Molestia's 'personal' Guard 2 Wonderbolts (Clop)

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  1. >Its been two days since the thief incident, and Celestia hasn't tried anything like before.
  2. >In all honesty, besides the occasional wierd glance, or innapropriate flick of the tail, The past two days have been some of the most enjoyable you have had as a guard.
  3. >Every day is something new, and today, you are going out to observe a Wonderbolts airshow.
  4. "Are almost ready to go Princess?"
  5. >You are currently standing outside her bathroom door while she prepares for the show.
  6. >"Almost, I just need to *Grunt* get this accursed dress on."
  7. "Would you like a hand your majesty? I could get one of your assistants in to help."
  8. >"No, they are not very good for this kind of thing. If you want to help though, those hands would come in handy *Giggle*"
  9. "If you promise not to try anything, I will help"
  10. >"Fine"
  11. >Opening the door, you step inside, and come face to face with Celestia's plot, her face near the ground, magic trying to maneuver the dress over her wings.
  12. >Running your hand over your face, you step around to her side.
  13. "You know, you could have turned around before I entered. Now here, let go of it, and I will get it on."
  14. >Releasing the dress from her magic, you slide your hands in between the dress and her, pulling at certain points, till the dress slides over her wings, and they go through their respective holes.
  15. "There we go, anything else you need done before we leave?"
  16. >She turns to look at you, that now all to familiar look in her eyes.
  17. >"Maybe, do you think I could finish before we would be late?"
  18. >You give her your best deadpan look.
  19. >"I'll take that as a no."
  20. >Nodding, you step aside so Celestia can leave the room.
  21. >You and Celestia make your way to the royal carriages, Where her specific carriage awaits.
  22. >Unlike the Chariots she usualy rides in, the carriage is completely enclosed, partly to protect her clothes from the wind, and partly because you felt it would be safer, considering the number of extra ponys in Canterlot for the show.
  23. >Opening the carriage door, you motion her inside, and she obliges, albeit with another revealing flick of her tail.
  24. >After closing the door, you climb up to the "drivers" seat, and indicate to the ponys who are pulling it that you are ready to go.
  25. >The carriage takes off, rumbling down the cobblestone path out of the castle.
  26. >Your eyes scan the roadside, always watching for any signs of trouble, when you hear a soft moan come from inside the Carriage.
  27. "Princess, is everything alright in there?"
  28. >"Yes *Gasp* But it would be better if you were in here too."
  29. "Not likely, but whatever you are doing, either finish it now, or stop, as we will be ariving in a matter of moments.
  30. >Some Grumbling comes from the carriage, but you hear Celestia stop whatever it was she was doing, as you pull up at the stadium.
  31. >Climbing down, you open the door for Celestia, as a stallion in a suit approaches.
  32. >"Ah, Celestia it is good to see you, Your room is ready, so if you will kindly follow me."
  33. >"If course, But I have a simple request. Do you think you could ask the Wonderbolts to visit me before the show? I want to introduce them to my personal guard, and help alleviate some of their tension if at all possible."
  34. >"Of course, Im sure they would love to visit you before the show."
  35. >Ariving at the door, you open it, letting Celestia enter.
  36. >"I will send for the Wonderbolts now. Please enjoy your stay in our penthouse room."
  37. >God, you don't like the sound of that.
  38. >Stepping inside, the room is huge, couch's tables and cusions galore.
  39. >Everything is extravagant, velvet hangings on many of the walls.
  40. >Closing the door, Celestia is right there, her eyes bearing that familiar twinkle.
  41. "You realise that the wonderbolts will likely be here in moment's and you don't have time to try anything."
  42. >She groans, before stepping back.
  43. >"You're no fun."
  44. >She moves back, and sits on a couch, before the door resounds with the sound of knocking.
  45. >Opening it, Spitfire, Soarin and Surprise stand there, all in their wonderbolt uniforms.
  46. >C:"Come in, It is good to see you all well, I was hoping to give you a few words of encouragement before the show, try and relieve tension, you know."
  47. >The tree of them step inside, before setting themselves on cusions, and you close the door, before taking your customary position at Celestia's side.
  48. >C:"Oh come now Anon, The Wonderbolts wont do anything. Relax, Nothing is going to happen here."
  49. "If you say so, Princess."
  50. >Stepping away a bit, you unlock your chestplate, and lower it to the ground.
  51. >Stretching yours shoulders back, you are rewarded with a pair of slight pops, and A trio of *Poompfh*'s.
  52. >Looking down, you can see Spitfire's, Surprises, and obviously Celesia's wings have gone stiff and are shooing straight out.
  53. >You learned about this back when you stayed in Ponyville, It was called a Wingboner.
  54. >Soarin looks at the girls, before giving you a jealous look.
  55. >C:"Ah yes, Girls, Soarin, this is my 'Personal' guard, Anonymous, or Anon for short. He is one of the best fighters in the kingdom, and a one-of-a-kind being in this world."
  56. >S:"Too bad, I wouldn't mind having one of my own..."
  57. >Spitfire looks over you, her tongue running over her lips.
  58. >Surprise leans over, and whispers something to Spitfire, who whispers something back.
  59. >SF:"Celestia, could we speak with you in private for a moment?"
  60. >She nods, and they move off to an attached room.
  61. "This cant be good"
  62. >SO:"I know how you feel man, the way they were eyeing you... I would be worried if I were you."
  63. >The girls walk in, and you and Soaring brace for the worst.
  64. >"The girls and I decided we are going to take you two out to dinner tonight, after the show."
  65. >Soarin and you exchange confused glances, and the girls giggle collectively.
  66. "I see. The time for the show draws near, so you three should finish preparations, and we will see you after."
  67. >The Wonderbolts nod, before making their way out, but both Spitfire and Surprise make the same sort of tail flick Celestia does whenever you walk behind her, giving you full view of their plots, before the tails move back to cover, and they walk around the corner.
  68. >Sighing, you grab your chestplate from where you had set it down, and go to put it on, but you are stopped by magic.
  69. >"Hey now, I told you to relax, and thats what you are going to do. Now grab a seat, and we can enjoy the show."
  70. >Groaning, you drop the plate, and take a seat on the balcony, and Celestia seats herself RIGHT beside you.
  71. >Her tail wraps around behind you, sliding over your pants, pushing against you member.
  72. >Thanks to two days of this, you are now practically immune to her attempts, though it was still annoying.
  73. >Soon, the stands start filling, and Celestia looks over at you bored.
  74. >"Come on Anon, We still have some time for some fun before the show starts."
  75. "Im sorry Princess, but I am supposed to relax, and therefore I am unable to stiffen up so you can have fun."
  76. >"Party pooper."
  77. >A smile crosses your face, and Celestia pouts at you.
  78. >Trumpets ring out in the stadium, and Celestia stands, trotting over to the edge, she adresses the crowd.
  79. >"Dear subjects I am pleased to see all of you here, and I hope you all enjoy the show. I plan to, and I am sure the Wonderbolts will put on a show like no other."
  80. >Loud cheering can be heard from the fans, and the Announcer anounces the start of the show.
  81. >Three streaks shoot out, leaving trails of smoke behind them.
  82. (too lazy to write the show, so a time skip happens here, and it is now after the show.)
  83. >Celestia and you are finishing the tidying of the room before you leave, when a knock at your door draws you to it.
  84. >Opening it reaveals the Wonderbolts, all out of uniform and ready to go out.
  85. >C:"Are you three ready to go? We were just about to leave."
  86. >SF:"You know it, so where are we headed?"
  87. >C:"I figure we would just head back to the castle, we have the best drinks there, and not to mention, the best rooms."
  88. >Celestia winks, and the girls giggle, causing you and Soarin to shudder.
  89. >C:"Shall we?"
  90. >Celestia leads, and the Wonderbolts follow her, you at her side.
  91. >Reaching the carriage, the Princess steps in after you open the door, and the Wonderbolts follow.
  92. >Taking your seat, the carriage pullers start pulling, taking you to the castle.
  93. >As you arrive, you hear quiet whispers from the carriage, and you step down, before opening the door.
  94. "We have arrived, If you would please exit the carriage, we can proceed to the castle."
  95. >C:"Obviously, now let us proceed to one of my royal rooms, where we may be more comfortable.
  96. >SP:"Lead the way Princess"
  97. >The girls lead the way, and you fall in step with Soarin.
  98. >SO:"I have a realy bad feeling about this."
  99. "So do I, my friend. So do I"
  100. >Celestia leads you to the throne room, and calls for a servant.
  101. >The servant comes, takes Celestia's order, and leaves.
  102. >SF:"So, are you guys ready for some fun?"
  103. >SO:"As ready as we can be."
  104. >C:"Oh come one, its not like we are going to hurt you or anything."
  105. "Thats not exactly what we are worried about."
  106. >SF:"Oh, then what are you worried about?"
  107. >SO:"What you guys discussed in that room back at the stadium."
  108. >The servant returns, a cart in tow, which they leave, and go back to their regular duties.
  109. >C:"Anon, if you would be so kind as to bring the cart?"
  110. "Yes Princess, lead the way."
  111. >The group of you head down a side hallway, and end up back at the saferoom where the thief was caught.
  112. >Pushing open the door, you bring the cart inside, and the rest follow.
  113. >The rooms lights instantly ignite, and you see the normal furniture has been switched for something more bedroomy, AKA a huge heart shaped bed.
  114. >C:"Anon, Remove your armor, we are here to relax and have fun."
  115. >This again... Damn it, she is my boss.
  116. >Taking and detaching the chestplate, you follow up with the shoulder pads, thigh and shin guards, and plated gloves.
  117. >Neatly stacking it in a pile, you stretch, joints popping to release tension, and a series of *POMPFH*'s follow.
  118. >Damn girls, keep it in your pants.
  119. >You inwardly chuckle at your joke.
  120. >Celestia magics the cover off the cart, revealing a pile of steaming fresh foods including...
  121. >Holy shit, is that a steak!!
  122. "Celestia, is that what I think it is?"
  123. >C:"Yes. There are definite perks to being my personal guard, and this is one of them, specifically for you."
  124. >SF:"Is that meat!?"
  125. "Yes, I am an Omnivore, so I require high amounts of protein compared to ponys, and the easiest way is to eat meat. Though I dont get it very often."
  126. >Soarin looks disturbed, but Spitfire and Surprise look intrigued.
  127. "If you are uncomfortable with it, I can eat this outside the room."
  128. >SP:"Actually I kind of want to try some of it, if you are fine with sharing. Its someting different, and Mom always said, Trying new things is a good way to find new things to love."
  129. >SF:"I guess I could try some as well, you down Soarin?"
  130. >SO:"Heck why not."
  131. >Drawing your balde, you deftly cut several small pieces of meat, and offer them to the ponies.
  132. >Each one caustiosly take their piece, and chews.
  133. >Meanwhile, you grab the rest of the meat, and begin eating it, pulling chunks off with your teeth.
  134. >Dear Celestia is has been to long.
  135. >Even as unprofessionally prepared as it is, it is till pretty much an orgy in your mouth after not having had red meat for more than four months.
  136. >Sure, you have had the occasional fish Fluttershy caught you but this. This is Heaven.
  137. >Finishing your steak, you look up and see that Celestia and Soarin are gone.
  138. "Where'd Celestia and Soarin go?"
  139. >SF:"Soarin felt sick, so Celestia took him to the washroom."
  140. >SP:"She also left this note."
  141. >Taking the note, it reads.
  142. *Anon, I am leaving you in the service of these girls while I take "Care" of Soarin. As such, you must do whatever they say. Have fun ;) Celestia*
  143. >This is bad...
  144. >SF:"Now then, I beliecve that note says you have to do whatever we say right?"
  145. >You nod, Gulping.
  146. >The next two hours go by in a blur of sex, drugs, but unfortunately no rock and roll.
  147. >SF:"That was great, we should do this again"
  148. >Surprise nods, and you grin.
  149. >This was a hell of a lot more fun then you expected.
  150. "Hey, you two, mind if I get a couple pictures? I got a friend who would flip over some pics of us doing it."
  151. >SP:"Sure, If you think you can go another round."
  152. >In responce, you manhood stands to attention, drawing smiles from the two.
  153. >Spitfire sets hersolf on your member, and Surprise takes a camera from the cart, and starts snapping pictures.
  154. >Sitting up, you flip Spits onto her back, and continue sliding in and out of her, moans and gasps escaping her lips.
  155. >Surprise pushes a few buttons on the camera, and sets it so it overlooks you and Spits.
  156. >She pushes you back, elicting a deep moan from Spits as you member lifts her into a vertical position.
  157. >Click
  158. >Surprise sets herself over your face, and you extend your tongue and begin delving deep into her.
  159. >Click
  160. >Surprise and Spitfire begin making out over you, their moans intertwining like their tongues.
  161. >Click
  162. >Spitifre tenses up, and you feel her near her climax.
  163. >One final strong thrust sends her over the edge, and she cries your name into Surprises mouth.
  164. >This Brings you to your peak, and Surprise as well.
  165. >Click
  166. >You and Surprise climax at the same time, your juices filling Spitfire, and Surprises juices filling your mouth.
  167. >Click.
  168. >Surprises juices taste like cherrys this time.
  169. >For some strange reason, her flavour changes each time, like last time it was cinnamon.
  170. >SF:"Dear Celestia, you are the best. Nopony could ever hope to match you. If only you were a pony..."
  171. >Click
  172. "Hey, no worries, I'm always available for you two, just come and visit."
  173. >Surprise rolls off you, and grabs the camera.
  174. >Behind it lies a pile of pictures, and you stand, Spitfire still resting on your erect member.
  175. >SF:"I dont think I ever want to move, you feel too good inside me"
  176. >grabbing Spitfire around the waist, you pull her up and off, your manhood exiting her with a wet Pop.
  177. >Putting her down, you pick up the pile of pictures, sifting through them.
  178. >Taking an assortment of your favorites, you chose a special one to send to Rainbow Dash.
  179. >Rainbows picture is one of the two making our on you, while you pleasure them both.
  180. >Grabbing a pen from the cart, you pass it to Surprise
  181. "Do you think you two could sign this? My friend is gonna flip when she see's it."
  182. >SF:"Sure, after that, I would do whatever you want."
  183. >SP:"Same here. But you gotta promise not to show those pictures to anypony."
  184. "Of course, You have my word as a royal gaurd, and as a man."
  185. >SF:"And what a man you are."
  186. >Spifire gives you a big wink, and bushes up against you leg.
  187. >There is a knock on the door, and you quickly stash the pictures.
  188. "Come in"
  189. >Celestia, and a blank faced Soarin enter.
  190. >C:"So, did you kiddies have fun in here?"
  191. >SP:"Lets just say, the bed is going to need a weeks worth of cleaning to get the smell out."
  192. >C:"Now if only he was that fun with me."
  193. >SF:"Yeah, you are seriously missing out. He is a god in bed."
  194. "Hey, Soarin, you there buddy?"
  195. >S:"..........."
  196. >C:"Oh, don't worry about him, he will be fine soon."
  197. >SO:"..........."
  198. "Celestia, you best not have broken him."
  199. >C:"He will be fine, he is under a hypnosis spell, so he wont remember anything. At least not anything I dont want him to."
  200. >SF:"Well, we best get going, It was fun, and I will be sure to take you up on that offer Anon."
  201. >The Wonderbolts leave, both Spitfire and Surprise with a merry wave of their tails, revealing their pleased marehoods.
  202. >Celestia see's this, and her eyes close partway.
  203. >This cant be good.
  204. >Day four as Celestia's 'Personal' Guard, Unfortunately not over...
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