(MLO) Pounding The Cake Family 2: Pound Harder

Mar 9th, 2013
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  1. Warning: Clop
  3. >Day “Pounding The Cake Family 2: Pound Harder” in Equestria
  4. >Be Pound Cake
  5. >Also be at a wedding
  6. >Not your wedding of course
  7. >Some relative of the Apple family
  8. >You were here because Pinkie was friends with that apple farmer
  9. >And she was part of the Cake family
  10. >So she dragged all four of you with her
  11. >In the lazy heat of a late summer day
  12. >Wearing formal suits and dresses
  13. >Listening to what was probably the most boring organ music ever
  14. >You tried to pass the time by making faces at your sister
  15. >”Mmm… whats wrong dear?”
  16. “Nothing mom… just bored”
  17. >”Don’t be like that” She says as she quietly shushes you
  18. >”Look at how happy the bride and groom are, this is their big day!”
  19. “…I don’t know them. I haven’t seen these two before a few hours ago”
  20. >”Shush” She grabs your face and turns it to look in your eyes
  21. >”If you can behave for the rest of the night I’ll let you have some of Applejack’s cider”
  22. “What? Real-“
  23. >”But only for tonight. During the wedding.”
  24. >Sounded like a deal to you
  26. >3 hours later
  27. >The sun had finally set, the vows taken, and the party started
  28. >A dance floor in the middle of the orchard was set up
  29. >DJ booth, lights, tables surrounding it, and a type of buffet was set up near the side
  30. >Everyp0ny was on the dance floor
  31. >Mom, dad, Pinkie, Pumpkin, and a whole lot of Apple relatives that you don’t know
  32. >You, however, were not dancing
  33. >Nay, you planned ahead and were sitting near the edge of the dance floor with a drink
  34. >Several drinks actually
  35. >Granted they were pretty weak, but you couldn’t complain too much
  36. >You were watching pretty lights and pretty ponies dancing across the floor to music that was just shy of being good
  37. >All in all, you were drunk and happ-
  38. >”POUND!”
  39. >After stopping your heart attack you saw your sister next to you
  40. >Along with Dinky
  41. >Where the hell did she come from?
  42. >”What are you doing sitting over in the corner by yourself?”
  43. “E-excuse me for enjoying my drink”
  44. >Dinky spoke up
  45. >”Come on, I need someone to dance w-“
  46. >You hic-up
  47. >”with. And besides you look so lonely sitting here by yourself”
  48. >She grabs your hoof and drags you to the floor
  49. “But but but I can’t dance”
  50. >She shushes your mouth with her hoof
  51. >Then she grabs your head and leans in close
  52. >”Then just pretend to dance silly”
  53. >You look over your shoulder to see Pumpkin and Pinkie dancing some sort of weird chicken dance
  54. “Alright…”
  56. >You were dancing
  57. >If having a seizure next to someone on a dance floor counts as dancing
  58. >And you loved it
  59. >All you could hear was the beat of the music and the stomping of your hooves
  60. >…and the laughter of a filly you were dancing with
  61. >”Hahaha, Pound! You are so funny”
  62. “What?”
  63. >You say as you swing a hoof over your head and knock yourself off balance
  64. “I’m dancing here!”
  65. >She stops you and pulls you in closer
  66. >”Here, follow my lead”
  67. >You never danced like this before
  68. >It was a lot more… physical… than you thought
  69. >Her cutie mark was bouncing against yours
  70. >Her hooves around your neck
  71. >Her breath on your ears
  72. >You closed your eyes and continued dancing
  73. >After every so many bounces and bobs she would spin around to your other side
  74. >Her closeness, her heat, her breath, you were really enjoying this right now
  75. >She spins away and comes back
  76. >You never danced like this with anyp0ny before
  77. >Especially someone that was only a few years older than you
  78. >And pretty cute as well
  79. >Spin and return
  80. >Also, it may or may not be the cider talking, but…
  81. >You think she might be into you
  82. >Another spin away
  83. >This time she came back a bit harder, but that was okay
  84. >You had your eyes closed, you didn’t need to see to know where she was
  85. >You could feel her neck with your hooves
  86. >Time waits for no colt!
  87. >Gripping her flank, bringing her in closer
  88. >Breathing into her ear as it twitched
  89. >Leaning in, nuzzling her in as a sensual manner as you could attempt
  90. >…and smelling bubblegum and something alcoholic…
  91. >You opened your eyes
  93. >…
  94. >Auntie Pinkie was dancing with you
  95. >She flawlessly changed with Dinky
  96. >Dinky was dancing in front of you with Pumpkin
  97. >Was
  98. >Now the three of them were giving you a look
  99. >That was likely due to you grinding on your aunt
  100. >At a wedding dance
  101. “Aww horseapples…”
  102. >”Uhh… Bro…”
  103. “S-sorry… I thought…”
  104. >You could feel some sort of noodle based dish well up from inside of your suit pockets
  105. >You backed off into the still dancing crowd
  106. >In your drunken stupor, you came across the best solution to this problem
  107. >Not explaining you thought you were still dancing with Dinky
  108. >Not laughing it up and continue on with the dancing
  109. >No, you had the BEST solution!
  110. “Ishouldgetgoing!”
  111. >You dashed into the still dancing crowd, bumping a few out of your path
  112. >Most oblivious to the magnitude of the awkwardness you had just committed
  113. >Running out of the dance area you quickly jumped up and started flying
  115. >Some time later you landed, in the middle of the orchard, at night
  116. >It wasn’t too far away from the party
  117. >What the hell just happened?
  118. >You just sat down for a while, waiting for yourself to calm down
  119. >The party was still going on
  120. >Ponies still dancing, laughing, having a good time
  121. >And here you were, just sitting in dirt behind an apple tree
  122. “…I should get back there”
  123. >”Yea Poundie! What was that about?”
  124. >You almost jumped right out of your skin
  125. >Next to you was Aunt Pinkie, just sitting there and smiling at you
  126. >”You just got up and ran! That’s not how you are supposed to dance. When you do the Manehatten Bump you gotta keep the flow going otherwise it all falls apart. Then it looks silly when one pony is doing the side shuffle but the other one is trying to catch up.”
  127. >She keeps talking
  128. >You could smell the amount of booze on her breath
  129. >While you were somewhat dossed, she was completely gone
  130. >Even when sitting down she was swaying back and forth, looking like she would topple over
  131. >”So then I had to ask for a refund, but the mare at the counter said ‘Uh-Uh’ because I used it only a few dozen times. Well, I called her a meanie pants and went on my way.”
  132. “Uhh… Pinkie?”
  133. >”Mhhhh?”
  134. “What are you doing here? Don’t you want to be partying?”
  137. >”Oh silly! I saw you run away and I thought ‘I should go get him!’ So, I went to go get you. Now here I am!”
  138. >”Now! Why did you run away?”
  139. “Um.. er… Sorry about before, I thought I was still dancing with Dinky…”
  140. >She gave a quick huff and waved her hoof in the air
  141. >”That’s okay. Come on, let’s go back and then you can dance some more”
  142. >”Just… not as bad as you were doing it in the first place”
  143. >A blush forms across your face
  144. “Yea, not so… personal… got it”
  145. >Pinkie looked confused, then shook her head
  146. >”Nonono, that wasn’t what I meant! I meant before, when you were flailing your hooves around. You almost hit some other dancing ponies”
  147. “Sorry, that’s the only way I know how to dance”
  148. >Her face turned to shock, then amusement
  149. >”Come here, I’ll teach you how to dance!”
  150. >She stood on her two back hooves, swaying like a drunken sailor
  151. >Then she grabbed you and brought you to her chest
  152. >The memory of your dream starts to flood back
  153. >”Alright, now a one, a two, and a th-three!”
  154. >For the next few moments you danced
  155. >Or, more accurately, you were tossed around like a sack of potatoes while Pinkie danced
  156. >All the while you were trying desperately to keep yourself from poking her in the stomach
  157. >After a bit you thought you were getting the hang of drunken dancing
  158. >Until you both hit a root and collapsed
  159. >When the dust cleared you were okay
  160. >You managed to land on a soft, bouncy, pink-
  161. >You landed on your aunt
  162. >And she was laughing
  163. >”Phhtph! Not like that! Hahahahahaha”
  164. >She grabs you and brings you close to her face
  165. >”You silly goose, that’s not how you dance…”
  167. >Your breath was caught in your throat
  168. >For a moment, the world stopped
  169. >Her bright blue eyes reflected the fading lights of the party
  170. >Her sweet scent was filling your mouth
  171. >Her lush coat was tickling you in all the right places
  172. >Your dream rushing back to you
  173. >You couldn’t stop yourself
  174. >Leaning in a little further, two pairs of lips connected
  175. >She did a little tremor of surprise
  176. >Only before kissing back with equal passion
  177. >Her tongue intertwined with yours
  178. >The two dancing together far better than your bodies
  179. >Eventually she pushed back, gasping for breath
  180. >Before pulling you back in, continuing the tongue play
  181. >Your hooves begin to wander
  182. >They caressed her sides as they drifted downwards
  183. >Eventually reaching her flanks
  184. >They are as soft and plumb as you dreamed
  185. >Each prod and embrace driving you to a more passionate grope
  186. >After a few heartbeats you can feel yourself at full mast across her stomach
  187. >As you continue to tango with her tongue and massage her cutie marks you also begin to grind your length along her belly
  188. >Her short fur feels wonderful
  189. >Any friction was quickly removed from your pre seeping into her gut
  190. >Every thrust was met with a wonderful touch of her flesh and form
  191. >You wouldn’t last long
  192. >With a particularly forceful kiss you grabbed her flanks and trust against her
  193. >You could feel the pressure build in your balls first
  194. >Then pleasurable spasms rocked you as jets of cum painted both of your stomachs
  195. >All too quickly it was over…
  197. >Both of you were breathing heavily
  198. >Pulling your head away from hers, leaving a thin trail of spit between your lips, you could see her eyes in a mid-addled lustful state
  199. >…Then quickly blink away in a shock of realization
  200. >Without the rush of hormones and lust you regain your senses and sobriety very quickly
  201. >”Uhh…” She shifts underneath you “Pound…”
  202. >Oh Celestia, what have you done!?
  203. “I… I should get back to the party…”
  204. >Pinkie didn’t have a change to respond before you ran away
  205. >Eventually you got to the edge of the party set-up
  206. >Noticing your seed soaked into your coat you quickly grabbed some napkins nearby and dapped
  207. >Hoping to get the soaking mess out before someone notices
  208. >After a few tries you got it, and saw no immediate danger
  209. >Looking around…
  210. >..and also no Aunt Pinkie
  211. >Your mind was confused and heart sore, but you had to figure out what to do
  212. >She was your aunt, you aren’t supposed to have these feelings for her
  213. >How are you going to handle this?
  214. >Blame drunkenness?
  215. >Say you were confused
  216. >Maybe if you ran now you could get to the train station before anyone notices-
  217. >”Pound!”
  218. >You could feel Dinky drunkenly slam into your side
  219. >”Quit running off you… Silly Filly! Hehehehe… I didn’t get my full dance y-yet!”
  220. “Alright, yea… I’ll meet you on the dance floor in a moment. I was just…”
  221. >You looked at the table and saw the punch next to the napkins
  222. “A bit thirsty.”
  223. >”Hic. Ooookay! Hurry up!”
  224. >She ran back to the floor
  225. >You soon followed, but noticeably slowed down when you saw your sister walk up to the punch bowl
  226. >From out of the orchard
  227. >With a look of shock that sent shivers down your spine
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