War Attempt (Read at your own risk)

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  1. >It's been three days since that horrible night spent in Twilight's basement.
  2. >During those three days you've made sure to explain to Spike what's happened and what she's done.
  3. >At first the little dragon refused to believe you, that is until he saw Twilight's Silhouette upon the moon.
  4. >It's hard for the poor dragon...knowing what's happened he's sort of gone in to a trance.
  5. >He mindlessly goes about his tasks in a haze, you try to help him out, but with your lack of an arm you aren't exactly the best person to go to for help.
  6. >Being without a limb has had its difficulties.
  7. >You're still getting used to dressing yourself with one arm, at least your friend Rainbow is willing to help you with that.
  8. >You have to ask her why her wings keep doing that...pomf thing every time she sees you naked.
  9. >Rarity made it back during day two of your week of peace. She came back in a huff, Twilight had lied to her about needing to go to Canterlot.
  10. >She'd told Rarity that Hoity Toity needed her assistance for dress ideas...apparently he'd been enthralled by Rarity's designs.
  11. >Of course Twilight would play on her friend's desire to make it in the world.
  12. >After explaining to her what had happened she was just as unwilling to accept the truth as Spike was.
  13. >When you were able to convince her she shed a few tears for both Twilight's sake and yours.
  14. >Rarity seems to be the only one who offered Twilight any sort of pity. You couldn't seem to find any for her.
  15. >When Rarity had calmed down she told you she'd make a cape or something for you in order to help conceal your lack of a limb.
  16. >She took notice of how much it bothered you, and the stares you've gotten didn't help your confidence out in the slightest.
  17. >The best part would be that she made an entire outfit for you, such a generous pony.
  18. >You really need to hang out with her more, even if she can be a prude it doesn't matter she's making you clothing for free.
  19. >Until its made though you're forced to show off your new look. You were content with just staying in the library until the end of the week but Rainbow had other plans.
  20. >After getting dressed in a pair of blue jeans, shoes, and thermal shirt you're on your way with her to Sugarcube Corner for some much needed breakfast.
  21. >Eating nothing more than salad sandwiches for three days does that to a person.
  22. >As you enter you're greeted by the little bundle of joy known as Pinkie Pie. She wastes no time in wrapping the two of you up in a strong hug.
  23. >"Hi guys," she shouts, "Do you want the usual, or do you want some cupcakes, or donuts, or maybe even-"
  24. >"Pinkie!" you shout in order to stop her from rambling, thankfully she hears you before she can go off on a tangent, when she stops and looks at you, you answer, "Pancakes would be just fine please."
  25. >She smiles before bouncing off in to the kitchen. As she exits you and Rainbow decide to take a seat at a table near an open window.
  26. >The weather was shaping up to be really nice, with Rainbow's Weather Team not having any rain scheduled the sun was able to warm the denizens of Ponyville in an embrace of light and mild warmth.
  27. >Fall had to be your favorite time of year here in Ponyville, no matter how stressed you were at work a cool gentle breeze from an open window would always calm you.
  28. >The Marketplace Festival...thing, you could never remember the name, was in full swing. The streets were abound with ponies hustling from stand to stand, looking for the best prices.
  29. >You decided it'd be best to not tell the townsfolk about what had happened aside from Mayor Mare and a few others. You didn't want to cause a panic.
  30. >Having someone so close to them turning in to a psycho would cause unnecessary paranoia among the easy to scare equines.
  31. >The Mayor, who's actually quite the sweetheart, she gave you a weeks bits in advance and gave you the week off.
  32. >You could afford anything at this point, Rainbow was more than willing to help you spend that of course. You'd given Rainbow some bits in order to bring some booze back to the library.
  33. >Spike was not amused by your drunken tried to set a few books on fire to spite Twilight.
  34. >Your thoughts are interrupted by Pinkie as she returns with two large stack of pancakes. When she sets your stack down you waste no time in getting to work.
  35. >These pancakes were a godsend, you were going to vomit if you had to go another day of eating a salad sandwich.
  36. >Rainbow follows suit, soon the two of you are in a little competition to see who can eat the most of these buttery treats of goodness.
  37. >You win because she's a casual and you're a pro at being a total fat ass.
  38. >Pinkie's jaw drops as you shovel the remains of pancake and syrup in to your gullet. Even with a single arm you're able to work at a faster pace than your pegasus bro.
  39. >"Wowie Anon I didn't know you loved pancakes so much, you need to be careful or else you'll get a tummy ache." Pinkie rubs her belly for emphasis before giggling.
  40. >After you finish what's left Pinkie takes both your plate and Rainbow's, when you pay Pinkie for the food you and your bro make you way out in to bustling town.
  41. >The two of you go around browsing through various stands, you wave to Mr. Cake when you see him overlooking his own stand near one of the bridges leading out of town.
  42. >Apparently he was hoping to appeal to those either visiting Ponyville or leaving...very smart, he was getting quite a bit of business.
  43. >After visiting Mr. Cake and heading back in to town you take a look over Roseluck's cart, as her namesake states she's got quite the selection of flowers.
  44. >Your eyes happen to come across a spider lily...something you haven't seen since coming here.
  45. >You thought Equestria lacked the majority of the plants you've come to see on's good to see you were wrong.
  46. >Roseluck allows you to pick up her items on display in order to give them an examination, last thing you wanted to do was purchase a flower crawling with insects.
  47. >Wow she really is the best florist in town, Rainbow shares your sentiments, as you're looking over the spider lily she chomps down right on it, nearly taking your hand in to her mouth in the process.
  48. >You yelp before jerking your hand away, Rainbow munches happily on the lily before realizing what she just did.
  49. >With a sigh you bring forth two bits in order to pay for the flower, she's dismissive of your apology and your payment.
  50. >You find it odd until you realize she's been staring at your stump for quite some time.
  51. >Feeling offended you decide to move on, leaving a confused Rainbow behind. Despite the apologizes now flowing from Roseluck you ignore her and continue on.
  52. >What the hell is with these ponies and staring at something out of the ordinary, sure you lacking a limb is something strange, but its not as if a pony has never lost a hoof before in an accident.
  53. >When you turn to see that Rainbow hasn't followed you, you allow your thoughts to wander.
  54. >There was something about how Twilight acted that really caught your attention that night.
  55. >It kept sleep from you for the better part of these past three days.
  56. >Twilight didn't seem like one who would go out of her way to do such a thing....having you go through your life like some mouse in a maze with her as your overseer.
  57. >Then again she had put her entire personality up as a front to lure you in to a false sense of security...which worked.
  58. >You find yourself drawn to the library yet again. You had questions that needed answering.
  59. >It doesn't help that you're walking right by the library either. You take notice that the lights inside are illuminated, it appears as though Spike is actually opening up the library to the public again.
  60. >About time too, you were starting to worry about his condition.
  61. >When you open up the door and make your way in you see Spike sweeping up the place.
  62. >"Hey Spike," you say in a friendly manner, you were hoping to at least get him to look up from his work but you failed
  63. >He doesn't answer you either, you understand, even if Twilight was a freak she was still like a sister to him.
  64. >You continue, even if he's in this trance like state you're sure he can still hear you.
  65. >"Spike...there's something that's been on my mind for a while now, can you get me the notes and books Twilight had been using for the past week before all of this happened?"
  66. >You were hoping to at least find some answers within Twilight's notes, there was this feeling that was keeping you from completely accepting the fact that Twilight had lost her mind.
  67. >It didn't add up, how could she go from being someone who was so easily approachable, someone who was willing to be patient and to work with you, to what she had become last night.
  68. >When you'd stared in to her purple eyes you couldn't help but notice the lack of...color to them.
  69. >You question actually gets a reaction out of Spike, he looks to you before raising an eyebrow in question.
  70. >When he sees your serious expression he nods before dropping his duties.
  71. >He proceeds to climb the ladder to the second floor of the library and out of your view.
  72. >You hear a few things rustling about before Spike comes climbing back down, he informs you that he's piled every single scroll, spell book, and normal book she's interacted with for the last two weeks prior to her Advanced Friendship Test on her desk for you.
  73. >"Thank you Spike, also...if any pony comes in looking for me tell them I'm busy. I'd rather not be interrupted." you give him a pat on the head before walking over to the ladder, as you climb he responds
  74. >"You're welcome, careful, last thing we need is another one of us going crazy...heh." his try at a little joke, at least he's trying to liven up the situation.
  75. >It's an improvement from three days ago.
  76. >Many hours pass as you sit at Twilight's little desk, you sift through scroll after scroll in a vain attempt at figuring out just what caused Twilight to descend in to madness.
  77. >You were hoping that this had only happened recently, rather than over a year ago.
  78. >Throughout the day Rainbow and a few others have come inside the library in hopes of finding you. Spike, being the good assistant he is, sent them along their way.
  79. >They didn't bother hounding him for details after he told them what you were doing.
  80. >You don't even notice as the sun makes its way out of the sky, to be replaced by the moon.
  81. >Spike took the liberty of lighting a few candles around Twilight's desk for you before making his way to his basket for the night...that reminds you, you haven't seen Owlicious for quite a while.
  82. >Just where has that owl been for the last few...weeks?
  83. >Your lack of attention is taken advantage of by a mysterious entity, a chaotic being creeps up on you, using your own shadow for travel.
  84. >Soon said entity solidifies next to you, just out of your line of site.
  85. >A mismatched conglomeration of animal parts is now standing right behind you and you're none the wiser. That is, until he speaks.
  86. >"You won't find anything in there you know. I'm very good at my job," says the chimera as he peers over your shoulder.
  87. >You wheel around to face this unknown intruder, you immediately regret it. His form makes you sick to your stomach...and those eyes of his aren't helping.
  88. >Such a monstrosity should be saved for horror films, not reality.
  89. >You've heard stories from the others, but none of them could prepare you for this. From the physical appearance you can only come up with one name for this thing: Discord, God of Chaos.
  90. >Discord, the epitome of chaos itself, seemingly stitched together from various animals. Yeah that pretty much sums him up.
  91. >It's fairly unnerving to say the least. You stand, but you maybe come half way to Discord's height. This is the first time a sentient creature in Equestria actually dwarfed you.
  92. >The only one who could come close to this height aside from you was Celestia herself. That alone did nothing to help your rustled jimmies.
  93. >"As I said before Anonymous. You won't find anything in her notes. I'm not one to write down my work." his smile is eerie, the single sharp tooth seems to offset his entire mouth.
  94. >His form matches his profession perfectly. You respond the only way you can at this moment.
  95. >"...Discord, how do you know my name...and how do you know about any of this," you ask, sure you feared Discord, but you would try your best to make sure he didn't know that.
  96. >After you ask your question Discord slaps his lion's paw to his forehead as if he were chastising himself for forgetting something.
  97. >Even his chuckle sends a chill down your spine.
  98. >"Oh silly me, we've never been properly introduced. Obviously you know who I am: Discord, God of Chaos at your service," he gives you a bow before continuing.
  99. >"And your name is Anonymous, and I know just about everything there is to know about you." Yeah he knows how to raise the bar on the stalker level...not even Fluttershy in stalker mode could compare.
  100. >As he introduces himself he snaps his gryphon talons. He brings forth a small glass of chocolate milk in to existence.
  101. >He sips on the glass drinking it as if it were a liquid rather than the milk itself, he tosses the actual milk behind him and it explodes upon impact. How Spike slept through an explosion is beyond you.
  102. >"Please to make your acquaintanceship Anon," says Discord with a toothy grin, he holds out his gryphon arm in order to shake your hand, when you refuse to make the same gesture he pulls his hand back.
  103. >"My that's rude of you Anonymous," he snakes around you, "But I'm willing to forgive all of that, in fact I'm willing to provide you with much needed assistance." he continues, he puts his gryphon arm around your good shoulder as he speaks.
  104. >"I'll be more than happy to reveal the reasons behind Twilight's sudden...inexplicable behavior on one condition." he laughs when your body tenses up at a combination of his touch and his willingness to help.
  105. >When he mentions a condition you knew it'd be too good to be true if he just came forth with what you needed.
  106. >You're afraid to ask what that condition could be. Discord suddenly turns his gaze under the desk you were sitting at.
  107. >You follow his gaze to see the shadow being cast by the desk begin to move.
  108. >Great you're probably asleep and you're now being assaulted from within your dreams...please be a dream this thing looks hideous.
  109. >"Oh, so nice of you to join us. Anon, I'd like you to meet my son." oh great another introduction, and this thing actually spawned a child?
  110. >You cringe at the thought of the unfortunate...whatever it was he could have mated with.
  111. >You see the shadow of what you think is a pony slink out from underneath your desk. When this pony's psychical form comes in to existence you can't help but cringe.
  112. >You can't tell which of them looks worse, Discord or his son. You dare not speak out against their outer appearance...lest they subjugate you to whatever sick pleasures they take part in.
  113. >It was as if Discord had become a pony, minus the beard. It seemed to be some sewn together bastardization of an alicorn, when this thing smiles, his row of teeth remind you of a shark's.
  114. >Yeah this thing looks much worse than its father.
  115. >"I'd like you to meet Atlas." says Discord as he motions towards the second chimera in the room with his lion's paw. Yeah you're not hallucinating there are two of these things.
  116. >Why is it that you have no access to any weapon? Anything would come in handy at this point.
  117. >When Atlas speaks his voice makes you think cannot seem to describe what horrible thing would sound like him.
  118. >Atlas doesn't speak with one constant tone, it changes to fit both genders and the tones are always different, its like he speaks with previously recorded audio from millions of other ponies.
  119. >"Hi pops. I've done what you've asked me. The gyphons had no idea what was coming until it was too late." says Atlas with a sickening grin.
  120. >You hate to think what Atlas may of done to that species of sentient creature. Discord disrupts your thoughts
  121. >"Excellent. Now if we could get back to the matter at hand." says Discord as he pats your shoulder
  122. >"Yes...please...just don't let your chimera here talk again." you respond, you hope they understand the meaning behind the word chimera, you'd rather not go in to an explanation right now.
  123. >Atlas looks at you with an annoyed glare, but it disappears just as quickly. To be replaced by that same sick grin of shudder to think of what would happen if he just so happened to take a bite out of you.
  124. >"I want to play a game Anon. If you win I'll tell you all about little Crylight Sparkle. If you lose...we'll just save that for later." says Discord as he inspects his lion's claws.
  125. >You gulp, nervous as to what game they have in mind.
  126. >You start to think about what Discord may have planned for you.
  127. >What kind of sick and depraved game is he going to make you play?
  128. >Your imagination runs wild and your face turns a new shade of pale white.
  129. >You begin to sweat nervously as each new thought becomes worse than the last.
  130. >You feel as though you'll go crazy if you keep thinking up of different games
  131. >Wait Discord still hasn't said anything, why are you getting all up in arms about a game that hasn't been explained yet?
  132. >"Wait...what game are you gonna have me play?" you ask, unsure as to why you allowed yourself to get so worked up in the first place.
  133. >"My dear Anon, you've already won." says Discord with a smile, wait a minute...what?
  134. "...What?" you ask, obviously confused as to how you could have won the game before it even began. Discord puts your mind at ease...sort of.
  135. >"You see, I could have made those thoughts of yours come to life, to play out each and every little possibility your mind could come up with, and watch as Ponyville collapses in the process, but that's so small. As far as the game goes all you had to do was let your mind run wild so I could take a look, and I must say you won hands down. Your paranoia is much more chaotic than I thought." says Discord, his grin is still plastered to his face. To say you're confused at this turn of events is an understatement.
  136. >You eagerly await his explanation, you're hoping to at least get one useful piece of information out of this Chaos wielder.
  137. >When he speaks you're figuratively on the edge of your seat. Anticipation is a bitch sometimes.
  138. >"Twilight, was a good student, she was always on time with her studies. After her little incident with me there was one instance to where she had become....tardy." he emphasizes the word 'tardy' before breaking out in a soft chuckle. You aren't following. Apparently no one has told you this story.
  139. >"Her little antics, her want it/need it spell, and the chaos she wrought upon these ponies. All of them destroying each other to get to her little doll...that ushered my return."
  140. >As he speaks Discord brings forth a small cotton candy cloud that rains down chocolate milk in to a few glasses that appeared out of nowhere, he hands one to you.
  141. >Knowing that if Discord can read your mind and that he's entirely capable of much more, you take his offering without trouble.
  142. >You like life, you'd love to continue living it. You decide its time to know what glass tastes like so you consume your milk.
  143. >This time when the drink is consumed both milk and glass become a culmination in your mouth.
  144. >The taste isn't the most enjoyable but you're able to stomach the contents.
  145. >It feels like jello going down, that alone almost makes you vomit.
  146. >Discord continues, oblivious to your discomfort.
  147. >"After that moment a part of me broke off of my statue to become a sentient ethereal being." Discord motions towards his son as he speaks. You're able to put two and two together after that.
  148. >"Atlas, being the good little son that he is, focused on the pony that caused such chaos to bring him in to existence. When he found Twilight he set himself in to her mind like a parasite, slowly moving a few things around. Eventually she was nothing more than a pawn within the grand scheme of things. Such a tragedy really." as he explains it all begins to make sense for you.
  149. >Twilight, the one who put forth all that effort to test you, who had your entire life planned out by the hour, was nothing more than a pawn in the face of Discord.
  150. >She was already under the influence of Discord before you even arrived. You've been forced to sit again in light of this information.
  151. >"There's much more to it than that Anon, but if I go spilling all of it now it'll kill the suspense...and I refuse to do such a thing. It's much more chaotic to keep guessing as to how things will play out. For now I'll take my leave and go back to being the silent audience to your life...remember Anon, I'm watching do not disappoint me." And with that Discord and Atlas are gone, leaving you to your thoughts.
  152. >You sit there like the stump on a log, processing everything you've been told.
  153. >If Discord really has returned then you've got to warn everyone as soon as possible.
  154. >But for now, sleep is what calls you. You'll deal with this problem in the morning.
  155. >You climb into Twilight's bed and make yourself comfortable.
  156. >Sleep doesn't come easy, that milk Discord had you drink isn't sitting well in your stomach. It almost feels like its....moving?
  157. >You write it off as a hallucination brought up by a lack of sleep and a large amount of stress.
  158. >After what feels like an hour you're off to sleep, your nightmares of various Discord-like games still plague your mind...
  160. >Hours later you feel sun light hit you. You feel almost desperate to be drowned in sun light today. Then again you've had a run in with something so dark and sinister the night before you feel that Celestia will keep you safe. Still though its too fucking bright. The sun always is.
  161. >You go to rub your eyes.....with both hands. Your eyes open wide in shock. You take a look at the limb sticking out from where your real arm used to be. It appears as though you won't need Rainbow today.
  162. >The skin is black, charcoal black, as if it'd had gone through hypothermia. The forearm resembles that of a gryphon.
  163. >The hand seems like a normal humans hand, but the fingers and thumb resemble that of a gryphon's talons.
  164. >Your thoughts go back to that milk Discord offered you. You're an idiot, you just don't DRINK shit someone you don't know gives you, that's like rule number three in the 'Meeting New People' guide book.
  165. >Oh god, that squirming in your stomach's back. You rush to the library's bathroom and empty your bowels in to the toilet.
  166. >That looks nothing like that milk you drank that night....its viscosity, its appearance makes you vomit again and again. Your body shudders from your actions.
  167. >When you feel that you're properly empty you stagger the back in to the library.
  168. >You're lucky you didn't wake Spike up with your morning...antics. You hurriedly dress yourself in nothing more than a long sleeved shirt, jeans, and shoes, no need to impress anyone today and the long sleeves should help hide your new arm.
  169. >You feel that you need to tell one of the ponies about this as soon as possible, but you can't have the other ponies freaking out at the site of your...appendage.
  170. >You decide Pinkie Pie would be your best option, but traveling through town to get there sounds like a bad least today is the final day for that Marketplace Bonanza...or whatever it's called.
  171. >As you try to step outside you stop yourself. If everypony sees you have an arm they're gonna wanna take a peek. You run back in, climb the ladder, and grab Twilight's blanket from off her bed.
  172. >You hope that its enough to keep up the illusion that you're still lacking your arm.
  173. >It helps that fall has made the air cold, you had an excuse for having a blanket if asked.
  174. >Regardless you still try to dodge ponies as much as possible on your way until Sugar Cube Corner comes in to view.
  175. >You make a break for the doors. When you enter you're greeted by a giant chocolate cake.
  176. >This thing is massive, towering over you like some imposing structure. Hmm, it looks like a lot of work went in to this.
  177. >Suddenly you hear a very chipper energetic voice call out from within the kitchen, Pinkie Pie's voice would be like music to your ears if you were paying attention.
  178. >"Is that you Anon? I'll be out in a jiffy!" she exclaims from within the kitchen. You don't hear her, you're too fixated on this cake. You think to yourself for a'd be a shame if something happened to it.
  179. >This looks like it could be a cake for royalty, or someone with a lot of bits to spend.
  180. >Without thinking otherwise you maneuver the tray the cake is sitting on to where it's almost halfway off the table.
  181. >You wait for Pinkie to bound in, her gravity will take care of the rest. Lo and behold Pinkie comes bounding when you step away from the cake.
  182. >She's so excited to see you she tackles you to the ground, just as planned. The impact is just enough to send the huge cake toppling over on top of the two of you.
  183. >God you feel like a dick, but...the mess you helped make makes you think otherwise.
  184. >The two of you are now completely covered in chocolaty goodness. Pinkie notices your arm immediately due to the fact that the blanket has been moved.
  185. >But before she can ask the noise brings Mr. and Mrs. Cake in to the room.
  186. >When they see what has happened they get angry, it's almost scary at how angry those two could get.
  187. >"PINKIE! What did you do?!" shouts Mrs. Cake, Pinkie answers by sheepishly scratching the back of her head with a hoof.
  188. >"Oopsie?" she blushes out of embarrassment. Mr. Cake facehoofs.
  189. >"Just....just clean up and get back in to the kitchen, you've gotta recreate the order now." says Mr. Cake, he really doesn't like the prospect of recreating such a masterpiece.
  190. >Pinkie does a little salute and by matters not possible for any other mare she swallows the chocolate cake covering you, her, and the floor in one go.
  191. >Her antics can't help but bring a smile to your face, and you laugh despite the circumstances.
  192. >Pinkie shares in your infectious laughter, she seems to have forgotten all about your new limb.
  193. >After a good side splitting laugh you apologize for the mess, after all it was your fault.
  194. >Though they didn't know that...and Pinkie is more than willing to take all the blame.
  195. >"Don't worry silly it was my fanny that made the cake fall!" says Pinkie as she motions to her rump, she wiggles it for emphasis. You make sure not to tell her you were the one who positioned the cake to fall.
  196. >She tells you that you'll have to come back later when she's not so busy and you make your way outside.
  197. >You didn't get to tell her about your arm, your thoughts fall upon Rainbow, perhaps she'd be able to help you find out just what happened to you.
  198. >You believe she'd probably be at Ponyville Park already. You make your way through the marketplace. As you browse along your walk temptation strikes again. You see Roseluck talking to some potential customer >You see the brakes on her cart seem so old and one would notice if they suddenly broke.
  199. >She deserved it too, she looked at you like you were some sort of freak yesterday. Without thinking you snap the fingers of your new arm.
  200. >A purple aura appears on the brakes of Roselucks's cart for a split second, then BOOM, her cart goes rolling forward.
  201. >The potential customer is forced to run, being chased by the cart. The customer and cart round a corner, a loud crash can be heard.
  202. >Roseluck runs over and sees her flowers all over the ground and on the now unconscious customer.The end result of your prank makes you laugh. You quickly bite your human hand to stifle your laughter. ?>Just...just what the hell is wrong with you? That feeling, that willingness to cause trouble, something is really wrong here.
  203. >Okay, you shouldn't be so happy that you caused misfortune for others. How did you even do that anyway, you can't do magic you're a squishy human.
  204. >You look at the arm hidden under your... surprisingly clean blanket...wait when did you get your blanket? You look to your inhuman limb again.
  205. >Just what in the world is attached to you and why are you feeling the desire to cause problems for others? Yeah Dash'll know what to do you hope.
  206. >Aside from Pinkie she's the one you trust the most. You waste no time in running like a bat out of hell, you ignore the site of ponies staring at you as you head for your destination.
  207. >When you get to Ponyville Park you see Rainbro doin her thing, you watch her for a bit since her stunts always catch your attention, she's built up a new list of stunts so it seems.
  208. >That familiar feeling returns, it'd be so bad if she got hit with a gust of wind and lost control.
  209. >NO! you are not going to mess with your bro. Yes, you weak minded fool, yes you are. With a snap of your fingers the wind suddenly picks up.
  210. >The wind hits her wings at just the wrong angle causing her to lose control, she starts to rapidly descend. At the last second she recovers, you can't help but feel like you've dodged a bullet.
  211. >When she gets her bearings she takes notice of you and flies over to your spot under the tree you'd walked to. When she lands she asks
  212. >"Hey Anon please tell me you didn't see me mess up that last trick?" her eyes seem so hopeful, you've gotta be at least somewhat supporting of her blunders.
  213. >"Man, you're Rainbow Dash, it'll take a little more than wind to knock you on your flank." You reach out to brohoof her, she completes the brohoof and the bro gods grace you with good fortune.
  214. >"So Anon, what's up?" Rainbow asks.
  215. >"Well..." you start. You tell her about last nights events, about Discord, Altas, and everything else.
  216. >What you don't expect to see is Rainbow doubling over and laughing her ass off. You fail to see the humor.
  217. >"What's so funny?" you ask, a hint of anger in your tone. She responds between fits of laughter
  218. >"Dude, Anon, Discords gone man, he's a little bucking statue in the Canterlot Gardens. There's no way you saw him last night. You gotta lay off the booze." as soon as she realizes what she just said she slaps herself with a fore hoof.
  219. >"What am I saying?" she asks in mock horror, after that she looks over to you, waiting to see if you're going to say anything else.
  220. >"So you think I'm full of it?" you ask, she's quick to respond.
  221. >"Eeyup...hey wait a minute, what's the blanket for? You afraid you'll catch a cold or somethin?" she asks, looking over Twilight's blanket.
  222. >You remove the blanket and show her that you've gained something new. Her jaw drops, at least she realizes you were telling the truth.
  223. >"So, you still think I'm lying?" you ask with a smile. Rainbow stares at your new limb for a moment.
  224. >You roll up the sleeve of your shirt so she can take a better look.
  225. >"Dude....Anon....that's just wrong." she says, she puts a hoof to her mouth as if she were trying to hold back vomit.
  226. >"I know. I know." you say before pulling your sleeve down over your arm. You're caught off guard by Rainbow's next question.
  227. >"So...does it like...DO anything?" she asks, eyeing your new limb.
  228. >"It fucks with p0nies." you respond simply.
  229. >"How?" she asks out of curiosity, this isn't exactly the response you were hoping to get. You try to explain in the best way you can.
  230. >"Well...if I think something chaotic might just kinda makes it happen." you explain.
  231. >"So wait...that gust that almost knocked me on my flank was you? That's so not cool Anon, I expect apology booze." says Rainbow as she crosses her hooves in front of herself.
  232. >Now that she mentions it, booze sounds pretty good right about now.
  233. >You don't realize your messed up looking hand is reaching out in to nothing out of your control. >Suddenly there's a cloud in your hand, you can see inside that there's a sloshing brown liquid.
  234. >You throw it away in disgust but it floats next to you...almost as if its taunting you with its disgusting appearance.
  235. >Oh god a shit cloud, the bottom of this cloud opens and the liquid starts pouring out, wait that familiar smell that's not shit.
  236. >That's Applejack motherfucking Daniels! Seems like Rainbow's realized this as well. She's made herself comfortable under the cloud you made.
  237. >The daniels is coming out at a steady pace and she's drinking it all up like some drunken fratboy.
  238. >When the cloud is drained it dissipates. Rainbow wipes her mouth off with a hoof before speaking.
  239. >"Hey Anon?" she asks, her eyes swimming with what appears to be a few sinister ideas.
  240. >"Yeah?" you ask, you already have a feeling you know where this is going.
  241. >"I'm thinkin Discord isn't all that bad right now." she says, yup you knew it, you knew she'd be just fine with your new limb if you could produce infinite booze.
  242. >You think to yourself for a moment, maybe this is how magic works. Just gotta think about something and have the means to do it and let the magic do the rest.
  243. >You make a second cloud filled with booze that appears larger than your first one.
  244. >You bring forth another one for Rainbow. You happily open up your Applejack Daniels cloud and go to town.
  245. >The two of you don't stop until you're good and shitfaced. Just like old times...
  247. >"Dude! Anon!" says Dash, completely smashed
  248. "....Mmmmmyes?" you answer back, just as far gone as her.
  249. >" know know what we should do?" she's trying so hard to piece together a question it's almost painful to listen.
  250. "What?" you ask, as you turn to look at her.
  251. >"We should hurglmgggurph." she slurs her speech so you have no idea what the hell she said.
  252. "Wut?" you ask, you watch as Dash rolls around on the ground for a little bit, snickering to herself as she does so.
  253. >"We stick with pones." her little drunken plan sounds good to you, after all Applejack Daniels + Pranks = A Good Time.
  254. " wanna cause chaos?" you ask, a small smile forming on your lips at the prospect of chaos.
  255. >"Dude....pranks would...*hic* be awesome!" says Dash as she sits up.
  256. >She leans over and stares at you at an uncomfortably close distance.
  257. >You go over a few facts: The two of you are smashed, and the two of you can come up with intricate pranks while smashed. So why not?
  258. >You can do magic like a sir and Rainbow gets to watch. No one gets hurt and the both of you share a good laugh right?
  259. >Both of you make your way back to Ponyville. Falling all over yourselves as you do.
  260. >Your inebriated ass at least remembers to put your blanket back on. Eventually, after getting lost twice, you two drunk fucks make it in to town. The two of you hide behind a bush and wait.
  261. >Soon enough you see a pone with a paint bucket in its mouth. 'Target sighted,' you think to yourself.
  262. >You magic the paint to come shooting out of the can like a fountain, coating the pone in a new coat of blue.
  263. >He curses as he attempts to close the top of the can.The two of you are laughing like a bunch of lunatics.
  264. >The two of you continue to use your magic for more pranks, you find unsuspecting pones and you start messing with them in various ways, eventually you've got a bunch of pones blaming each other.
  265. >A small riot breaks out. Ponies hitting ponies, cartoony violence clouds erupt everywhere in town.
  266. >The two of you are holding your sides and laughing like hell at the amount of chaos you've caused.
  267. >You don't realize that you're floating in the air, but when you do that causes you to laugh even harder, you tap Rainbow on the shoulder to get her attention.
  268. "H...hey *hic* Rainbro?" you ask, as you tap. She's finally starting to calm down.
  269. >"Heh, yeah?" she asks as she looks up to you in a drunken haze
  270. >"I can fly," you say with a shit eating grin, Dash raises an eyebrow in confusion before realizing you are in the air.
  271. >"I...but...uh..wha...yes. Yes you can Anon." she says as her eyes grow wide at the concept of you flying. Seems like you killed her buzz a little bit.
  272. >"D...*hic* damn straight, wanna see a neat trick Rainbow?" you ask, you don't even wait for an answer as your next prank unfolds.
  273. >You snap your fingers and a small red bull with wings comes out of nowhere and smashes in to a cart.
  274. "Red bull gives you *hic* wings!" you shout, before breaking down in to another fit of laughter. Dash doesn't join in, she probably doesn't understand the joke.
  275. >"I don't get it," says Dash as she watches the bull you've summoned have a sort of seizure on top of a cherry stand.
  277. >As the two of you are enjoying your fun you see a very familiar white unicorn and orange earth p0ny running up to you. Rarity and Applejack don't seem to happy about your fun.
  278. >"What is going on here? Why are you flying?" asks Rarity as she looks up to you.
  279. "Oh *hic* Rarity, such a cute little marshmellow pone." you have no idea what she said, but she's made out of marshmallow, that's all you seem to care about right now.
  280. >You wrap her up in a hug and she blushes out of embarrassment. When you hug her your blanket falls off, revealing your new limb.
  281. >"Anon darling what happened to your grew it back. It...looks...okay I cannot lie it looks horrid." says Rarity as she looks over your limb in disgust.
  282. >You drunkenly try to explain everything about what happened but Rarity and Applejack can't understand a word of your drunken bantor. You believe it's because they are not bros...heresy.
  283. >You set Rarity back down on the ground, then you snap your fingers and a faucet top appears in your hand.
  284. >you jam it in to your chest and turn the top, when you turn the top alcohol starts pouring out of your chest and to the ground below.
  285. >Dash gasps, you just made a huge party foul but right at this moment you don't give a fuck. After you feel good and sober the faucet top disappears.
  286. >When you first brought forth the faucet, Rarity and Applejack had looks of shock, followed by looks of disgust and confusion.
  287. >"That is disturbing on so many levels Anonymous," says Rarity as she looks at the puddle of Applejack Daniels.
  288. >With you're ass finally sobered up and good to go you give Rarity and Applejack a long winded explanation over Discord, Atlas, and what's been said between the three of you.
  290. >After you finish your explanation the two are standing with their jaws nearly hitting the ground. Rarity takes this time to try to talk some sense in to you.
  291. >Apparently she thinks you're messed up in the head or something.
  292. >"Anon! You have to see what you're doing! This is just so barbaric! This isn't you darling. Look!" she uses a fore hoof to point at all the damage you've caused.
  293. "What are ya goin on about Rar? Everythings.." before you can finish your sentence your red bull comes bursting out of a nearby building.
  294. >"SUNA YM EUGNOT SERGGIN!" suddenly the red bull bursts in to flames, turning in to ashes a few seconds later.
  295. >You see that a lot of buildings are on fire, a few ponies are lying broken and bruised in the street, inanimate objects are flying and attacking other p0nies while others are sitting under your Applejack daniels clouds.
  296. >It's perfect! Such mayhem and disregard for personal safety! If only the entire world shake your head of those thoughts.
  297. >Rarity's right, you're causing a hell of a lot of pain for these ponies. But why does it feel so right?
  298. >Your thoughts drift back to the drink Discord offered you. It was probably some sick ritual or something and he got his claws in to you.
  299. >Your thoughts are centered around chaos yet again but you're able to maintain a sort of grip on yourself. Okay, thinking about something other than chaos now is starting to become a labor.
  300. >What if all of this was doing nothing more than speeding up the process of whatever it was Discord was doing.
  301. >"I'll be your silent audience Anon....please don't disappoint me." That may of not of been his exact words but now you know Discord is using you for his entertainment. You're a fucking puppet right now.
  302. >You're just like Twilight was, a pawn for Discord's fun. Needless to say you're pissed off now. You swear you can hear Discord's laughter somewhere in the back of your mind.
  304. >"You must see Celestia, I'd suggest Twilight but..." Rarity cuts herself off, she's still devastated about Twilight's untimely fate. The one time you'd actually want to see Twilight and she's gone.
  305. >This pisses you off even more than you were before. Discord snaked his way around you guys so easily and you were none the wiser.
  306. "What would be the best way to get to Canterlot right now?" you ask as you start your decent. You hit the ground without a sound.
  307. >"Ah'd suggest we use that balloon thingy an have Rainbow pull us but she's a lil outta it." says Applejack as she looks over to the still inebriated Rainbow.
  308. >Rainbro is currently in a drunken slumber in a nearby bush.
  309. "Wait us what do you mean 'us'?" you ask as you look from Dash to Applejack.
  310. >"Well yeah Anon, ya'll think we'd jus let ya'll go alone? We're yer friends!" says Applejack as she gives you a smile.
  311. >Dear lord are you glad she's no longer trying to rape you, you could wrap her up in a hug right now.
  312. "Wait why don't I just do to Rainbow what I did to myself?" you ask out loud, you snap your fingers and your faucet top reappears.
  313. >You start thinking of draining her blood rather than the alcohol and that plan goes right down the drain.
  314. "Nevermind." you dismiss the faucet top without a moment's hesitation. With that out of the way the three of you waste no time in making your way over to the library.
  315. >When you get there you see that the balloon is already set up and waiting to go. Spike, that clever little dragon, knew something was up and got things ready ahead of time. You see him standing outside.
  316. >Twilight's number one assistant after all. As soon as the three of you get to the balloon you see Fluttershy and Pinkie come bounding up to the three of you. They see the monstrousity growing out of you.
  317. >They both inquire as to what your limb is and how you got it. Rarity is kind enough to explain the situation to them for you.
  318. >The five of you make your way in to the basket of the balloon and soon you're off in to the sky. Spike decides to stay behind in order to help out the townsfolk.
  319. >A few hours have passed since you've started your journey to Equestria's Captial. You spend the trip in silence, as do your passengers. Pinkie is at the helm, steering the balloon for your group.
  320. >You take a seat in the basket and decide it'd be best to wait out the ride without looking at your surroundings. Celestia knows you'd try to turn the sky a different color.
  321. >"Anon...all that stuff that happened in Ponyville....was that you?" asks Fluttershy as she looks over you in concern. You nod without looking up at her.
  322. >"Oh..." says Fluttershy as she backs away from you out of fear. Yeah that's exactly what you want, your friends to fear you. You've taken both Applejack and Fluttershy off of the rapist listand it sucks. You actually feel bad for doing what you've done now.
  323. >Pinkie tries to lighten the mood a little bless her heart, "Did you see all those paint cans flying everywhere?! There were all like 'I'mma get ya' then they poured paint on everyp0ny! It looked like so much fun I was gonna get my party cannon...but then Berry's roof got caught on fire, and then Lyra's, Bon Bon's..."
  324. >Oh god she made it worse, much worse...then the thoughts come back again. You know everypony is pretty high up right now.
  325. >You could just turn the balloon in to an anvil and just watch everyp0ny drop. It'd be so crazy, they'd be flailing around in a helpless mess.
  326. >Flutters would be too scared to fly. Okay yeah this is really starting to sound tempting. Are you about to have another internal fight? Yes, yes you are.
  327. >'Why fight it? Don't you just adore chaos? You didn't mind making that red bull with wings did you? And everyp0ny loved your liquor clouds...remember the booze Anon?' comes a voice from within.
  328. >Sounds like something inside of you is trying to reason with you...and it's scaring you. These can't be your thoughts and that's not your voice. Dear lord this inner monologue is driving you insane.
  329. >You grab your head and start clawing at it in an attempt to rid yourself of that voice, it laughs at your useless attempts.
  330. >Discord must be laughing his ass off right now, but he must also find your lack of chaos disturbing. The more you refrain from doing something chaotic the more your body struggles to do something to rectify that.
  331. >You can feel pressure increasing in your head, causing you to have a splitting head ache. Just do one little thing Anon it'll be fine right? No, you are not listening to whatever the hell is sharing your body.
  333. >You start growling to yourself while your holding your head. The headache is getting worse, the others take notice of your plight. Pinkie is first to speak.
  334. >"Anon? What's up silly, why you clawing at your head like that...what's with that face?" she leans in, she sees you looking at the ground in fear, you're biting your lips so hard they start to bleed.
  335. >Anything to get your mind off of the amount of things you could do right now that would cause chaos to those around you. You manage to utter a low growl in response.
  336. >You're slowly getting to your feet, the pain in your head is immense. 'Come on Anon, just a little and the pain will go away.' You can almost hear Discords displeasure at your resistance.
  337. >"Anon?" asks Fluttershy, a hint of concern in her voice, she tries to put a hoof on your shoulder in comfort you, but you shrink away from her.
  338. >This is taking too long, you look towards the direction you're heading in, Canterlot is starting to come in to view, but you're still way off.
  339. >Suddenly, an idea pops in to your head: why don't you just teleport there? You close your eyes and prepare to snap your fingers.
  340. >Right when you're about to snap your thoughts fall upon the Everfree, yeah if you can't concentrate on a location then you aren't going to teleport where you need to.
  341. >The best thing you can do now is take a direct approach. At this point you've done a find job of tuning out the others.
  342. >They're shaking you frantically trying to get your attention, they're calling you Anon, but you're not able to answer them back. Your skull literally feels like its splitting open now, just under the skin.
  343. >You've gotta think of something to end this pain, oh god its like Discord is dragging his nails across your skull.
  344. >With the last bit of effort you can expel you pick yourself up and leap out of the balloon. Anything to end this torment. You feel the cool rush of air as you rapidly make your decent to the ground below.
  345. >Now you're thinking it'd be weird if you suddenly sprouted wings right now. That'd be chaotic right? You'd look like some freaky eagle bat thing right?
  346. >You feel pressure building in your back as you picture yourself as some odd abomination to nature. The wind whipping past your ears finally draws your attention.
  347. >As the ground closes in the pressure in your back becomes intense. You look behind you right in time to see a new set of wings sprout from your back.
  348. >You have wings now Anonymous, use those suckers! Luckily that small transformation was enough to make the voice in your head go away, and make the pain stop.
  350. >Your mind, having finally been freed from the pain, is able to tell your body to do as its told. You open your wings and the glorious wind lifts you up. Now all you have to do is flap them.
  351. >It's taking a little getting used to but you're getting it for the most part. You bet Scootaloo was as cool as you right about now. Poor thing, in five seconds you've learned how to fly.
  352. >You slowly fly your way back up to the balloon and to the awaiting mares. You see an excited Pinkie bouncing in the basket of the ballon, "Anon you're....wowie you're flying!" she shouts in pure amazement.
  353. >Astute as ever Pinkie, "Anon, I have to say....those wings look so awful on you." says Rarity, such a downer that white marshmallow pony.
  354. >You turn to see that your left wing resembles a bats while your right one resembles an eagles, you can't find any reason to complain.
  355. >"Ah'm jus surprised ya'll didn't make yerself float." says Applejack as she looks over your wings, you would have but you've already done the floating thing. It wouldn't have been enough to make the voice go away.
  356. >Well, now you've given yourself a way to get to Canterlot without having to wait on such a slow means of travel. You hope you can make it to Canterlot before the urge returns.
  357. >Then you notice fluttershy try to fly over to you. You hold out your hand to signal for her to stop and then you shake your head. If she flies with you you'll just end up making her wings disappear or something.
  358. >You're not going to go through what you did to bring her back from her insanity just to kill her. You recall your test with her that Twilight made you go through days before.
  359. >Now that sounds utterly delightful...not again.
  360. "I'm going off ahead, meet up with me at Canterlot Castle...I'm gonna need a ride home after this." you say as you face towards the castle. In a quick flap of your wings you're off.
  362. >Freedom, this is freedom at its finest. As you fly you watch as the sun begins to set over the horizon. The cool night air starts breezing past you as you flap your semi glorious wings.
  363. >When the moon comes in to view it looks huge from up here. You can almost make out the craters
  364. >The stars are so bright and vivid. You can really make out the constellations from here.
  365. >Each star emitting a brilliance unlike that you've never seen from the could get addicted to this. You can't help but  emit a shout of joy as the wind whips past you.
  366. >This must be how Dash feels every time she takes off in to the air, no wonder she wants to be a Wonderbolt.
  367. >As you're flying you start performing little tricks. Like rolling around, nothing too big. You keep on course while keeping yourself entertained. In what seems like minutes you finally reach Canterlot.
  368. >Suddenly you stop, you can't explain it, but you just stop. You're sitting there in the sky, keeping your altitude.
  369. >As you sit there, you can't help but feel this warm sensation as it slowly creeps up your spin and in to the back of your head.
  370. >Suddenly the headache is back in full force, if you thought it was painful before you were dead wrong. The pain causes you to scream out, you feel something piece the back of your skull, and suddenly everything goes black.
  372. [Atlas POV]
  373. >Your body starts to fall out of the sky, after a few hundred yards your body suddenly springs to life and you take flight yet again.
  374. >"Finally." says an all too familiar voice as it leaves your lips. You're form has changed a little bit.
  375. >Now your grpyhon limb has little to not human features upon it, black feathers have sprouted where the skin used to be.
  376. >Your body tears off its shirt so you can get full use of your wings. The feathers have spread to your pectorals. Your torso seems as if its been stitched together by various parts of flesh.
  377. >That's when you snap your fingers, suddenly a mirror appears in your human hand, when you look yourself over you take notice to the glowing emerald green eyes that are now housed in your head.
  378. >"Took long enough, now that I've got control let's spread a little chaos for daddy," and with that you fly to Canterlot Castle, you're so close now.
  379. >You are now Atlas, after a whole day you've managed to take over the body of the human stupid enough to drink a part of you.
  380. >You've finally made it to Canterlot Castle, you're flying over a courtyard. A small smile creeps upon your features. You know just how to get Celestia out here, your plan:
  381. >Cause a ruckus, get her to fight you, weaken her, then let your dad take care of the rest. It's completely fool proof! Except you have no idea how to get Celestia out here.
  382. >Your eyes scan the courtyard, suddenly you spot a solitary fountain in the center of the courtyard you're over. A statue of Celestia sits upon the top of the fountain.
  383. >Perfect. You put a little volume in your voice, "Oh Celestia?" you say as you snap your fingers.
  384. >Her statue explodes as if it'd had a bomb planted inside. The explosion rocks the castle grounds and a mushroom cloud of purple energy shoots in to the sky.
  385. >A few seconds after the purple light show fades a few guards start pouring in to the courtyard in order to check what caused the explosion.
  386. >You know she'll bring her guard to stop you rather than show up herself. The head of the statue lands in your hands. You land in front of the two dozen guards that ran in, still holding the head in your hands.
  387. >You take a look at them and smile, showing them your row of razor sharp teeth. One of the guards gets the balls to shout, "Halt intruder! You are under arrest! Come quietly or we will be forced to take action!"
  388. >You smile widely at the guard who acknowledged you, then you show him the statues head. In your powerful hands you crush it to dust. This sets him off, with an angry shout he yells, "SEIZE HIM!"
  389. >Two pegasus guards that managed to get behind you comply and fly after you, intent on pinning you on your stomach. Such a weak force holds no challenge to you.
  390. >As they fly towards your back you instinctively crouch and they go flying over you. Before they can clear you you reach up. You get a good hold on both of their tails and their flight stops short.
  391. >Silly pegasus ponies, with a good grip you begin to spin around with the two of them still in tow. You spin faster and faster. They're screaming at this point.
  392. >You stop suddenly and toss the two of them in to a nearby wall the built up force from your spin propel the two at such a rate they smack the wall. Upon contact their heads split like tomatoes upon the stone wall.
  393. >Their blood paint the wall. You turn to look at the other guards around you, your signature smile still there. They hesitate to try to take you on, you take advantage of their hesitation.
  394. >Using your wings you propel yourself forward to a guard before he can react. You wrap him up in a bear hug and take off in to the sky.
  395. >When you're a couple hundred feet in the air you dive straight down toward the cobblestone courtyard below. At the last second your release your captive and lift off in to the air again.
  396. >The unfortunate guard hits the ground below, and doesn't get up. The one who ordered the others to attack you backs away a bit.
  397. >"Captain Shining? What are we gonna do?!" asks a scared guard as he turns to face his captain. The one known as Shining grits his teeth as he looks over the damage you've done. Wait a minute...
  398. >From the time you've spent inside of Twilight's head you can vaguely recall a stallion named Shining Armor...her brother. Heh this will be great.
  399. >"Hey Shining!" you call out from your position in the air, he looks up to you. "It was fun as fuck getting your whore of a sister banished to the moon!" That seems to strike a nerve.
  400. >"Kill him and burn the remains!" Shining shouts in anger, yeah you got him mad. The guards seem more afraid of him than you, such fools. A few pegasus guards lift up in to the air in order to engage you.
  401. >As the guards close in you pick your next target and fly towards it. When you close in to the group of flying pegasi you fly right above one of them, you reach out with your gryphon hand.
  402. >Your talons go through his wing like a hot knife through butter. The unfortunate guard is unable to stay in the air and he plummets to the ground below.
  403. >The other pegasi are flying around you now in various flight patterns Their eyes are you, studying you for a weakness they'll never be able to find and exploit.
  404. >Like a hungry shark among a group of fish you pick your next victim. A pegasus who's a little slower than the others. You smile and takes off toward him and end him like you did your previous target.
  405. >His screams of pain echo as he falls. Three pegasus guards take this as an opportunity to dive upon you from above.
  406. >You look up just in time to see them closing the distance. Too bad for them you're reflexes outmatch their speed.
  407. >You hold both your hands out to them and rain clouds form in the palms. You slam them together hard enough for lightning to erupt from them.
  408. >Their metal armor acts as a good conductor. The three of them drop from they sky, the smell of their charred flesh hitting your senses as they pass you. Delicious...
  409. >The other guards seem to hesitate after seeing your display. Shining, now seeing that you're able to cast magic, tries a different approach.
  410. >"It's capable of magic! Pull back and bring in the Unicorn Guard!" Shining shouts to a few nearby pegasus guards. You let his guards run, why stop them? They're giving you more bodies to tear in to.
  411. >The peagsi below pick up their fallen comrades and retreat, as the unicorn contingent of Celestia's guards start pouring in to the courtyard you laugh. They're really going to try magic against you.
  412. >As they point their horns at you they begin to glow as they aim for you. Shining joins them, "FIRE!" he yells. Like a firing squad from back on earth they take aim and fire magical shots at you.
  413. >As their magic orbs close the distance they expand to your size, unfortunately for them, their attacks are too slow. At this point you fancy yourself a humming bird when it comes to agility.
  414. >You easily maneuvering around each shot. You're moving too fast for their magic to hit you if they fire all at once. Shining Armor changes up his strategy, "FIRE AT WILL!"
  415. >Things just got a little harder for you. Instead of them coming like the concentrated wall its at random intervals now. You may actually have to use caution.
  416. >Their speed hasn't changed however, and you're still able to dodge each shot they present. You're flying above the courtyard in a clockwise motion and yet they still can't seem to hit you.
  417. >'Sweet Chaos why does dad insist on ruling such wastes of space?' Your moments distraction leads to you being hit by a stray shot. It feels like your eagle's wing is on fire, unicorn magic isn't something to take lightly.
  418. >When the pain fades what little mercy you had left fades with it. You stop mid flight and raise your hands in to the air.
  419. >Storm clouds begin to form over the courtyard from your doing. This causes the unicorns below to stop firing, their fear overtaking them. It begins to rain, a few of them taste your creation.
  420. >"C...chocolate milk?" asks a random guard. BAM! that same guard who enjoyed a drop of your glory is struck by lightning from above.
  421. >As he drops the others panic a bit, the lightning from your creation is brought forth at a faster rate. You're taking down unicorn after unicorn at this point, it almost feels like a game to you.
  422. >They're scrambling over themselves to escape, Shining takes action, forming an shield over himself and his ponies. When they realize they are safe from harm they stop trying to retreat.
  423. >Damn your magic lightning can't pierce that shield, Shining Armor is stronger than you gave him credit for.
  424. >Suddenly the wind picks up, not by your doing. It blows your glorious chocolate rain clouds away. You begin to search below, who was impudent enough to stop your glorious chaos?!
  425. >A blinding light calls your attention to a balcony overlooking the courtyard...finally the Sun Goddess has arrived...Celestia!
  426. >From your point of view you can clearly see the anger in her stare, then its one of confusion. "Anonymous, what...what is the meaning of this?!"
  427. >You smile before responding, "Sorry Cupcake, Anonymous has left the building! There's a new tenant!" you disguise your voice so you sound like your father. You really want to rustle this Goddess' jimmies.
  428. >It works, yeah she's no longer looking at you in concern, that's anger right there.
  429. >"Discord?! How, I traveled through the gardens and SAW your statue. Explain yourself!" says Celestia as she flies from her room and down to Shining Armor.
  430. >You cross your arms, "I don't have to explain anything to you Celly. Other than I'm back and this body seems to be doing a good job at doing my work for me!" yeah you got your dad's voice down pact.
  431. >You slowly descend to the courtyard below. You land twenty yards before Celestia and her guard.
  432. >"Hello my dear! It's been quite a while how have you been?" you ask as you give Celestia a courtesy bow. As you land you decide to show Celestia your father's form so she's certain it's your father.
  433. >You diguse your body to be Discord's. Then 'Discord's' upper half emerges from your back, he rests his hands upon Anonymous' shoulders and peers over him to Celestia.
  434. >"So help me if you've killed him Discord..." says Celestia as her wings begin to unfurl from her body,
  435. >"My dear I've only done the same thing to Anon as I did to Twilight. I've shown him just how fun chaos can be. How liberating it can be." you laugh evilly at the end of your statement.
  436. >"What?!" shouts Celestia in disbelief, Shining Armor looks from you to his superior, "Princess...what in Tartarus is going on?" asks Shining.
  437. >"You're surprised? It's your fault you know. You decided to be Trollestia for a day. You wanted to mess with Twilight by moving the sun in the sky to scare her. I'd of done the same myself you clever girl you." you tell her the truth, all of this is her fault.
  438. >Your birth, your spread of chaos, Twilight becoming influenced by you, your father coming back to life. All on her withers. Celestia silently mulls over this in her head before her features show regret."
  439. >Her face causes you to laugh, you make the Discord on your shoulder join in on the laughter. Your combined laughter echoes throughout the silent courtyard.
  440. >You drive the nail deeper, you start to rake through  Anonymous' memories in order to see just how he and Celestia interacted with each other...oh this will do nicely.
  441. >"And to think Anonymous actually thought you held him high on your priority list! That's hilarious. I guess all those times you saw him were just a waste? I bet the same could be said of your little tea time visits! Oh wait a moment what is this you guys had a little cake date?!" you double over with laughter.
  442. >When you look up you see Celestia shaking with rage, why not fuck with her a little more, "Oh don't worry Princess, I'll fulfill your desires for you. After all I have his body now, I can give you what you want Celly." you see Celestia mouth something but you can't hear it from your position.
  443. >"What was that my dear I couldn't hear you? Perhaps you need to speak up." The Discord section leans in and moves its lion hand on its ear.
  444. >Celestia speaks in a voice that rivals her sister's in volume, "SILENCE!" man it's easy to piss pony princesses off. Shining Armor's shield shatters, "P...princess?" he asks as he looks to her in fear.
  445. >He's never seen her this mad before, and you can't help but smile, "What's wrong Celestia, did I strike a nerve?" The Discord portion smiles as well.
  446. >"How do I do it?" asks Celestia as she starts to approach you, you spread your wings in order to appear bigger.
  447. >"Hmm? Do what my dear?" you ask using the Discorded half to speak. Celestia's response is quick and to the point.
  448. >"How do I get you out of Anonymous?" The Discord portion laughs at her question. You have the Anonymous portion cross his arms in front of himself.
  449. >"My dear Celestia do you honestly think I'll make it easy for you? What do you believe this is a tutorial? I know you've never run in to something like this before but please try to use your head." you pause for effect before having the Discord portion speak.
  450. "Think, I'm possessing Anonymous' body cause he was stupid enough to DRINK me. Then again in my presence if he'd not complied I'd of forced him regardless. You can't just magic me out of him, my influence has spread too far. If that doesn't help let me give it to you bluntly: Kill Anon and he'll be free of me."
  451. >Celestia gasps before her horn begins to glow, "Discord this is low even for you," you don't seem to care what she thinks or says, surprise.
  452. >"Sticks and stones my dear, sticks and stones. Just remember Celestia I'm in control here, as soon as I slink back in you won't be fighting me, you'll be fighting him. Have fun Celly!" you have the Discord portion laugh as if this were the funniest thing he's ever heard.
  453. >Celestia's horn grows brighter, it's almost blinding now, "Are you mad Celestia? Do you hate me? Good project that raw anger on to Anon, go through him and come get me!" The Discord part cackles before snaking back in to Anonymous' back.
  454. >"I will free you Anon, I promise." ha, is she trying to reach Anonymous? That's cute.
  455. "Celestia, you're implying that you can actually beat me. I'll beat you with this body you like so much." without waiting for her reply you leap forward, using your wings to propel yourself.
  456. >Celestia isn't ready for this. She leaps to the right at the last second, narrowly avoiding your unforgiving talons.
  457. >"Princess!" shouts Shining as he and the remaining guard rush to Celestia's aid. With a snap of your fingers purple ethereal flames erupt in front of them, the flames quickly overtake both you and Celesita.
  458. >Soon the two of you are inside a dome of purple fire, "Looks like its just you and me Celly," you say as you flex your claws.
  459. >As your fight with the Sun Goddess starts up Shining Armor starts firing bolts of magic at your fire in an attempt to dispell it. His guards join in, their efforts are in vain.
  460. >Celestia fires a bolt of light magic your way. You pay for your overconfidence, you try to slap away her light magic with your human hand only to lose the entire limb and half of your eagle wing.
  461. >The fucking burns! Your new wounds feel as if they are fire, you curse before your chaotic magic gets to work healing your wounds.
  462. >Unfortunately for Anonymous his human arm comes back as a lizard's. Whatever more claws and its not like your true body is affected.
  463. >Celestia cringes when she sees the damage she's done, you take this time to fire a small orb of chaotic energy her way.
  464. >She brings forth a white shield of magic. Your orb of chaotic energy explodes upon contact. When the smoke clears you see that you've done no damage to her shield.
  465. >Yeah what fight did you just start, Celestia smirks when she sees your magic had no effect, "I'm going to enjoy prying you from Anonymous." says Celestia with a smile.
  466. >Okay so you can't play around with this one, okay time to pull out all the stops, you don't want to die before your father arrives.
  467. >You open your wings and take off in to the sky, you try the same attack. Except this time your orbs grow to three times your size as they close the distance.
  468. >You wait for her to raise her shield, when she does you teleport. You appear to her right and fire again, as soon as your orbs leave your palms you teleport again and again and repeat the same attack.
  469. >Soon you can't even make you Celestia from behind your own attacks. When every orb makes contact they explode. This time you hear her shield shatters.
  470. >You rush through the smoke, your claws at the ready. You swing at the smoke thinking Celestia is still there.
  471. >You curse when you realize Celestia used magic in order to get away from your attack before it could do any damage.
  472. >"Damn, where did she go?" You scan the area for her, then your blood runs cold when you feel a weight on your left shoulder. You dare not know Celestia is resting her head on you shoulder.
  473. >Her voice causes you to shake, "You know, I haven't had to use Destruction Magic in centuries. I'm afraid I can't seem to remember how to hold back. That could be a problem, then I realized: Hey I figured out how to heal humans earlier today! And ahead of schedule? I'm good."
  474. >You gulp, she continues: "So, I figure all I have to do is damage Anonymous' body enough for you to be forced to leave it. Then when you're gone I'll heal him, then I'll kill you. How does that sound?"
  475. >Wait, she just said kill, and she put emphasis on that teleport away from her and face her from a safe distance of 30 yards.
  476. >"You know, I tolerated you because I'm a nice mare, but you've changed that Discord. No elements of harmony to save you from your fate." Celestia smiling warmly, it really off sets the mood.
  477. >"Wait..k...kill? Where's the kind, forgiving Celestia?" You ask nervously, your smile shows one of innocence...fuck your razor sharp teeth really offset that.
  478. >"Discord, she left when you threatened one of her valued subjects. Now you can have fun with me! I haven't felt like this since Mother and Father were in charge." Her smile widens, well look at that you're fucked.
  479. >Did you piss off Daddy Discord or something? He's having you fight somepony who'll really kill you. She's gone in a flash of blinding light.
  480. >You hear her appear above you, you look up to see a bright orb of light barreling straight towards you. You run, using your wings to propel you, you run full speed to your dome's wall.
  481. >You merge your body with the flames, saving you from harm when the orb impacts. Now that you're behind your fire you can come up with a plan...wait if there's more of you she'll be forced to waste her magic.
  482. >You'll just outlast her! With that you concentrate, immediately a copy of you charges appears from the dome of flames. It charges Celestia from behind when she lands, your copy leaps in to air, claws raised.
  483. >She promptly turns around and melts your copy before it can swing. She titters, "Really?" you growl. Oh well, make more.
  484. >This time you create three, they rush towards her, each from an angle that forces her to turn, maybe one can make contact.
  485. >The first of the three is destroyed before it can get close. The second one manages to close the distance since its attacking from behind. Too bad Celestia bucks it, the copy flies in to the flames and dissolves.
  486. >The third manages to swipe her right hind leg before she can bring it down from her buck, she swings her tail over it, the top half of the third copy dissolves upon contact. The lower half bursts in to purple flames.
  487. >Okay, three can possibly guarantee a hit. You look over the wound on her leg. You decide to make six. Three dive her from above while another three run towards her from the bottom.
  488. >Celestia whips her ethereal mane, killing the three in the air. The two from behind manage to cut her flank, while the one in front dies from a magic spell.
  489. >More, you make a dozen. This time they cut in to her back, one even manages to straddle her back and it goes to town on the back of her neck.
  490. >Her mane, her tail, and her magic destroys them before they can really do damage. "Really Discord? Is this really all you have? I'm disappointed." so Celestia is going to taunt you again?
  491. >Two dozen, you bring forth two dozen. When they fail to do the damage necessary to stop her you make four dozen, than eight dozen. How the hell is she beating them all back?!
  492. >You have them use your attacks instead of just swinging on her. Chaotic orbs of energy fly at her from all angles, some copies bring forth the red bulls that you summoned in Ponyville.
  493. >Some even latch on to her and explode upon contact, why aren't you doing the damage necessary to beat her?!
  494. >You don't even bother summoning your copies all at once, instead your group is replenish immediately upon death.
  495. >Ten minutes pass and all you can do is wound her little by little, twenty minutes pass and you start to see her coat get singed in areas. When your fight hits the thirty minute mark you notice her starting to pant.
  496. >She's wounded, her coat is stained with her own blood. Your copies are starting to do more damage, her fur is on fire in some areas.
  497. >When she casts a single spell that clears the dome of all copies and offensive spells she seems to collapse.
  498. >Finally, you were finally able to exhaust her. You bring your real body back in to existence and you start to approach her from her front.
  499. >She looks to you with her left eye, a copy managed to claw out the right one at some point. You smile when you see just how much damage you've managed to cause.
  500. >Her pretty face is covered in claw marks, and you can't help but chuckle. "I should have known I'd bee too much for you to handle Celly, it's too bad. I was only supposed to exhaust you...I guess I did too much." you use your real voice this time around, no need to hide your identity any longer.
  501. >Your father will be here any minute, or so you hope. He's probably watching the show that arrogant prick...
  502. >When you're ten feet from Celestia she laughs, this throws you off a bit, "Wait...why are you laughing?" you tilt your head and start to look her over, maybe her blood loss is getting to her head.
  503. >"You, you really think you've hurt me?" and with that she's too her feet, you're blinded by light. When you're finally able to see, you see that she's completely healed.
  504. >"What?!" you shout in anger, "Are you mad? Yeah you're mad." says Celestia, she's got this shit eating grin on her face that's just making you even angrier than before.
  505. >"You bitch!" you shout as you make a break for your dome wall again, suddenly you feel something stop your legs from moving, you fall flat on your face.
  506. >Celestia has your legs in a magical grip, "So where do you think you're going? The fun has just begun!" she smiles as she pulls you back to her.
  507. >"Daddy I don't want to fight Celestia any more." you say out loud, you hopelessly start to claw your way over to the wall only to fail.
  508. >You feel yourself lift off in to the air, you're now facing Celestia upside down, that shit eating grin of hers is still there.
  509. >"So, 'Discord' do you have any last words? Oh and if you leave Anonymous' body now I'll make your death quick and painless."
  510. >You quickly bring your left hand up in front of you, you focus all the magical energy you've got in to your palm. An orb of chaotic energy forms and it quickly grows. Soon it's covering your entire hand.
  511. >"Bigger," it's now the size of your body, "Bigger," it's now four times your body's size. It only has to travel a few inches to hit Celestia now. "Perfect." you say as you unleash it upon her head.
  512. >When it makes contact you cackle, the explosion, the flames, all of it is simply beautiful! You got her!
  513. But wait...why are you still in the air? The smoke and flames clear to reveal Celestia...unharmed.
  514. >"Fuck my life." you say to yourself, Celestia shakes her head before leaning her head down, her horn is aimed right at your chest.
  515. >A beam of white light erupts from her horn and connects with your chest, it launches you in to the wall of your dome.
  516. >Before you can merge your body the dome wall your body goes flying through it. You smash in to a nearby wall. Your body bounces and as it does, your true body is flung from Anonymous'
  517. >Now you're lying next to Anonymous' body, stunned. You groan before shaking your head. The dome you've surrounded yourself and Celestia in vanishes. Her guards rush to her side.
  518. >"Princess are you alright?" asks Shining Armor as he looks her over, "I'm fine Captain, please go check on Anonymous. I've got a few words for that thing next to him."
  519. >You're alert, but your body refuses to cooperate with you, perhaps YOU'RE the one who used up too much magic instead of the other way around.
  520. [Atlas POV END]
  522. [Anon POV]
  523. >Oh Celestia why are you in so much pain? The last thing you remember is flying to let out an audible groan. "Don't move human, you've taken quite the beating." says a voice, you open your eyes.
  524. >You look to see that you no longer have that weird looking limb...then you realize you're now missing both arms, you let out a nervous chuckle, but cough when your chest erupts in pain.
  525. > did you get that hole in your chest? how are you alive right now? Why aren't you unconscious?
  526. >"H...hey...whoever you are...," you start to say, "Shining Armor, it's Shining Armor." says Shining as he looks you over, he lets out a bit of his magic which covers the gaping hole in your chest.
  527. >Finally some relief, "Well...nice to meet ya...I..I think I'm losing huge tracks of time...cause now my arms are missing...hehhehheh," Shining Armor shakes his head before responding.
  528. >"I fail to find any humor in this, you killed three good ponies and you've wounded a few others." says Shining Armor, oh lost control...
  529. >"Listen," again he cuts you off, "I get it, you weren't yourself. Celestia took notice of that and she held back...yeah let's go with that...The thing that possessed you is lying next to you." says Shining as he continues his work.
  530. >Unfortunately all he can do is block the pain, he cannot heal you. You hear Celestia speaking but you can't make out what she's saying...then...Suddenly the two of you hear applause.
  531. >"Well done everyone! Well done!" no...not him not now! You cant see from your angle but Discord has appeared at the ruined fountain, he's giving you guys a standing ovation.
  532. >Fucking...Discord
  533. >"You've played your part well Atlas!" says Discord as he surveys the damage his son has caused. You turn your head to see that Discord is floating towards your group.
  534. >Then you see the large amount of unicorns surrounding you and Celestia. Okay you're safe...right? "So how're you doing son?" asks Discord, Atlas chokes out a response, "Fuck you dad!" he coughs after he responds.
  535. >"Oh come now son, you played your part. Celestia won't admit it but you've done a number on her. She's got the best poker face in Equestria." says Discord as he looks over Celestia, with a quick snap of his fingers his son appears next to him.
  536. >Atlas limply hangs in the air, only airborne because of his father's magic. "Now the real fun can begin." Celestia raises a brow in confusion, "Discord, if that's all your son had I'm afraid you won't stand much of a chance. I'm only getting warmed up after all." Wow was Celestia always this confident?
  537. >"You're done Discord." you say from your position on the ground, Discord begins to laugh, his laughter sends a cold chill down your spine.
  538. >"My dear Anonymous, what are you talking about? I've already won. See?" Discord snaps his fingers, suddenly the relief leaves your chest. Only to be replaced with pain. The pain keeps you from speaking.
  539. >What you haven't realized is that the unicorns and Shining himself have turned towards their ruler. Their coats have lost their color.
  540. >Before Celestia could react every unicorn around the two of you fire a spell at her. When the smoke clears from their attack Celestia is lying on her side.
  541. >She's momentarily stunned, she had no time to set up a defense. She was a lot more fatigued than she let on.
  542. >Discord takes this time to appear next to her. He places his gryphon limb upon her forehead...and her color leaves her body just like her guards.
  543. >As soon as the last bit of white leaves her coat she gets to her feet...a new mare. You wished you weren't in such pain. You have no idea what the hell is going on.
  544. >You feel your body being turned, and you come face to..hoof with Celestia...your eyes grow wide with fear before looking up.
  545. >She looks upon you with disgust, almost as if you were a pile of filth she almost stepped in. Whatever kindness she had before is hear Discord speak to you.
  546. >"Well Anonymous, it appears as though I've won this game. Time to trade in my pawn for a queen. Celestia be a dear and take care of him please?" Discord chuckles when Celestia nods.
  547. >Celestia's horn lights up, she prepares to fire a spell at you. You close your eyes and accept the least your pain is almost at an end.
  548. >At the last possible second a dark blue aura consumes you and you're pulled away from Celestia at the last second. Her spell hits the ground right where you were. Being dragged away comes with its own pain.
  549. >You're surprised to be alive. You hear Celestia speak in a flat, annoyed tone, "I thought I told you to wait inside Luna." You snap your head in the direction of approaching hooves.
  550. >Luna walks in to the courtyard, she gives her sister a stern glare, "We hath seen thine events play out in its entirety sister. Thou hath lost thine luster... thou hath become his Fere."
  551. >As Luna speaks she stands between you and her. "We will not allow thou to bring further harm to Anonymous."
  552. >Celestia's tone offsets her response, "Luna, my dear sister, you do realize the gravity of this situation. You speak of treason." Her guards get in to an aggressive posture.
  553. >"If we hath...if we hath to betray thee to save someone we both know thou care for we will," as she finishes eight of Luna's royal guard take stand before her, to protect her from certain doom.
  554. >"So...all of you would betray save a hairless sack of flesh? So be it, your actions shall make all of Equestria suffer my sister." as Celestia finishes her sentence her royal guard pour in to the courtyard around her. All of them have that same tinted coat...just how many ponies has Discord corrupted?
  555. >"Attention guards! My sister has openly declared war upon all of Equestria! To protect your home neigh, to protect your families! You will kill this traitor and all who follow her before she can escape! End this before it can begin!" her guards do not hesitate to charge towards you and Luna.
  556. >"Luna! Anon! We'll hold them off for as long as we can flee while the opportunity is there!" shouts one of the eight guards. Luna's guards meet Celestia's head on.
  557. >you feel yourself being yanked off of the ground and in to the air, Luna grabs your arm in her teeth and she pulls you over her back. That doesn't help the mind numbing pain in your everything.
  558. >Luna makes a break for the exit, Celestia's horn begins to glow but Discord puts a hand on her shoulder, making her stop.
  559. >"Let her go my dear in doing so you'll provide me with a lot more fun! Equestria is long overdue for another war...lets welcome chaos!" says Discord with a wide grin, he gives Celestia a little pat on the head.
  560. >As the two of you increase your distance from the courtyard you watch as Luna's guards fight valiantly to keep the others from pursuing. What Celestia has in quantity Luna makes up for in quality it seems.
  561. >You turn your head to see Rarity and the others land. They quickly approach Luna when they see you lying on her back. "Darling what's going on why are you on Luna's.." Luna cuts Rarity off before she can finish.
  562. >"We must not tarry! Thou must flee with us!" The mares look on at the fight happening behind you and hold their tongues, Luna's horn begins to glow, "Grab hold of us!" Everyone puts a hoof to Luna and within a blue light the group of you teleport away.
  564. >Luna has transported all of you to the library in Ponyville. While you're in the library Applejack takes this time to try to get answers. "With all due respect princess ah think you outta tell us what in tarnation was goin on out there...and what happened ta Anon?"
  565. >Luna gives the group the short version of what has occurred, as she's explaining you start to lose consciousness...
  566. >All of the mares share a look of horror when Luna finishes
  567. >"But Luna...we'll be playing right in to Discord's claws, what do you hope to accomplish?!" shouts Rarity, like the others she isn't dealing with the news that well.
  568. >As Rarity finishes Luna points outside points outside. Rarity and the others look to see regiments of Luna's guards standing right outside. Luna decides to drop the royal 'we' in place of a more modern tone.
  569. >"When I saw the commotion going on in Ponyville I was under the impression we were being attacked, since the sun was setting I took it upon myself to bring my entire military force to quell this uprising. I didn't expect to receive a report that no such attack was taking place. Had I not of brought them here I'm certain Celestia would have killed them off without hesitation, but now we have our army...we will rise against Discord...and against my sister. Our Republic will stop them."Luna's small speech doesn't fill the girls with the confidence she was hoping for.
  570. >" act of war?! You can't be serious Princess! We'll be playing right in to their hooves!" says Rarity, her eyes wide with shock.
  571. >"I know generosity and its a risk I'm willing to take. In being here with me Celestia will mark you traitors as well...I'm afraid you must come with me if you wish to live." says Celestia as she makes her way towards the door.
  572. >Applejack panics, "Ah gotta get my family outta here!" Applejack makes a break for the door."Applejack! Wa-" Applejack is out the door before Fluttershy can say anything else. Rarity raises a hoof to stop Fluttershy before she can follow.
  573. >"Let her go dear this is something she has to doI have...I have to get Sweetie Belle." and like Applejack she makes a break for the door, but before she can leave Luna summons a scroll and gives it to Rarity.
  574. >"This is where we will meet...get your family and friends, then bring them here..." says Luna, Fluttershy flies out after Rarity and Applejack, no doubt to save her animals.
  575. >Pinkie stays,"Mr and Ms Cake will be fine...Celestia won't think they've turned just because I have..."
  576. >"Where's Loyalty?" asks Luna as she takes a quick look around the library, suddenly you hear Dash shout from the open door. "I'm right here Princess...what's going on?"
  577. >Like the others Luna tells her everything, about all that happened. Rainbow looks like she's trying to hold back tears as she looks over your broken, barely breathing form.
  578. >She then flies over and looks you over, " idiot. You should have waited on me," Dash says as she gently puts her hoof on your back.
  579. >"We've no time... we need to go....Celestia will be here soon...."
  580. >As you, Luna, Pinkie, and Rainbow make your way outside Luna delivers a speech, it seems to hit home.
  581. >Her loyal soldiers let out a war cry and soon they march behind the four of you, set on reaching your makeshift capital in the east...what the future holds, and if you'll be a part of that future, remains a mystery...
  584. >END
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