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Upward Over the Mountain

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Dec 9th, 2019
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  1. >You hug the glass bottle to your lips with both hooves and let some of the sweet nectar pour into your mouth.
  2. >Your busted CD player plays the same songs that it's always played.
  3. >You only play them on very special occasions so they don't grow old on you.
  4. >Sitting out next to the river snuggled up in Twilight's lap, you know you've made the right choice.
  5. >The two of you sit on the picnic blanket, the grass over the hills blowing gently with the light breeze.
  6. >The sun overhead shines on the two of you, warming your entire body up.
  7. "Thank you."
  8. >"Is this something you used to do?"
  9. "Well, why do you think I asked you to turn me into a filly?"
  10. >"You said it was because I was always talking about wanting a daughter."
  11. "That's not entirely true, I will admit it was a bit more selfish than selfless."
  12. >You chuckle, laying back just a bit and letting her soft fur tickle the back of your neck.
  13. >"You're enjoying this just as much as I am, aren't you? You little rascal."
  14. >She lets out a laugh of her own.
  15. >The two of you let yourselves indulge for a few minutes before quieting back down.
  16. "I... haven't told you about why I wanted to be your daughter, have I?"
  17. >"If I recall you said that if I could do it, it was only logical. You would get a good extra twenty-something years of life, and I'd get what I've always wanted."
  18. "You promise not to think any less of me?"
  19. >"Of course. Is this the same Anonymous who happily shared his lewd drawings of half of Ponyville's residents?"
  20. "I do think being a filly has impacted my mind more than you said it would in some ways... still, this is something I generally don't tell others."
  21. >"Your secret is safe with me."
  22. >She pokes your belly, prompting you to break into a fit of foalish giggles.
  23. >"Come on, out with it!"
  24. "Haa, haa I-I heh, I'm t-try- hee..."
  25. >Once you're completely out of breath, your mother stops to let you catch it.
  26. "I...."
  27. >You look down at yourself.
  28. >Your long tail, perfect for playing with and brushing.
  29. >Your little hooves, ticklish as the day is long.
  30. >Your belly, not quite fat and not quite skinny.
  31. >And all of it, your dream...
  32. >You gave up everything you had worked for in your past life.
  33. >Your career, your impressive credentials...
  34. >Once you knew safe travel between universes was in your grasp, you packed all of your work in a suitcase and took it with you before anyone could find out what you were doing.
  35. >Rigged the gateway to self-destruct an hour after you went through, you lived far away from anyone else though. No harm would be done.
  36. >Nothing physical anyways.
  37. >And as far as harming people in other ways went, you had pushed them away for your pursuits.
  38. >But here...
  39. "Twilight, I've never wanted anything more than a second childhood."
  40. >Nervous, you look up expecting a disappointed expression of some sort.
  41. >Instead, you find her beaming.
  42. "W-why are you happy? Such desires aren't healthy for grown men..."
  43. >"Only if they're unachievable."
  44. >So you allow yourself a smile of your own, flipping over and hugging your mother.
  45. >On the player, you can hear the first lines of your favorite song on the album playing.
  46. >"Mother don't worry, I killed the last snake that lived in the creek bed..."
  47. ~Fin.
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