Bully the yeti!

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  1. >>>Yeti, start making fun of her for her huge paws only to be met with understanding, hugs and words of comfort as she sees the reasons behind it.
  3. >Start bullying a Yeti
  4. >She doesn't even seem at all offended and just smiles, asking you what's wrong
  5. >You continue but she dismisses it and hugs you telling you to let it all out while stroking your back.
  7. >"Do you want to tell me what's wrong?"
  8. >"The only thing that's wrong is your big dumb paws!"
  9. >"Here. Let me pull you into a hug. There. Do you feel better? If you want to let out what's bugging you I'd be more than happy to listen.
  10. >"Ah no! Get your paws off of me!"
  11. >"You really should stop blaming yourself. It's OK to move on."
  13. >>>TFW keep trying to bully a Monster Girl
  14. >>>She keeps being incredibly kind, understanding, and trying to help you
  15. >>>Eventually break down in her arms crying on her shoulder
  17. >She invites you to her place
  18. >Once there she keeps silently hugging except with the occasional "It's OK"
  19. >You fall asleep while being hugged
  20. >You wake up to find yourself in a bed being hugged like a daki by the Yeti who wears gentle smile.
  21. >Not wanting to try and break from her hug you hug her back and shortly fall back asleep
  22. >When you both wake up, she invites you for a breakfast.
  23. >You feel guilty; that you're taking advantage of her kindness
  24. >But she insisted
  25. >After breakfast you decided to leave
  26. >At least for now.
  27. >The Yeti just smiles as you go and tells you that if something's bugging you that you can always come back and she'd be more than happy to listen.
  28. >As you left you realized just how good you felt. Not just physically although being hugged like that certainly was nice.
  29. >Things just seemed to feel right
  30. >You went about your usual routine.
  31. >But you felt you had to repay her.
  32. >Even if it was something as simple as getting a drink together
  33. >As you went through your day you had a renewed vigor which certainly caught the attention of those familiar with you
  34. >The next day came and you returned to the Yeti's home
  35. >You stumbled over your words a little but asked her out
  36. >She giggled at your nervousness and agreed without hesitation.
  37. >So you traveled to that cafe you always liked.
  38. >After you ordered some other Mamono you bullied in the past walked by, looking surprised that you of all people were on a date.
  39. >They asked the Yeti how she could ever go out with "scum like you"
  40. >She gave a bit of a laugh "You call him scum but all I see is a nice young man with problems like anyone else."
  41. >She turned at you and smiled.
  42. >The other Mamono left, confounded and doubtful, wondering if you used a trick on the Yeti or something.
  43. >After the little date, she thanked you.
  44. >You were wondering this for awhile so you asked why she's so nice to you.
  45. >In response to your question she hugged you
  46. >And then she told you she was a bully in her younger years but only as a way to vent
  47. >You find it hard to believe someone like her could've been a bully but you don't doubt her.
  48. >"And besides, seeing you happy is it's own reward." she finishes hugging you a little tighter
  49. >You saw the Yeti back to her home
  50. >She thanked you for the wonderful time out.
  51. >You were about to leave and ponder what to do tomorrow but she called out to you.
  52. >When you turned around...
  53. >She gave you a kiss right on the lips
  54. >You tried to say something but words failed
  55. >"There. Now I've properly thanked you."
  56. >She turned around and head in her door way, winking at you before shutting the door.
  57. >You're definitely going to have to see her again soon.
  58. >The days passed and on each on you made it a point to visit the Yeti
  59. >Your time together ranged from going out for lunch or other meals, just sitting and enjoying each others company.
  60. >It didn't really seem to matter too much as long you were able to visit her.
  61. >On some days you'd tell of some things that were bugging you or whatever was on your mind. Pretty minor things but she patiently listened without complaint
  62. >She also told you of when she was a bully. She bullied both human and other monster girl classmates.
  63. >Taking lunch money, pulling undies, flushing someone's head in a toliet bowl putting gum in the hair of classmates; Kejourou especially, taking and hiding the scale from an anubis, went on and on.
  64. >She was apparently quite notorious back then.
  65. >But she got caught and was in big trouble one day
  66. >Her parents forced her to apologize
  67. >And so she did, to every single one she had wronged.
  68. >Her apologies weren't believed and some classmates took it upon themselves to bully her back
  69. >She had difficulty making friends after that. People were too intimated to try and do anything with her.
  70. >She graduated school in a lonely way and years passed.
  71. >When you started to make fun of her it was like looking in a mirror from all those years ago.
  72. >She wanted to try and stop you before you got yourself in trouble with more powerful MGs
  73. >After hearing all that you thanked her and returned again the next day
  74. >She became more flirty with you as it went on.
  75. >You were unable to think about anything other than her eventually
  76. >And so one day after another date you decided to ask her to marry you
  77. >She shyly accepted and invited you to her place.
  78. >And then in her bedroom
  79. >She pulled you on top of her and hugged you more firmly than usual
  80. >Her body kept getting warmer and warmer
  81. >She stared deep into your eyes with a smile as your erection pressed against her
  82. >And then she took you inside of her, gently riding you
  83. >You came inside her a couple of times.
  84. >You stopped and collapsed on her, still connected and still hugging each other
  85. >The both of you were panting
  86. >"So" she started
  87. >And then she stared into your eyes again with a loving smile "what should we name our kids?"
  88. >As you both basked in the afterglow and pondered the question she took one paw off of you and stroked your face and hair with it
  89. >"heehe. well we don't have to decide right now. I love you."
  90. >You kissed her "I love you too"
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