Kisekae FAQ

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  1. Kisekae FAQ
  2. The site:
  4. ----This gets asked in every thread----
  6. How do I uncensor their pussies?
  7. -The wrench tab has a checkerboard switch. Change it to 8.
  9. How do I hide girls?
  10. -Under the very first tab (it's blue with 3 people) click the eyball to hide the currently selected girl. If you click the ALL button all girls will be selected and can be hidden at once. Then use Select mode to unhide one.
  12. How do I change facial expressions?
  13. -Go to the heart tab and set it to manual.
  15. But K-ON proportions.
  16. -Go to the pink person arrow tab, click the chain link icon to allow height and leg length to be changed separately, and make the legs longer. The pink sun tab has head shrinking sliders.
  18. How do I clean up her dirty juices?
  19. -Sorry, but she's ruined for marriage. You have to take responsibility and deal with the big mess of pussy juice you made out of her. All your screenshots will show the whole world what you've done. Be careful not to accidentally hold down the spacebar and click on things like cum or hair.
  21. How do I get a girl to put her hands under clothing, make them hug, or make her turn around?
  22. -Photoshop. The posts you've seen doing that were edited from screenshots. Arrow buttons can change the layering of limbs, but only in very limited ways.
  25. -----Controls-----
  27. How do I take pictures?
  28. -In addition to simply using print screen, the wrench tab has a screenshot tool. From left to right:
  29. --The PNG button takes PNG screenshots, and if the checkerboard button is highlighted the background will be transparent, allowing you to paste your girl onto things in photoshop.
  30. --The slider sets JPEG quality, and the JPG button takes a JPEG screenshot.
  31. --The frame icon lets you select a certain area of the screen to crop.
  32. --Camera+ changes the resolution. 1/5 is tiny and 5/5 is huge.
  33. --You can hide the toolbar using the wrench+down arrow checkbox.
  35. Keyboard shortcuts?
  36. a s z x jiggles her boobs.
  37. d makes herpussy wet.
  38. f to kiss her.
  39. m puts numbers on the sliders to show their values.
  40. w zooms in, q zooms out, e zooms out all the way.
  41. o moves her body up, p makes it move down (disabled due to a bug, no fun allowed.)
  43. How do I save?
  44. -Pink pencil tab on the far right. Saves are stored in your flash cache, so to make sure your saves aren't lost, export the codes and put them in a text file. Take reference screenshots of your favorite characters so you can fix them if the code format changes due to game updates.
  45. -The export button is in the blue 3 people tab. The buttons at the bottom of the export window let you choose which tabs to export. For example, select only the clothing tabs and you can move clothes from one character to another without changing her body.
  47. Custom backgrounds? Custom clothes?
  48. -Use the prop tool (page with an arrow in the second tab set) to import images.
  51. -----Science-----
  53. How tall are they?
  54. -Height in cm = slider + 100 (assuming other sliders like torso and legs are set to default). The starter K-ONs don't have the right canon heights, so ignore those impostors.
  55. -If you want to change other sliders that affect height, make a reference girl with the right height. After giving your girl the right proportions, make her the same height as the reference.
  57. The sliders don't have enough range.
  58. -Export your code, find the number for that slider, and edit it. Then import the code. You can give your kisekaes extreme proportions, put hair accessories on other parts of the body, or turn hair accessories into other toys like beach balls.
  60. How do you see her hair behind her body?
  61. -Edit her code to make the shoulders and hips very small, such as -350 and -450:
  62. !1.aa100.!1.ba50_bb5.1_bc325.!1.ca61.0.45.50.-450.-350.-450.0.0_cb0_!1.da2.0.0.100_dc0.0.0_dd0.!1_!1.ea3.27_ec3.50_eh1.27_!1.fa2.!1.pa0.0.0.0_!1.ga1_gb1_gc12.0_gd10000000_ge0000000000_!1.ha89.89_hb49.1.44.99_hc0.!1_!1_!1_!1.ka10.43.43.0_kb10.43.43.0_!1.la10.!1_!1_!1
  64. -This code pops the head off, but it's very buggy: (settings will revert to default so you'll have to put her features in manually without importing, and this code can make flash crash. Don't use it without backing up your saves and codes)
  65. !1.aa92.!1.ba50_bb5.1_bc762.!1.ca70.0.-250.-160.34.-!1.da009AFF.0.0.100_dc0.0.0_dd0.!1_!1.ea8.42_ec2.40_ed8.50.1_!1.fa7.!1.pa0.!1.ga1_gb1_gc32.0_gd10100000_ge0000000000_!1.ha89.89_hb49.1.44.99_hc0.!1_!1_!1_!1_!1.lb0.!1_!1_!1
  67. -----Old and Offline Versions----
  68. You may want to play without an internet connection, or use an old version because updates to the new one can break codes.
  70. Online: is the new version, and has an old version.
  72. Offline (the filenames contain the dates when they were copied from the online site):
  74. Before the leg length update:
  78. The old FAQ:
  81. FAQ updated 4/13/14
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