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  2. i think my ds lite has significant issues with lagging while... loading graphics in diamond specifically. hitting seeds in the void is trivial and skill-based and matches my system's rule of even with gba, odd without(i.e. rnging arceus).  when i don't do it in the void it's so fucking random.  it takes a mean of 4 frames to load graphics on my system, which kind of fucks with my seed, the even/odd thing isn't even set it's just totally random, prolly normally distributed, but idk if its an isolated case or a global problem.
  4. idk if i should make a tasbot to see if it's actually normally distributed or not.  or if this is a more common thing.  i was directed to you because you apparently knew a whole lot about gen 4 rng and if it's not new, you're the person who's seen it.  this is like super niche into but who knows may want it.
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