Dream 23 Aug 2013

Aug 23rd, 2013
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  1. Aug 23 09:31:36 <Globebutt> I just had a typically surreal and very interesting dream.
  2. Aug 23 09:31:54 <Fabulous_Purple> Care to tell?
  3. Aug 23 09:31:55 <Mr_Jared[P]> do tell globebutt
  4. Aug 23 09:32:12 <Globebutt> I wrote a fucking page about it in my journal. It's not very logical.
  5. Aug 23 09:32:34 <Fabulous_Purple> It's a dream, I don't think they tend to be from our perspectives :P
  6. Aug 23 09:32:40 <Globebutt> But it was.
  7. Aug 23 09:33:39 <Globebutt> I think I was travelling in time, right? So I just wound up at this mansion. Went inside. There were these people turning into ghosts. ...Actually, at this point, I was watching from third person. Watched this girl go up the grand staircase and to the right into what seemed to be a bedroom.
  8. Aug 23 09:34:02 <Globebutt> Big queen sized bed. And it looked etheral. But it was solid when she layed on it. Also, a second nightstand appeared.
  9. Aug 23 09:35:05 <Globebutt> So then the phone started ringing. There was this creepy anime girl face on the phone's display--it was like one of the phones they'd use at my high school. Creepy voice talks to her. Forget exactly what happens then, but somehow I come into play; I'm some white guy.
  10. Aug 23 09:36:06 <Globebutt> Or was I her at that point? Anyway, we go about the house, and fight this old ghost woman or something... damn, I'm forgetting, now. But I wound up outside at some point in like. Wales/Belgium/the Netherlands and there was no moon, and the Daleks were invading.
  11. Aug 23 09:36:42 * Eve_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  12. Aug 23 09:36:49 <Globebutt> So we went to this bunker in this place with all these Korean and Japanese flag banners all around. And I tried to pay with my credit card, but the man just took my library card and said it should have a chip in it. And then didn't know what a credit card was.
  13. Aug 23 09:37:00 <Globebutt> And then I asked what year it was, and he said 1823.
  14. Aug 23 09:37:46 <Fabulous_Purple> Today, Globebutt dreamed he was the Doctor.
  15. Aug 23 09:37:46 <Globebutt> So I snuck into the vault the family I was with was using anyway. And then we all started turning into things, and so did people in other vaults? And I turned into a crab, but it's okay, because I got better?
  16. Aug 23 09:38:13 <Globebutt> Oh, also, someone said something about "Oh, it's okay; we can visit Pyongyang later".
  17. Aug 23 09:38:48 <Synergy> Globe pick up the phone
  18. Aug 23 09:38:49 <Synergy> D:
  19. Aug 23 09:39:00 <Globebutt> Eventually I got into a boss fight with the screaming ghost lady and hugged and hit her a few times to show her true emotion and then the mansion was decorated with big fancy jewel sculptures and...
  20. Aug 23 09:40:13 <Globebutt> And then we had to do some mario-like minigame--like, it was Mario Bros print carpet and I just had to walk/crawl down the path and push a ball or something?--and at the end, I was supposed to win a Mana Creeper plush.
  21. Aug 23 09:40:17 <Globebutt> But my inventory was full.
  22. Aug 23 09:40:35 <Globebutt> The person before me won a creepy Hawaiian girl doll. Looked vaguely like a distorted Lilo.
  23. Aug 23 09:41:07 <Globebutt> Anyway, then... I forget. Went to the kitchen, there was pasta cooking; a fat woman who'd been around the whole time fell out the window and dissolved.
  24. Aug 23 09:41:11 <Globebutt> And the day was saved.
  25. Aug 23 09:41:22 <Mr_Jared[P]> ...
  26. Aug 23 09:41:31 <Mr_Jared[P]> cool dream bro
  27. Aug 23 09:41:32 <Fabulous_Purple> lol
  28. Aug 23 09:41:41 <Globebutt> Realized at some point I was dreaming but elected to keep going along for the ride. And then when I woke up I wrote it all down in my journal and elaborated here.
  29. Aug 23 09:42:29 <Fabulous_Purple> Excellent dream. Makes me wish I could have some like it.
  30. Aug 23 09:42:40 <Cinco_Mobile> Well Globe, using my degree in makeshitupology, I'd have to say that you are suffering from an extreme case of Give Cinco Money. The cure is to give me money.
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