(FR) Steel chairs can affect ponies too (A-)

Dec 22nd, 2012
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  1. >Day gotta pee
  2. >It's happening, and there's nothing you can do to stop it
  3. >The town's entire population of mares have all gone into estrus at once
  4. >They managed to catch you in town square completely unaware
  5. >That is... quite a lot of ponies
  6. >The looks on their faces nearly scare the pants off you
  7. >Had you not been in fear for your pony virginity, you -would- have lost your pants
  8. "Now girls", you say backing up, "I'm sure we can discuss this in a civil manner."
  9. >"Talk is cheap Anon," Pinkie shouts, "It's Pony time!'
  10. "No Pinkie, no!" You shout back to her
  11. >Just before they can strike, you notice a steel chair sitting on the ground
  12. >This can't possibly work, but it's your only chance
  13. >You grab the chair and hurl it into the air towards the group
  14. >They all gasp and watch as it flies over them and lands on the ground just behind the group
  15. >There's a moment of silence as they all just observe the chair curiously
  16. >"I'm mad!"
  17. >You don't know who said that, but they're all fighting each other now
  18. >A town brawl has just broken out due to a steel chair
  19. "Niggers," is all you can think to say
  20. >You don't waste any more time as you book it back home
  21. >Safe inside your domicile, you finally start breathing again
  22. >That's when you look to your right and straight into two eyes you wish were not there
  23. >"A-are really bad references your fetish Anon?"
  24. "No Fluttershy, they aren't," you blurt out as you back away from her
  25. >"That's too bad mister. It's pony time i-if that's okay with you."
  26. >Fucking Fluttershy
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