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  1. kike@NEGRO ~/Escritorio/OpenWRTRC3/barrier-breaker-openwrt $ time make -j 7
  2. Checking 'xgettext'... ok.
  3.  make[1] world
  4.  make[2] tools/install
  5.  make[2] package/cleanup
  6.  make[3] -C tools/sed compile
  7.  make[3] -C tools/xz compile
  8.  make[3] -C tools/patch compile
  9.  make[3] -C tools/sstrip compile
  10.  make[3] -C tools/genext2fs compile
  11.  make[3] -C tools/firmware-utils compile
  12.  make[3] -C tools/patch-image compile
  13.  make[3] -C tools/findutils compile
  14.  make[3] -C tools/flock compile
  15.  make[3] -C tools/sstrip install
  16.  make[3] -C tools/patch-image install
  17.  make[3] -C tools/flock install
  18.  make[3] -C tools/firmware-utils install
  19.  make[3] -C tools/genext2fs install
  20.  make[3] -C tools/xz install
  21.  make[3] -C tools/sed install
  22.  make[3] -C tools/patch install
  23.  make[3] -C tools/m4 compile
  24.  make[3] -C tools/pkg-config compile
  25.  make[3] -C tools/ipkg-utils compile
  26.  make[3] -C tools/mkimage compile
  27.  make[3] -C tools/yaffs2 compile
  28.  make[3] -C tools/libtool compile
  29.  make[3] -C tools/cmake compile
  30.  make[3] -C tools/scons compile
  31.  make[3] -C tools/bc compile
  32.  make[3] -C tools/lzma compile
  33.  make[3] -C tools/squashfs4 compile
  34.  make[3] -C tools/ipkg-utils install
  35.  make[3] -C tools/findutils install
  36.  make[3] -C tools/yaffs2 install
  37.  make[3] -C tools/scons install
  38.  make[3] -C tools/bc install
  39.  make[3] -C tools/lzma install
  40.  make[3] -C tools/squashfs4 install
  41.  make[3] -C tools/libtool install
  42.  make[3] -C tools/padjffs2 compile
  43.  make[3] -C tools/padjffs2 install
  44.  make[3] -C tools/mkimage install
  45.  make[3] -C tools/m4 install
  46.  make[3] -C tools/autoconf compile
  47.  make[3] -C tools/autoconf install
  48.  make[3] -C tools/quilt compile
  49.  make[3] -C tools/quilt install
  50.  make[3] -C tools/pkg-config install
  51.  make[3] -C tools/automake compile
  52.  make[3] -C tools/automake install
  53.  make[3] -C tools/gmp compile
  54.  make[3] -C tools/e2fsprogs compile
  55.  make[3] -C tools/flex compile
  56.  make[3] -C tools/libelf compile
  57.  make[3] -C tools/mklibs compile
  58.  make[3] -C tools/mm-macros compile
  59.  make[3] -C tools/xorg-macros compile
  60.  make[3] -C tools/xfce-macros compile
  61.  make[3] -C tools/missing-macros compile
  62.  make[3] -C tools/libelf install
  63.  make[3] -C tools/mm-macros install
  64.  make[3] -C tools/xorg-macros install
  65.  make[3] -C tools/missing-macros install
  66.  make[3] -C tools/xfce-macros install
  67.  make[3] -C tools/mklibs install
  68.  make[3] -C tools/flex install
  69.  make[3] -C tools/bison compile
  70.  make[3] -C tools/e2fsprogs install
  71.  make[3] -C tools/mtd-utils compile
  72.  make[3] -C tools/cmake install
  73.  make[3] -C tools/mtd-utils install
  74.  make[3] -C tools/bison install
  75.  make[3] -C tools/b43-tools compile
  76.  make[3] -C tools/gmp install
  77.  make[3] -C tools/mpfr compile
  78.  make[3] -C tools/b43-tools install
  79.  make[3] -C tools/mpfr install
  80.  make[3] -C tools/mpc compile
  81.  make[3] -C tools/mpc install
  82.  make[2] toolchain/install
  83.  make[3] -C toolchain/binutils prepare
  84.  make[3] -C toolchain/uClibc/headers prepare
  85.  make[3] -C toolchain/kernel-headers prepare
  86.  make[3] -C toolchain/gdb prepare
  87.  make[3] -C toolchain/gcc/minimal prepare
  88.  make[3] -C toolchain/uClibc prepare
  89.  make[3] -C toolchain/uClibc/utils prepare
  90.  make[3] -C toolchain/gdb compile
  91.  make[3] -C toolchain/gdb install
  92.  make[3] -C toolchain/gcc/initial prepare
  93.  make[3] -C toolchain/gcc/final prepare
  94.  make[3] -C toolchain/binutils compile
  95.  make[3] -C toolchain/kernel-headers compile
  96.  make[3] -C toolchain/binutils install
  97.  make[3] -C toolchain/gcc/minimal compile
  98.  make[3] -C toolchain/gcc/minimal install
  99.  make[3] -C toolchain/kernel-headers install
  100.  make[3] -C toolchain/uClibc/headers compile
  101.  make[3] -C toolchain/uClibc/headers install
  102.  make[3] -C toolchain/gcc/initial compile
  103.  make[3] -C toolchain/gcc/initial install
  104.  make[3] -C toolchain/uClibc compile
  105.  make[3] -C toolchain/uClibc install
  106.  make[3] -C toolchain/gcc/final compile
  107.  make[3] -C toolchain/gcc/final install
  108.  make[3] -C toolchain/uClibc/utils compile
  109.  make[3] -C toolchain/uClibc/utils install
  110.  make[2] target/compile
  111.  make[3] -C target/linux compile
  112. make -r world: build failed. Please re-run make with V=s to see what's going on
  113. make: *** [world] Error 1
  115. real    22m24.857s
  116. user    52m31.882s
  117. sys     11m2.137s
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