Lord of the Flies Chronology

Nov 27th, 2012
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  1. Chapter Two: “Fire on the Mountain”:
  3. 1. The boys decide to use the conch to provide orderly discussion during meetings. Ralph comes up with this idea.
  4. 2. A littlun, physically distinguished by a mulberry-colored on his face talks about being afraid of a beastie.
  5. 3. Ralph does not believe in a beast; Jack says he will hunt it.
  6. 4. The first major plan determined through meeting is that the boys will travel to the top of the mountain and make a fire so they can be rescued by a passing by ship.
  7. 5. The boys start a fire by using Piggy’s glasses.
  8. 6. Jack states that the boys should be able to do anything because they are English.
  9. 7. The boys’ plan turns destructive when they set trees on fire.
  10. 8. The boy with the birthmark on his face goes missing after the fire.
  12. Chapter Three: “Huts on the Beach”:
  14. 1. The chapter begins with a description of Jack’s physical change.
  15. 2. Ralph and Simon are the only boys who seriously work toward building shelters.
  16. 3. Jack doesn’t help with the shelters because he is too busy hunting.
  17. 4. Jack remarks that when he is hunting, he feels as though he is being hunted instead.
  18. 5. While the others work, play, and talk, Ralph walks off by himself to a place deep in the forest.
  20. Chapter Four: “Painted Faces and Long Hair”:
  24. 1. Roger and Maurice destroy the sand castles created by two littluns.
  26. 2. After destroying the sand castles, Roger throws rocks at a littlun, but he does not hit the littlun because he was conditioned not to from civilization.
  28. 3. Jack discovers that he can hunt more effectively by camouflaging himself.
  30. 4. The boys continue to treat Piggy as an outsider.
  32. 5. Ralph spots a ship, but he notices that the fire is not going because the hunters left when they were supposed to be maintaining it.
  34. 6. Upon killing the pig, Jack asks Ralph to help him mark the occasion through making a nick in the hilt.
  36. 7. In frustration, Jack hits Piggy causing his glasses to fall off.
  38. 8. Surprisingly, Jack apologizes to Ralph.
  40. 9. In telling the story of the hunt, Jack and the hunters dance and sing.
  42. 10. After this, Ralph calls an assembly.
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