kTEST - 09/01/2018

Jan 9th, 2018
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  1. 09/01/2018 - KTEST Live Maintenance
  3. ▣ Update Contents
  4. 【Changes/Additions】
  6. Character Info:
  7. - The displayed Physical / Magical Attack displayed in the Character Information (F1) window will no longer fall below the value of 1.
  9. Monster Gem:
  11. The [Green Rubblem Gem] is going to be changed into the [Confined Long-Branched Tree Gem]
  12. (Affects all currently in Inventory/Warehouses/Market/Shop Repurchasing etc.)
  13. Any currently equipped [Green Rubblem Gem] on weapons/armors have been removed, a [Confined Long-Branched Tree Gem] giving the same initial effect has been sent out to the player lodge as replacement.
  14. You can no longer obtain the [Green Rubblem Gem] from the wandering merchant, Geraldas.
  16. Earth Tower:
  17. The [Turn Undead] and [Rifle Mastery (Attribute)] will no longer apply chances to instantly kill enemies while inside Earth Tower, also the [Turn Undead: Conversion] attribute will no longer convert monsters into allies inside Earth Tower. This applies to the following areas:
  18. - Earth Tower Lolopanther Area
  19. - Earth Tower Solmiki Area
  21. Gimmick:
  22. The possible rewards obtained from the Play with Daegili Gimmick have been changed.
  23. - Old: Collection: An Adventurer's Discovery
  24. - NEW: Collection:Daegili's Gift
  27. 1st Place Ranking Statue Buff:
  28. - You can now pay some silver to the Sculpted Statue and receive a [Looting Chance] buff.
  29. - The buff's effects cannot stack with itself, so re-purchasing will only affect the timer on the buff, which is approximately 30 minutes.
  31. Guild Reward Items:
  32. The following items obtained via Guild Quests/Missions will now become tradable.
  33. - Jonazole Seeds
  34. - Mairunas Seeds
  35. - Rosemary Seeds
  36. - Lavender Seeds
  38. Guild Quest - Gele Plateau:
  39. - The progression arrow pointer that normally displayed while doing the [Guild Mission - Gele Plateau], has been removed.
  41. Guild Quest - Mage Tower:
  42. - The timer in [Stage 6] will be changed.
  43. Old: 5 Minutes
  44. NEW: 1 Minute & 30 seconds.
  46. Monster Card Album: Black :
  47. The tool-tip of this item has been adjusted.
  48. Old: When used, one Lv 330 Boss Monster and Field Boss will be summoned.
  49. New: When used, one Lv 330 Boss Monster and Field Boss will be summoned. (You can acquire the cube of a summoned Field Boss.)
  51. 【Event】
  52. 2day's Festival:
  53. - This event has been ended.
  55. 【Skills】
  56. Paladin:
  57. Turn Undead:
  58. - The instant kill chance on Mutant / Devil-types will be changed.
  59. - The chance of an instant kill will now start at 50% chance rising and decreasing depending on the level difference between the caster and the enemy.
  60. - If the [Turn Undead: Spirit] attribute has been learned, additional chance is added relative to your Spirit stat and Character Level.
  61. (In this instance, if you happen to have low Spirit or the level difference is quite high, only the 'additional chance' values will change and not be deducted from the base killing chance.)
  62. - When an instant kill procs via Turn Undead, the damage cap will be ignored.
  64. Musketeer:
  65. Rifle Mastery: Hunting (Attribute) :
  66. - The instant-kill proc via this attribute now ignores the damage cap.
  68. ▣ Bug Fixes:
  70. 【Skill Fixes】
  71. Bokor:
  72. Effigy: Blind (Attribute) :
  73. - Fixed issue where this attribute wasn't working.
  76. 【Monster Fixes】
  77. Fixed issue where some boss monsters summoned via Card Albums were being affected by [Reincarnate]
  78. Affected Bosses: Stonefroster, Gorkas, Lavenzard, Rafene, Armaos, Froster Lord, Woodspirit
  80. Fixed issue where some boss monsters in missions were immune to the effects of [Reincarnate]
  81. Affected Bosses: Throneweaver, Ironbaum, Flammidus, Succubus
  83. Fixed issue where [Twist of Fate]s effects sometimes wouldn't apply to specific bosses.
  84. Affected Bosses: Succubus
  86. 【Item Fixes】
  87. Masinios Mace:
  88. - Korean item description typo fixing.
  89. (great > used for)
  91. Akrio Ghalia Bangle
  92. - Korean item description typo fixing.
  93. ( Revolutionary Idle > Coexisting)
  94. (A lot of effort > Great Efforts)
  96. 【Guild Quests】
  97. Some typos in the Guild Quest UI will be corrected.
  98. 1. Defeat Rocktortuga
  99. Old: Rocktortuguy
  100. NEW: The Rocktortuga
  102. 2. Defeat Cactusvel
  103. Old: Gektusvel
  104. NEW: Cactusvel
  106. 3. Gele Plateau /Mage Tower/Roxona Underground Facility
  107. Old: 90 minutes
  108. NEW: 60 minutes
  110. The Guild Quest - Help images will be changed.
  112. Fixed an issue preventing the ability to proceed in the Roxona Ungerground Facility Mission.
  113. Fixed an issue where Guild Rewards were being delivered repeatedly if the guild immedietly started another guild quest after a succesfully completed one.
  114. Fixed issue where players could not return to their original location after completing the Guild Boss Raid.
  115. Fixed an issue where players could not return to their original location after completing a Guild Mission in the Mage Tower Mission.
  118. 【Other Changes】
  119. Fixed issue with the exploration gimmick occasionally not appearing.
  120. Fixed issue where the [Pelke Shrine Ruins] Gimmick didn't work.
  121. Fixed issue where rewards weren't being given to players after completing the 3rd round of the Play with Daegili] Gimmick.
  122. Fixed issue where under certain situations, the player was not able to move to the base camp when it was installed.
  123. Fixed issue where you could not store more quantities of an item in the Team Warehouse when it was full.
  124. Fixed issue where you could not interact with the cubes in Saalus - Castle Mission, while riding a companion.
  125. Fixed issue where after acquiring a Quest Collection from an NPC, the NPC had no dialogue at all if you spoke to them again.
  126. Fixed issue where quest-only items couldn't be obtained.
  127. Fixed an issue with cleric character's shoulders enlarging.
  129. Source Post:
  130. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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