Walnut - "Mocha - The Clock Stop"

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >It was high noon as you & Mocha kept walking down the street before stopping infront of The Clock Stop.
  2. >Looking behind you on the street you nothing out of the ordinary as nopony was around.
  3. >Opening the door Mocha entered the shop with you behind them. Inside you were greeted by a variety of clocks from one's hung on the wall to Grandfather clocks all emitting the little tick sound that would drive any man or pony insane if they listened to it.
  4. >Looking at front desk there wasn't any worker around.
  5. >Sighing, Mocha made the suggestion for you to take a look around while he tried to think about a few things from last night.
  6. >Walking around the store passing grandfather clocks you were quite impressed by the mastership that was required to build. Then walking up to the front counter of the shop you spotted a door leading to the back.
  7. >Curious if anypony was in the back possibly taking a nap you started to walk behind the counter till you reached the front.
  8. >Then reaching your hands out to the open the door, the door swung open by it's self with a young grey stallion with green eyes with a bronze nametag walking out yawning.
  9. >Stopping to stare at you in front of him, you apologized to the Pegasus worker for being behind the counter. Taking a few steps back till you were behind the counter the young Pegasus told you it was alright as long as you didn't steal anything.
  10. >Then with the Pegasus laughing at his joke you started to as well till Mocha trotted up.
  11. >Looking at you Mocha rolled his eyes before looking at the Pegasus at the counter.
  12. >Staring at the Pegasus, & Mocha you could see an expression of shock come across both their faces with Mocha blushing red something you never seen him do before.
  13. >Transferring his expression of shock into a smile the Pegasus spoke in a calm voice to Mocha saying "8 years since I've gone to study, and your a detective.".
  14. >Confused on how Mocha knows the Pegasus you tried to intervene, but was told by Mocha who wouldn't look at you to wait outside.
  15. >Opening your mouth to say something you saw Mocha take a gulp, & sweat begin to pour down his face. Dropping what you were about to say you went outside the shop.
  16. >Minutes then passed before Mocha exited the store holding a piece of paper with a address on it.
  17. >Turning towards you Mocha handed you the piece of paper without looking you in the eye.
  18. >Reading the piece of paper it had written on it:
  22. X1 - Stop Watch - 10 EQ Bits
  24. Purchased by: Float Flout
  25. Address: 1064 Maple Line Dr.
  27. 1/13/XX".
  29. >Saying "We got the arrogant son of.a bitches address now all we got to do now is wait, & gather evidence.", Mocha simply shaking their head "no".
  30. >Going "huh?", Mocha said the pony on the piece of paper that bought the watch wasn't The Culprit, but their next victim.
  31. >Asking Mocha how do they know? Mocha simply replied "I just know." bef walking away. Knowing Mocha was hiding something you told him to wait, as Mocha could never keep a secret from you his best friend & partner.
  32. >Asking Mocha who was that Pegasus inside the store Mocha turned around, & looked you in the before saying "They were my former lover." before taking off walking again.
  33. >Gasping you were kinda shocked at Mocha to be a colt cuddler. Bitting the bottom of your lip however you knew if you were to ask Mocha why they didn't tell you this, it would damage your partnership & the case.
  34. >Deciding to leave the thing about Mocha being a colt cuddler alone for now you took off to catch up with Mocha.
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