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  1. PART 1.   CHOOSE A SONG WITH A SOCIAL ISSUE OR SOCIAL PROBLEM.   Although NOT required, it is strongly recommended that you have your song and issue/problem approved by the GTA or Dr. Guzzo  BEFORE  you begin your project.  
  3. PART 2.   WRITE THE PAPER.  Turn each of the following items into paragraphs or sections of your paper in the following order:
  5. a.  Definitions:  Define the terms “sociology”  and “sociological imagination.”  Explain the value of using sociological imagination to understand social life (100 word minimum).
  6. b.  Social and Personal Issues/Problems.  Explain the differences between social and personal issues/problems. Be sure to include terms and definitions of personal efficacy and locus of control  as used in sociology and this course (based on our powerpoint lecture “Issues & Problems” ---  NOT the internetversion or psychological meanings of those terms) (200 word minimum).
  7. c.  Song Information:  Include the artist/band name, song name, album name (if any), date of production, name of song writer.  Also include your reason for selecting this song.
  8. d.  Social Issue/Problem.  Name and describe ONLY ONE social issue or problem you found in the song.  Explain why you consider it to be a social rather personal issue or problem (150 word minimum).  
  9. e.  Reality.  Show how relevant, widespread or significant your selected social issue or problem is by  bringing in at least TWO facts/figures from the textbook or other sources.  The information must be numerical data, not anecdotal or news stories about individuals.  You may use information pertaining to the United States or worldwide.  Be sure to cite your source(s).  
  10. f.  Biographical Information.   Provide background information on the group/band/artist of your selected song.  DO NOT COPY/PASTE this information; be sure it is in the same font and style as the rest of the paper.  YOU MUST paraphrase the biographical information.  No direct quotations permitted in this section, but you still must do an in-text citation (200 word minimum).
  11. g.  Lyrics.  Provide the words of the song.  If you are using a non-English language song, include a translation along with the original lyrics.  Be sure it is in the same font and style as the rest of the paper.  To save space, you may run the lines into a paragraph format.
  12. h.  Theory.  State which ONE of the 4 sociological theories (functionalism, social conflict, feminist perspective, or SI) your chosen song seems to support.  Briefly explain why you think that theory applies to your song (100 word minimum).
  13. i.  Lessons Learned.  State what you personally learned by doing this project.  Also tell why you chose the song that you did and the specific social issue/problem that you wrote about (75 word minimum).
  16. MECHANICS:  In writing your paper, be sure to follow these instructions:
  17. 1.  Use MLA format.  That means proper punctuation, in-text citations, and works cited page referencing all sources of information contained in your project, whether directly or indirectly cited  (text, books, the internet, class notes, CD jacket, or other sources).   No outlines.  Be sure to use complete sentences and formal writing style (margins, page numbering, font size, line spacing, etc).
  18. 2.  Cover page.  Although MLA format does not require a cover page, you MUST include a cover page with the following items: a creative/informative title, your name, instructor name, course name and section number, and project due date.  Include a graphic of the album/CD cover on the cover page of this project.   This graphic may be in color or black-and-white.
  19. 3.  Format.  The written portion of this project is to be typewritten or word processed, double-spaced and single-sided using 8.5x11" paper (the lyrics may be single-spaced).   In the interest of being “green” and environmentally conscious, you may use both front and back sides of the paper (duplex printing).    Use elite or pica typewriter styles or computer font size 10 or 12. To be stapled in upper left corner.  No slip covers or binders.  Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are included in the grading of this project.  Number your pages (except for cover page).
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