"Staying out of Trouble" Act 1

Mar 31st, 2017 (edited)
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  1. Trip: Vega !!wHt/wyh4M+t
  2. (Author's note: What began as a quick one shot took on a life of it's own and became much more. As such be warned that while most of act 1 starts as just good semi lewd fun, the story starts to take itself more seriously as things turn into act 2.)
  5. "Staying out of trouble" ~ A helpful guide by Twilight Sparkle
  7. So you've been enslaved? Afraid your life is over? Fearful just to wake up another day? Waiting on the beatings and/or rape to begin and don't know what to do? Well you're in luck! Once upon a time I was just like you. A strict master and strong head had me in trouble left and right! Sore flanks and nights without dinner plagued my life! But you don't have to go through that! With this quick, all inclusive, every single detail ever guide you too can learn how to stay out of trouble!
  10. Act 1: Maybe just a little trouble.
  12. >The sounds of yelling across the street drags you from your wonderous dreams.
  13. >The distinctly unharmonious noise are an all too common second alarm clock for you. They serves as a stark reminder that your life's here on earth now instead of equestria.
  14. >Untangling a mass of purple mane, limbs, and sheets you fall onto the floor with a loud thud.
  15. >At least you didn't drag the laptop down with you this time
  16. >You've never been a morning pony, and today's worse than usual.
  17. >You must have fallen back asleep after master woke you up this morning.
  18. >Hopefully you didn't sleep in too much this time. Master's generous but firm when he wants to be.
  19. >Having finally extracted yourself from the sheets you put forehooves forward and rump up in the air for some much needed morning stretches.
  20. >You aren't sure if that's supposed to pop like that, but it feels better either way.
  21. >Shaking your head in a last ditch effort to get yourself motivated you glance over at the clock: 11:23
  22. 11:23
  23. >Not good. You gracelessly stumble to the kitchen to see if he left you a note.
  24. >First grabbing a bowl of cereal in your restricted magic, then plopping your plushy plot down in the chair you find said note.
  25. >More of a list actually.
  26. >It used to be notes but lately he seems to have picked up on your completely reasonable love of lists.
  27. >You glance over the list as you shove deliciously sugary cereal in your muzzle. Anyone who says cinnamon toast crunch isn't the best is categorically wrong and you're willing to prove it.
  28. >Shoot, it's pretty long, looks like he wants all the laundry done as well as groceries picked up and an early dinner.
  29. >By the time you finish stuffing your face with pure sugar it's almost noon.
  30. >A quick shower and brush through your mane and tail costs you even more time.
  31. >A not so quick stop by your laptop to check your favorite sites didn't help either.
  32. >You were up all night last night surfing the web, which is likely why you overslept. You feel a bit bad wasting even more time, but that still doesn't stop you.
  33. >You look up and swear. All this time wasted telling people on the internet how wrong they were and it's almost 2.
  34. >Your bad habits had gotten you in trouble before and you don't want them to again.
  35. >Galloping to the front door you adjust your tracking collar and scan yourself out causing the door to unlock.
  36. >The security/pony tracking system was somewhat expensive but had by now become fairly mainstream. Probably because it let humans could indulge their laziness to the max.
  37. >You're out of breath by the time you get to the market only to kick yourself when you find you've forgotten the grocery list!
  38. >You've never been the most athletic, so the gallop back home then back to the market takes a while, gotta hurry!
  39. >Grabbing everything on the list you scan your collar for the purchase authorization to be billed to anon.
  40. >Trotting home as quickly as you could with the groceries in tow you panic a little seeing the time: 4:34!
  41. 4:34
  42. >Anon hates Tuesdays more than most, something about lots of meetings. You know he'll want a good dinner, but your time is limited.
  43. >Hastily getting to work you settle on an eggplant parmesan, a favorite of his and yours plus it's somewhat fast.
  44. >Or it would be fast if you didn't hate this oven! It takes so long to warm up, and the minutes are ticking by!
  45. >Your ear cocks to the side when you hear the door unlock!
  46. >Trotting to get a better view of the front door you try to put on a perky tone.
  47. "Welcome home anon! Dinner's almost ready!"
  48. >Hopefully your enthusiasm will convince him you didn't waste most your day lounging around like a chump.
  49. >"Yeah, smells great Twi, something cheesy?
  50. "Eggplant parmesan just a few more minutes."
  51. >17 minutes later and it still doesn't look done to you. No panicking, it's fine, everything is fine.
  52. >Anon's tired voice floats over the top of his chair in the living room.
  53. >"Is it almost done? I'm starved, you know i don't have time for a good lunch on Tuesdays..."
  54. "O-of course master, just a few minutes!"
  55. >Anon's a nice guy, but he gets grumpy when he's tired or hungry.
  56. >You will the oven to cook faster by trotting back and forth in front of it.
  57. >12 minutes later dinner is finally served, but by this point anon's looking pretty upset.
  58. "I-I'm sorry master it's just the oven took so long to warm up, we should really get someone to look at that."
  59. >Anon sighs and runs his hands through his hair before looking at you with no small amount of exasperation.
  60. >"Twilight i know the oven isn't great, but I think we both know this is a time management issue more than anything else."
  61. >You do your best to look confused and perfectly innocent!
  62. >Cute face Twilight! Cute face!
  63. >"Don't give me that look you know I can see when you check out of the house, right?"
  64. >You keep up the cute face. He can't resist it... right?
  65. "W-well of course. I was just a bit delayed is all, but look it all worked out in the end right? hahaha..."
  66. >"That depends. Did you do the laundry?"
  67. >Your patented cute face audibly cracks as the realization you hadn't slams into you like a freight train.
  68. >Fuck fuck fuck, you're fucked!
  69. >If you've picked up anything from earth and the internet specifically it was the language, and right now it seemed appropriate.
  70. "I umm well you see, about that..."
  71. >Anon sighs again.
  72. >"Twilight, I told you in the note I wanted my red button up especially for my date tonight!"
  73. >Abort abort! Cute face has failed, abort!
  74. "I ummm, I..."
  75. >With a blinding flash of magic you vanish.
  76. >Even with the horn ring you can still use teleportation over short distances.
  77. >"Twilight!"
  78. >Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! Do you want beatings? Because this is how you get beatings!
  79. > You hold your breath as you hide in the hall closet. Usually you go for your room so he'll check there first.
  80. >"Twilight! You get back here right now!"
  81. >You'll do no such thing.
  82. >He stomps off to your room as you suspected. You're left to try and not give yourself away with your panicking.
  83. >Oh gods this is stupid thought! It's only a matter of time til he finds you! The rational part of your mind knows this, but no way in tartarus you're giving yourself away!
  84. >A moment not being punished is a moment well spent!
  85. >"Twilight I am not in the mood. You come out here right now before I get your remote!"
  86. >He wouldn't shock you would he?
  87. >He's almost never used it, but he does sound really upset.
  88. >"I'm going to count to five Twilight!"
  89. >He's bluffing.
  90. >"1!"
  91. >He'll never do it.
  92. >"2!"
  93. >You're his favorite pony, he's even told you that!
  94. >"3!"
  95. >Then again that's never stopped him from disciplining you before...
  96. >"4!"
  97. >Your hoof goes to your flanks remembering the last time just a few weeks ago...
  98. >"5!"
  99. "AH!!"
  100. >It wasn't a bad shock really, no doubt the lowest setting, but it surprised you never the less.
  101. >It also gave away your position.
  102. >"Come here young lady!"
  103. "No no! Anon wait, I'm sorry please!"
  104. >Picking you up bodily, Anon pulls you from the closet and tucks you under his arms in one fell swoop.
  105. >"You know better than to run away from me filly!"
  106. >He carries you under his arm like a football back to your room.
  107. >"I can see that you didn't even leave the house til 2. Did you even get up before noon? I woke you up you know."
  108. "Please anon I fell back asleep! I went as fast as I could!"
  109. >"Were you up all night surfing the internet again? We talked about this, and don't you try to lie to me I can check your history even if you deleted it."
  110. >Could he? You thought it was gone if you deleted it. It might be a bluff but you aren't sure.
  111. "Not that late... sir..."
  112. >"Give me a time filly..."
  113. "3... ish..."
  114. >Walking into your room, he pulls out the wooden chair from your desk and sits down. In one fluid motion he drops you on his lap facing him.
  115. >You try to avert your eyes, but he grabs your chin and makes you face him.
  116. >"I don't mind you staying up late but if it interferes with your work it has to stop. We talked about this already."
  117. >You just nod. This was far from the first time you'd been scolded for this.
  118. >"I would have just taken away your laptop again..."
  119. >Oh gods the horror, no!
  120. >"But if you're going to run from me like a brat, you're gonna get treated like one again."
  121. >You gulp. That's what you were afraid of. Since anon had owned you he had not been afraid of the more... physical... methods of disciplining.
  122. >"Do you have anything to say in your defense?"
  123. >Putting on your most pathetic face, you let your ears droop and slowly shake your head.
  124. "I'm sorry anon it's all my fault..."
  125. >"Yeah, you're gonna be sorry."
  126. >You gasp as he grabs you around the sides and spins you around to position you over his lap.
  127. >Pushing your body forward a little he gets your plot high in the air! Only your forelegs reach the ground!
  128. >The humiliating position brings back too many painful memories, your composure crumbles.
  129. "No no, please master please! I'm sorry I'll learn!"
  130. >"Oh you'll learn I know that!"
  131. >You squeal as your tail is yanked out of the way by masters left hand! His right one then smashes into your upturned cheeks!
  132. "Ow!"
  133. >"You're going to learn a lesson tonight Twilight I'll see to that!"
  134. >You try to squirm as his heavy human hands smack your bottom over and over. The heat is building fast and know he's just getting started!
  135. >"You are going to go to bed on time!"
  136. >The spanking has you pounding your fore hooves on the floor and futilely flailing your rear ones.
  137. >"You are going to do your chores!"
  138. >Your hiney's burning and you're sure already a good red at this point!
  139. "I'm sorry I'm sorrryyy!"
  140. >"You are not going to run from me!"
  141. "I'll never do it again i swearrr!"
  142. >"You're damn right you won't!"
  143. >His hand speeds up and gives you a furious burst of slaps right to the lower cheeks.
  144. >The tears obscure your vision as you flail and moan in agony. He doesn't miss a beat as he continues tanning you red raw.
  145. >Finally the firm spanks slow down until master hand rests heavily on your burning backside.
  146. "Please master please..."
  147. >"I'm sorry twilight but running away from me tonight was unacceptable. Then you made it worse by refusing to come out until I shocked you. I didn't know if you'd try to run away or what."
  148. >You just nod your head as your bottom pulsates in pain.
  149. >"This has to be one you'll remember girl, so hang on we're not done yet."
  150. >Your eyes snap open as you feel something wooden rub against your purple and red backside!
  151. >Craning your head you gasp as you see master patting your seat with your heavy wooden mane brush!
  152. "No master, sweet Celestia no! Not the brush I'll do anything! Not the brush!!!"
  153. >"Celestia isn't here today twilight it's just me, and you will learn your lesson from this brush do you understand?"
  154. >Not waiting for an answer the brush rises high in the air.
  155. >He can't! He just can't!
  156. >To your horror it comes slamming down into your abused backside!
  157. >Half the neighborhood probably heard you over the next few minutes.
  158. >Sure you had had the brush before as a filly from both your mother and Princess Celestia, but anon was either stronger than both or just more willing to fry your naughty caboose.
  160. >It felt like the brutal blistering would go on forever! Your world is consumed by the blazing inferno in your bratty beaten butt as anon goes on and on!
  162. >"I've heard it all before Twilight! Your not getting out of this!"
  163. "OWWWWWWW!"
  164. >You are absolutely sure your flanks are a blazing red that will last for days at this point.
  165. >Chores are going to be awful if you have to get out of the house with this on display!
  166. >You can see the awful little human children laughing at you now!
  167. >Look mommy they spanked the pony!
  168. >A particularly hard flurry of swats shatters your imagination as anon goes in for the finale.
  170. >After what felt like hours, but in reality was barely a few minutes, the discipline slows down and mercifully stops.
  171. >Your fevered kicking dies down with the brushing until you collapsed over anon's lap.
  172. >You don't even mind when you feel his large hands rub your sorry flank in soothing circles.
  173. >"I'm sorry Twilight but enough is enough. I hope I don't have to do that again but I needed you to learn this lesson."
  174. >His other hand goes to scratch you behind the ears. You whimper an affirmative.
  175. >"I want you in bed right now. In the morning all will be forgiven but no computer tonight. just you catching up on your sleep so you can get the laundry done early tomorrow do you understand?"
  176. >Sniff.
  177. "Yes master... I understand..."
  178. >"Good girl."
  179. >Lifting you up off his lap anon deposits you on the bed. You curl up on your stomach, you suspect you'll be sleeping this way for a couple nights at least.
  180. >Moving your computer to the desk anon, ruffles your hair, and kisses you on the top of the head.
  181. >"Good night girl, I'm sorry it came to this."
  182. "G-good night sir..."
  183. >Sleep comes quickly.
  185. >The next morning is almost as bad as the night before.
  186. >You swear your bottom is actively on fire, and a quick check in the mirror confirms it.
  187. >It could be mistaken for big mac's backside if the red wasn't so inconsistent from anon's rapid fire brushing.
  188. >You swear to celestia if anon makes you go out today you're gonna stab him with your horn.
  189. >The simple act of walking reminds you of your recent lesson. Standing for breakfast suits you just fine this time.
  190. >>Anon's note reminds you to do the laundry. Like your cheeks weren't reminder enough.
  191. >At least the day is young. It's rare you go to bed at a reasonable hour so the early morning is a change of pace.
  192. >9:32. It hardly takes a whole day to do a few loads of laundry so you guess things could be worse.
  193. >Throwing a load in washing machine you head to the couch for some TV time.
  194. >Walking by the fridge gives you a better idea though. You soon have a makeshift icepack resting on your abused rear end.
  195. >It still burns but your bottom is soon nice and numb to the world.
  196. >An hour and one load of laundry later you hear keys rustling in the door.
  197. >Your head swivels to follow your ears, It's far too early for anon to be home.
  198. >The door opens to admit the neighbor, Ms Angie.
  199. >She has to smothers a giggle when she sees you with a big bag of ice resting on your flanks.
  200. >"I guess anon wasn't exaggerating about having to discipline you huh?"
  201. >You mumble something indistinct as you blush and look back at the TV.
  202. "Did he ask you to come check up on me? I'm getting the chores done, everythings fine."
  203. >"Oh no, he did ask me to check on you but specifically to check on YOU."
  204. >She gestures to your ice covered tush.
  205. >Ms. Angie is a veterinarian, anon must have figured he might have overdone it when he beat you into next week last night.
  206. >Not that you disagreed. That was the by far the hardest and longest spanking you'd had in your entire life. Oh the other hoof though you aren't sure you want Ms. angie poking around back there.
  207. >While it was nice having a neighbor with some medical knowledge she was more used to horses and other non-sapient animals, not ponies.
  208. >As such her bedside manner left quite a lot to be desired in your experience... and her tools were horse sized...
  209. "Oh no, really it's not that bad I promise. I mean thanks for stopping by and all..."
  210. >"Nonsense, precious it's my responsibility make sure your ok. Be a good girl and come here."
  211. >She waves you to follow her but you hesitate.
  212. "Ms. angie really please you don't have too."
  213. >"Oh you can be so stubborn can't you? Is that how you ended up like this in the first place?"
  214. >Once again a human reaches down and picks you up like a house cat.
  215. >The indignity of being toted around against your will is starting to get to you but you're squirming accomplishes nothing.
  216. >"Now stop that I'm just trying to help. You know I don't think this whole pony slavery thing is right. The least I can do is watch out for the ones near me."
  217. "Ugh, please put me down. I appreciate the thought, but i can walk on my own..."
  218. >She simply shrugs and puts you down on the kitchen table on all fours.
  219. >You try to turn to face her, but find yourself instead turned to point your tail end her way. You only blush a little.
  220. >"I know you can, but this is just easier."
  221. >She lifts your tail out of the way like it's no big deal with one hand, and rubs an abused cheeks with the other!
  222. >If you were blushing before your face is as red as your bottom now!
  223. "What are you doing?!?"
  224. >"Just checking the damage honey, he did a real number on you it looks like."
  225. >She pulls out a bottle of lotion and squirts some into her hands.
  226. >"Here this will help a little."
  227. >It feels so good you actually forget to be embarrassed.
  228. >You try think about what kind of view she must have back there, at least she's a she.
  229. >Your silence is cut short by a gasp when she grabs a cheek and spreads it!
  230. >Flailing, you try to reach back and smack her hand away!
  231. "What the hell!"
  232. >If she's offended by your reaction she doesn't show it.
  233. >"Twilight does anon abuse you."
  234. "I... What?"
  235. >Pushing your hoof away angie repeats herself.
  236. >"You may belong to him, but you have rights Twilight. Does anon abuse you? down here?"
  237. >This is getting way to weird.
  238. "What? No, of course not anon is very... nice."
  239. >It feels weird defending him when he just spanked you into a bawling mess, but he sure doesn't do the kind of stuff she's suggesting.
  240. >"Are you just saying that to protect him Twilight? I'm a doctor you can tell me anything."
  241. >I mean technically shes a vet, but you don't think doctor patient confidentiality applies here. Besides she - OH SWEET CELESTIA WHAT IS SHE DOING?!?!
  242. >You whimper and squirm as angie's hands grab both cheeks and SPREAD YOU WIDE!
  243. >"Just relax, I'm looking for signs of trauma."
  244. >Relaxing is the very opposite of what you do! She even moves her fingers and widens you more!
  245. "STOP IT!"
  246. >Any attempt to teleport sputters as angie continues to poke around where she really doesn't belong!
  247. >"Be a big mare about this Twilight. This is just a standard check."
  248. >Standard to a horse maybe, but you were not used to being invaded without warning!
  249. >Angie's firm and experience grip leaves you helpless to escape. The more you try the more she scoffs.
  250. >"Do I need to get my tools?"
  251. >Oh gods! Her horse sizes tools!
  252. >They'll tear you apart!
  253. >You stop actively resisting the bizarre inspection but no one said you can't whimper.
  254. >The next few moment pass agonizingly slowly as she pokes and prods to her heart's content.
  255. >Finally she releases your quivering backside and gives you a quick pat on the seat.
  256. >Your legs give our as soon as she lets go causing you to collapse on the table.
  257. >"Good girl. I guess you were telling the truth, I'd have hated having to report anon if not."
  258. >Wrapping your tail tightly around you, you turn around both to face her and protect your sensitive bits.
  259. >Unfortunately whirling around on the woman brings you face to face with a sugar cube.
  260. >It entrances you: so cubical, so pure, so sugary.
  261. >You gobble it up without even thinking. The traumatic doctor's visit is suddenly far from your mind.
  262. >"Glad to see your not too mad at me huh?"
  263. >She ruffles your mane with her free hand. You feel a bit manipulated.
  264. >"Now just stay off that seat of yours for a few days and you'll be fine. Oh and keep using the ice."
  265. >She opens the door and then looks back at you.
  266. >"And of course behave!"
  267. >Give you a seemingly friendly smile she leaves and closes the door behind her.
  268. >You're gonna get a new lock put on that door.
  269. >Freaky vets...
  271. >You text anon that he's an asshole.
  272. >He'll probably be confused but you're mad at him right now so that suits you just fine.
  273. >Even if he did have good intentions sending angie to check on you it's still somehow his fault.
  274. >Logging into his desktop you decide to take your revenge in the form of his MMR.
  275. >Your awful laptop can't play DOTA nearly as well as his jacked up desktop but you enjoy the game when you can.
  276. >Starting the ranked game on anon's account you make sure to first pick jungle legion commander as soon as possible.
  277. >Today everyone will feel your wrath no matter how much they'll hate it.
  278. >After all on the internet no one knows your a pony and you can harvest sweet human anguish in peace.
  279. >Anon texts you back sometime in the middle of the but you make a point to ignore him.
  280. >You'll do the stupid laundry but besides that you're slacking off today.
  281. >Usually you'd try to be at least a little productive, there's always an errand or two that needs done sooner or later, but with your flank still burning red anon can shove it if he wants anything else done.
  282. >It briefly occurs to you how rebellious your line of thought is today, just a few years ago all you could do is cower and hide most the time to avoid more beatings.
  283. >Your last owner had been a real piece of work.
  284. >A drunk and a loser who only got a pony to have something to take his anger out on.
  285. >It had barely taken him a week to you in the hospital after one too many kicks to the stomach so you'd been taken away from him.
  286. >Slave or not pony abuse laws did exist. He'd been hit with hefty fine and barred from owning one again for a long time.
  287. >Somehow you win your game, mostly because you're pretty sure the enemy carry had downs.
  288. >Maybe you should have techies to piss people off but thinking back to that jackass has taken the fire out of you.
  289. >Sure anon isn't afraid to take a brush to your backside but that's the worse he's ever done.
  290. >Maybe it's the Stockholm syndrome talking but you guess you could have done a lot worse than him.
  291. >Hissing at the soreness you hop out of his seat, grab your ice pack and magically reapply it to your tush as you go to check the laundry.
  292. >It only takes a few minutes to fold it and put it away like he likes, he really doesn't have that much clothing.
  293. >Heck he's bought you almost as much as he has and you barley wear clothes at all beyond the occasional hoodie.
  294. >Finally looking down at your hoof mounted phone you pull up his text.
  295. >"???"
  296. >Good Jokes mate real funny see u at FUCK YOUJ!
  297. >After a few minutes trying to find a way to express your displeasure at being molested by angie you give up.
  298. >It's not like he asked her to assault your poor flanks.
  299. >At least you assume...
  300. >Doesn't seem like something he'd do... Angie is probably just really really dumb.
  301. >Trying to be diplomatic with your owner and disciplinarian seemed like a good idea so you delete the scathing text you were writing.
  302. "Forget it what do you want for dinner?"
  303. >"Why don't you go pick us up a pizza?"
  304. >Your horn glows as your blood pressure starts to rise.
  305. >Is he messing with you on purpose or is he just dumb too?
  306. >He has to know your butt is bright red from the over the knee hiding he personally gave you last night.
  307. >Stay calm Twilight, be a good respectful little slave and don't bite his dumb stupid human head off like he deserves.
  308. "Master..."
  309. >See your such a good girl.
  310. "I would strongly prefer not to be seen in public like... this..."
  311. >"Like what?"
  312. >Good girl time is over you're gonna go sharpen your horn for when he gets home.
  313. "I swear to celestia anon if you make me go out in public with a red flank i will stab you!"
  314. >"Haha down girl just order in I don't care. Or you know wear some clothes?
  315. >Why didn't you think of that?
  316. >Clothes are dumb anyway.
  317. >Not willing to let him know how foolish you felt you simply sent him a picture of your horn stabbing a tiny little anon voodoo doll you made out of illusion magic.
  318. >"Is this like a dick pic for unicorns?"
  319. >Your not gonna answer that.
  320. >If the phone wasn't attached to your fetlock you'd have thrown it across the room but it doesn't come off without the right tools.
  321. >In the end you order pizza, with all the stuff you like of course, pineapple and canadian bacon mmmmmmmm.
  322. >You'd had it at a party anon had taken you to once and loved it even if it was meat.
  323. >In a move of unprecedented civility and grace you don't eat all the pizza before he gets home and only start to slowly nibble on one piece when he opens the door.
  324. >"Hey hey what did i say about eating on the couch?"
  325. "You know I'm the one that cleans the couch right?"
  326. >You still hop down and take your slice to the kitchen table.
  327. >The couch was softer than the hard wooden kitchen seats is why you'd chosen it, there's no way you're gonna sit on these unforgiving things.
  328. >Finally having put his stuff up anon joins you in the kitchen and plops down in a chair before giving you a strange look.
  329. >After a moment a look of realization crosses his features when his eyes go towards your flanks.
  330. >He motions you closer before putting a hand on your croup and turning your backside towards him when you comply.
  331. >He's not as dumb as Angie so you just keep eating your pizza.
  332. >Giving you a pat on and then rubbing your back he speaks.
  333. >"Sorry girl I didn't think i was so hard on you last night."
  334. >You look over your shoulder and give him a strange look.
  335. "You seemed pretty fired up about spanking me into next week at the time..."
  336. >Digging his fingers into your coat to give your back a satisfying scratch that 100% does not make you purr he continues.
  337. >"Yeah I was pretty mad, may have overdone it, that's why I sent Angie to check on you."
  338. >You must have had a traumatized face at the mention of the great creepy one.
  339. >"Was she that bad?"
  340. >You try to decide how much detail you want to tell him about her 'exam' but decide against it.
  341. "Just... please never let her examine me without you again..."
  342. >Your voice is a little smaller and more vulnerable than you intended and it seems to hit anon hard.
  343. >Scooping you up into a hug in his lap you almost drop your precious pizza.
  344. >The hug is... nice...
  345. >Angie probably permanently emotionally scarred you so maybe you needed a good hug.
  346. >You allow a small nicker and lean your head back to nuzzle him.
  347. "I'm sorry I know I messed up yesterday..."
  348. >Releasing one arm he brings it up to mess up your mane.
  349. >"Yeah but i think you learned so let's forget about it."
  350. >Dropping you back to all fours he motions to the living room.
  351. >"And i guess you're allowed to use the couch today. Just you know don't get used to it."
  352. >He gives you a wink and you find yourself smiling.
  353. >From your spot on the couch it's easy to carry on a conversation about his day and the news and this and that, the usual really.
  354. >After dinner he goes to watch the TV and you go to your room to play on your laptop.
  355. >A few hours later you hear anon walk past your room to get to his.
  356. >"Damn it Twilight did you play on my account!"
  357. >Shit you forgot!
  358. "I... uhhh well..."
  359. >"You know better Twi come here!"
  360. >Poof in a flash of magic you're gone.
  361. >"Jungle legion?!?! Not in my house come here you little brat."
  362. >Galloping to the far end of the house you can't help but giggle a little.
  363. >You know he's not really mad but it's the small victories that count!
  365. >Eventually Anon caught his little runaway purple fugitive who was trying to avoid swift justice for playing in his computer, aka you.
  366. >In the end your punishment is a long and merciless tickling.
  367. >Truly a cruel and unusual punishment but one hundred times better than a brush across the rump again.
  368. >Eventually the not so brutal discipline ends and you find yourself sent to bed early once again.
  369. >Well midnight early which is a lot better than the 9pm Anon had put you down last night after turning your hiney into an active war zone.
  370. >But the good times were not to last.
  371. >You find your improved attitude rained on the next day when it ends up Anon really does have a few things he needs you to go into town for.
  372. >Checking your rear in the mirror in your bedroom you blush at the light red marks still visible on your fuzzy purple hide.
  373. >If it was up to you you'd spend the day recovering until all evidence of your misbehavior had finally faded but you know Anon really does need these errands run.
  374. >Turning to the closet you nose around for something to wear to cover your shame, the selection isn't great.
  375. >Picking out a simple light turquoise sundress Anon had bought you a few months ago you slip it on.
  376. >While there is a pony fashion industry on Earth, after several years of your race being enslaved, the selection is still pretty limited.
  377. >Not to say you didn't like the dress, it's simple light and comfy, but it was a bit small especially since your goal was to cover your slightly redden cheeks.
  378. >Spinning around you check out your backside in the mirror.
  379. >Well... As long as you don't bend over too far or no one is on the ground behind you you should be fine...
  380. >That doesn't stop you from grumbling a little as you blush at the idea of being caught.
  381. >Oh well, you'll just get these stops done as soon as possible and get home and it will all be fine.
  382. >Scanning your tracking collar at the door to exit you squint as the mid morning sun beats down on you.
  383. >At least you're making better time than the other day, anything to keep your tail out of THAT kind of trouble again.
  384. >Turning to trot towards downtown you notice your neighbor Diamond Dust working in the front yard.
  385. >Dusty as he prefered to be called was a unicorn stallion who used to work with rare jewels back in Equestria.
  386. >Nowadays he watched the neighbor kids and did the seemingly unending yard/house work, you swear he's always working on that lawn.
  387. >Seeing you trot by he stop pushing the push mower with his magic and gives you a little wave.
  388. >"Oh wow it must be later than I thought."
  389. >He pretends to check the watch he doesn't have as you roll your eyes.
  390. "Yeah yeah yeah. It's early, I'm up, I get it I get it..."
  391. >"I don't think I've ever seen you outside Anon's house before noon Twi, he must have finally cracked the whip!"
  392. >You manage to only blush slightly as you try to pretend your bottom isn't secretly still smoldering under your dress.
  393. "Yeah super strict slave owner Anon you know him..."
  394. >So strict in fact that you'd fallen asleep draped across over him on the couch last night instead of watching the movie.
  395. >It's not your fault he knows one hand between your shoulder blades and one rubbing up and down your neck turn you into a puddle of pony.
  396. >Trotting around his mower Dusty walks closer to you and gives you a somewhat unexpected nuzzle breaking your train of thought.
  397. >"Sorry Twi you're just too fun mess with, it's good to see you. When's our next 'playdate' anyway?"
  398. >He gives you a cheesy eyebrow wiggle that somehow still manages to make you laugh.
  399. >While you wouldn't call Dusty a coltfriend you do have something of a relationship.
  400. >Being the only two ponies in the neighborhood your owners had figured you two should be the best of friends.
  401. >Well that sounds a lot less awkward than it was actually.
  402. >You had first met Dusty when his owners had literally asked to borrow you to reward their stallion for good behavior.
  403. >Yes borrow you... As a reward... You were a treat...
  404. >Anon had stupidly said yes because to be honestly Anon isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and didn't really seem to understand the implications of what he was being asked.
  405. >Que you being delivered to Dusty just a few minutes later for the most awkward introduction ever.
  406. >"Hey Dusty buddy we got you a mare for the night for all your hard work! You two have fun now!"
  407. >"Uhhhhhhh hi...?"
  408. "...Hi...?"
  409. >Just because you two had bucked like rabbits a few hours later is not the point, it was still weird.
  410. >At first you had felt guilty about that but he was the first stallion you'd been alone with in years so you know stuff happens.
  411. "Well we did see each just the other week and since your owners seem to pay mine in casseroles I guess it's up to her."
  412. >At first Anon didn't understand why you'd been returned with a warm casserole and such a nice thank you for just letting your hang out.
  413. >It wasn't until Anon took a good look at your extremely messy mane and well everything else that he figured out what the neighbor's pony had actually been doing with you.
  414. >It was actually kinda funny watching him realize he maybe or may not have just prostituted you without even realizing it.
  415. >Lucky for him you were far from mad despite his stupidity and the casserole was actually really really good.
  416. >Or maybe you were starving from your 'activities' who knows.
  417. >Bumping your flanks with his Dusty shakes you out of your memories.
  418. >"Well maybe once I finish putting together the kids new trampolene I'll have earned another reward huh?"
  419. >You blush at the mention of being his designated rewards program and even more at the chaste kiss on the cheek he gives you before trotting back towards his work.
  420. >"And I say you're worth every bite of casserole the Mrs spends on you haha!"
  421. "I'm not a commodity Dusty! And not in public you'd blow old Mrs Dupre's mind!"
  422. >He gives you a wink and flicks his tail at you before resting his forehooves on the back of the lawnmower again.
  423. >"Haha sorry sorry. Oh and by the way I wanted to warn you about something. You heard that the clarks got a pony right? I overheard the Mrs talking to them about ponies last night. She may have mentioned what a great umm Motivator time with you was so you know you might want to talk to Anon about that."
  424. >Great now you're the whole neighborhood's stallion rewards program, that's only slightly degrading...
  425. "Ugh thanks I'll warn him. I gotta go but thanks for the heads up."
  426. >He waves as you trot off, head definitely 100% not filled with the idea of being 'rented' again to a big hulking muscular stallion... mmmmmm...
  427. >Feeling a breeze where there shouldn't be one you snap your tail back down between your legs.
  428. >While technically designed for a pony the dress for some reason had no tail hole, clearly not a pony designer, so a high tail meant some umm loss of coverage...
  429. >Dusty somehow didn't know about Anon's more physical discipline methods and you sure didn't want him finding out by seeing the handy work in the middle of broad daylight!
  430. >Time to canter around the corner and hope Dusty didn't see that!
  432. >Fixing your skirt with a pinch of magic you canter quickly towards the store and away from any chance of a breeze showing your secret to Dusty.
  433. >On second thought you decide to stop for a minute at the nearby park to catch your breath.
  434. >This decision was definitely not made because you are out of breath from cantering just a quarter of a mile and are an out of weight nerd, any arguments to the contrary will be dismissed with prejudice.
  435. >Landing your perfectly average BMI flanks on the park bench you put your head down for a moments break.
  436. >Operation catch breath is going great for all of 10 seconds until an ear piercing squeal behind you shatters any relaxation you'd acquired.
  438. >Oh wow that thing is already right in your face, dear god children are fast, sweet celestia what does it want?
  440. "I umm well I kind of need to go actually..."
  441. >Make it go away it's cute but the energy it's giving off is worse than pinkie pie ever was.
  442. >"Of course you can sweetie."
  443. >The mother motions for you to come down off the bench and gestures towards her daughter.
  444. >"Well come on give her a ride."
  445. >Wow no that's cool don't ask or anything I'm totally free for having my time wasted by your sugar fueled spawn...
  446. "Ma'am I'm sorry but I really am on a tight schedule today..."
  447. >Huffing to herself the woman walks right up to you and grabs your left ear! Ow Ow Ow WTF!
  448. >"Yeah so busy you were sleeping on the park bench? You need to learn to respect your betters little lady! now get down here before I find your owner and get you into even more trouble!"
  449. >Needless to say pony ears are sensitive and you are easily dragged off the bench gasping and squealing.
  450. "Ow Ow please Mrs don't do that please stop!"
  451. >Holding your ear low to the ground in an almost bowing gesture she turns back to the little girl.
  452. >"There you go sweetie climb on, Miss Purple is going to give you a ride."
  453. >With a squeal of delight the little girl gracelessly climbs onto your back kicking the fire out of your damaged flanks a few times in the process.
  454. >You let out a pathetic whimper of distress as her mom continues to pin your head to the floor while the girl grabs a handful of mane and painfully yanks.
  455. >"Now come on let's make a few circles around the lake. Doesn't that sound fun lacy?"
  457. >Oh my god why is she kicking you???
  458. >At least the kid is small but she really likes to yank your hair and yell right into your ear.
  459. >A good half an hour later your sides are sore from all the kicking and your spirits are definitely not doing much better.
  460. >The bitchy lady doesn't even acknowledge your existence as you cart her little hell spawn around and semi silently endure all the yanking kicking and bouncing involved.
  461. >Finally your lead back towards their car and the girl at least gives you a pat on the neck and a "Thank you Miss purple" for your efforts.
  462. >Yeah no one even asked your name...
  463. >The lady simply tells you that maybe next time you'll not slack off in the park and that ponies like you should be kept on a tighter leash instead of roaming all over town like you own the place with your free range collars.
  464. >Cool story bite me can i get away with poking a hole in her tires without her noticing?
  465. >In the end you resist the urge to make everything worse and trot out of the park as quickly as possible.
  466. >You just want to get home, away from people and back to your computer.
  467. >On the internet no one you have 4 legs and getting called a name just means you're a normal part of the crowd and not the one they can legally pick on.
  468. >Also no kids, kids suck.
  470. >The errands go fairly quickly.
  471. >You even got an extra bottle of wine just for fun.
  472. >One for cooking and one was for Twilight's troubles and drunken adventures on the internet.
  473. >Besides Anon never really read the bills he got sent from all the stores you visit.
  474. >Which is a great thing or he'd know you sometimes spent a few extra bucks on little treats for yourself...
  475. >Most the time actually and that could be a whole can of worms and/or sore flanks.
  476. >Scanning your collar at the self pony checkout you munch on some nerds as you trot home carrying everything in your magic.
  477. >You sometimes got looks of concern when you carried a lot home from the store, you tended to put off shopping trips so you carried a ton at once down the street.
  478. >The whole unaccompanied ponies thing was pretty controversial with half liking the convenience of getting everything done for them by the time they got home and half concerned you'd steal children and eat them or something idk.
  479. >That being said you ring was set no lower than the legal limit but with your greater skill and control than most ponies you were able to pull a lot more off.
  480. >This scared some humans and mmmmmmmay have gotten you taken down to the pound once by a cop who thought you'd broken your ring and were planning to kill everyone with a banana or something.
  481. >Yeah the pound not the jail, humans are dumb.
  482. >Anon had to come save you from a slightly too amorous dog that really really liked you so that was great.
  483. >Today though you got off easy with a few concerned looks that you disarmed with a smile and head bow.
  484. >You had so much stuff because Anon had just found out his parents were coming to visit in a few days and he wanted you to make something nice.
  485. >Mr and Mrs Granon were some of your favorite humans in the world.
  486. >Instead of being awkward about their son owning a slave, which may or may not say something about them, they'd immediately treated you like the long lost grand child they had never had.
  487. >Anon is only in his mid 20s but they must have gotten tired of waiting because Mrs Granon doted on you every chance she got when visiting.
  488. >You're talking the whole shabang: bringing you presents, trying to slip you money for no good reason, even braiding your mane and tail when you should have been taking care of them.
  489. >And Mr Granon was no different "Come sit in my lap little filly and let me tell you a tale of years gone by."
  490. >It probably have helped that ponies are small because they treated you like a little kid but it was nice to be the pampered one.
  491. >To that end you were ready to prepare a small feast for them when they got here.
  492. >Strolling back into you and Anon's neighborhood you are silently thankful Dusty isn't in his front yard again.
  493. >Not that you are avoiding him but it's less risky to just talk to him later.
  494. >Getting everything put away back in the kitchen you rip off your dress, throw it across the room and collapse onto the couch.
  495. >From your spot on the couch you can spy your backside in the mirror, you estimate by the time Mr and Mrs Granon are here all evidence of their son spanking you should be gone.
  496. >You are not really sure what they'd say if they found out or if they have special grandparent senses to be able to tell this kind of stuff.
  497. >Your real grandparents could always tell when you'd been in trouble and took steps to comfort you as a little filly but you are not sure how far the pony grandchild illusion went.
  498. >Content to worry about it all later you curl up in a circle and bury your muzzle in your side for a quick nap.
  499. >Anon would be home soon enough, maybe he'd know something about this new stallion in the neighborhood and could confirm he was a book loving beast of a creature with big broad shoulders a big barrel chest and a huge long mmmmmmmmm...
  500. >Twisting your neck around a bit more you put your muzzle somewhere else...
  501. >Fuck that's the ticket...
  502. >Plenty of time for some self motivated fun while you've still got the house to yourself...
  503. [spoiler]And that's how Twilight got sprayed with the bad bad pony febreze bottle when anon got home for making a mess on the couch.[/spoiler]
  505. >In the end you had to take a shower because asshole I mean Anon had sprayed you with the bad pony febreze bottle...
  506. >That stuff doesn't come out of coats...
  507. >Like you've never caught him jacking off before, hypocrite...
  508. >You magic most the water out of your coat but wrap a towel around your mane instead.
  509. >"You know you're dripping all over the floor right?"
  510. >Shooting anon a quick look you light up your horn.
  511. >A concentrated millisecond long 10000 degrees burst of heat instantly dries the floor, good thing the kitchen has tiles.
  512. >It also makes Anon gulp nervously as the micro sun vanishes as quickly as it appeared.
  513. >You would never actually hurt your only source of internet but fear leads to respect right?
  514. >Deciding to play nice you sit on the floor instead of on the couch.
  515. >You did just get in trouble for the couch and don't want to push your not least favorite human too far.
  516. >For a reminder of what that could mean you had to only look in the mirror...
  517. >Sitting in his chair and not the couch (He doesn't even use the couch so why does he care ahh!) Anon turns on the TV to the news.
  518. >Politics suck, someone shot someone, humans are dumb blah blah blah.
  519. >Where's a divine diarchy when you need one? these humans just yell at each other then someone gets shot half the time.
  520. >Unwrapping the towel from your mane you set to drying it off just a bit more when the doorbell rings.
  521. >"Huh wonder who that is?"
  522. >Dragging himself out of his chair Anon opens the door to reveal another male human and a large earth pony on the other side.
  523. >Must be the new neighbors?
  524. >"Hey man you Anon? Names Rod and this is my roommate Rocky we just moved here a few days ago."
  525. >Roommate that's kinda weird?
  526. >"Oh uh yeah nice to meet you I thought I heard someone was moving into the corner house. Nice to meet you both."
  527. >"Yeah sure dude you too but hey look we were talking to the uhh Johnson's the other day and they mentioned you had a cutie over here my buddy might like to meet."
  528. >Leaning a bit around Anon Rod spies you from your vantage point in the living room where you'd been interrupted mid mane drying.
  529. >Quickly pulling the towel the rest of the way off your head you give your mane a quick shake and give him a little uncertain wave.
  530. >Dude's grin looks kinda creepy to be honest...
  531. >"Oh yeah doesn't she look fun rocky?"
  532. >He gives the pony a conspiratorial elbow and a chuckle and the pony shares.
  533. >Ok creepy factor just went up again.
  534. >Moving over a bit to interpose himself between you and the pair of eyes looking you up and down Anon speaks up.
  535. >"Uh yeah that's Twilight I'm sure she'd love to met you both. Do you want to come in for a minute or anything?"
  536. >"Oh sure let's hash out the details while we let these two get to know each other a bit better my man!"
  537. >Clasping a hand on Anon's shoulder Rod begins to follow him back over the living room.
  538. >You turn your head to try and listen to what details he's talking about but jump a little when the earth pony walks around you right into your field of view instead.
  539. >"Hey hey don't worry about them sweetheart I'm sure they'll figure something out. Let's just focus on us for now ok?"
  540. >Oh god he thinks hes some kind of smooth talker.
  541. "Umm yeah sure hi like he said I'm Twilight..."
  542. >"Nah don't worry about names I just want to know what all you do. I didn't think a little town like this would have any pretty working mares so I'm sure glad to see you."
  543. >What the fuck.
  544. "Do?..."
  545. >"Oh yeah price isn't much of an issue I never had trouble finding work but most business mares complained how rough I was back where we came from haha. So what are your limits? Do backdoor? S&M? I hope you're tough haha."
  546. >Holy shit this guy's crazy!
  547. >You quickly find yourself backing away from the aggressive and suddenly far too large stallion until your rump bumps into the corner.
  548. "I umm I think you might have the wrong impression..."
  549. >"We heard what you do for that Dusty fellow. Come on i promise to be gentle, how about a little test run huh?"
  550. >Holy shit holy shit holy shit you're out of room to back away and he just keeps getting closer!
  551. >"Come on let's go to a backroom, unless you want to just do it here that's fine with me too."
  552. >He leans in and gives your neck a little nip!
  553. >Whimpering pathetically you try and push him back.
  554. >You instantly regret doing so as you accidentally look down and see just how 'ready' he is!
  555. "No no no this is wrong please back up..."
  556. >"Come on don't play shy now. Just some oral? $100?"
  557. >Suddenly his hoof is behind the back of your head and he's pushing you!!!
  558. >Desperately trying to fire up your horn you find your terror plus your ring ruining your concentration again and again!
  559. >Loudly squealing you squirm and thrash to get away!
  560. "STOP IT LET GO!"
  561. >Getting closer and closer to THAT you close your eyes and focus one more time.
  562. >This can't be happening! There's no way you'll let this happen!
  563. >Finally finding your center you slam every scrap of power you have into your horn at once!
  564. >You swear to celestia you'll incinerate this fucker!
  565. >The arcane energies begin to swirl around your horn and the idiot doesn't even seem to notice.
  566. >A split second from putting a celestia sized hole in the asshole's face your concentration shatters once again as you feel something strong grab you around the sides.
  567. >You eep and kick your legs as the powerful hands around your midsection hoist you high into the air and into Anon's surprisingly comforting arms.
  568. >"Woah woah woah ok just back off there buddy!"
  569. >Seemingly upset that his prize is gone the stallion turns to face Anon aggressively.
  570. >"Hey what's the deal i just wanted to sample the merchandise!?"
  571. >"I don't know what the Johnson's told you but that isn't what we do here."
  572. >Finally deciding to get up and join the conversation rod chimes in.
  573. >"Anon Anon Anon it's all good Rocky is just a little eager that's all. We were on the road for a few weeks so he's all pent up you know? We heard from the Johnson's that that Dusty fellow of theirs was having a good time seeing your little thing so my buddy just wants his turn too. Is that too much to ask?"
  574. >For a horrifying second Anon is far far too silent.
  575. >Is he actually considering this?? This is way different than you spending some time with a stallion you actually get along with!!! This guys a freak!
  576. >Wrapping his arms more firmly around you and feeling your trembling tells him all he needs to know.
  577. >"Sorry guys I just don't think she's comfortable with this."
  578. >Even with your head buried in the crook of anon's neck you manage to nod a little.
  579. >Rod however seems to get a kick out of this.
  580. >"Comfortable? She a free pony or what? Rocky makes some good spending cash of his own just name a price man, she's yours after all."
  581. >"I think you guys should leave. Sorry we can't help you."
  582. >Throwing his hands up in defeat Rod meanders towards the door.
  583. >"Alright man your pony your call. You change your mind just give us a ring though ok?"
  584. >Anon keeps quiet as he closes and locks the crazies out of your house.
  585. >Silently walking back to the living room he falls back into his chair with you still clinging to his chest like a baby koala.
  586. >He even picks up the drying towel you were using and covers you with it.
  587. >The dark is nice as you try to recover from the adrenaline and the mana exhaustion at the same time.
  588. >"You ok?"
  589. >You slowly shake your head.
  590. >"Did he hurt you?"
  591. >Again you shake your head.
  592. >"Sorry I shouldn't have left you alone... I figured another pony would be pretty safe."
  593. "It's... It's fine..."
  594. >"Look... you never said otherwise but are you ok with the whole Dusty thing? I guess I never really asked. To be honest I didn't even know what I'd agreed to at first..."
  595. >You give him a small nod.
  596. "Yeah i kinda thought so. Dusty is very nice and well gentle... At first we just talked... He's a good pony I don't mind."
  597. >"As long as you're ok with it. I'll talk to the Johnsons about keeping it quieter in the future."
  598. >You let out a deep sigh as the trembling finally begins to stop just leaving you exhausted in it's wake.
  599. >Squirming a little in Anon's grasp you feel the sand mares grasp start to claim you.
  600. "Thanks Anon..."
  601. >He's still a slaving dirtbag but you figure you could have done worse than him after all...
  603. >Cracking an eye open you wake up for the 4th time today.
  604. >Always one to turn over and burrow your head in the covers again you squirm around for a bit before finally accepting you've slept all you can.
  605. >Gotta admit you feel surprisingly well rested.
  606. >Head still a little fuzzy from sleep you try to recall if you'd gone to bed early or something.
  607. >Who are you kidding you never go to bed early.
  608. >What had happened yesterday...?
  609. >Febreze... Couch... door...?
  610. >Ugh oh yeah that new neighbors.
  611. >AKA nut job 1 & 2.
  612. >It's a real shame Anon kept you from blowing that stallion's head off but human society tends to frown on pony violence, even if it's pony on pony.
  613. >Your spine cracks as you do your daily cat stretch and pop your neck a few times.
  614. >What really sets humans off is magical violence.
  615. >You'd heard horror stories of unicorns losing their horns over even a small bit of magic being used in a fight.
  616. >The thought alone makes you shudder and shake your head, giving your horn a quick burst just to reassure yourself.
  617. >Back during the war the humans had no idea what to do with captured unicorns.
  618. >It had been years until they managed to copy existing magical suppression ring designs from equestria but once they understood the concept they understood it well.
  619. >Being capture much later than most due to the whole 'powerful enough to teleport miles' thing you had avoided the more barbaric early magical suppression solutions.
  620. >Sure they'd slapped you with a monster of a full horn cone (not your fault that guy flies so easily) at first but it had only taken you a few months to convince Anon of what a wonderfully obedient and helpful slave you could be.
  621. >Also he got tired of helping you with everything because you are beyond useless with your hooves.
  622. >He'd made it clear when he'd first got you that he mainly just wanted you to help around the house and do chores but there was no way you'd be doing that magicless.
  623. >Swirling a little mana around your horn you do a quick blink to the kitchen.
  624. >It had been years now and Anon kept your suppressor ring set to the minimum legal value.
  625. >With a little finesse you perform most any spell but the results would be limited, for example the few dozen foot range on your teleport.
  626. >There would be no more magical research or giant monsters requiring powerful spellwork anymore though.
  627. >As long as you could use your telekinesis to manipulate the entire keyboard at once, and give yourself a huge advantage over the fat fingered monkeys, you were fine.
  628. >Speaking of fine god you love cinnamon toast crunch, there's enough sugar in this junk to scare pinkie.
  629. >There's also no one around to judge you as you literally jam your whole muzzle in the bowl and destroy the sugary meal.
  630. >Did you even eat last night?
  631. >No, those jackasses came over before dinner and after assaulting you with his meat sausage you'd fallen asleep in anon's arms.
  632. >Wow that's kinda embarrassing let's suppress all of those memories now...
  633. >There's no note from Anon and nothing that you know of that needs to be done today so as far as you're concerned permission to waste your whole day online.
  634. >Crawling back into bed because why not you drag your laptop over to you for a day of not being worth all that money anon payed for you.
  635. >Ha watch now as your multi thousand dollar investment tells people how wrong they are and browses the slave sites for stallions.
  636. >What? You can look you just can't bid.
  637. >Which is a shame because that one's really cute and 25% off, must be stubborn or something who knows.
  638. >After a while browsing your own kind like a cold unfeeling monster you go to check the news instead.
  639. >Blah blah blah something about Trump, some oddly specific questions on askreddit, dumb celebrity garbage.
  640. >Wait
  641. >'Famous designer outed as pony'
  642. >This is your above average dumb celebrity garbage.
  643. >Something something something ah here's the good stuff 'Insider tip from anonymous industry employee insists the pony clothes designer line "diamonds in the rough" is not only exclusively designed by a pony but actually run and owned by said freed unicorn mare'
  644. >Freed ponies existed but were pretty rare, at least where you lived.
  645. >Scrolling down the page you keep reading.
  646. >You know it's silly to let yourself get worked up, just because the name involves diamonds and it's a fashion company means nothing.
  647. >Most the article is talking about is a pony can even legally run a company and how the fashion industry would respond.
  648. >You're about to close the tab when you see the picture at the very bottom.
  649. >The computer is literally thrown across the room in your excitement.
  650. >Oh shit! No no it's ok you caught it in your magic.
  651. >The picture is from a long way away but it clearly shows a mare at a table discussing some drawings with a few humans.
  652. >You'd recognize that mane and tail anywhere though.
  653. >It should be no surprise that she'd find some way to work the system to her advantage but it's still good to see that Rarity is alive and well.
  654. >And by the sound of it thriving, you're fairly sure that clothes line is pretty big.
  655. >But what now? These pictures were taken half way across the country and you were not really sure how to contact her anyway.
  656. >Just calling the company and asking to talk to the mystery mare that they were probably going to deny existed seemed like a slim chance.
  657. >Letters? No no what is this the middle ages?
  658. >Maybe you could act like an interested investor, no one can really tell if your pony or human on the phone.
  659. >Whatever it took you'd find a way.
  660. >You'd been searching for any sign of your friends for so long you can't pass this up now!
  661. >Time to come up with a plan!
  663. >Ok so far the plan was working out about as poorly as expected.
  664. >Calling their regional office and asking for Rarity had gotten you nowhere fast.
  665. >"A Miss Rarity? Do you have a last name?"
  666. "Oh um yes Bell, Rarity Bell."
  667. >"No I'm sorry I don't think we have anyone by that name at this office Miss."
  668. >Yeah ok sure you don't...
  669. >So either she changed her name or she doesn't take calls from random strangers.
  670. >But how do you run a company without taking calls?
  671. >Does her secretary just screen every single call or maybe her second in command just pretends to be CEO most the time.
  672. >You start to write an Email but it makes even less sense the more you look at it.
  673. >Yeah just forward this email to the mystery mail way at the top just because it asked nicely.
  674. >You almost delete the draft but why not send it anyway?
  675. >May as well try the phone a few more times but you soon give up on that too.
  676. >If the company publicly denies her existence then any publically accessible means of contact probably isn't going to work.
  677. >So what else is there?
  678. >The picture was taken in New York and that's also where the company head office is.
  679. >Unfortunately You and anon live way down in Georgia, not exactly a quick trip.
  680. >Even if you went there in person though they still probably wouldn't let strangers off the street see her, much less random ponies.
  681. >If push came to shove though you were pretty sure you could just teleport your way past security.
  682. >You know if you could somehow get to New York that is.
  683. >Oh Anonnnnnnnnnnnn
  684. >You have to wait til he gets home and had dinner but once he's nice and relaxed and buttered up you pick up your laptop and find him in his room.
  685. "Soooo this is going to sound crazy but remember my friends I told you about? Welllllll this is one of them."
  686. >Giving the article a quick once over he nods.
  687. >"Runs a company? That's pretty crazy, gonna give her a call?"
  688. "Well... I've tried. I've tried everything but the company seems to keep her a secret and I can't just call up there and say 'oh hi im Rarity's friend let me talk to her'..."
  689. >"Oh well that sucks, maybe you should just send her an email or something."
  690. "I tried that too trust me. The bottom line is I'm not gonna get through to her like this... We have to go to New York."
  691. >"We what?"
  692. "Please please please we have to go there, I can sneak in and find her and everything will be great please we just have to go!"
  693. >"Ok you are not sneaking into a random business because your friend might work there first of all. You'll get arrested and I'll get fined or something."
  694. "Annnnonnn please you know how much my friends mean to me please!"
  695. >"Twilight I have work I can't just run off to New York with you I don't have the vacation days left."
  696. "We can go on the weekend please anon I just need one day!"
  697. >"Twilight drop it! We are not flying across the country for the slim chance you can chat with one of your friends that's crazy!"
  698. "Ugh you stupid humans you just don't get it do you?! Ponies need friendship it's a part of us! Please I'll do anything I just need to see her!"
  699. >"No you're the one that doesn't get it Twilight! Do you know how much the flight would cost alone? Much less room and board for two in one of the most expensive cities in the country? I don't need this attitude from you little filly!"
  700. "I am not a filly! This is the one thing I've ever asked of you and you can't even do this for me?!?!?"
  701. >"Who do you think pays for your food filly? Your internet? Your new computer? Even that expensive tracking system so you can leave the house??? I'd say you have it pretty sweet here as it is but if you disagree I'll give you something to complain about!
  702. >Oo ow anon grabs the scruff of your neck and pulls you over to his bed!
  703. "No no quit it!"
  704. >"You know what happens when you get lippy with me you little brat!"
  705. >Your righteous anger is quickly extinguished and replaced by a cold sinking feeling as you realize you've pushed him too far.
  706. >Hooves dragging anon mare handles you his side as he sits down on the edge of his bed!
  707. "Please Anon I take it back I take it back! I'm sorry!"
  708. >"You're only sorry because you're about to get taught a lesson!"
  709. >You desperately squirm and kick as he drags you over his lap but it's no use.
  710. >Grabbing your tail in one hand Anon pins you down over his lap with a firm grip on your back.
  711. "Please please please not again Anon I'm sorry I'm sorry!"
  712. >"Two weeks in a row Twilight, I'm not gonna pretend I'm not a little disappointed in you..."
  713. "I'll be good sweet celestia I'll be good!"
  714. >Yanking your tail to pull your bottom even higher Anon pats you seat a few times in anticipation.
  715. >"You will be after I'm done with you that's for sure."
  716. "OWWWWW!"
  717. >Your master wastes no time raising his hand and bringing it back down across your flank!
  718. "No no no!"
  719. >"Yes Twilight! SPANK You did this SPANK to yourself SPANK!"
  720. >You can't believe this is happening again so soon!
  721. >You just want your friends!!!
  722. "AHHHH ow ow owwwwww!"
  723. >"You will not talk to me like that!"
  725. "Yes master!!!"
  726. >"You will not talk about humans like that in general!"
  729. >"If you don't appreciate all I do for you them maybe I need to do this more often!"
  731. >The heavy spankings don't let up as you kick your rear hooves helplessly!
  732. >You just finally recovered from your lesson last week and now you're probably already back to a bright red flank!
  734. >Giving you a few more firm smacks the lesson momentarily stops as Anon reaches down and picks something up off the floor.
  735. >Blinking away the tears and look back over your shoulder to see Anon already tapping the flip flop lightly on your roasted rump!
  736. "Master please no!"
  737. >"Quiet you, you're gonna get it until I'm sure you've learned."
  738. >It's not the hairbrush but it still stings!
  740. >You close your mouth to muffle your squeals but you know you can only stay quiet for so long!
  742. >You can't do it! He said be quiet but you can't!!!
  743. >Your bottom feels like an active volcano as you burst into loud bawling once again.
  745. >"I SPANK said SPANK be SPANK quiet SPANK SPANK SPANK!!!"
  747. >Suddenly there are hands around your midsection, you are lifted up then placed on all fours on the floor.
  748. >"If you can't follow simple instruction like that then maybe you can follow these. Fetch your hairbrush right now!"
  749. >This is it, worse case scenario!
  750. "No Anon please I can't take that right now! I'll never be sassy again just not the brush!"
  751. >"If you don't get the brush in the next 30 seconds we're going to have a repeat of this tomorrow!"
  752. >Your eyes shrink to pinpricks as you dash out of the room.
  753. >Stumbling into your room on unsteady legs you look around for the instrument of your demise desperately.
  754. >Shit where did you even leave the damn thing!
  755. >"15 Seconds!"
  756. >fuck fuck fuck! there!"
  757. >Grabbing it in your magic you run back to Anon's lap and crawl back over like the fearful little slave you were.
  758. >Lifting your tail to your back again he pats your seat a few times to get you ready.
  759. >"See you can follow directions, you just need motivation!"
  760. >You barely have time to gulp in fear before your 'motivation' lands!
  761. "AHHHHHHH NO NO NO NO NO!!!!"
  762. >The brush is landing twice as fast as the flip flop was and you instantly find yourself kicking desperately as your bottom burns like a thousand suns!
  764. >"You'll get mercy when you've learned!"
  765. >He punctuates each word with a brutal blow from the brush!
  766. >You are sure your cheeks are bruised now as the pain only gets worse and worse!
  768. >You must have sounded extra pathetic because he takes a moment to check both your rump and your face.
  769. >Seemingly satisfied with your blisters and tear stained face a mere three more hard swats land and the rapid fire flank flattening finally stops.
  770. >You desperately gasp for breath as you look down at the puddle of tears on the floor beneath you.
  771. >Gosh you're so pathetic now...
  772. >"Now you're going to get up, you're going to give me your laptop, and you're going to go to your room for the rest of the night do you understand me Twilight?"
  773. >You can only nod as you hiccup and whimper pathetically, your body now nothing but dead weight over Anon's knees.
  774. >When you don't make an effort to get up yourself he picks you up by the scruff of your neck once again and carries you like a foal to your room.
  775. >Struggling to stand on your shaky legs you float the laptop over to him before he has to ask for it.
  776. >"You MAY get this back tomorrow. IF your attitude changes."
  777. "Yes SNIFF yes sir..."
  778. >Closing the door behind him you look around you in dismay.
  779. >A quick look in the mirror confirms you're backside was covered in bruises, no doubt a result of another lesson on top of your not yet healed cheeks.
  780. >Having seen enough of just how far you've fallen you crawl into bed and curl up into a pitiful purple ball of pony.
  781. >Human's just don't understand, you'll go crazy without some real friends.
  782. >You may have said a few thing you now regret but you stand by your reason for saying them.
  783. >Rarity where are you?
  785. >Fucking anon...
  786. >You wince as you trot to the kitchen the next morning.
  787. >Everything back there hurts, including walking...
  788. >Maybe you got a little upset and said some dumb stuff but what was his problem?
  789. >He was never afraid to discipline you before but last night still felt like a major overreaction.
  790. >You notice a note on the kitchen table.
  791. >Something about him being out of town for the next couple days for work.
  792. >Thank Celestia you certainly didn't want to talk to him after he blew up on you.
  793. >Eating your cereal standing it suddenly occurs to you that if he's out of town your laptop is free game.
  794. >So much for grounding you from that you guess, just gotta find where he put it.
  795. >You aren't really sure if he'd disapprove of you taking it back though.
  796. >His note fails to mention it and he had said you might get it back today.
  797. >Well with him not here to say one way or another you figure you might as well.
  798. >With nothing on your plate today but some laundry you go and fetch the laptop to do some surfing.
  799. >And you bring it to the couch because screw his rules while he's gone.
  800. >A part of you feel nervous breaking his rules so soon after being disciplined.
  801. >You take those little submissive slave mare feelings and shove them deep deep down into a dark corner of your psyche.
  802. >You may be his but you aren't that broken... yet...
  803. >Sighing you shake your head and blow the mane out of your face.
  804. >Well sure you do this chores and cook his food like a little horse maid but at least you aren't like some of those poor mares who get their legs spread every night by their dirty monkeys.
  805. >You'd been real afraid of that at first, lots of horror stories got spread around at the auction houses.
  806. >Not like you were a virgin or anything but if you'd ended up with an asshole who shoved a cock in your mouth you'd have been unable to stop him with your magic as restricted as it used to be.
  807. >You shiver at the idea, there had been lots of nightmare filled nights dreading that before you'd been purchased.
  808. >While being driven home from the auction you'd tried to make your peace with it.
  809. >That drive had taken forever, trying not to shake in fear of what he was going to do to you when he got you home and bent you over a table.
  810. >Word was that's what most owners did first, 'broke' their mares in the hard way...
  811. >It had almost been anticlimactic when he'd just shown you your room and given you time to get settled in.
  812. >You discounted the idea of a trick pretty quickly and took what pleasure you could in having a real bed and not a cramped cage.
  813. >Maybe you just got really lucky? Or the stories were all exaggerations.
  814. >It had been a few weeks before you found out Anon's one downside, the one you were currently recovering from.
  815. >You couldn't believe he was serious the first time.
  816. >What are you some little filly?
  817. >But he'd quickly shown you who was boss and who made the rules.
  818. >Between more of THAT and falling in line with his rather lax rules the choice was easy.
  819. >Still made you feel like his little bitch sometimes though when you realized how far you'd fallen.
  820. >From Twilight Sparkle savior of the land to Twilight Sparkle good obedient errand mare.
  821. >Fuck now you've depressed yourself over it.
  822. >It's easy to not think about when you spend all your time shit posting or yelling at a game but when you get retrospective things fall apart.
  823. >Must not spiral... maybe you'd call dusty?
  824. >You've got the whole place to yourself and if his owners would let him he was always great at comforting you.
  825. >Yeah you needed a good nuzzle... ideally from behind...
  826. >Your face flushes at the idea and you look down at your hoof phone to call his house number.
  827. >Mrs. Johnson was actually pretty cool.
  828. >She usually came to pick you up for your 'play dates' with dusty and sometimes if he wasn't finished with a task you'd chat with her or offer a little help around the house.
  829. >You hesitate to say she treated you with respect, she did come over to whore you out kinda, but she was still kind and understanding.
  830. >In the way one's understanding to a pet but you take what you can get.
  831. >"Hello?"
  832. "Oh hi Mrs. Johnson it's Twilight."
  833. >"Oh hey sweetie it's so good to hear from you! You aren't calling about Dusty are you?"
  834. "Well... Uh yeah I kinda just wanted to see if he was busy today..."
  835. >You felt like a foal asking if neighbor's mom if they were free to play.
  836. >"Ohhhhhhh is someone missing her boyfriend hmm?"
  837. "I... wha?... Boy... What? He's... He's not my boyfriend!"
  838. >"Oh you don't have to tell me that cutie and it has been a while. I tell you what I'll drop him off in about an hour how about that?"
  839. "Well... Yeah thanks that would be great..."
  840. >"Ok then you get all pretty for him! I'm sure he'll be happy to see you!"
  841. >You just sputter, whys she gotta make it awkward?
  842. >She hangs up before you can offer a retort leaving you staring at the phone with a bright blush across your muzzle.
  843. >She reminds you of a nosy aunt or something.
  844. >Well she was right that, you might as well get cleaned up.
  845. >You probably smelled like sweat and tears from last night and you wanted to be at least somewhat presentable.
  846. >You were of course ready by the time the doorbell rang an hour later.
  847. >Mrs. Johnson had Dusty on a leash at the door.
  848. >You live like 3 houses down why does he need the leash? Like really?
  849. >"Awww don't you look cute?"
  850. >This is how I always look...
  851. >"Now you two play nice! I'll be back to pick him up at 7 ok?"
  852. "Yes ma'am thank you."
  853. >She gives your mane a tousle and leaves with a slightly too cheery smile on her face.
  854. >"Sorry you know how she is."
  855. >He must have noticed your blush, you nuzzle up to him so he can't anymore.
  856. "Could be worse. You would not believe my last few days."
  857. >Guiding you to the living room you begin to regale him with your last few days of meeting creeps, finding your friend and getting your butt busted.
  858. >Dusty always was a good listener, that's what you like about him.
  859. >He asks questions and expresses sympathy where appropriate and never made you feel silly or ashamed about your issues.
  860. >Speaking of ashamed though when you'd told him about last night he'd walked around back and lifted the skirt of your sundress.
  861. >It wasn't his first time seeing the results of Anon's anger but it was still embarrassing.
  862. >"Shit Twi I'm so sorry it looks like he was really over the line this time."
  863. >Hanging your head in shame you quietly agree.
  864. "Yeah he was crazy and then today I got to thinking about it all and it got me depressed and then I just wanted a hug and I'm sorry I shouldn't dump all this on you..."
  865. >He probably came over here thinking he'd relieve some stress not get buried under your emotional baggage.
  866. >Dropping your skirt and walking back around to the same direction as you he gives you a firm nuzzle that makes you whimper and lean into it.
  867. >"It's fine we all need someone to lean on right?"
  868. "Yeah... Thanks... Thanks for being there..."
  869. >Giving you a quick peck on the cheek he laughs.
  870. >"Any time"
  871. >He guides you to sit down on the floor with him but you motion for the couch instead.
  872. "Anon is gone for a few days so what he doesn't know won't hurt him."
  873. >"Oh alright little Miss rebel if that's what you want."
  874. >The two of you end up nuzzling on the couch and watching TV for another hour or so before things progressed.
  875. >Being with a stallion while you have a sore rump Isn't ideal but as long as he didn't pound like a horny colt it could still be pleasant.
  876. >30 minutes later you let out a happy groan.
  877. >Your voice is muffled by the couch as dusty maintains his perch on top of you pushing you half way into the plushy cushion.
  878. "Now that I think about it I just got in trouble for making a mess on the couch the other day..."
  879. >Dusty let's out a hearty laugh that resonates through you as well.
  880. >"I'm sure it's nothing we can't get cleaned up. Or you know just flip the cushion."
  881. >Feeling his voice along your spine makes you a happy pony pancake and you just hum in agreement.
  882. >Pillow talk passes the time quickly until there's little left before Dusty is picked up.
  883. >Shaking him off you're sure to brush your mane and clean up before Mrs. Johnson shows up, no need to give her more ammo for teasing you.
  884. >She's of course soooo glad to hear you both enjoyed yourself, but on the bright side she gave you some leftovers from their dinner so that was nice.
  885. >Well it was nice til she said it was for your 'services' and gave you a wink and a giggle.
  886. >Why's she gotta make it weird?
  887. >Food's food though and oh wow this has a lot of meat in it... well whatever.
  888. >You throw it in the fridge for now and then wrap up the laundry.
  889. >Chores almost done already and Anon wasn't home til tomorrow afternoon.
  890. >All you'd have to do tomorrow is pick up some dinner and hope he's in a better mode when he gets home.
  891. >Gotta stay optimistic, today was a good day so tomorrow will be too.
  892. >Maybe you'll figure out someway to contact Rarity tomorrow without setting Anon off.
  893. >Maybe...
  895. >The good news is picking up dinner went off without being marginalized or picked on.
  896. >That's like a golden day in your book at this point.
  897. >The bad news is Anon's car is already home.
  898. >What the heck it's like 4 why is he home already?
  899. >He can't be mad at you for not having dinner on the table this early.
  900. >You're just gonna walk in there and act like everything's normal and you two didn't end on a horrible note last time you talked.
  901. >Just going to act normal yeah.
  902. >Not nervous at all no sir.
  903. >Wait shit you forgot to put the laptop back in his room where he'd put it after confiscating it.
  904. >Oh crap oh crap oh crap he's gonna know you took it without permission!
  905. >You just got in trouble and you acted up again and oh shit why do you do this to yourself???
  906. >No no you can't lost it! just gotta relax!
  907. >It's ok. It's ok. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.
  908. >You approach the front door and hesitate.
  909. >You don't want to get in trouble again you are so tired of being in trouble...
  910. >"Oh you don't say darling? Well that's quite understandable..."
  911. >Hold on is someone else in there?
  912. >Instead of opening the door you put an ear up to the door and listen.
  913. >"Well I'm sure you know how it is."
  914. >"Oh I most certainly do, I have a hard enough time keeping my own in line from time to time I assure you."
  915. >Sweet Luna that voice!
  916. >Throwing the door open your eyes quickly confirm your suspicions.
  917. >The white mare gasps and jumps in her seat.
  918. >"My goodness Twilight you scared me half to deaHHHH"
  919. >Her sentence is cut off by your slightly over enthusiastic flying tackle.
  920. "Oh my god Rarity! I thought I'd never see you again! I tried so hard to find you but no one I called said they knew you and I tried to send an email but I didn't think that would work and Anon said we couldn't go to New York and I missed you so much and I just didn't know what to do and..."
  921. >Your rambling is cut off by a delicate white hoof covering your mouth.
  922. >Pushing herself back up into a sitting position she gives you a warm smile before removing the hoof from your lips.
  923. >"Darling please I know you're glad to see me but one thing at a time."
  924. >Shes here, shes actually here and right in front of you.
  925. >There's so much to tell her, so much to talk about.
  926. >Has she seen the other? was it true she was free? has she been safe? how did she get here?
  927. >The more you look at her though the more the memories come flooding back, the more you realize how much you missed her and the happier and happier you are to see her.
  928. >Naturally you decide the best course of action is to throw yourself into her chest, wrap your forelegs around her and start crying.
  929. >"Aww there there darling. It's alright, everything is alright. I'm here."
  930. >The one hoof hug and mane petting you received only drove home the point that your friend was really really here.
  931. >"It's ok, It's ok. Shhh just relax dear..."
  932. >After a few more quiet minutes of comforting you pull yourself together and extract yourself from her grasp.
  933. >As much as you'd like to hold on to her forever you still had so many questions to ask!
  934. "I'm... I'm sorry I just never thought I'd see any of you ever again and then here you are."
  935. >"Oh no that's quite alright I know this must come as quite a shock to you. It was a surprise for myself as well if I have to be honest."
  936. >Rubbing the tears out of your eyes you notice Anon had disappeared from his chair.
  937. >Maybe he wanted to give you two a few minutes alone... That's kinda nice of him.
  938. >"Did I hear you mention New York though? It's for the best you didn't go there. Our head office may be there but I actually live in Atlanta."
  939. >Atlanta! That's only some 45 minutes away!
  940. "Oh my gosh you're so close! What happened though how did Anon find you?"
  941. >"Well I was just having lunch with my assistant and saw this human giving me the strangest look. I of course told him it was bad manners to stare but when he said I looked like someone his slave was looking for I was a bit intrigued. Then of course he was kind enough to give me your name and well here I am darling."
  942. >She gave you a confident wink and a smile that you returned.
  943. >So Anon was at least paying attention to you the other night even if things had gone south.
  944. >You suppose you'd have to thank him later despite being mad at you he'd still done you a favor even approaching Rarity.
  945. >"But enough about me for now tell me about Anon dear how does he treat you?"
  946. >Someone actually caring enough to ask about how you're being treated brings a warmth to your heart you hadn't realized you were missing.
  947. "He's well he's ok. He gives me a good bit of freedom but he can be pretty umm firm at times..."
  948. >"Hmm yes I understand that's for the best usually but I'm glad to hear he lets you out and about. I swear some owners barley let their little ponies do anything, I mean what's even the point then? how can they be productive?"
  949. >The warmth in your heart flickers.
  950. >That... was a little weird but you choose to not worry about it.
  951. "Uh well yeah he got me a tracking collar so I mostly just end up running errands and doing the housework."
  952. >"Oh delightful let me see hmm? Oh I see the 3500 model. Real time tracking but it's only so accurate, I suppose in a small town like this it gets the job done though right? I keep the 5k model on my fillies so I can make sure they aren't wandering too far off course."
  953. >wat.
  954. "Your... fillies?"
  955. >"Oh of course darling I'm sure you remember Coco Pommel from Manehattan? She was my first acquisition but far from the last. A quick laying down of the law so to say and she's been a perfect dear!"
  956. >Wtf is this?
  957. "I'm sorry by acquisition you mean like purchase right? As in ownership?"
  958. >"Well yes yes of course that is the way of things. I would think you'd know that by now Twilight. I suppose Anon is your first master then?"
  959. >She giggles and pokes you in the collar.
  960. >Rarity was never the element of kindness but she was always very socially graceful and considerate.
  961. >For that reason the casual reference to your slavery like it's no big deal sets of multiple alarm bells in your head.
  962. "I umm yes, after they got you girls I was on the run for a few years..."
  963. >"Ha glad you gave them a good chase darling but no one can run forever. Did you put up a good fight? I haven't seen your paperwork yet but I imagine with a run like that you've got a poor obedience score at the very least. Though I suppose your magical prowess would bump your value back up a bit..."
  964. >The hair on the back of your neck stands on end as Rarity continues her evaluation.
  965. >This isn't right... Something isn't right...
  966. >"You've been keeping fit though yes? And your ring is set low so he must trust you that's great! Would you mind?"
  967. >Gesturing to the floor in the middle of the room Rarity herds you up off the couch and onto your hooves.
  968. >"Perfect now say ah."
  969. >The pit in your stomach gets worse and worse as your instincts scream at you that something is very wrong right now!
  970. >She checks your teeth and mane for a few minutes then to your shock lights her horn and teleports the sundress right off you!
  971. >Circling around you like a shark she soon sees the reason you wore the dress and titters.
  972. >"Oh my I see someone has been naughty very recently!"
  973. "Rarity! Please what are you doing?"
  974. >"Oh it's quite alright dear no need to be modest. How can I make anon a fair offer without first inspecting the goods hmm?"
  975. >Offer... Goods?????
  976. "Rarity I..."
  977. >"Shh darling please I really must focus."
  978. >Wanting to say about a hundred things you suddenly find yourself too busy gasping as Rarity takes a magical hold of your tail!
  979. "Rarity!"
  980. >"Oh just a quick peak i promise. Oh my darling is this Anon's work too?"
  981. >Shoot me now wtf?!?
  982. >To your relief she releases your tail which you instantly clamp down between your legs as hard as you can!
  983. "I... what...? No no Anon has never..."
  984. >"Twilight you can tell me really, a little trauma might help me get a better deal you understand."
  985. >Holy fuck this isn't Rarity... Shes worried about her deal really...?
  986. "No no it really wasn't him. I umm I have a neighbor..."
  987. >"Oh my does Anon know? It doesn't really matter who's doing it darling abuse if abuse."
  988. >You find yourself backing away and trying to make yourself smaller as the mare you're talking to feels more and more alien by the second.
  989. "No it's a stallion. He's my... my friend..."
  990. >Yeah friend... right?
  991. >"Ah a coltfriend never mind then i shan't pry then."
  992. "Not my coltfriend..."
  993. >You mumbled it so it's no surprise Rarity doesn't react.
  994. >He really isn't though Dusty is just your friend...
  995. >Maybe your only friend at this point...
  996. >Some element of friendship you were now...
  997. >Friendships dwindled to a single colt you sell your flanks too...
  998. >"Well I can't use that bargaining chip then so let's see. Good health, magical prowess, average physical fitness and condition..."
  999. >Rarity continues mumbling to herself as she... appraises you...
  1000. >Appraises you like another unfeeling piece of stock for her to acquire...
  1001. >You'd never felt more inpony than this very moment...
  1002. >"I'm thinking we start negotiations at $750. I've got to start these things low you understand darling it's not an insult to your value I assure you."
  1003. >She gives you a quick nuzzle that you don't really return and trots off towards the kitchen to find Anon.
  1004. >You can only stand there in shock and try to shake yourself out of your stupor.
  1005. >Shes just looking to free you right?
  1006. >She hadn't really said so but she couldn't really be thinking of owning one of her friends could she?
  1007. >But if she owned several other ponies...
  1008. >Violently shaking your head you tell yourself you just have to believe in the Rarity you know.
  1009. >What better way for the element of generosity to shine than buying and freeing every other pony she could.
  1010. >But she even told you what tracking collar she used...
  1011. >You must have been standing there trying to make sense of the situation for a quite a while as Rarity and Anon return sooner than you expected.
  1012. >Rarity shakes her head at you as she walks back out of the kitchen followed by Anon.
  1013. >"Negotiations have broken down darling, it seems he quite likes you! Worry not I'll be back with an offer your gracious owner can't refuse but for the time being I really must be going. Thanks you for your time Anon I hope you don't mind if I stop by again soon?"
  1014. >"Nah anytime you want, a friend of Twilight's is a friend of mine."
  1015. >"Splendid! I'll be in touch au revoir!"
  1016. >The creature cleverly disguised as Rarity (what else could it be?) gave you a warm smile and closed the door behind her.
  1017. >Anon has to poke you to break bring you back to reality.
  1018. >"You ok Twi?"
  1019. "I... Sorry yeah I'm ok..."
  1020. >Anon doesn't look convinced when you finally meet his eyes, you must be terrible at keeping the emotion out of yours.
  1021. >"I thought you'd be happy."
  1022. "So did I... I... I'm sorry just... please excuse me."
  1023. >Teleportation to your room your take a few deep breaths to try and calm yourself down.
  1024. >You'll need all your focus for what you're about to do with as limited as your magic is.
  1025. >Finally feeling ready you light up your horn and reach into the dimensional pocket you'd made all those years ago.
  1026. >It's hard with so little magic but your desperation fuels the spell until a small object falls out of the aether and onto the floor in front of you.
  1027. >For a minute you dare not open your eyes and as soon as you do you're filled with regret for doing so.
  1028. >On the floor lies the element of generosity.
  1029. >Cracked right down the middle...
  1031. >>Continued in act 2:
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