Pokemon Red 1:49 simulations FAQ

Exarion Dec 24th, 2014 (edited) 259 Never
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  1. Q: What are you doing?
  3. A: I am simulating runs that are on or close to 1:49 pace through Misty. This will better prepare me for these situations when they actually happen.
  5. Q: Why not just do the runs?
  7. A: Because 1:49 pace runs are extremely rare. When I get one, I want to make sure I take advantage of it.
  9. Q: What does "take advantage of it" refer to?
  11. A: First, executing menus and movement properly. Second, taking necessary risks and avoiding unnecessary ones. For example, in what situations should I force Silph red bar? I don't know this right now, and I want to find out before spending hours resetting.
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