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Urien S2 BETA Changes

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  1. Urien Season 2 BETA Changes
  2. -b.HK is df.HK now.
  3. Now when we want to step back for anti-crossup st.HK there will be no more random b.HK.
  4. -st.MP startup is 7f. +6 on hit.
  5. 1 frame slower but now there is st.MP cr.MP combo on regular hit!
  6. -cr.MP is +5 on hit now.
  7. So Urien still have cr.LP->st.MP CH combo.
  8. -cr.HP startup is 7f. 2nd hit out on 9f(10?)
  9. Right now there is punishes of something like MAX RANGE slides which is usally -7 for a decent damage. Also can combo
  10. cr.LP/st.MP on CH without meaty! Sick! And 2nd hit which is anti air comes out faster.
  11. -cr.MP is +1 on block.
  12. Better then 0 ^_^
  13. -st.HK HOLD is now +2 on block and almost no pushback.
  14. There is a reason to do meaty st.HK HOLD instead of st.HP HOLD for no recovery people. If opponent blocks there is a mixup!
  15. -cr.MK is +2 on block and +4 on hit.
  16. Urien get a new good pressure/meaty(?) tool. Can combo into cr.LP and CH combo into cr.MP! Sweet!
  17. -j.LK now can crossup and +12 on hit.
  18. So now it`s easy to confirm into cr.HP for a decent damage!
  19. -Active VSkill gives you more V-Gauge for using armor.
  20. HK Shoulder gives about 90% of V-bar if you armored about 100 damage. HP Headbutt about same.
  21. EX Shoulder gives you about 1 bar and 20% of second. So gain from recieved damage is same but gain for using armor is way more.
  22. -Aegis Reflector exist on screen about 2 secs longer.
  23. -MP Headbutt is changed.
  24. Its still +4 on max range/meaty but loops are gone because spacing for +4 is different. At least old loops.
  25. -Oki from forward throw is way worse on midscreen.
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