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  1. What are the prices for commissions?  (updated on 8/23/2019)
  2. last boost on rates was done on: 9/30/2018 (1 year ago)
  4. Base commission rate (1 character. No specifics) : $60 USD
  6. Going by this: 1 character is $60 USD --- 2 characters is $120 USD --- 3 characters is $180 USD and so on.
  8. If you add specifics to this base rate: +10 USD added to base rate
  9. (Specifics include and are not limited to: Pose, expression, different outfit than the default one, accessories like glasses, animal ears, etc.)
  12. If you want it to be nude or lewd: +30 USD added to base rate
  15. If you want a detailed background (landscape, room, etc): +30 USD added to base rate
  16. (Backgrounds are time consuming, so expect the ETA to extend when requesting one.)
  18. So considering all that, here's an example:
  19. "I want Nagato and Mikuru in bunny girl outfit doing the bartender pose. I also want their breasts and nethers  to be fully exposed and a casino background."
  21. 2 characters: $120 USD
  22. Specifics: +$10 USD
  23. Nudity: +$30 USD
  24. Background: +30 USD
  25. --------------------------
  26. Total: $190 USD
  28. The above example is of course if you want to be incredibly specific and precise. A simpler variation would be:
  29. "I want Suguha and Kazuto together. I leave the rest to you."
  31. 2 characters: $120 USD
  32. --------------------------
  33. Total: $120 USD
  35. As you can see, the least specific you are, the lower the rate is. This in turn means the work and time invested in the piece is substantially lower too. So you are charged based on how much work/time I need to put out.
  36. -Pair and/or group commissions will be restricted to only 1 per commission month. (added on 31/05/2019)
  37. This means that once a patron commissions a pair/group, no other multi character commissions will be accepted for that month.
  38. (This applies to all patrons, even those with secured slots.)This is entirely to lessen demand. it takes me twice as long to work on 2 characters or more instead of one.
  40. This does not apply to dakimakura commissions.
  42. Dakimakura rates:
  44. Unlike regular commissions, dakimakura have fixed rates regardless of specifics. and they are priced based on the number of sides.
  46. 1 side dakimakura: $80 USD
  47. previous rate: $50 USD
  49. 2 side dakimakura: $160 USD
  50. previous rate: $100 USD
  52. That's all for the rates.
  53. Please keep a copy of this list for future reference when commissioning.
  54. Also remember that commissions are bi-monthly and I always notify patrons in advance when I open them.
  55. Remember that tiers 3 and 4 have discounts on commissions.
  56. As always, if you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact the barista any time.
  57. Enjoy your stay and many thanks for your support! :3
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