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  1. Name
  2. Greta Larosval Tarva
  3. Appearance
  4. Teenager
  5. Attractive, Frail, Unassuming
  7. Role
  8. Magus
  10. Magic Circuits
  11. Quantity D
  12. Quality A
  14. Elemental Affinity
  15. Water
  17. Origin
  18. Feeling
  19. Sympathy
  21. Magecraft
  22. Curses
  23. Mental Interference
  24. Alchemy
  25. Familiar
  26. Bounded Field
  28. Greta mainly casts curses in a similar vein as Extra and CCC's code casts from the safety of her castle. She looks at the fight via a cauldron and continues to stir and add ingredients into it to cast the spell she wants. Her mystic code boosts the power of her curses and even allows her to bypass magic resistance and other protections if she possesses enough information on her target, uses enough magical energy, uses rare ingredients and/or uses a physical catalyst related to her target (their hair, saliva, blood, personal belonging, etc). If forced into combat directly she'll basically fight like Touhou's Marisa - Fly around on a broom and spam as many Gandrs as humanly possible. If necessary, use a lot of magical energy to fire concentrated Gandr beams that can be extremely destructive depending on the amount of magical energy used.
  30. Skills
  31. Cooking
  32. Operating Electronics
  34. Residence
  35. Castle
  37. Unique
  38. Magic Crest
  39. Founding Family
  40. Mystic Code
  41. Mystic Code
  43. Mystic Code
  44. Ancient Law: Divine Punishment
  45. Other - Broom
  46. Combat
  47. A God's Punishment is powerful and will always give mortals their comeuppance, but the mortal must first offend the God before the God will punish them.
  48. A Witch's Curse needs no justification, so the Mystic Code seeks to combine the two concepts.
  49. It boosts the power of Curses and allows them to bypass protections, even Magic Resistance, with enough magical energy and catalysts belonging to the target.
  50. Greta has to wear a Witch's Robe inscribed with divine symbols for it to work.
  52. Joyeuse Image: Memories of the Heroic King and the Twelve Radiant Swords
  53. Other - Noble Phantasm
  54. Joyeuse Orde (Saber Charlemagne)
  55. A memory of the Heroic King and his Twelve Peers, from the perspective of three ordinary knights.
  56. This book replicates the power of Joyeuse Orde by summoning copies of the swords of the Twelve Peers.
  57. Anyone can use the swords, but only a Lawful Good user can fully utilise the noble phantasm's power.
  58. Greta's Lawful Good alignment allows her to use it well, but apparently she still lacks something a "true knight" has and cannot use it to its full potential yet. Not that it matters since she doesn't know how to use a sword.
  60. Wish
  61. Other - Return the city's lands to the Age of Gods
  62. Greta is too loyal to her family for her own good, and thus their wish is her wish.
  64. Background
  65. The Tarvas are the descendants of a knight of Charlemagne, who swore to protect the St. Charlesbourg Holy Grail. They abandoned their oath, and became Magi.
  66. They are skilled in curses and mental interference, manipulating the common sense of St. Charlesbourg's inhabitants via rumours and legends to preserve the mystery within the city. St. Charlesbourg itself can be said to be their workshop as they receive great power from centuries old rumors of them being witches. They make a fortune from cursing people and renting the land to prospecting magi, and plan on driving out the Ironhearts and Kitsushis to fully monopolize the land. By using the grail to return the city's lands to the Age of Gods, magic from that era will also return to the city and open new possibilities for their family's magecraft.
  68. Greta Larosval Tarva is a prodigy born with the origin of Sympathy that allows her to bypass the need of a catalyst for curses due to an ability to completely understand a person at a glance. However, her gift made her too kind and empathetic to people which is unacceptable for a Magus. To cement her position as future head of the Tarvas and ensure the continued dominance of the Larosval branch of the family, her father chose her to be the master representing the family.
  70. Personality
  71. Cold on the outside, but emotional and kind on the inside. Her ability to understand people at a glance has made her distant from people, but that doesn't stop her from helping others if she can.
  72. A prim and proper magus who paradoxically adheres to a strict no-kill policy. She hates magecraft, but ultimately accepts it because she cares too much for her family. She is willing to go to cruel and inhuman lengths in her experiments to get the results she would've gotten from killing people, but she always makes sure to recompense her victims in some way.
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