Festus Explosive Durability

Nov 9th, 2019
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  1. Festus became an indistinct ball of fire in the sky – a second sun – growing smaller and hotter. Then, in the corner of Jason’s eye, a blazing comet streaked upward from the ground with a high pitched, almost human scream. Just before Jason blacked out, the comet intercepted the ball of fire above them.
  2. The explosion turned the entire sky gold.
  3. ...
  4. But his heart sank as the comet kept gaining altitude. It disappeared into the storm clouds, and the sky exploded in a dome of fire.
  5. First things first: Leo scanned the dragon for signs of damage. Festus’s wings were working properly, though his left medius membrane was shot full of holes. His neck plating was partially fused, melted from the explosion, but the dragon didn’t seem to be in danger of crashing immediately.
  6. ...
  7. Once he landed, he’d have to check Festus’s underbelly. The most serious damage would probably be in that area, where the dragon had courageously grappled with Gaia while they blow torched the sludge out of her. There was no telling how long Festus had been aloft. He’d need to set down soon.
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