20 Questions #25: CharChar

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  1. So, after a hiatus of over a year, I thought it'd be a good time to bring 20 Questions back, with a subject that a lot of people requested, and with some ideas that a lot MORE people requested.
  3. For example, our subject for this--the landmark 25th 20 Questions interview--is someone NOT in the Top 50, and NOT a bona-fide expert. I also, secretly, allowed her to CHOOSE the number of Community Questions--up to 15--that she wanted to answer, so, subjects, starts with this interview will have more control over what questions they do and don't wanna answer, and also, ANY member that actively comes into the chat can be suggested, as well. Good, huh?
  5. Now, about today's subject: Her name is Charchar, and she's actually related to a previous 20 Q's subject, StupidStudiosN. She's kinda well known for her imagination, first and foremost; like any budding artist, it has a tendency to go in all kinds of directions. She's well liked in the community, and is pretty chill to talk to, overall.
  7. Naturally, her name was pretty much yelled at me as a suggestion for the next 20 Q's subject.
  9. Community Q's [11]:
  11. Q1. Why do you have so many fictional waifus? [ThatOneEnder]
  12. Char: Because I can’t just simply like a character, you buffoon. I must truly show how much I love them.
  14. Q2. What do you enjoy about MMRPG, either the game or the Community itself? You don't seem like a gigantic Mega Man fan per se, and naturally this site is Mega Man-centric. [MegaBossMan]
  15. Char: When it comes to MMRPG, I really enjoy the community. It’s just really, well, fun to interact with people in it. Everyone seems to be pretty nice as well, it’s fun to check out the fanmade content for this site too; there’s some pretty radical stuff out there.
  17. Q3. What got you into the megaman franchise? [MegaBoy]
  18. Char: If I can remember correctly, I think it was when I was at my cousin’s, SSN, house. It was a sleepover, and he showed me the theme song of Gemini Man. I really liked the theme so I guess I kinda just...looked up more stuff? I slowly began to love it, I even made my own terrible character for it! It was a long time ago so this is probably wrong, but ya know.
  20. Q4. You certainly art good, how'd you get into the hobby? [MegaBossMan]
  21. Char: First off, thank ye kindly for saying my art is good B)
  22. Anyway, a few things got me to start drawing, the first thing was my sister! She a big Sonic fan, and would draw her Sonic OC a lot, she gave me a few tips on drawing here and there. The second thing was Invader Zim, a weird little show on Nickelodeon, it’s what really got me to get a bit more serious about drawing, I basically copied the art style of the show, mostly to draw my garbage self-insert OC with Zim. Wait, WAIT-I almost forgot-I really liked looking at the storyboard parts in the “behind the scenes” sections of DVDs, and I really liked anime. I took inspiration from A LOT of styles, and I’m still doing it today!
  24. Q5. What is your favorite franchise? [Copyie]
  25. Char: Errrghghhghghghg I REALLY wanna say JoJo, but I know that’s not truly my favorite. Aaagh, I gotta say Invader Zim, it’s still really entertaining for me to watch today! The characters, RANDOM XD humor, and bit spooky at times as well, I love it to death, even though the fandom for it is full of small edgy children (such as myself)
  27. Q6. First off all stop trying Ender second of all who is the best JoJo excluding Joseph? [Copyie]
  28. Char: EXCLUDING my beautiful, perfect man Joseph Joestar? How dare you say such a thing!
  29. Anyway, seriously, if I had to pick someone other than Joseph (from parts 1-3, not on part 4 yet guys), I would say Jotaro. As much as I joke around about hating his fictional guts, he’s got some good qualities. I mean, for pete’s sake, he traveled to Egypt in 45ish days to kill the man who was making his mother ill. Not to mention he had to fight a crap ton of Dio’s minions, each harder than the last, had to stop his own heart so DIO would think he was dead, see friends he traveled with die, just.
  30. Ugh.
  31. Jotaro is such a good boy, but Joseph is still my favorite so don’t you forget it >:(
  33. Q7. Why did you get into Homestuck? [Meta]
  34. Char: I kept seein’ it all over the internet and I checked it out a few times, but couldn’t get into it. Timeskip to a few years later and I’m reading it all because of a certain purple-blood troll.
  36. Q8. What video games do you like to play? [MegaBossMan]
  37. Char: Ooooo I really like open-world games, physic-based games, horror, point and click, interactive, joke games-
  38. I’ll stop before things get too long
  39. But if you’re talking about actual games and not types of games, I love Portal 1 & 2, Undertale, Overwatch, and Spyro:Year of the Dragon, to name a few~
  41. Q9. Why did you get into JJBA? [MegaBoy]
  42. Char: I got into JoJo because of two reasons
  43. 1. Three of my friends were watching it and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about
  44. 2. A certain purple haired birdman in a loin cloth caught my attention~
  46. Q10. What's Stupid Studios like? So far we basically only know N's accounts of it, so it'd be fun to get some different perspectives. [MegaBossMan]
  47. Char: Ever heard Attitude City by NSP? If so, that’s basically it. If not, look it up. Be wary though, it’s got some cursing in it :V
  49. Q11. If a herd of walking pianos came stampeding towards you in an isolated valley, what MMRPG user would you choose to help you get out of this harrowing situation? [MegaBossMan]
  50. Char: Uhhhhhm, MegaBoy? He’s a pretty nice guy, he can be my bait."
  54. Mikey's Q's [9]:
  56. Q12: What's your all-time favorite official MM game [Official as in, "Capcom made it"]?
  57. Char: "My favorite? Probably Megaman 2, because it’s the only one i’ve played and actually beaten a robot master."
  59. Q13: What's your all-time most hated official MM game?
  60. Char: "Megaman 8. The voice acting destroys me from the inside out."
  62. Q14: Is there any official MM game you've always wanted to play, but haven't, yet?
  63. Char: "Hah...Uh, I’ve wanted to play Megaman and Bass ever since I got into MM, to be completely honest. It’s apparently really hard, though? Oh well, that’s not gonna stop me. I love me some Bass."
  65. Q15: If it were up to you, who would you have me interview, next?
  66. Char: "Hmmmm, maybe Copyie? Seems like an interesting dude"
  68. Q16: Why "Charchar"?
  69. Char: "If I can remember correctly, when I was younger, SSN and my big sister would call me “Charchar” or “Char”. It’s a shortening of my actual name, and it sounds like Charmander too, sooooo…"
  71. Q17: Honestly, all jokes aside, what's it like having StupidStudiosN as a cousin?
  72. Char: "It’s neat, I guess. Sometimes I get to hear about SUPER SECRET parts of stories, plans, etc. I also get to actually talk to him whenever holidays like Christmas come, so that’s fun."
  74. Q18. If I were to ask you to describe yourself in exactly 21 words, how would you do it?
  75. Char: "Let’s see...Probably obsessive, clingy, rude, boring, somewhat talented(?), trust issues, paranoid, try-hard...okay, i think you get the picture. Not very well."
  77. Q19. Tell me about the craziest thing you've ever done.
  78. Char: "Well, one time I read a really...REALLY bad Monsters Inc. fanfiction with one of my friends, whom some of you all know as K0. It was set in that prequel, the one with Mike and Sully in college, and they were humans I think?? It wasn't really clear on that.
  79. ANYWAY, it was really bad. It was a stereotypical “yaoi” fanfiction, and it had a scene in it that was trying to be serious, but it was just really cringy. Not to mention, Mike Wazowski had depression in it, and cut himself. Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night thinking about that dreaded fanfiction.
  80. Children, I advise you not to read it.
  81. There’s also the time I yelled at some kid because, even after I asked them nicely to stop 50 times beforehand, they wouldn’t quit bothering me. I forgot what it was for, but the kid was really rude in general :V
  82. Oh, there’s ALSO last night, in which i spent from 12:30-1 AM making a joke thing. It’s Renai Circulation but with Prince Sidon from BOTW. I have a huge inside joke with him and his introduction scene now with C3, I can’t watch his intro without laughing now.
  83. I'm incredibly boring, sorry ;u;"
  85. Q20. Didn't you hate all the JoJo questions? x)
  86. Char: "Ehhh...Maybe just a little bit….
  87. (I hated them, especially that one telling me to choose ANOTHER ‘best jojo” that’s not joseph, as if such a thing existed.)"
  90. Special thanks to Charchar for being a really good 25th subject for 20 Questions. Additional thanks go to Copyie, MegaBossMan, MegaBoy, Meta and ThatOneEnder for their [mostly] REALLY BAD questions. Better questions, next time, guys. :P
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