Great Ocean Road Tour 12 Apostles

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  1. Exit Melbourne on the M1 motorway southbound. After only half an hour's drive, lovers of the beautiful gardens will make a first stop in Werribee. In the middle of Werribee Park, a manor house reminiscent of European castles was built in the 1870s, in the purest Victorian style! Then head to Geelong, Victoria's second largest city, to admire its beautiful beaches and dazzling harbour district. At lunchtime, stop at Torquay, a paradise for surfers from all over the world. Anyone interested in this sport, its history and its most prominent representatives will have to plan a visit to the surf museum! The legendary Bells Beach is also worth a visit: its breakers attract fans all year round to the slide. Torquay is also the starting point for Great Ocean Road, which stretches along the coast to Apollo Bay. As you go, feel free to take some detours to observe the many koalas living in the region.
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