ms /co/ mr /co/ 2020 rules

Jun 26th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Ms. /co/ & Mr. /co/lyumpus rules 2020
  3. Feedback Poll:
  4. Bracket Image (Ms. /co/ 2020):
  5. Ms. /co/ links at bottom of page
  7. Next Competition Dates (2020):
  8. Mr. /co/lympus 2020: Oct 23 at 1 pm EST
  10. Sept 11 (A Friday): Ms. /co/ (Nominations begin) - second week of September around 6pm EST
  11. Oct 23 (A Friday): Mr. /co/lympus (Nominations begin) - third week of October around 1 pm EST
  13. >Dropbox OC/Booru
  14. (uploading OC, edits, and screencap to the ms and mr co boorus is fine)
  15. (Tag: year character_name)
  19. (dropbox OC/screencaps)
  21. Tournament Judges (Ms. /co/ 2020):
  22. > Yotsuba & /co/nrad!
  23. > Jenny XJ9 (Tournament Mascot/Judge)
  24. > Hope Corgi (Honorary Best Boy)
  25. > /co/lette (Honorary Waifuhalla Waifu)
  26. > J/aco/lyn (Honarary Waifuhalla Waifu)
  28. >Past Winners & Elite Eight
  31. >Mr. and Ms. /co/ 2019 Rules
  34. Ms. and Mr. /co/
  35. Ms. and Mr. /co/ is an annual for-fun tournament of 128-contestants that was first started in 2018. Throughout the weeklong competition, anons generally vote for their favorite waifu and husbandos and promote their given character by campaigning in various ways. Generally, the main purpose of the event is for the overall discovery of things you’ve neglected or never head of before. As well as, fanart, thematic match-ups, and fun banter between the contestants. New fanart of obscure characters is encouraged, as well as decades old characters that are not currently in the public eye. Regardless of skill, any OC is welcome. In other words, Ignore bait and Post waifus.
  37. The moderator/host promotes discussion and topic changes, but generally does not interact with the constituency other than setting up the poll, giving the results, and starting new threads. The nomination process is done with over 400+ candidates, and with a seeded bracket of 128 contestants. The winner of each tournament will be given a “Jenny” or a “Johnny” and enter either Waifuhallla or the /Co/lympian Pantheon. The Elite Eight are also immortalized and take a year off from the competition as a result.
  39. Ms. /co/
  40. A single-elimination, for-fun tournament of 128 waifus for their chance to enter Waifuhalla and become one of the Eternal Waifus and Queen of /co/.
  42. Mr. /co/
  43. A for-fun competition of 128 husbandos to become a legitimate best boy and enter the /Co/lympian Pantheon.
  45. Previous Mr. /co/lympus in the /CO/LYMPIAN PANTHEON
  46. Kronk (2019) [The Emperor's New Groove]
  47. Johnny Bravo (2018) [Johnny Bravo]
  49. Previous Ms. /co/ Queens in WAIFUHALLA
  50. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch [Venture Bros]
  51. Spinel (2019) [Steven Universe]
  52. Jenny XJ9 (2018) [My Life as a Teenage Robot]
  54. According to the Jenny Rule and Elite Eight Rule these characters are barred from entry
  55. into the 2020 tournament.
  56. Ms. /co/ 2020: Jenny XJ9, Spinel, Raven, Frankie, Shego, Velma, Azula, Pearl, and Peridot.
  57. Mr. /co/lympus 2020: Johnny Bravo, Kronk, Grim, Courage, Hank Hill, Skeletor, Bugs Bunny, Batman, and Doof.
  59. ==The Jenny Rule==
  60. All Champions are barred from reentry into the tournament.
  62. ==Elite Eight Rule==
  63. Characters that get to the elite eight are temporarily banned from future tournaments for one year. After which they are allowed reentry.
  65. ==One-Month Old Clause==
  66. Any character making their first debut in the entirety of the previous month is ineligible to compete.
  67. -Meaning if the competition starts on Oct. 23th, no character debuting from Sept. 1st to Oct. 23th is eligible to compete
  68. -Similarly, if the competition starts on Sept. 11th, no character debuting from Aug. 1st to Sept. 11th is eligible to compete
  70. ==Character Limit==
  71. For qualifier poll
  72. >Series (individual shows) can only have 5 characters (i.e. 5 characters from STAS, BTAS, or PPG)
  73. >No character limit on DC/Marvel/Disney franchise characters due to their size, huge variety, and difficult implementation
  75. ==Current Eligible Entrants==
  76. For characters to be nominated
  77. >Characters must have either a /co/ western origin or a substantial amount of /co/ material
  78. >Any character that is clearly not /co/ is not allowed (/a/ or live-action actors)
  79. >Any non-bannable characters (No colored horse show characters)
  80. >Any Previous Contestants (Those placed in the top 128 of previous tournaments)
  81. >Puppets allowed
  82. >Character's cannot be Board-Tans, OC Donut Steels, or meme characters (i.e. did not originate from a meme)
  83. >You are voting for their entire history of that character, not just one particular iteration. (i.e. Superman would also include DCSHG and COIE, etc) [Generalization Statute]
  84. >Elite Eight Rule: All /co/ characters except the temporary year ban of the elite eight are allowed
  85. >Jenny Rule: Champions are barred from reentry into the tournament
  87. ==Nomination Process==
  88. A character can be nominated by posting a picture of the character, stating the name and series/franchise. This character will be qualified when they get a minimum of eight replies. A poll with captcha will then be created and the top 128 votes will be our contestants.
  89. >post name, pic, sauce
  90. >8 replies
  92. ==Tiebreakers==
  93. If still tied at "poll end" then it will be broken by higher seeding number.
  95. ==Round Length==
  96. Each round will have a 24 hour time period, so each anon (no matter the time zone) will have a chance to vote.
  97. Nomination Round will be 24 hours. Qualifier Poll will be for 24-36 hours.
  99. ==Feedback Poll==
  100. Feedback Poll will be 48 hours upon the finale results and will be split into two polls,
  101. one for multiple choice and one for short answer.
  103. The first will be used to deliberate specific stances on a given topic and give
  104. concrete answers to be released immediately, while the second will be used for suggestions only.
  105. Each should have fewer than 10 questions. This is to increase the amount of voters
  106. for the required stances, for anons who don't wish to write suggestions, and give
  107. more anonymity to those wanting to write suggestions.
  109. While a thread may be deleted or not exist at a given time,
  110. the poll will be available here, and open, for the 48 hours.
  112. These feedback polls are to be made yearly after the Ms. /co/ tournament to provide changes
  113. based on a community-consensus. Any changes will be made to the following tournament and not
  114. during the ongoing tournament.
  116. ==Seeding System==
  117. 1-128 based on qualifier poll (the same)
  119. Seeding occurs in order to create a sense of balance and order. Stronger opponents will be scattered equally amongst other less strong Girls. If there is no seeding, it’s possible that all of the stronger Girls could be fighting against one another within one single pool or the same branch of a tableau. Spreading them out in this way allows for a more fair competition, and allows other less higher seeded players to compete against the higher seeded Girls.
  121. Opponents may be allocated randomly (such as in the FA Cup); however, since the "luck of the draw" may result in the highest-rated competitors being scheduled to face each other early in the competition, seeding is often used to prevent this.
  123. These tournaments provide a relatively simple application. The constituency poll on the nominated suggestions and seed based on how many votes they get in it. The most votes, or hence “strongest” candidate is the first seed. It goes against the 128th seed for the first round, or the one that made it in with the least amount of votes and hence the “weakest”. Then 2 goes against 127th and so on. Winners face winners and so on.
  125. ==Single-elimination==
  126. A single-elimination tournament is a type of elimination tournament where the loser of each match-up is immediately elimated from the tournament. Each winner will play another in the next round, until the final match-up, whose winner becomes the tournament champion.
  127. >The Elite Eight (places 5-8) will be voted on during the semi-finals.
  128. >Captcha must be included
  129. >Voting for each matchup must be necessary to vote.
  130. >Google forms setting: Only allow one response per person
  132. ==Thread Containment==
  133. Please keep all talk based on the competition inside the current thread.
  135. Poll System
  136. Google Forms with Captcha
  139. Trophy Name:
  140. The Jenny and The Johnnies
  142. Countdown Timer
  145. Wiki:
  148. >Previous Threads
  150. Ms. /co/ (2020) [9/11-9/20]:
  151. Bracket Image (Ms. /co/ 2020):
  153. --
  154. Mr. /co/ (2019) [Oct. 4-Oct. 13] -
  155. Mr. /co/ympus 2019 recap:
  157. Ms. /co/ (2019) -
  158. Ms. /co/ 2019 recap:
  160. ---
  161. Mr. colympus (2018) -
  162. Ms. /co/ (2018) -
  163. --
  165. Past Judges:
  166. > Yotsuba & /co/nrad! (2019,2020)
  167. > Jenny XJ9 (Tournament Mascot/Judge) (2019,2020)
  168. > /co/lette (2020)
  169. > Hope Corgi (2020)
  170. > J/aco/lyn (2020)
  171. > Johnny Bravo (2019)
  173. ---------------------
  175. Feedback Poll:
  177. Round 6 (Results):
  178. Round 5 (Results):
  179. Round 4 (Results):
  180. Round 3 (Results):
  181. Round 2 (Results):
  182. Round 1 (Results):
  184. Nomination List:
  185. Qualifier List:
  186. Round 1 Matchups:
  187. Series Length:
  189. Round 7:
  190. Round 6:
  191. Round 5:
  192. Round 4:
  193. Round 3:
  194. Round 2:
  195. Round 1:
  196. Qualifiers:
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