killing harmony form!

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  1. "Despair? Is that something I can eat?"
  3. → Slot: student 03
  5. → Back-up Slot: student 06
  7. → Username: @daitsukkis
  9. "Can I just stay in my room for the rest of the day?"
  11. → Full name: chen xuxi ( 陳旭曦 ) / kang jiae ( 강지애 )
  13. → Nicknames:
  14. ✧ xi ;; it means dawn in chinese
  15. ✧ jia ;; short form of jiae
  17. → Birthdate: 23 / 04 / 1999
  19. → Age: 20
  21. → Place of Birth: daegu, korea
  23. → Hometown: xi'an, china
  25. → Nationality: chinese
  27. → Ethnicity: chinese
  29. "Can we just have a funeral and go back home? I don't wanna deal with this anymore."
  31. → Face Claim: song yuqi ( g-idle )
  33. → Back-up Face Claim: luda ( wjsn )
  35. → Personality:
  36. ✧ conscientious | ❛ go away, can't you see i'm trying to focus? ❜
  37. // xuxi has a high sense of self-discipline and self-control. she is really careful with whatever she does and demands very highly from herself. she desires to do her very best in every task that's given to her. however, her conscientiousness leads to her being really harsh on herself. and often because of her being restlessness, she gets stressed but she never shows any sign of it to anyone.
  39. ✧ tsundere | ❛ i'm only doing this to avoid more troubles, not because of anything else! ❜
  40. // her embarrassed ass tend to speak the opposition of what her mind and heart thinks. she never ever leaks her true emotions nor intentions. she's taught that once you show even an ounce of your genuine feelings, the world would turn their back against you. she can always be seen denying her actions with a flustered face, embarrassed.
  42. ✧ sporty | ❛ going for a jog at 7 am in the morning is the best way to lose weight ❜
  43. // as a trained swordswoman, she never slacks off when it comes to building up a fit physique. she has a fetish for running and volleyball as those are the sole sports that she can find committing herself to. on normal days, she'll hone her sword skills in her father's dojo for around 3 - 4 hours. even in her free time, she can be seen yielding her sword in an open field.
  45. ✧ confident | ❛ tch, don't be stupid. i'm not going to be killed that easily ❜
  46. // ok, chen xuxi is not just confident, she's a complete narcissist when it comes to believing in her own skills. she never backs down from a challenge and always believes that if she does her best, she'd obtain victory. though her confidence can be really annoying when she brags about it, it also plays an important role in supporting her mentality. her narcissism boosts her confidence so that she can do things more efficiently.
  48. → Background/Childhood:
  49. she was born in korea but raised in her mother country, her hometown in xi'an, china. her father is the chen clan's sole survivor who'd inherited the mighty sword skills passed down by the chen clan's ancestors. in order to continue that heritage, xuxi's father had trained xuxi on how to handle a sword when she was a mere 4 year old and ever since then, small little xuxi had been under the strict supervision and training of her father who didn't allow even the smallest mistake to be made during a training session.
  51. her personality had been moulded according to her uptight childhood and since then, she's been demanding herself to achieve new levels and pushing pass her limits. she's became more and more conservative throughout her school years and is often called the 'freak' in class. she had bandages wrapped around her limbs from training and she hated to socialize at that time ( around 8 years old ). her eyes didn't have the glint of excitement like other kids do, hers were dull and seemingly dead.
  53. and due to that, she's never really been good at expressing her emotions which quickly turned her into a tsundere. when she came to korea during her high school years, her menacing gaze drew people away from her. and at one point, she wanted to give up on being a swordswoman because all this strictness on herself was making her life hard, it was torture. but after a troublesome ohase, she chose to stick to the sword and inherit her father's heritage no matter what.
  55. → How did they get their talent?
  56. well, she wasn't born a sword-handling prodigy. she only became an official swordswoman after restless nights she'd spent at the dojo practicing with her father. she loved her father so much that even if she had to endure a beating because she'd did poorly during practice, she didn't want to give up the only thing her father treasured. hence, apart from school, she's dedicated herself to the fine art of sword yielding with 8 hours of practice per day.
  58. → Trivia:
  59. ✧ she might sound like ms perfect, but actually she's far from that. she's self-destructive when the stress piles up in her
  60. ✧ her sword follows her wherever she goes
  61. ✧ she has a weird fetish for chinese myths about the gods and constellations or whatnot
  62. ✧ though she spends most time on practicing, she's able to manage her exams and school work really well
  63. ✧ nobody knew about this but she had a brother who was supposed to inherit her father's swordsmanship in her place but due to major health issues, her brother died when she was only 3.
  64. ✧ she has an unlimited supply of bandages and tapes at home because she's injured frequently
  66. → Likes:
  67. ✧ rainy days
  68. ✧ reading chinese myths
  69. ✧ coffee
  70. ✧ oversized clothing
  71. ✧ chocolate flavoured food
  72. ✧ flowers
  73. ✧ classical music
  74. ✧ sharpening her sword
  76. → Dislikes:
  77. ✧ whipped cream
  78. ✧ bugs / insects
  79. ✧ thunderstorms
  80. ✧ alcohol
  81. ✧ burning cigarettes
  82. ✧ people who litter
  83. ✧ people who try to pry into her life
  85. "I love inevitable death."
  87. → Did I miss anything?
  88. nope!!
  90. → Message to other students:
  91. ❛ even if we're in this together and anyone of us has the chance of being murdered overnight, let's all strive to stay alive. but if i'm miraculously chosen as the killer, i won't hesitate and will not leave a trace ❜
  93. → Message to me:
  94. hi ily! and im so hyped for this uwu sorry if there's any mistakes sjsjds i don't wanna die HAHAHAHA ♡
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