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Feb 6th, 2018
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  1. I am the guy who originally insinuated that Harshita had not developed her iOS crypto price application.
  2. I will not rehash the events or debate the evidence, I did it in a fit of general rage and irresponsible attitude.
  4. I said some pretty nasty and rude things on the Facebook post where I did so.
  5. I was reported and blocked.
  7. That only made my rage increase, so I leaked the screenshots to some people. They ended up making the posts on reddit which went viral and caused a lot of flak to Harshita.
  8. To the extent that random internet shitheads sent her rape threats and so on - Great work reddit!
  10. Since I am fundamentally responsible for that by providing the ammo that made the posts viral I am writing this to apologize publicly and admit that I made a big mistake without considering negative effects that could happen to a young girl.
  12. Whatever my opinions about her code, I should have kept it to myself, because the evidence is not conclusive.
  13. There was nothing to gain except a sense of misdirected self righteousness.
  15. I'm ashamed that I ended up falling prey to internet disease of trolling and taking down others for no good reason in public forums.
  17. Subsequent to my original post, I have not posted anything anywhere else, it has been done by the author of under various alts, and a certain dawny33 who shared it on Hackernews
  18. I have commented on those threads in a few places stupidly defending my position and causing more damage.
  20. Whatever my differences of opinion with Harshita should have been resolved privately, since we were friends of a fashion before this debacle.
  22. I have told the posters Namrata, Robin and dawny33 (whose real id I do not know) to delete all material related to this, since were all morally responsible for causing this.
  24. I've told them to delete all tweets, reddit and hackernews posts and the original blog post on
  25. If they have any sense and conscience at all, they will do so.
  27. Hackernews won't delete large posts, apparently - mods refused to delete it.
  28. Namrata has not yet deleted her blog post thats the primary content now.
  30. I did a terrible mistake in allowing and encouraging them, because it went ballistic in a way that I could not have ever predicted.
  32. I don't care what anyone thinks of me after this post - whatever the circumstances, someone ended up getting abused online by random strangers and thats just wrong.
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