TF Reverse Trap (OC's, PTFG, Cancelled)

Aug 16th, 2019
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  1. >”I’m telling you, this stuff is could change everything!”
  3. >You rolled your eyes at your roommate, Daniel, as he paced around the room.
  4. >Danny tended to get in moods like this when he found something weird on the internet—some new conspiracy theory or spiritual dogma.
  5. >Sounded like some psychedelic drug this time.
  6. >You were used to it at this point, and gave passive hums and words of confirmation between the pauses, all the while focused in on TV, trying your best to pass that damn Porsche.
  7. >This stupid race had you on the third try because of this guy and—
  9. >Your view was obscured by a slightly stained, stoner rock shirt.
  10. >”Hey are you listening to me, Anon?” Danny said, sounding hurt.
  11. >The sound of crunching metal echoed through the room as your Mercedes acquantained itself with a concrete wall.
  12. >God
  13. >Fucking
  14. >Dammit
  15. >Danny noticed your expression sour and began to nervously shift his weight.
  16. >“S-Sorry, I should have just waited or let you pause. I wasn’t thinking I guess.”
  17. >You sighed and put the controller to the side.
  19. “I’m not mad,” you said, waving him off.
  21. >It was a lie but you hate watching him get all squirlish if he thinks you’re mad at him.
  22. >The guy didn’t like confrontations and got nervous far before he got mad.
  23. >You think it came from growing up in an abusive home.
  24. >His father used to get drunk, sometimes beat him, and through highschool you were the only person who was nice to him.
  25. >Didn’t really consider him a friend for a while either, but you were all he had.
  26. >So he clung to you, like a life raft in a petulant sea of abuse and neglect.
  28. >You really can’t imagine what it does to a kid to live like that.
  29. >It put a kind of fear in him, right down to the center of his being that you’ll never properly understand.
  30. >But eventually social services intervened.
  31. >Dad got sloppy, gave the poor kid a shiner and Danny was never a good liar.
  32. >That was a long time ago.
  33. >Danny had since come out of his shell, but in small, almost imperceptible ways, he relied on you for support more than ever.
  34. >You could see it in the way he watched your reactions, how he seemed to read your posture and carefully gauge your tone.
  35. >He was deathly afraid of making you upset, but not because he thought you’d hurt him.
  36. >He was afraid you’d abandon him.
  37. >You wouldn’t do that to him—couldn’t.
  38. >But he didn’t know that.
  39. >And nothing would change if you told him so, because he’d been taught love was conditional and fickle day after day.
  40. >He believed that down to his core.
  41. >So you did your best to be a good friend to him.
  42. >You just wished it didn’t all come down to you.
  43. >Sometimes you wanted a break honestly.
  44. >If Danny wasn’t such an awkward kid, he’d be able to make more friends, but as things stood, he really only had you.
  46. “So, what’s this thing again?” you said, prompting him to continue.
  48. >He flinched, broken from his usual, paranoid survey of your expression.
  49. >“Oh uh, okay it’s just that—look,” Danny said, putting his hands in his pockets. “I know you’re not into, like, being in tune with higher consciousness or whatever but I really want to try this with you. Haven’t you ever wanted to see your inner self?”
  51. >You ran your fingers through your hair.
  52. >Oh boy here we go...
  53. “What is this, some sort of psychedelic? If you need a babysitter, I’m out. Not after last time.”
  55. >Danny cleared his throat.
  56. >”I-It’s not that kind of thing. Were you not paying attention at all?”
  58. “Not really. Start over.”
  60. >Danny let out a huff, then dug into his pocket for an opaque, orange pill bottle.
  61. >The original label had been scratched off with car keys.
  62. >In its place sat white duck tape with the word ‘Pon-E’ written in sharpie.
  64. “This,” he said, “Is Pon-E.”
  66. >”That doesn’t look like a pony.”
  68. >He rolled his eyes.
  69. >“It’s not A pony it’s Pon-E, as in the drug. You know what that means, don’t you? It could… give you insight into yourself and stuff… I… I guess it’s kinda lame.”
  71. >You sat there, looking blankly at your roommate, wondering if one more try would be enough to beat that Porsche.
  73. “Okay. What’s it actually do though?”
  74. >He looked up at you with a question in his eyes, and a second later he looked invigorated again, but before he could ramble, you stopped him.
  75. “The physical symptoms. Not the spiritual effects.”
  77. >He deflated slightly.
  78. >”Er, well, it turns you into a little horse.”
  79. >Silence fell over the room.
  80. >Your roommate stood there, clenching and unclenching his hands, while your console whirred behind him, waiting for senpai to return.
  82. “Danny, I think we need to talk.”
  84. >”No seriously, Anon! That’s what it does! Like you know those colorful ones you’ve seen on the internet and stuff? There was one that got really popular for a while. Potato Masher or something? Keyboard cruncher?”
  85. >He scrunched his face for a moment, before shaking his head.
  86. >”Anyhow, the point is, these little ponies come in several different types, colors, and even get a special mark that shows some indication of your true self. Doesn’t that sound, uh, s-super cool?”
  88. >Yeah he wanted you to take this with him.
  90. “So you want to be the little pony?”
  92. >”Yes! Er, well n-no. Why? Is that weird?”
  94. “Kinda?”
  96. >“Well, it’s only for a little while. If you take two it’s permanent and a lot people got stuck that way, but if you only take one, it lasts only a few hours then you turn back.”
  98. >You took the bottle from him then gave it a shake.
  99. >He’d gotten ahold of four or so.
  100. >How expensive were these things anyhow?
  101. >Dude better pay rent this month…
  103. “So does it have any risks?”
  105. >”Not really,” he said with a shrug. “The transformation should be done on a bed but you’re still you once you’d changed. You just get a destiny mark and some insight into yourself. Also maybe fly and use horn magic. You, uh, want to try it with me?”
  107. >Horn magic huh…
  108. >Dealers will say anything to make a sale nowadays.
  109. >Next time you need to make sure he’s not buying from any sketchy sites.
  111. “I’ll pass,” you said, and handed the bottle back.
  113. >Some of the wind went out of him at that.
  114. >”You sure?”
  116. “Yeah. You have fun. Maybe I’ll try next time.”
  118. >He paused for a moment, as if waiting and making you hold the pills might make you change your mind.
  119. >Eventually he reached out and carefully took them from you.
  120. >“Okay. Well, uh, I’m gonna try some tonight. I bought enough for both of us so if you change your mind, you can pop one with me later okay?”
  122. “Alright, cool,” you said with a shrug.
  123. >Honestly it didn't sound like anything you wanted to be a part of but hey, you weren’t going to rag on the guy for it.
  124. >Who knows, maybe you’d humor him if it looks fun.
  126. --
  128. >The pale glow of your TV bathed your room in flashes of off-white as your latest replay rolled by.
  129. >You glanced at your watch.
  130. >11:03pm.
  131. >You’d been able to clear a few races, and had the opportunity to pit that Porsche into a wall.
  132. >Felt good honestly.
  133. >But you hadn’t heard a peep out of Danny and it’d been an hour.
  134. >He should be well into his trip by now, and considering he seemed pretty eager to show you this Pon-E stuff, you were surprised he hadn’t been running around as a little horse, lecturing you about the wonders of greater consciousness and subtly begging you to join him.
  135. >He could be reclusive, but when you were home, he’d typically be around the apartment trying to hang out or do something together.
  136. >This was a bit odd for him.
  138. >A pang of worry rolled through you, and you got up and headed towards his room.
  139. >The carpet muffled your steps as you walked down the hall and turned to his door after a short walk.
  140. >His door stood as it always had, covered in psychedelic rock band posters and what you assume are symbols of obscure religious cults.
  141. >You turned your hand knuckles side first and tapped them against the door.
  143. “Hey, Dan, you doing okay, man?”
  145. >There was a strange sound, like a child gasping, and you heard what sounded like a little horse person scrambling around.
  146. >”Uh… y-yeah! Just a sec,” said a voice that didn’t sound like Danny but clearly had the anxious cadence he adopted when he fucked up and needed your help.
  147. >Worry, thick and vile wormed its way into your gut.
  149. “You mind if I come in?” you said.
  151. >”No, wait!” he said, voice clearer now.
  152. >Damn, this stuff did a number on him.
  153. >He sounded like a prepubescent kid.
  154. >”Just give me a sec. Please?”
  156. >One of his drawers opened and you heard clothes being tossed around his room.
  157. >Was he putting clothes on?
  158. >Ponies you saw pictures of didn’t really wear much.
  159. >Why did he feel the need to get dressed?
  160. >...
  161. >Shit, maybe he was sporting a huge pony erection or something.
  162. >After about a minute of waiting, you heard a small voice grunt, then something banged into the door handle.
  164. >”Oow…”
  166. >You didn’t wait for permission this time, and simply swung the door open.
  167. >There, sitting in the doorway was a little pony, about the size of a medium sized dog, rubbing their head.
  168. >Their coat was a glossy seafoam green with a white, fluffy mane and tail.
  169. >A black hoodie with some desert rock band logo hung on their small frame, clearly too big for such a small creature.
  170. >The pony looked up at you with dark green eyes, a dimmer parody of their coat, and sniffled.
  171. >Holy shit ponies are way too cute in real life.
  173. “Danny?” you asked, almost ready to believe it was someone else entirely.
  174. >He looked smaller than you’d expect a stallion to be based on the pictures.
  175. >You could see that much from his small head and little hooves poking out underneath the hoodie.
  176. >Even their face seemed highly androgynous, with the long eyelashes and a petite muzzle.
  178. >“Y-yeah?”
  180. >And that voice was way too high.
  181. >You furrowed your brow.
  182. >Wait a minute.
  184. “Holy shit, it made you into a kid?”
  186. >His already large eyes shot wide.
  187. >”W-What? N-No! I’m just a little on the s-small side...”
  189. “Wait does this mean you’re really a little kid on the inside or…?”
  190. >You trailed off, remembering the kind of childhood he had—the kind of home he grew up in.
  191. >Maybe he never had the chance to really grow up.
  192. >Maybe he really was just a lost little kid on the inside.
  193. >You went to backpedal.
  195. “Er, well you look cute anyways.”
  197. >You cringed.
  198. >That came out before you could really think it over.
  199. >You were just trying to deflect and stop teasing him but he blushed and looked at you in shock.
  200. >And didn’t quip back.
  201. >Come on, you’re supposed to say, no homo. You’re making it gay.
  202. >You cleared your throat.
  204. ”So, you get a mark of destiny or whatever?”
  206. >His little ears stood up straight.
  207. >”Ah, uh yeah. It’s actually kinda cool. It’s the all seeing eye of—”
  209. “No way! Lemme see.”
  210. >You bent down and pulled the hoodie away from his flank, only to see a pair of loose basketball shorts hanging on his small hips.
  212. >”Anon! Wait!”
  214. “Relax, I’m not going to look at your weird pony dick. I just want to see your flank.”
  215. >You hooked your thumb under the loose waistband of his shorts.
  216. “No homo, by the way.”
  218. >”W-What...?”
  220. >His shorts slid down easily on his soft fur and he gave a nervous, girly squeak.
  221. >Dammit, this was really gay actually, but whatever, you’re bros.
  222. >There, printed on his flank stood a blue eye, adorned with a few strange symbols around the perimeter.
  223. >Whoa… it’s legit.
  224. >And it looked cool as hell.
  226. “So what’s this mean? You good with witchcraft or something?”
  228. >”What? No,” he said, his voice sounding strangely out of breath.
  229. >He pushed a bit of his snowy mane from his forehead and gestured towards it.
  230. >”I have a horn too, but it’s actually a symbol for insight so… I guess I’m good at that, somehow? I don’t know. It’s stupid.”
  232. “What are you talking about? This is super cool, dude.”
  234. >He stiffened and you thought you saw a little blush.
  235. >”Really?”
  237. “Yeah, man. I mean I’ve seen ponies with these but I thought you’d have to earn it or something. Hey, what do you think I’d get?”
  239. >He stared at you, mouth hanging open.
  240. >”You… You want to try it with me?”
  242. “Well yeah. I mean you’re not in pain or anything. It doesn’t feel weird, right, so why not?”
  244. >”Er, no, it actually feels really good. I’m just a little uh…”
  245. >He trailed off and his tail swished against your arm.
  246. >”Sensitive. Fur feels really different.”
  248. >Huh…
  249. >You turned and looked at his coat.
  250. >Even in the dim light, it looked sleek and smooth, like soft velvet.
  251. >You pushed his hoodie up over his back, revealing his small barrel.
  252. >You ran your fingers along it.
  253. >Danny stiffened, arching his back and flicking his tail on instinct.
  254. >He let out a little gasp as you trailed your fingertips through his fur, once, twice, three times.
  255. >It felt so soft, like velvet and silk all rolled into one.
  256. >You pulled your hand away and ran your thumb across your fingers. The contrast to your own, dry and toughened skin, was surreal.
  257. >Danny leaned into you, his eyes halfway closed.
  259. “Huh? Oh you want more?”
  261. >”What?”
  262. >He looked up and realized what he was doing.
  263. >”OH! Sorry! Dammit, I’m sorry I’m being weird.”
  265. “Dude, you’re a little colorful horse wearing a Truckfighters hoodie three sizes too big for you and it’s cute as heck. Nothing you do could make this any weirder. Or gayer.”
  267. >”Oh… Heh, yeah.”
  269. >Danny sat there for a moment, just looking at you.
  270. >Always endlessly reading you, endlessly trying to understand, to appease.
  271. >He looked so nervous for some reason and it made you want to reach out and give him a hug.
  272. >But you didn’t.
  273. >It would have been too weird.
  275. >After a few seconds, his shorts slipped off and his eyes shot wide.
  276. >He spun like a bolt, whipping his hindquarters away from you and pulling his hoodie down over his legs.
  277. >His soft tail swung around and batted you in the chest.
  278. >It felt like getting hit with a feather pillow.
  280. “Danny, relax man. We’re both guys here.”
  281. >Trying to reassure him seemed to have the opposite effect, as your friend let out a whimper and tried to coil deeper into the hoodie.
  282. >Damn this pon-E stuff made him even more weird than usual.
  283. >Maybe a change in tactic.
  284. “Hey so, did you come up with a name yet?”
  285. >One of his little ears perked up, shifting the hood to the side.
  286. >Bingo.
  287. “Cause calling you Danny right now doesn’t feel right, you know? How about a proper pony name?”
  288. >The room lay silent.
  289. >Come on I’m trying here, you thought.
  290. >Don’t start relapsing on me, Danny.
  292. >”...Akashic Insight?” he said, voice unsure and partially muffled by the hoodie.
  293. >You laughed.
  294. >His little face poked out of the hoodie, looking up at you with a pouty expression.
  295. >”What? It’s really appropriate. I have the eye of insight and the akashic records are like all the thoughts and memories from the psychic web and—”
  297. “You are such an occult nerd, I swear to God dude.”
  299. >”Well it’s… I don’t know…”
  301. >You ruffled his mane, enjoying the little pout he gave in response.
  302. >It wouldn’t be so bad if he went around in this form.
  303. >Felt a bit like having a pet you could talk to. A really cute one.
  304. “I’d just like something that’s easier to say. You think I want to go around calling you Akashic all day?”
  306. >”Oh… okay. I could think of something else.”
  307. >He scrunched his face in thought, same as he’d done several times before as a human, but seeing it on his pony form was strikingly adorable.
  308. >”What about Starsign Psychometry?”
  309. >Here he goes again with the big words.
  310. >Like so many times before, he read you like a book and snapped to defend it.
  311. >“Well, like… there’s a lot of insight humans can get from the stars, and you could call me Starsign for short.”
  313. >You shrug.
  314. >Kinda a hippie name but sure, it was a pony name as far as you were concerned.
  315. “Alright. Starsign it is.”
  317. >A bright smile broke out onto his face and he stood up.
  318. >The hoodie drifted down his body, revealing a small tuft of fur on his chest.
  319. >He had such a small body under that hoodie.
  320. >You wonder…
  322. “Hey, Star?”
  324. >”Yeah?”
  326. “You think you got a bad pill or something? You’re so tiny, you know?”
  328. >”Uh…”
  329. >He looked down at himself, then lifted a hoof and examined it.
  330. >”Maybe. That would explain some things.”
  332. “Well, there’s one way to find out,” you said and stood up, looking around the room.
  333. “Where’d you put the bottle?”
  335. --
  337. >Note for the future. Transformations suck.
  338. >It was probably one of the more traumatic things you’ve experienced, right up there with finding out that black gunk in your basement sink was actually spiders.
  339. >It didn’t help that you kinda panicked.
  340. >With both the spiders and the transformation.
  341. >Panicking made everything so much worse.
  342. >But to your credit, feeling your bones shifting under your skin was pretty panic-inducing.
  343. >You also had the privilege of watching Starsign run around yelling ‘just relax, bro’ while clearly not relaxing.
  344. >You blacked out, in the end.
  346. --
  348. >Softness.
  349. >That was the first thing you noticed when you stirred again.
  350. >It was all enveloping, coiled around you like a soft blanket on a warm afternoon, and if not for the insistent, panicked nudging at the nape of your neck, you might have laid there, enticed by the comfort for who knows how long.
  351. >But there was a little someone who wouldn’t let that stand.
  352. >Danny, or you suppose Starsign in this case, was the first thing you saw when you blinked open your eyes.
  353. >His worried expression filled your blurred vision, but when he saw you waking up, a look of relief washed over him.
  355. >”Hoh gosh,” he said, putting a hoof to his chest. “Don’t do that again.”
  357. “It’s not like I could help it,” you said, voice raspy and dry.
  359. >Starsign handed—or well—hooved you a glass of water from his dresser.
  360. >You took it and downed it in one go.
  361. >Tasted a bit stale but you were thankful for something to wet your parched throat.
  363. “Is it always like that?” you asked.
  365. >He shrugged, the motion causing his hoodie slide down one shoulder.
  366. “It didn’t feel great, but I didn’t freak out and I just thought about getting to the end I guess. I got through it without blacking out at least.”
  368. >Neat.
  369. >You were just a bitch then.
  370. >Part of you would have been happier if he teased you over it, but oh well.
  371. >Time to see what you were working with here.
  372. >The first thing you saw when you looked down was your outstretched hoof, touching and somehow holding a glass of water by simply touching it.
  373. >How in the heck are you—
  374. >The glass dropped onto the bed.
  375. >...
  376. >You stared at it with a twinge of annoyance and tapped your hoof against the glass.
  377. >It didn’t come up when you pulled your hoof away.
  378. >Motherfucker.
  379. >Danny picked up the glass and placed it back on his dresser.
  381. >”Just don’t think too hard about it. Empty your mind, like when you meditate.”
  383. >You legit never meditate.
  384. >You just say you do so you can get some alone time now and again, but you sigh and nod.
  385. >Fuck it.
  386. >You’ll figure it out later.
  387. >For now, you want to see what you look like.
  388. >You worked your shakey hooves under your and began to stand.
  389. >It was awkward, and you almost fell down again as you adjusted to your new sense of balance.
  390. >Starsign dropped low and stood up under you, his small back pressing into your stomach to help stabilize you.
  391. >In that moment you realized what he meant when he said the coat felt good, if only a little sensitive.
  392. >Since you woke, your senses had started to clear and adjust themselves.
  393. >Hearing for one, was clearer than ever.
  394. >You could hear the light sound of rain clear as day, as if you were outside as opposed to cooped up in a bedroom, and the hum of the AC unit was much more noticeable.
  395. >But that was nothing compared to your sense of touch.
  396. >If you thought Starsign’s coat felt like silk and velvet before, it was indescribable now as he pressed up into your belly.
  397. >Every nerve in your fur felt alight as his coat tickled against yours, and your legs nearly buckled again just from the sensation.
  398. >He smelled really nice too, like fresh rain mixed with vanilla.
  399. >Or a sea breeze just as the first breath of winter settled over the coast.
  400. >His mane pressed up into your snout and you started to feel a strange tingle form in the back of your head.
  401. >The feeling ran up your spine and a light shiver rolled through you.
  402. >There was something else there in his scent—something strange and primal you couldn't quite identify, that made your stomach do a flip.
  403. >With one final grunt, Starsign pushed you to a standing position then slipped out from under you.
  404. >And with his departure, your muddled mind returned to the present.
  405. >He was panting, a few drops of sweat running down his forehead.
  407. >”There,” he said, somewhat out of breath. “Kinda bullshit that you’re this much bigger than me though.”
  409. >You looked down at yourself.
  410. >Yeah he wasn’t kidding.
  411. >You were a good head and a half above Starsign, with a fair bit of muscle visible under your coat in contrast to his much more waifish figure.
  412. >Your body felt solid, powerful, though not bulky.
  413. >Probably not as big as one of those clydesdale ponies but definitely on the larger end of the pony spectrum.
  414. >Your coat was a sunny orange, like leaves in the fall, and your mane held streaks of crimson and rose.
  415. >Or maybe just butternut squash coat and raddish color.
  416. >That works too.
  417. >You gagged.
  418. >Kind of a high energy but at least the colors matched.
  419. >Could have ended up black and red or some other god awful combination like some fanfiction oc.
  421. >Starsign seemed to notice your displeasure and frowned.
  422. >”What? You don’t like it?”
  424. “I mean… it’s whatever I guess,” you say with a shrug. “Maybe I’ll get a better variant with the next pill.”
  426. >Starsign gave you a placating smile, the kind you give to a kid when they say something stupid.
  427. >”Actually, this is it. These are our pony bodies,” he said gesturing at himself.
  428. >”There’s no retries or do overs. We get what’s closest to our inner selves…”
  429. >He bit his lip for a moment before he turned back to you.
  430. >”A-Anyways, you get to fly at least. That’s cool, right?”
  432. >Fly?
  433. >Starsign pointed towards his full length mirror when he saw your expression.
  434. >How was a pony supposed to—
  435. >The moment you caught sight of yourself, you froze.
  436. >Two sunset orange (or butternut squash, let’s be real here) wings lay against your barrel, feathers ruffled and messy, likely from laying on your side.
  437. >You tentatively tried to move them, searching your mind for nerves you’ve never used.
  438. >The feathers flared.
  439. >With stunned realization, your mouth dropped.
  440. >You could feel that.
  441. >It was like… well it wasn’t like anything you’ve ever felt before.
  442. >They were soft, and probably even more sensitive than your coat.
  443. >And warm.
  444. >Just feeling them by your sides was a comfort, like being wrapped with a hug.
  446. >Starsign watched with curiosity as you started to slowly but surely learn to move them.
  447. >It was awkward and strange.
  448. >These were baby steps you’d never taken before, and you looked just as uncoordinated as a child’s first walk.
  449. >But none of that dampened the sense of wonder.
  450. >You had wings!
  451. >That was incredible.
  452. >You didn’t know there were winged horses.
  453. >God that’s really weird now that you think about it.
  454. >Are they for show or can you really use them?
  455. >With a few grunts and curses under your breath, you figured out how to get them spread and held them open above your body.
  456. >Wow even your wingspan was big.
  457. >Starsign, ducked as your wing hovered over him, casting a shadow.
  458. >Okay, yeah, just give them a big ol manly flap.
  460. >”Um, Anon. Y-You probably shouldn’t—”
  462. “ThreetwooneLAUNCH.”
  464. >With that, you slam your wings down with the biggest, dumbest smile on your face.
  465. >In your mind, this was going to be hilarious.
  466. >You were pretty sure you were too big to fly.
  467. >Didn’t matter how big your wings were.
  468. >You were a thicc horse boy.
  469. >At best, you thought you’d mess up Starsign’s mane, maybe knock him on his butt, and scatter the drawings he always had laying around.
  470. >You… were very, VERY wrong.
  471. >A massive gust of wind ripped through the room, scattering anything not tied down including Starsign, who tumbled off the bed and landed on the floor in a heap, all but his little flank covered by his hoodie.
  472. >You, meanwhile, felt your body launch off the bed and straight into the wall next to it.
  473. >Pain, sharp and vicious flooded your senses, rolling up through unfamiliar joints and through your shoulder blades as your breath was forced from your lungs.
  474. >You slammed down into the crack between the bedframe and the wall with a dull thud, then, after taking in a gasp of air, you stifled a scream through clenched teeth and tight lips.
  475. >In your defense, it was only a little one before you reverted back to sucking air between your teeth and whimpering to yourself.
  476. >What the heck did you just do?!
  477. >Did you break something?
  478. >Oh God it feels like you broke something.
  479. >Okay in retrospect that was kinda stupid.
  480. >But how the heck were you supposed to know your wings worked?
  481. >Why wouldn’t they? a voice in the back of your head chided.
  483. >Starsign recovered quickly, or as quickly as a tiny colt could when tangled in their human clothes.
  484. >“Anon! Are you okay?”
  485. >He galloped, jumped on the bed, and peering over the edge at you.
  486. >The face he made was heartbreaking.
  488. >On instinct you gave him a smile that you hope wasn’t as forced as it felt.
  489. “Heh… oops?”
  491. >”Anon, what were you thinking?! A-Are you stuck? Oh gosh oh gosh, your wing is bent all wrong!”
  493. >He dashed back and forth, trying to figure a way to get you out, hooves drumming on the bed even as he stood in place.
  494. >After a moment he decided to grab you by the scruff with his mouth. It hurt but you were done being a little bitch and just gritted your teeth.
  495. >Starsign tugged as hard as his small body would allow, hooves slipping on the sheets, unable to gain traction.
  496. >After a while he tried the same technique on your tail, to no avail.
  497. >You were powerless to help him.
  498. >Your wings and hooves were pinned to your body, and while you might have been able to wriggle out towards the foot of the bed, your control over your new body was far too awkward.
  499. >Every movement came out jerky or too forceful.
  500. >You’d gone from two legs to four legs and two wings, and your body was still struggling to figure out what to do with all these strange, new limbs.
  501. >It was clear after a few more tries that Star wasn’t going to get you unstuck any time soon.
  502. >You could hear him sob as he frantically ran back and forth, looking for some way, any way, to get you free.
  504. >The doorbell rang.
  506. >Both of your ears flicked towards the sound, Starsign, whirling around to face it like a cornered animal.
  507. >You cursed under your breath.
  508. >Shit, that’s right. It was Saturday.
  510. “Star,” you said. “Go ask her for help.”
  511. >Your diminutive friend stayed silent.
  512. >He glared towards his bedroom door and the hallway beyond, legs set, ears back.
  513. “Star, I know you don’t like her but we need her help. You’re too small.”
  515. >He bristled for a moment but hopped off the bed after giving you a glance.
  516. >”Fine! But if she preaching at me I’m gonna buck her shins,” he said, heading towards the front door.
  518. --
  520. >Be Starsign the smol.
  521. >Anon hadn’t realized your secret yet.
  522. >At first you thought your dose was bugged or something but then Anon turned into a stallion.
  523. >A really big one too…
  524. >That smelled really nice and had a really soft feeling coat that felt good against your back.
  525. >You swallow, throat feeling dry while your stomach did a flip.
  526. >Too many thoughts swirled in your head that you didn’t want.
  527. >No, it’s gotta be a bugged batch or something.
  528. >...
  529. >Could that even happen?
  530. >You shook your head, trying to clear your thoughts as you headed to the front door.
  531. >Agh, stop! Just go get help and be useful for once in your life.
  533. >You’re too pathetic and weak to help your friend so now you have to ask /her/.
  534. >You sighed as you came to the door, staring up at a handle that looked miles away from your new height.
  535. >No way to really open it from here, and you can’t use magic yet.
  536. >So that meant you only had one option left.
  537. >And you reeeeally didn’t like it.
  538. >Because she’d be able to come in anytime from now on.
  540. “There’s a hollow rock to your left, Hannah. You’ll find a house key in there.”
  542. >Silence, then the harsh clack of the rusty deadbolt.
  543. >Your door gave a jerk and swung open, Hannah’s stupid face hovering over the threshhold for a moment before she opened it the rest of the way.
  544. >She wore a light yellow sundress, with a thin blue sash under her bust that helped outline her curves but not so much as to be a problem on sunday morning.
  545. >Speaking of church, she had her bible held against her stomach in one arm, as usual.
  546. >Without even asking if she could come in, Hannah started taking off her flats.
  547. >“Anon? You said you’d think about coming to youth group. Are you ther—”
  548. >She froze midway through taking off her flats, eyes landing on you.
  550. >You let out a huff and wait as the gears turn in her head, eyes going wide as her feeble mind catches up with her.
  552. >“W—What…?” she said, voice
  554. >As usual, Hannah was a total moron when it came to anything beyond her meager comprehension of the universe.
  555. “I’m a pony.”
  557. >She let out an eep and dropped her bible.
  558. >It landed with a thud at her feet as her hands covered her mouth.
  559. >”You can talk?”
  561. “Yep.”
  563. >”Oh…” was all she could offer.
  564. >You didn’t have time for this.
  566. “Okay listen, thot. Anon’s not interested in your stupid youth group.”
  568. >Like every other time she encountered resistance, Hannah set her jaw and her hands tightened into fists.
  569. >You could practically feel every bitten back, unchristian-like comment boiling under the surface as she straightened.
  570. >”First of all, Anon can make his own choices. Second, he seemed very interested last I checked. I think he’s ready to turn a new leaf you— horse pet thing. W-Where did you come from anyhow?”
  572. “I’m Danny.”
  573. >Her eyes narrowed.
  574. >Oh of course. She didn’t know about Pon-E.
  575. >Not surprising for a sheltered church girl like her.
  576. “We took a drug that turns us into little horses and now Anon is stuck by my bed and needs…”
  577. >You winced.
  578. “...your help. I think he hurt himself.”
  580. >She blinked and turned to your doorway, horse suspicion totally forgotten.
  581. >Oh god she’s already looking breathless, ew gross.
  582. “Anon, hold on, I’m coming!” she said, kicking off her shoes and hurrying into your room.
  583. >You headed in after her.
  584. >The moment Hannah came to your doorway she cringed at all the posters and drug paraphernalia, but with her mission set she began calling out and looking around your bed..
  585. “Anon! I’m here. Where are— oh.”
  586. >She blushed and cleared her throat.
  587. >”I see you took those drugs too. Daniel’s been a poor influence as usual.”
  589. >You could hear Anon groan.
  590. “Hannah, just get me out.”
  592. >”I will certainly do so, but I want you to seriously consider the consequences of your actions. You know better than to take drugs. Even if you do look rather dashing as a pony.”
  593. >She giggled at her own pun.
  595. “Okay you should know I’m in a lot of pain and I am in no mood for games right now.”
  597. >”Very well, but will you please go with me to youth group. I know it’ll be a much needed influence in your life.”
  598. >She gave your room a casual glance, making a face at your Queens of the Stone Age poster.
  599. >B-Bish, don’t you be direspectin’ muh music!
  601. “Hannah,” you said, this time a bit of warning in your tone, “Anon doesn’t give a crap about your stupid religion or your stupid old book.”
  603. >Her features soured and she gripped the skirt of her dress with white knuckles.
  604. >”Nobody asked you, Daniel.”
  606. >”Hannah, look, I’ll think about it, okay? Can you get me out now?”
  608. >The girl snapped back to that sickeningly pleasant expression again whenever she talked to him.
  609. >”Very well. As long as you’re thinking over your actions. I worry about you, you know…”
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