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Jan 18th, 2021
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  1. Business Name:
  2. Emondage Longueuil Pro
  3. Owner Name:
  4. Jean-Francois Therrien
  5. Business Address:
  6. 2126 rue Joliette apt 1
  7. Longueuil, Quebec
  8. J4K 4X3
  9. Business Phone:
  10. 450-823-3274
  11. Business Email:
  13. Website:
  15. Keywords:
  16. Tree trimming, Tree cutting, Tree pruning
  17. Description:
  18. Emondage Longueuil Pro is your tree maintenance provider on the South Shore. We are handling all tree related services such as pruning, trimming, tree removal and more. Call us to get your free quote.
  19. Year Found:
  20. 2016
  21. Number of Employee:
  22. 4
  23. Operating Hours:
  24. Monday to Friday 8:00-19:00 , Saturday and Sunday 8:00-17:00
  25. Video URL:
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