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[UZ4U] Silver Infusion Gaming Cyber Logs with Richard Winter

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  1. [UZ4U] Silver slowly approaches Jessie, his 10mm pistol gleaming as he enters.
  2. Eldeos flcks her eyes to the figure approaching, blinking her eyes rapidly "Howdy!"
  3. [UZ4U] Silver nods. "Hello."
  4. Eldeos chuckles lightly looking away "What can I... uhm... get ya'?"
  5. [UZ4U] Silver scratches his head. "Possibly a whiskey?"
  6. Eldeos shrugs her shoulders taking her hat off, placing it on the bar "Got none of that... sorry."
  7. [UZ4U] Silver shrugs lightly.
  8. [UZ4U] Silver: Wine?
  9. Eldeos shakes her head "None."
  10. [UZ4U] Silver: Beer.
  11. Eldeos: None.
  12. [UZ4U] Silver: What do you have, then?
  13. Eldeos: //I got raided icly ok
  14. [UZ4U] Silver: //LOL
  15. Eldeos: Nothing, got raided.
  16. [UZ4U] Silver: I know something.
  17. Eldeos: //drink my manly jizz
  18. Eldeos: Huh?
  19. [UZ4U] Silver: //LOL
  20. [UZ4U] Silver attempts to go through the counter to her.
  21. Eldeos 's eyesight follows him as he walks behind the bar "Hmph..."
  22. [UZ4U] Silver attempts to put his hand on her crotch, slowly going up and down.
  23. Eldeos notices him doing so, he cheecks begin to go red, she attempts to push his hand away.
  24. [UZ4U] Silver doesn't let her, grinning under his helmet. "You're going to like it."
  25. Eldeos: //powergame wtf
  26. [UZ4U] Silver: // no i reacted
  27. [UZ4U] Silver: // stfu
  28. Eldeos: //sorry daddy
  29. [UZ4U] Silver: //k
  30. Eldeos chuckles lightly, biting her bottom lip.
  31. [UZ4U] Silver: We should go upstairs to the beds... or we should fuck on the counter.
  32. Eldeos smiles lightly tapping her left hand on the counter "Here..."
  33. [UZ4U] Silver attempts to take her pants off and rip her shirt off.
  34. Eldeos allows him to do so, giggling lightly.
  35. [UZ4U] Silver takes his pants off, having a 9 inch cock
  36. Eldeos looks down at his penis, smiling heavily "Oh my..."
  37. [UZ4U] Silver puts her dick into her vagina, rubbing the lips.
  38. Eldeos: //ew im gay irl
  39. Eldeos: //ew
  40. Eldeos: //jk
  41. [UZ4U] Silver: //lol
  42. Eldeos bites into her bottom lip hard as his cock enters her, she grunts quietly tightening her grip of the edge of the bafr.
  43. Eldeos: //bar*
  44. Eldeos bites into her bottom lip hard as his cock enters her, she grunts quietly tightening her grip of the edge of the bafr.
  45. Eldeos: //bar*
  46. [UZ4U] Silver thrusts in and out, hitting the G spot hard as fuck
  47. Eldeos: //you're 12 man, your mom isnt going to be happy LOL
  48. [UZ4U] Silver: //lol
  49. [UZ4U] Silver: //react
  50. Eldeos qrunts loudly again letting out a yell, brushing her hair behind her head.
  51. [UZ4U] Silver: sent it to twiggeh
  52. [UZ4U] Silver: DEATH WISH
  53. Eldeos: //stay ic
  54. [UZ4U] Silver: // no
  55. [UZ4U] Silver: // ur leaking
  56. [UZ4U] Silver: //fag
  57. Eldeos: //they're watching ic
  58. Eldeos: //its a live show
  59. [UZ4U] Silver: //no
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