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  1. (12:34:23 PM) Brutus Le'montac: iḿ getting tired
  2. (12:34:31 PM) of what
  3. (12:34:59 PM) Brutus Le'montac: nour trying to forcefuck his opinion
  4. (12:35:26 PM) Brutus Le'montac: there we go, let the shit storm begin
  5. (12:35:29 PM) he doesnt
  6. (12:35:32 PM) just ignore it
  7. (12:35:39 PM) i read whats on te forums thats it
  8. (12:41:11 PM) Brutus Le'montac: this is abselutely unbelievable
  9. (12:41:19 PM) Brutus Le'montac: now iḿ the bad guy lol
  10. (12:41:27 PM) Brutus Le'montac: now this, this is how they gonna loose fcś
  11. (12:45:38 PM) dont QQ
  12. (12:45:39 PM) ignore him
  13. (12:46:01 PM) Brutus Le'montac: nah iḿ done with this shit mate, poke me once fc chat becomes relevant agai
  14. (12:46:04 PM) Brutus Le'montac: again
  15. (12:46:12 PM) you 2 talking about fits is a daily thing
  16. (12:46:20 PM) you havent learned to ignore him yet
  17. (12:46:22 PM) he wont stop
  18. (12:46:30 PM) nour samy is a lot to take
  19. (12:46:35 PM) but hes active and hes a decent person
  20. (12:46:36 PM) Brutus Le'montac: cant ignore someone when you can hear him cry all day long
  21. (12:46:36 PM) just annoying
  22. (12:46:41 PM) we all do
  23. (12:47:04 PM) Brutus Le'montac: but at the same time janos jumps on it to defend that kid
  24. (12:47:05 PM) and you started that
  25. (12:47:10 PM) from what im reading
  26. (12:47:11 PM) in fc chat
  27. (12:47:13 PM) just sayin
  28. (12:47:41 PM) Brutus Le'montac: scroll up about 2 pages,, where xpred is saying domis or something, sspace potatos
  29. (12:47:53 PM) Brutus Le'montac: nour again jumps on it to shout ARMOR SNAKES FUCK YEAH
  30. (12:47:59 PM) (9:54:53 AM) sparem: OMG nour_samy do you just randomly pick a ship and decide to push that doctrine today or is there a method.....Monday is frigates, tuesday T3s??
  31. (9:57:39 AM) madison_utama: i think he asks the Ouiji board
  32. (10:07:53 AM) nour_samy: sparem: The doctrine thread asked for escalation fleets :P I posted mine, armor rattles ahve been a thing i'm thinking off for about 2 months or something
  33. (10:08:19 AM) sparem: LOL you know I couldnt resist nour_samy
  34. (10:08:37 AM) nour_samy: yep
  35. (10:08:41 AM) nour_samy: yee of weak wills
  36. (10:08:49 AM) nour_samy: :p
  37. (10:09:45 AM) sparem: Not weak been up almost 26 hours dealing with some crazy people
  38. (10:53:00 AM) nour_samy: servers are shitting themselves
  39. (12:48:03 PM) totally off topic
  40. (12:48:14 PM) (11:41:56 AM) sparem: E M E R G E N C Y      R  E B O O T
  41. (12:20:48 PM) brutus_le-montac: ¨You will not get paid for the Tech II rigs or modules via SRP. It's worth it for the extra 50 mil though.¨ so geuss whats gonna happen.... no one is gonna slap t2 rigs on them unless they get srp
  42. (12:24:06 PM) brutus_le-montac: nour_samy:  please for the love of god, no fucking armor snake...just dont, i will stab my eyes out if its gonna happen
  43. (12:48:16 PM) you brought it up
  44. (12:48:20 PM) keep it on the forums
  45. (12:48:23 PM) and dont argue with samy
  46. (12:48:26 PM) problem solved
  47. (12:48:36 PM) Brutus Le'montac: righto
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