzi. "Aw, hey, it didn't getcha, did it? What's wrong?"
  70. [2017-04-19 15:16:20] * Mitzi looks over her shoulder. There are several spots of melted flesh and the smell of burnt fur
  71. [2017-04-19 15:18:08] * Noble_Heart moves up behind Bookwright with a scowl. "Unfortunately We are out of Sparkle~Cola. We gave her Our last bottle when last We met her here. She requires necromantic radiation to recover."
  72. [2017-04-19 15:29:27] * Bookwright pokes Ditzy's muzzle open with a hoof and carefully pours a thin trickle of Golden Dream's cocktail into her mouth.
  73. [2017-04-19 15:29:48] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Bookwright's examination of Ditzy Doo reveals no serious injuries, but the old minor ones she has have not healed, and her body looks withered.  She is most acutely suffering from radiation depletion.  The mare seems to have gone into something akin to hibernation in an attempt to stave off feral deterioration.
  74. [2017-04-19 15:31:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The effects of Golden_Dream's booze is evident from the first drops, as her lips become less cracked and chapped, taking on a more "healthy" ghoulish pallor.
  75. [2017-04-19 15:33:45] * Bookwright trickles a bit more. The idea is to wake her up enough for her to be able to drink on her own, rather than have her wake up with a shock and spray precious booze all over the place. And Bookwright.
  76. [2017-04-19 15:38:16] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The process take a long time, gently easing Ditzy Doo first out of her withered state, then out of her coma to simple rest.  It takes an hour, and all of Golden_Dream's mega-booze to bring Ditzy Doo to full consciousness.  The mare gasps, her eyes rolling to both focus on Bookwright.  
  77. [2017-04-19 15:38:34] <Mare-Do-Well> 3At first, she seems confused and worried.  Then she looks past him and sees Noble_Heart.  And she smiles brightly with recognition.
  78. [2017-04-19 15:38:52] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The light on her golden pipbuck brightens just a little.
  79. [2017-04-19 15:39:58] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  80. [2017-04-19 15:40:44] <Mare-Do-Well> 3In the basement under Roam, the zebra alchemist begins to stir.  
  81. [2017-04-19 15:41:18] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost can hear distant sounds.  Explosions?  Thunder?
  82. [2017-04-19 15:42:13] <Mare-Do-Well> 3They are followed by a loud, blaring cry that tears the air over Roam, and penetrates even into the basement.  Get_Lost knows this sound.  Air raid sirens.
  83. [2017-04-19 15:42:54] * Get_Lost curses "What the hay is going on now?...." checks the state of the alchemist
  84. [2017-04-19 15:44:31] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The unicorn girl abandons the toys and gallops to her father's side, holding him as the noise pulls him abruptly awake.  A flurry of words are exchanged, a combination of tearful happiness and confused horror.
  85. [2017-04-19 15:44:53] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The words, however, are all in Imperial, and Parlay is elsewhere.
  86. [2017-04-19 15:45:15] * Get_Lost "woah there, keep quiet, you're still recovering"
  87. [2017-04-19 15:46:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3He looks at Get_Lost with fear and surprise.  Then down from the cyberpony to his own artificial leg.  And he says... something.
  88. [2017-04-19 15:46:45] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Meanwhile, Get_Lost is seeing an eruption of radio chatter on nearly every frequency she can find.
  89. [2017-04-19 15:47:54] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The ghost of Rainbow Dash swoops into the room through the ceiling.
  90. [2017-04-19 15:49:43] * Get_Lost shrugs at the stallion when he stares at the cyberleg, then smiles at dashie "Hey there sunshine, what's going on up there?"
  91. [2017-04-19 15:49:48] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Now it is the zebra's turn to not understand the conversation, as Rainbow Dash looks around and smiles to Get_Lost,  "Hey Get!  Looks like your patient is awake, well, and freaking out.  Perfect Solaris work!"
  92. [2017-04-19 15:50:21] * Get_Lost "freaking out is as good as very alive isn't it?"
  93. [2017-04-19 15:52:11] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Dash gives a friendly wink, then looks back upwards.  "Whatever the Caesar is doing, it's creating a whole bunch of those seraphs.  Remember Major Tripwire?  There's a bunch o' them doing that around the Anulus Mortis.  And when they get like that, it pretty much takes a battleship's guns to take them down."
  94. [2017-04-19 15:54:24] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Then, with a grin, she adds, "Fortunately, we've got one!"  She flaps her wings smugly.  "We designed Raptors to take down dragons.  The Enclave has engaged the seraphs at the far end of Roam.  They remember Tripwire too, and they plan not to let Caesar use those against ponies... or zebra pirates."
  95. [2017-04-19 15:54:53] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Plus, it's one hell of a distraction to let your guys do what they need to do."
  96. [2017-04-19 15:58:03] * Get_Lost "that's good, the noise and the diversion will help them move more easily for sure... how are the pegasi doing? are they suffering losses?" but the real question is... is sonica ok?
  97. [2017-04-19 16:02:45] * Bookwright rather hopes that sonica is not okay.
  98. [2017-04-19 16:05:06] * Mare-Do-Well 3grimaces.  "I don't know about Sonica.  But I could fly over there and find out.  It's not like they can shoot me."  The ghost nods at her own idea.  "Great.  Be right back!"  And woosh, she is off.
  99. [2017-04-19 16:08:19] * Get_Lost keeps listening to the radio channels hoping to understand at least some words
  100. [2017-04-19 16:22:04] <Mare-Do-Well> 3What Get_Lost can make out confirms what Mare-Do-Well told her.  Although there is a lot of discrepency between channels; many of the zebras of Roam seem to be under the impression that the Enclave is attacking the city.
  101. [2017-04-19 16:24:07] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost does pick up a couple channels she can understand clearly.  One of them is the Enclave military channel that her internal cyberware handily decrypts.  And that confirms the Enclave's action, drawing a line at the Anulus Mortis.  Apparently, in the names of Major Tripwire "and the fallen".
  102. [2017-04-19 16:24:55] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The other channel that Get_Lost catches is one sending burst transmissions between the pirates.  From the sounds of it, they are close, and holding, waiting for a signal.
  103. [2017-04-19 16:25:40] * Get_Lost doesn't interfere with the pirates channels, but does a different thing
  104. [2017-04-19 16:38:06] * Bookwright sits up. "Okay, so we've rescued the damsel. Now how are we gonna get out of here?"
  105. [2017-04-19 16:39:23] * Get_Lost starts looking for a way to steal a ride on a transmitting channel
  106. [2017-04-19 16:41:44] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost needs a broadcaster, or similar equipment, to send a signal.  But if she has one, she has several channels to chose from.  Overriding or interrupting a broadcasting channel will require a lot of power though.  
  107. [2017-04-19 16:42:17] <TenMihara> Mitzi stands with a bit of a grunt. "We go up." She starts to climb the side of the tunnel, intending to make a nice gentle slope in the general direction of the way the came
  108. [2017-04-19 16:42:26] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Of course, she knows where the most powerful transmitter in Roam is.  That is, after all, their next target.
  109. [2017-04-19 16:42:39] * Get_Lost doesn't have the equipement for now and decides to wait
  110. [2017-04-19 16:42:51] * TenMihara stops a moment and digs up a few generous chunks of that unpleasant black rock
  111. [2017-04-19 16:42:55] <TenMihara> * Mitzi
  112. [2017-04-19 16:42:56] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  113. [2017-04-19 16:43:47] * Shatara leads towards the exit, keeping an eye out for sneaky robots that keep managing to be where he's not
  114. [2017-04-19 16:45:00] * Noble_Heart sticks close near Ditzy Doo. "We apologize for Our tardiness in your rescue. It has been complicated reaching Roam. There have been considerable difficulties."
  115. [2017-04-19 16:48:55] * Fridge . after Pinkie-prancing up and down on the Exploding Dickbot's cooled corpse yelling "Not this time", comes back. And sees a "living" Ditzy Doo. "Oh. Oh, hey! Did th' booze help?"
  116. [2017-04-19 16:49:43] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Ditzy Doo smiles at Fridge and nods.  She opens her mouth and makes a croaking sound, then just settles for a smile.
  117. [2017-04-19 16:53:50] * Golden_Dream sees her crooked smile and tilts her head a little. "Hee!" Ahh. Okay, too much time being happy. Time to come down. "Oh. Um. We're gonna go stop a war and shoot a doppelganger that looks like you and brainwashed your boyfriend a'fore he punches a hole in the SPP or somethin'."
  118. [2017-04-19 16:54:25] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Ditzy Doo looks incredibly alarmed.
  119. [2017-04-19 16:54:51] <Mare-Do-Well> 3She fumbles about for a clipboard and chalk which she no longer has.
  120. [2017-04-19 16:55:42] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Shatara, moving forward, is the first to hear voices ahead.  Not robots this time, but someone giving orders in the Imperial tongue while trying to keep relatively quiet.
  121. [2017-04-19 16:55:45] * Golden_Dream raises her hooves. "Look, don't worry about sayin' anythin' until we get you back. We got a safehouse now.
  122. [2017-04-19 16:58:10] * Noble_Heart nods her head. "We shall escort you to Our ship, you will be able to recover there while We deal with the present problems. Do not fear overly much, Lionheart has been warned of the duplicitous nature of the Changeling impersonating you. We hope that it has already been dealt with, but We admit to having not heard any specific news."
  123. [2017-04-19 17:00:58] * Shatara waves a warning to the others of potentially hostile stripeypones.
  124. [2017-04-19 17:02:36] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- End of Session ---
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