Apr 15th, 2018
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  1. G O L D
  5. ♖ N°1 — ❝ Where are you? ❞
  7. ⌲ NICKNAME(S) :
  8. — HONG KONG... people in general tend to call
  9. her so, just because, though she really isn't
  10. fond of it... she won't say anything
  11. — JI JI... it's a cute nickname that followers
  12. her anywhere and everywhere and said by those
  13. who know her well enough, because she reacts
  14. quickly to it, it's stuck around
  15. — WON... her family plus those who know her, she
  16. can make easy money by doing someone's
  17. homework, fixing their broken phones or
  18. laptops.. she's an easy money maker to people,
  19. likes the name to a certain extent
  20. — MUTE... those around her call her by so because
  21. she doesn't speak if needed, or unless she
  22. genuinely wants to, it's not meant to bother or
  23. tease her but she takes it negatively at times
  24. — GEEKED + NERD... newcomers or people in general
  25. call her this, because they think she's all
  26. about work and being intelligent, but because
  27. she doesn't like the name, she'll hack into
  28. their social media accounts
  30. ⌲ DATE OF BIRTH : MARCH 27, 1998
  38. ⌲ WEIGHT : 110 lbs
  39. ⌲ HEIGHT : 5'7
  44. ♖ N°2 — ❝ My black and white dream took color. ❞
  45. ⌲ HOW DID YOU GET PULLED IN & WHY? : reason why
  46. jiwon was pulled in into such business is
  47. evident, her tech skills are amazing and over the
  48. top. the way that she was pulled in though... is
  49. something alright. she went to the same school as
  50. the doc's son, so they could always have their
  51. eyes on her and get some intel from the son and
  52. his friends. they had their mind on having such a
  53. girl who wouldn't look like the worlds best
  54. hacker.. she didn't look like a threat nor like
  55. she could be that most talented in technology.
  56. though, sooner or later, while jiwon was making
  57. her way home, she was abruptly pulled into
  58. someone's arms. "if you don't willingly agree to
  59. come and work for us, your grandparents will
  60. die", and with that, she obviously didn't have no
  61. other choice... she loved her grandparents and
  62. would do anything for them, even if it meant
  63. never seeing them again and having to work for
  64. some sickos.
  67. closest to LAID BACK because she isn't loud or
  68. annoying like the other girls, can get along with
  69. anyone but prefers to chill it with LAID BACK.
  72. — PEPPER SPRAY... because she isn't one for
  73. combat, and because the others have been
  74. nagging about how she should learn to fight for
  75. herself, she bought multiple bottles of pepper
  76. spray to keep her safe. isn't the go to for
  77. most, but for her it is
  78. — TASER GUN... though she really doesn't care
  79. about other people, she doesn't want to be the
  80. one to kill someone. she'll use the taser gun
  81. to give her some time to escape or to help
  82. someone out in eliminating another
  84. ⌲ WEAKNESSES :
  85. — NOT HAVING HER TECH DEVICES... it's her talent,
  86. without what she does best, she's nothing
  87. — BLOOD... she's a techie, meaning she's never
  88. ever seen real blood rather than her own (lol)
  89. or the blood in video games. she gets real
  90. shaken up when real blood appears
  91. — BEING TALKED TO... she can talk and have
  92. conversations, but it's harder for her because
  93. she's never had genuine friends or the type of
  94. people she has around now. she lived a very
  95. quiet life, so everything overwhelms her easily
  96. — BEING HUNGRY... she's a foodie, so when she's
  97. hungry she really can't put her mind into her
  98. work or what she's meant to do
  99. - DAIRY... jiwon loves to have her strawberry
  100. milk or coffee from time to time, though
  101. because she's lactose-in-tolerant, she can't
  102. really consume much of it. most of the time
  103. when she's in the mood for some yogurt, ice
  104. cream, or coffee, she has to drop the want
  105. because she has work to do.. and she doesn't
  106. want to have t use the restroom every five
  107. minutes just for a sudden want
  109. ⌲ STRENGTHS :
  110. — HAVING HER TECH DEVICES... it's her talent and
  111. specialty, when she has what she needs, she's
  112. overpowering and can do what she has to do
  113. — BEING ALONE... like everyone else, she an get
  114. lonely at times, but she's always lived a quiet
  115. life, so being alone and quiet doesn't really
  116. bother her, it actually helps her a lot
  117. — EATING... she's either working on her computer
  118. or she's eating, and this is the only way
  119. she'll be out in the open with other people
  120. willingly. she find incredible joy in eating
  121. and loves it
  122. — SCHOOL... she's great at school and actually
  123. enjoys being there and doing what students have
  124. to do. is in the top of students in school, is
  125. in third place and would try harder if it
  126. weren't for her likings in technology
  127. — COFFEE... jiwon's almost always drinking
  128. coffee, there's not a time where you won't see
  129. her with coffee, it either be from a cafe or
  130. canned coffee.. it's her strength and kinda
  131. gets her through the day
  134. heard of a grandpa with amazing tech skills?
  135. well, that's exactly the type of grandpa jiwon
  136. had when growing up. she grew up in her
  137. grandparents house and when her grandpa thought
  138. it was appropriate for jiwon to learn about
  139. technology and how to get through things the easy
  140. way, he started teaching her. at the age of
  141. seven, she already knew more about technology and
  142. such than your average seven year old. in her
  143. young teenage years, she already knew how to hack
  144. into various of systems, though she couldn't
  145. crack every code or get into every system... she
  146. made easy money by hacking into her middle
  147. schools system and changing grades of those her
  148. needed it. by now, she can get into any system
  149. and crack any code, she can fix computers and
  150. phones, knows the latest tech and much more, you
  151. name it and she knows it.
  154. TARGETS? : she's shocked, "how does that even
  155. work?" she questions because... how does it? far
  156. fetched is another one of her reactions, or her
  157. ideas, it's crazy to think that you could enter
  158. someone's dreams, especially for her. jiwon
  159. believes she has no reason to be entering into
  160. someone's dreams, she's all about tech, what
  161. could she possibly do inside someone's dreams
  162. that has to involve technology?
  164. ♖ N°3 — ❝ Can you save me? ❞
  167. ⌲ PERSONALITY : jiwon is someone who isn't really
  168. talkative, even when she's in a group with people
  169. she enjoy's being around with or has the similar
  170. likings with, and would rather sit and listen to
  171. people talking or watch the scenery around her.
  172. though, she can get a little worked up and start
  173. talking when she's asked about a topic she's
  174. really into, and once jiwon starts talking, it's
  175. kinda hard to stop her. because she's always
  176. quiet, when she speaks, she has so much she wants
  177. to say, and so she does, though another problem
  178. rather than just her quietness could be, is that
  179. she speaks really really fast. at times, since
  180. she's so heated about what she's talking about,
  181. people'll have to stop her to slow her down...
  182. only resulting in her quieting down again because
  183. she sees no point in making her point all over
  184. again. jiwon is someone with incredibly patience,
  185. she could go to various of levels of annoyance
  186. and she will still be patient and forgiving with
  187. everyone!! for example, while in school, she had
  188. been walking to the cafeteria to buy a quick
  189. meal, though someone had bumped into her and
  190. dropped their milk over her. the person was
  191. extremely apologetic, and scared because jiwon
  192. isn't social so people tend to think she's some
  193. hot tempered bitch, though all she did was give a
  194. forgiving smile, patted their shoulder, and gave
  195. a soft (and quick) "it's alright" before making
  196. her way to the girls restroom to wipe off her
  197. shirt. though, everyone has their limits, and
  198. when jiwon has her limits... its a mess, you
  199. could say. the girl would either scold whoever
  200. got on her last nerve or hack those who got on
  201. her wrong side badly out of their social media
  202. accounts, it all depends on how generous and
  203. talkative she's feeling. though jiwon isn't the
  204. biggest fan of talking to people, she's actually
  205. a sweetheart in disguised, and carries a lot of
  206. patience and forgiveness for everyone... she can
  207. be anti-social yet very talkative, holding a lot
  208. in her mind, and when someone gets on her bad
  209. side, it's not something you'd recommend someone
  210. else to do.
  212. ⌲ BACKGROUND : since a young age, jiwon's been
  213. living with her grandparents, she doesn't know
  214. much about her parents, emotionally speaking. the
  215. young girl knows of her parents, she's met them
  216. and everything, but doesn't have as much of a
  217. relationship with them like she does with her
  218. grandparents. jiwon grew up at a young age with
  219. her grandparents, rather than with her parents,
  220. because both of her parents worked full time jobs
  221. and would drop her off at her grandpa and
  222. grandma's house early in the morning... in the
  223. end jiwon resulted living with her grandparents
  224. to make the movement much more easier for her
  225. parents. to make the story much more clearer,
  226. jiwon's parents had her at a young age, and
  227. because of so, they married and decided to have a
  228. life together, though being an adult was harder
  229. than it looked like. they realized they had to
  230. pay bills, buy food, take care of themselves and
  231. jiwon... a lot in overall. jiwon's grandpa
  232. offered to take care of jiwon, at least till they
  233. got stable enough to take care of both themselves
  234. and jiwon. but in the end, jiwon chose to stick
  235. with her grandparents because she had gotten
  236. emotionally connected with them, and she felt lee
  237. comfortable with her parents. you could say that
  238. jiwon is the way she is because of who she lived
  239. with, and how she was brought up, many say she's
  240. quiet because she lived in such an easy going,
  241. calming, and old like environment elders live in.
  242. and though many are correct, jiwon lived calmly,
  243. she was independent at a young age, always quiet
  244. and kept to herself... she was very mature since
  245. a young age, and knew things that other kids her
  246. age didn't know, from old folk songs to books
  247. about philosophy and so on. though she was known
  248. for being the most mature even if she was a
  249. child, jiwon knew a lot about electronics, how to
  250. work a computer and smart phone... she even knew
  251. what went where in a laptop, though these were
  252. things that people didn't know about jiwon. she
  253. kept such things to herself, from young age to
  254. her adult years, because she didn't want people
  255. paying attention to her. of course, jiwon had
  256. friends and she would go out to hang with people
  257. every now and then, but she would rather play a
  258. game on her pc than be out and about with people.
  260. ⌲ FAMILY :
  266. ⌲ REPUTATION : jiwon is known as the girl who is
  267. extremely quiet, and many tend to favor her
  268. because she's so easy going and doesn't cause
  269. drama or make things difficult... though her
  270. quietness is what also scares a few people. she's
  271. easy on the eyes, so a lot of guys have crushes
  272. on her, though because she doesn't talk much,
  273. they all think jiwon's some type of quick
  274. mouthed, scary girl deep within. but everything
  275. is thrown away once she lets her likings perk up,
  276. electronics, she could go on and on about a
  277. certain phone and how well it works. that's
  278. another thing she's known for, the second most
  279. other than her being extremely quiet and to
  280. herself, knowing all about electronics and being
  281. able to get people out of a malfunction their
  282. laptop went into. the various of times she had
  283. helped a guy out to destroy a virus, only to be
  284. welcomed by porn on the screen... "ah, i-i'm
  285. sorry.. my younger brother must hav-" "it's okay,
  286. no need for explanations, people stress and have
  287. their ways to take it out... see you around,
  288. goodbye."
  290. ⌲ TRIVIA :
  291. — though she grew up listening to the much more
  292. older music, she really likes the recent indie
  293. like music
  294. — also into bands, like day6, n.flying, the rose
  295. etc. though no one knows about her music taste
  296. bc they never ask her
  297. — she can't drink a lot of dairy, but she really
  298. likes drinks like strawberry or melon milk,
  299. especially coffee
  300. — isn't really showy of it, but she really likes
  301. fashion and would have tabs of images of models
  302. with really pretty clothing on her phone or
  303. laptop
  304. — does most of her clothe shopping online, easier
  305. for her because she doesn't like going out and
  306. having to try clothes on
  307. — a big big fan of animals, enjoys visiting cafes
  308. that have an animal concept with the animals
  309. running around or hanging around
  310. — once you get to know her, or stick around long
  311. enough, you'll get to notice that she has a
  312. mother kinda of personality... her number one
  313. instinct is to take are of people rather than
  314. being taken care of
  315. — she really likes it when people ask for her
  316. help when it comes to technology, or when they
  317. ask her if she could fix their electronics for
  318. them
  319. — likes her food spicier than girls usually
  320. would, gaining her attention at how good she
  321. can take the spice
  322. — surprisingly a light weight, could have two
  323. cups of beer or two gulps of any alcohol and
  324. she'll get drunk really quickly
  325. — really cute and touchy when drunk, she'll let
  326. out her thoughts on whoever she's with / taking
  327. care of her, and she'll be way more social
  328. — really wants to be in a relationship, or know
  329. how it feels to date someone or have someone
  330. there for you romantically speaking
  331. — doesn't care who she falls in love with, people
  332. are people, love is love, she's really open
  333. minded about this topic
  334. — has had crushes but has never actually dated
  335. anyone because of how closed off she is, how
  336. people see her in various of ways, and because
  337. no ones ever actually tried asking her out...
  338. at least not that she knows of
  339. — though when someone (love interest) decides to
  340. actually take charge, she gets much more
  341. defensive, yet really submissive at the same
  342. time... doesn't understand what he's trying to
  343. do most of the time
  344. — owns a lot of plushies, from gudetama to
  345. kitties or dogs
  346. — a clean freak, doesn't like when things are
  347. dusty or scattered around
  349. ⌲ LIKES :
  350. — having a room all to herself
  351. — any type of coffee, prefers it sweet though
  352. — high waisted jeans
  353. — people asking her for help
  354. — being able to take care of someone without it
  355. being questioned or thought of as weird
  356. — people speaking about their problems to her
  357. — cleaning up a really messy space or room
  358. — visiting quiet places or places with really
  359. beautiful sceneries
  360. — her grandparents complimenting her, helping
  361. them out in whatever they need
  362. — watching the news at the end of the day
  364. ⌲ DISLIKES :
  365. — being in a tight space, especially when people
  366. are up against her or making contact with her
  367. — having to stick with tea because she consumed
  368. too much dairy into her system
  369. — when she's pointed out between various of other
  370. people that are around
  371. — people being scared to talk to her, or accept
  372. her help being offered because of their ideas
  373. on her personality
  374. — when people ask if she's gained feelings for
  375. them, because she's taking care of them or
  376. being more caring towards them than others
  377. — when she's ignored just because she's the
  378. quietest
  379. — when she herself was being messy without
  380. knowing
  381. — when people just HAVE to tag along to wherever
  382. she's going, she's glad they want to but...
  383. — being called old fashioned or being teased
  384. about having to be taken care ignored by her
  385. grandparents
  386. — when really tragic things like death or
  387. kidnappings happen
  389. ⌲ HOBBIES :
  390. — visiting libraries or cafes
  391. — reading articles online about what's happened
  392. to the the economy / news
  393. — watching model walk on runways on youtube
  394. — studying on her major
  398. ♖ N°4 — ❝ A bull’s eye right to your heart. ❞
  403. ⌲ HIS PERSONALITY : he's someone who could go on a
  404. date with a girl during the day, take her to a
  405. nice cafe and act all boyfriend like, but have a
  406. lust filled night with a completely other girl
  407. just a few hours later. he doesn't get in trouble
  408. for having so many flings because... well he
  409. makes it clear that he doesn't want a serious
  410. relationship, that he's just having fun, and for
  411. some reason girls seem to love him. it's evident
  412. why he can have a good relationship with guys
  413. though, because he's the fresh, easy going type
  414. that doesn't bust any stupid shit just for
  415. something small. gets along with almost
  416. everybody, and those who he doesn't get along
  417. with are either big enemies or people who think
  418. of him as disgusting for all the girls he's used.
  419. girls tend to wrap themselves around him because
  420. he has a really cute and innocent face, and could
  421. be the cutest and most heartwarming boyfriend
  422. type... but is a completely different person
  423. under the sheets or when things are getting
  424. heated. he would rather be out and about with a
  425. few girls, even make his targets fall for him,
  426. but if he needs to kick some ass, he's all for it
  427. as well.
  429. ⌲ HIS BACKGROUND : li was born in a foreign country
  430. (sweating ok so yanan is chinese so we can say
  431. china but wooseok's korean so,,, let's say
  432. they're foreign anyways ok? ok.), and because he
  433. had his family there, he wasn't exactly the way
  434. he ended up like in korea. of course he got
  435. everything he wanted, and got with any girl he
  436. wanted, but in the most subtle way possible.
  437. though he knew it was going to be different in a
  438. new country, he was still a foreigner, so when he
  439. came to korea, he wasn't sure what was alright to
  440. do or to say. he was usually by himself most of
  441. the time, throughout high school, but he was
  442. popular because of his visuals and how cute his
  443. personality was when people first talked to him.
  444. though, once he got more comfortable with his new
  445. environment and people around him, he became more
  446. open and popular because of the personality
  447. change. li became a playboy amongst the school,
  448. and was really good at getting what he wanted.
  449. for example, he wanted to at into a club in which
  450. only adults could enter? he'll persuade the guard
  451. that he's family with the owner of the club and
  452. even get a few drinks out of it. he got a lot of
  453. things due to how good he is at persuading, at
  454. having people wrap around his fingers easily, and
  455. using his innocent yet handsome face to lure
  456. people to give him what he wanted... and that's
  457. how he made his was into this business. he was
  458. told that he'd be even more successful if he
  459. entered the business, and so he did
  463. ⌲ WEAKNESSES :
  464. — CAN'T DO HIS JOB... it's a huge let down when
  465. someone isn't being persuaded easily, it's his
  466. job, so when he can't even do that, he's
  467. practically fucked
  468. — HARD HEADED GIRLS... all he wants to do is
  469. relieve som stress off of his shoulders, so
  470. it's extremely nerve wrecking when a girl he's
  471. got his eyes on are acting hard to get or
  472. reject him
  473. — ATTRACTIVE GIRLS... girls who happen to be
  474. attractive and eye catching has to be one of
  475. his biggest weaknesses, though he loves them
  476. and would rather spend the night with a
  477. beautiful women than work as a conman, it feels
  478. as if the girls are the one persuading him
  479. instead of the other way around
  480. — STRONG ALCOHOL... he could take his alcohol,
  481. could drink a ton of beers throughout the
  482. night, though strong alcohol isn't something
  483. he'd go for.. he would still drink it through
  484. the night continuously to seem cool
  486. ⌲ STRENGTHS :
  487. — DOING HIS JOB... when he does his job, and does
  488. it incredibly greatly, he can't help but gain
  489. confidence because it's what he's best at and
  490. should be able to do without a sweat
  491. — RELEASING HIS STRESS... he finds great strength
  492. in being stress free, being able to spend a
  493. night with a girl or two and relieve his stress
  494. in various of ways, looking for girls to help
  495. him out isn't stressful at all and the hours
  496. after that is for sure the least stress filled
  497. — SHOWING OFF... though he prefers to sit back
  498. and sweet talk a few people, he absolutely
  499. finds a kick in being able to show off the fact
  500. that he isn't just all talk, that he can beat a
  501. person or two if he wanted to
  502. — TAKING CARE OF OTHERS... even if he can't
  503. maintain a romantic or sexual relationship with
  504. just one person, he absolutely loves being able
  505. to take care of someone and being there for
  506. them, even if they're just a friend or a little
  507. more than that
  509. ⌲ FIRST IMPRESSIONS [HER POV] : jiwon had never met
  510. him, she just heard stories and rumors about him
  511. as she went along with her days. she'd hear the
  512. girls talking about how handsome and hot he is,
  513. she'd hear guys talk about how cool and easy
  514. going if a friend he can be... though she never
  515. had a talk with him, nor given him a good look.
  516. so when she was given the chance to look at him
  517. and see him, jiwon understood just why people
  518. thought and said such things about him, at least
  519. the girls. he had asked her and approached her
  520. any other way he would with other girls, asking
  521. and trying to persuade her to be his nightly
  522. date. jiwon didn't see him as disgusting, she
  523. just thought he was odd, she was confused and
  524. wary because she hadn't gone through such
  525. happenings ever because no ones ever tried.
  527. ⌲ FIRST IMPRESSIONS [HIM POV] : he didn't really
  528. know of jiwon, all he knew was that there was a
  529. girl who majored in computer science, and was
  530. extremely quiet to the point where people made up
  531. rumors about how her personality actually is.
  532. though, when he heard his friends mentioning how
  533. cute and attractive she was, he immediately asked
  534. for jiwon's class schedule.. if he had known
  535. before that she was a hottie, he would have made
  536. his move already. and, well, when he did make his
  537. move, he didn't know if he came off too strong or
  538. was rejected. he couldn't help but rifle his hair
  539. in annoyance, all he wanted was to have her for
  540. at least a night, but she seemed like the strong
  541. personality type... doesn't mean he won't go down
  542. without a fight. the moment he had laid eyes on
  543. her, he thought she was one of the most prettiest
  544. girls he's seen, and immediately started thinking
  545. of their night together... or what could have
  546. been their night together.
  548. ⌲ HOW HE FEELS FOR HER : at first, he had seen her
  549. as just a sex target, someone that he wanted to
  550. have to strings attached with, and though he
  551. still wants to get into bed with her... he sees
  552. jiwon as someone that he could gain romantic
  553. feelings for, rather than just someone he could
  554. bend over a table and call it a night a few
  555. rounds after. though, because he has no clue
  556. about relationships, or the first step to being
  557. romantic towards someone else, all he could think
  558. about was asking her how she likes her coffee.
  559. sweet or bitter, hot or cold, small or large...
  560. and he brought er a cup every morning, in hope
  561. that she would see this as a sign and gain some
  562. type of romantic feelings towards him as they
  563. spoke each day that passed.
  566. - jiwon and love interest were partnered up to do
  567. a job together, jiwon was the tech and he was
  568. the talk (and possibly the fist), though they
  569. didn't share the same hotel rooms despite their
  570. partnership. jiwon had been working on her
  571. computer, either hacking into the enemies
  572. software or gathering information, though she
  573. did needed to check with interest to speak
  574. about the job. so, while she was making her way
  575. into his hotel room, jiwon was too invested in
  576. her computer and what she wanted to speak about
  577. to him, to even notice the DON'T ENTER sign
  578. placed on the doorknob. jiwon entered
  579. innocently, already beginning to talk, though
  580. once she looked up she couldn't help but open
  581. her eyes wide at the scene played before her.
  582. her partner and an unfamiliar girl... having
  583. sex, or at least were, they were currently
  584. naked and one was above the other. jiwon
  585. hurriedly apologized, and was quick to make her
  586. way outside into the floors hallway, though the
  587. quiet girl was usually opened minded and
  588. alright with these type off things, that people
  589. shouldn't be ashamed of because it's human
  590. nature... jiwon couldn't help but ruffle her
  591. hair, slap her unusually flaming cheeks with
  592. her cold hands. PS. everything that happens
  593. after this is up to u nat ily (;
  594. - because neither have any knowledge on romance,
  595. or understand what it feels like to truly be in
  596. love with someone or be in a relationship with
  597. someone, they both were in interests car... on
  598. their way to a cafe shop after interest had
  599. cutely yet confusingly asked jiwon to go on a
  600. date with him. he wasn't sure if she saw this
  601. as a date, and jiwon wasn't sure if she should
  602. see this as a date... they were both a mess on
  603. the inside, but on the outside kept their cool
  604. and acted like normal towards each other. they
  605. had made it to the cafe without a problem, they
  606. ordered their drinks and even a pastry to share
  607. without a problem either... though the problem
  608. came once they had just gotten really
  609. comfortable, one of interests flings showed up
  610. acting all high and mighty. jiwon couldn't help
  611. but want to feel awkward, thinking that any
  612. girl on a date with a dude would react
  613. completely insanely, but she didn't see why
  614. she'd have to react crazily. jiwon knew how
  615. interest is, and she wasn't even sure if this
  616. was a date... so she kept eating their shared
  617. cake and even started conversing with the other
  618. girl, though interest couldn't help but feel
  619. like the feelings he has for jiwon weren't the
  620. same as her feelings towards him
  621. - jiwon had accepted to go out on a date with a
  622. guy she, and interest, knew through school, and
  623. this time she knew it was a date because the
  624. guy had made it very clear. because the other
  625. characters had asked her about it, jiwon
  626. mentioned that the guy had asked her on a date,
  627. and the news was quickly going around through
  628. them. interest couldn't help but believe what
  629. he heard, was the girl he thought had the same
  630. feelings for him going on a date with another
  631. dude? yes, she was, and he couldn't believe how
  632. oblivious jiwon was being when he consulted her
  633. about it. she didn't understand why he was
  634. angry about her going on a date with another
  635. guy, or why he wwas threatening to beat the guy
  636. up
  637. - jiwon realizes she has feelings for interest,
  638. but because she's never done anything about her
  639. feelings, she just goes on with her life and
  640. such... though she can't help but want to scold
  641. herself every time her heart beats for him when
  642. he does the littlest of things
  644. ♖ N°5 — ❝ Swept away, I’m stolen. ❞
  645. ⌲ TWIST :
  646. - JIWON'S TWIST... jiwon's parents were people
  647. who had a of ways to make people believe them
  648. and their words, they're people who would do
  649. anything possible in order to get what they
  650. wanted, and when jiwon's parents threatened her
  651. grandparents with bringing the authority in if
  652. they didn't allow them to have an actual
  653. relationship with their now grown daughter
  654. jiwon, she couldn't help but sulk. her parents
  655. could easily make the authorities believe them
  656. and throw her grandparents under the bus, and
  657. though she didn't want to have to deal with the
  658. difficulty of getting to know her parents, she
  659. thought about doing so just to give her
  660. grandparents the rest they deserve.
  661. - JIWON + INTEREST'S TWIST... interest just wants
  662. to start a relationship with jiwon, willing to
  663. drown his rules of never sticking to one person
  664. only, though the relationship couldn't take off
  665. because jiwon either didn't understand what he
  666. was trying to do or she was too busy working on
  667. her jobs or her technology. the fact that jiwon
  668. was incredibly oblivious made their
  669. relationship difficult to even start, would the
  670. love interest continue to pursue her or just
  671. forget about his feelings for her?
  672. - JIWON + INTEREST'S TWIST... at this point, both
  673. were in a relationship together, they knew they
  674. shared the same feelings for each other and
  675. were aware of it, though the problem was with
  676. interest rather than jiwon this time. jiwon
  677. understands that interest is the conman, that
  678. his job is to persuade people, and she knows
  679. his past about getting with any girl whenever
  680. he wanted... though she still wasn't completely
  681. fine with the fact that he had to persuade
  682. women and go to certain extents to get what he
  683. need. this was something that really really
  684. bothered jiwon, and because it bothered her so
  685. much, this weakened their relationship to the
  686. point where she even questioned him if he truly
  687. wanted to be with her.
  688. - JIWON + THE DRAMA QUEEN'S TWIST... the two are
  689. naturally chill and cool with each other, and
  690. they've never had a fight or argued heavily
  691. with one another, but a recent problem with
  692. DRAMA QUEENS interest has got the girl heated
  693. up and coming after jiwon. though jiwon and
  694. DINER BOY's relationship was purely innocent
  695. and was just friendship, DRAMA QUEEN knew how
  696. easily it was for him to fall for someone...
  697. and she got defensive because of how easily him
  698. and jiwon got along. (alright ik this bibi's
  699. character and lol dean her interest so if i'm
  700. off then woah woah lol)
  701. ↳ LOVE TRIANGLE? : none, but like make a
  702. s c e n e with THE DINER BOY and my interest
  703. just bc he's nice to jiwon lol
  705. ⌲ DOES YOUR CHARACTER WANT OUT? : not really, jiwon
  706. doesn't care if she's in the business or not, she
  707. doesn't do any of the hard or scary work so it's
  708. really just a breeze for her. though there are
  709. time when she does want out, to be normal again
  710. and be with her grandparents, there are other
  711. times when she sees this as her life now and
  712. can't help but be used to it. jiwon would be
  713. fine, either being in the business or not being
  714. in it, as long as she's the one all about tech
  715. and tech only... she's just fine.
  718. - jiwon decided that she would tag along with the
  719. team, in physical form that is, this time...
  720. and oh boy did she regret it. it wasn't her
  721. first time going out on a job with the team,
  722. though it was her first time being truly
  723. threatened and scared. she's the one that deals
  724. with all the technology, she'll usually be
  725. stuck inside with a computer, but this time she
  726. was on foot and following her teammates, it was
  727. usually better to have her their physically
  728. because jiwon could fix a broken gadget easily,
  729. she could possibly even help with the guns and
  730. guide the team with the map she made from
  731. hacking earlier before.... though, during this
  732. mission, jiwon had regretted even agreeing to
  733. going out with the team time. usually she's on
  734. the sidelines, she's not the one who'll shoot a
  735. guy easily like THE CRAZY BITCH, but she had
  736. been left alone during this job, everyone
  737. forgetting that the girl wasn't the most gifted
  738. with guns or weapons, but had left one with her
  739. anyways. jiwon couldn't reach the other
  740. teammates because her earpiece was broken, and
  741. while she was fixing it up, someone from the
  742. enemy side was running towards her, threatening
  743. to kill her with his knife... and all she could
  744. do was hold up the gun, shaking and almost in
  745. tears, thinking she had to shoot, to save
  746. herself, though she didn't want to take a life.
  747. though, right when the enemy was about to slash
  748. at jiwon, another teammate came and shot the
  749. enemy, blood gushing towards jiwon, and because
  750. she has a high fear of blood, she fainted then
  751. and there.
  752. - everyone in the team had been busy with jobs
  753. and so on, jiwon also had jobs to do but hers
  754. were easier to deal with because she would be
  755. more on the inside than the outside, so because
  756. her natural nature is being caring and mother
  757. like, she decided to order food for when
  758. everyone came, they could fill up for the day.
  759. though, the others were confused and wondered
  760. exactly why jiwon had food there for them, why
  761. she had everything cleaned up, and was actuall
  762. trying to converse with them... it was
  763. something new to everyone, though it was a nice
  764. difference.
  767. - KARD's YOU IN ME
  771. - 2XXX!'s LIFE ALBUM
  773. - HENRY's MONSTER (english, korean, or chinese)
  776. ⌲ NOTE FOR ME? : hey hey hey nat ((((; how r u man,,, it took me a long ass while to make this lmao my baaaad, i've been busy with school and stuff (: but yeah yeah!! if you want anything in this changed to get more into your taste, then tell me!! ik it's trash,,, and everywhere but!1!2! i hope u do rlly well in this apply fic lol ily <3
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