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Oct 27th, 2016
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  1. f i g h t e r
  2. full name — Iris Fukunaka
  3. nicknames — Irie, Fuku
  5. screen name — iris♡
  6. twitter usernames — @bbyirie
  8. age — 19
  9. birthday — July 4, 1997
  11. occupation — University Student
  12. ethnicity — Japanese-American
  14. where you live — Osaka, Japan
  16. sexuality — bisexual
  17. pronouns — she / her
  19. b l i n d
  20. face claim — jamie park
  21. backup — irene (red velvet)
  23. q u e e n
  24. personality on screen — many would say she's "in" or "she's the definition of this generation" because she. can be very ghetto like, uses words that are in now like "dank" or "shookt". usually tells her day in a small line daily, or makes jokes hourly. compliments many.
  26. personality irl — isn't EXACTLY like her online self. she would love to be so, actually. she's pretty quiet and reserved when around other people and won't speak her mind or feelings. but that's when she's barely meeting someone. once she gets closer, she's touchy and uses the same words she does online. seems like a bitch because she tells her thoughts out lout and is pretty oblivious to the fact and many other things. though she whines about how hard classes are online, she's very hard-working and ignorant in real life.
  28. background — was born in Osaka, Japan and has been living there since birth. Though, she's very worldwide and since she's smart, she knows many many things about everywhere. Since her Mother is American, she grew up learning English in her home. Wasn't poor but wasn't rich either, though being the youngest and only girl, she got everything she wanted. And she still does. Has many followers because she would visit California in vacation and the first thing she'd do is ask for someone's Twitter username. Has been dreaming to make a living in Los Angeles since she was a child and tutors those younger with learning the English language since the age of 12.
  30. trivia —
  31. —really likes mochi, legit always tweeting about it
  32. —when she's not in class or waiting for the professor, or any free time tbh, she's busy on her phone or on her laptop
  33. —won't leave her house without her portable charger
  34. —really likes rap music
  35. —calls herself "memeish"
  36. —says that she wants to be reincarnated into a cactus in her next life
  37. —low key wants to dye her hair to a bizzare color but is too lazy
  38. —really likes dramas, one of her favorites being Micheivous Kiss
  39. —has a stuffed dolphins named Jisoo after Joshu from Svt
  40. —really likes sweet candies as well as spicy ramen
  41. —really dislikes bitter coffee
  42. —has a play station 4 and daily plays black ops 3
  43. —also has a Wii and has every Just Dance game made
  44. —her favorite American food is Pizza
  45. —favorite American / Japanese band is One Ok Rock
  46. —biggest Jay Park stan you'll ever meet
  47. —mentions how she dedicated her life to Bangtan on a daily
  48. —really, really likes photography
  49. —can draw so good that she's called Picasso by friends
  51. hidden talents / habits —
  52. —is actually really good at gymnastics
  53. —can do a 360 degree turn with her arm
  54. —really flexible
  55. /
  56. —pulls at the end of her hair
  57. —cracks her knuckles so much that she seems nervous almost all the time
  58. —pulls at te skin on her fingers
  59. —accidentally curses to herself
  61. w h i t e l o v e
  62. what does your bio say — "hi hi, it's Iris, ur fav mixed baby~ don't be sad & eat a fruit roll-up instead ♡♡"
  64. who are you closed with in the gc — @k1mjunhyng & @urhyung
  66. what types of stuff do you tweet/post —
  67. —"would someone care and love me if I was a cactus"
  68. —"guys, why r boys so horny omg btfu with yo bad pickup lines"
  69. —"the key to my heart is pizza or a smol cactus, there's no in between"
  70. —"maybe if I hang outside more, I will actually become a cactus in my next life!!"
  71. —"I'm ur guys oppa— whatever that means —respect me pls. ok. good."
  72. —"if I can bust a naruto kick then I can bust a nut if I wanted to"
  73. —"what does bust a nut mean tho??^^"
  74. —"today in ur typical ghetto Japanese persons life, I slapped a bitch."
  75. —"I wanna become a doctor but I can't even touch sushi??? without kinda squealing???"
  76. —"y'all I'm aesthetic & y'all wanna be me, smh, b real guys b real"
  78. why you decided to rt — because she thought this as a chance to make new friends and also wants to see what the girl who tweeted this means.
  80. where do you go when you feel sad/upset —
  81. —when it's daylight out, she'll go and sit outside in her backyard garden because the plants and the fresh air somehow calms her down the the scenery makes her happy.
  82. —when it's dark out, she'll go out and walk outside with her favorite hoodie on. she'll stop by a convenience store and eat some ramen while on her phone on snapchat, the doggy filter being her favorite of them all.
  84. any disorders? —
  85. —bipolar disorder
  87. r o l l e r c o a s t e r
  88. suggested scenes —
  89. —in which all the people in the group chat try to figure each other out
  90. —those in the same country (like two people living in Korea) meet each other??
  91. —the people in the gc (whoever) always mentioning one another in their tweets
  92. —if they meet, both tweet about it uncontrollably and just really excited for it
  93. —pictures being sent (of the people or memes tbh) continuously
  95. love interest — @urhyung
  97. message to the gc — y'all lets be lit and get along and learn about each other bc I need friends ;-;
  99. message to kait chingu — chingu chingu~ hi!! hopefully you do really great in this apply fic, and tbh, I really like the concept, I've never ever seen an apply fic like this one!! it seems really great and even if I don't get chosen I'll still read!!
  101. password — seola (tbh I don't even know if that's the password but hopefully it is!!)
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